I've set up an open raid and group content planner for this server to help you guys and gals, hobbits, dwarfs and elves out there coordinate events, raids, strolling around or... stuff. Orcs, other creeps and Ettenmoors happenings are of course also welcome.

You can find it at http://www.nabben.net/gilrain/

If you feel that you are capable of leading raids or taking responsibility for group content, that means organize, lead and not drop out and leave everyone hanging, send me an email and let me know and I'll set you up as a raid leader on the planner (you can find my email on the raid planner).

And... I just set this up and might have missed something... Mail me and I'll have a look.

There's also a Mumble server installed at www.nabben.net that are open to use.

(Can't give any promises though, this is sort of a test. If people can't behave or the system can't handle the load it might get shut down.)