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    Any Scripters Available?


    For a very long time I have been wanting to make a plugin for this game. The problem is my brain being too shot on learning how to code. Even after following GAren's beautiful scripting guide for noobs (https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthr...ins-for-Noobs&), I am still just lost.

    My plugin feels simple. I have a Leveling Quest guide (Level 1 - 65) that is in PDF form. All I have been wanting to do is take the guide and code it into a plugin. (i know it isn't as simple as dragging and dropping, duh. This would require building the guide from beginning to start in LUA plugin). It gets annoying to alt-tab or even use the PDF on my second monitor. Things would be much easier (the end product anyways) if I had it as a plugin.

    If anyone is familiar with Zygor's Guides, that is what I am aiming for (minus the green 3D arrow, I dont want that). Just a box that is "checklist" based that knows when you have picked up a quest, turned it in, and tells you what to accept next. (Something I hope is simple).

    Is there anyone willing to help, or am I late to party?

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    that knows when you have picked up a quest, turned it in, and tells you what to accept next.
    Unfortunately, this is the part that is not completely trivial. Plugins have no access to the characters' quests, whether completed, currently in the quest log, taken or turned in. You can build the plugin around the chat message "New Quest: March on Gundabad: Missions for the Cause" and "Completed:
    Mission: Halting the Dourhands" telling you when a quest has been accepted and done, but IIRC these are not 100% reliable. If the plugin's info about your quests and what you actually have done ever get out of sync you will have to manually correct it.

    But other than that I would suggest looking at the source code of some existing plugins, functionality for both reading chat like that and checklists has been done before and you could get inspiration how to it there.

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    As mentioned above, there is no API for questing. Like most new systems that get implemented into LotRO, it seems to have been abandoned years ago.
    You can read the chat channels to see when a quest has been accepted and completed, that really is the only way. You would need to build your own database of quests, the titles of which would have to be 100% accurate and unique, but it is possible.
    I have a Hytbold plugin that uses chat parses to determine quest completion for that specific part of the game, so you're more than welcome to check the code for that and adapt as needed. It is a very long-winded process but it is unfortunately the only way. Note that the quest titles would need to be translated for each of the different languages to be compatible for everyone. Luckily there are a lot of helpful users out there who are happy to help out with translations.

    Good luck.
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