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    Gratz Second Marshall Lewisthelion !!

    Well done Lewis, Just shows what can be done without resorting to exploits and other underhanded tactics.
    Skulkins Lumpytoad Dirkens


  2. 20.03.2014, 19:24

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    I'm glad that I've irritated you enough to the point I can make you unable to congratulate a friend without trying to have a dig at me.

    oh also, flagged this because there's already a grats thread

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    Thanks Nymp!!!! I am looking forward to more great battles out there...

    Thanks to all of the creeps out there for taking your deaths as well as i take the deaths you all dish out!!!!!Lets go Creeps!!!!!!

    To all of my Warg friends out there! the ones that are using macros, you know who you are! You are all good enough players that you do not need to use that ####! step up and fight a good fight!!

    To all of my Reaver friends!!! I hate impale!!!!!!!

    lets not let Firefoot PVP die!!!!!

    I think I will rank up my Hunter now!!!!! he is 60K from rank 10!!!

    See you all on the battlefield!

    and Nymp and Sig, you guys need to fight nice! I will not play favorites in the moors! everyone gets an invite when i am leader of a group, and if you are both out there we will be grouped together so you better learn to get along!!! :-)

    its going to be a long fight to Rank 14!!!!





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