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    Re: Mouse look toggle

    Back in beta I tried this game, and never picked it up. One of the major turn offs for me was the lack of mouse look toggle option.

    I downloaded the trail (as hard as it was with the lame Pando app) and decided to give this game a try again. The game looks smooth and polished, but as I understand it, no mouse look toggle option still. Major turn off once again.

    My only major requirement when it comes to MMO's is this mouse look feature. I cannot play a game if it doesn't have it.

    I would like to see this option added or at the very least, have an addon that allows this (just like wow does).


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    Re: Mouse look toggle

    I think a mouselook toggle is a really nice idea.
    It could go on the same screen in the options with the rest of the mouse settings...

    I have a G15 keyboard and will try out that macro one of the other posters included, but I was thinking could the keybind file be edited to set a key like caplock, numlock, or scrollock as the mouselook key? Those keys toggle, once the binding is set press once - mouselook is on, press again - mouselook is off....

    I think I'll give that a try tonight....

    signing this .... /signed
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    Re: Mouse look toggle

    Quote Originally Posted by EpicMetalBard View Post
    If you have never experienced problems with your wrists or tendons, you just simply don't understand.

    Having a toggle vs. holding down a key or a mouse button is the difference between being able to play for only an hour a day, and being able to play for a ten hour stretch without issues. UIs designed with 15 year-olds in mind don't accommodate us 30+ year-olds quite as well.

    No, I'm not exaggerating. My wife is a gamer but has issues with her hands, so has to choose her games carefully. We are trying out LoTRO, but lack of a mouselook is looking to be a deal breaker for her. It may be back to WoW for us, simply because of this.
    Well said!

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    Re : Re: Mouse look toggle

    Hello Devs,

    we are still in need of this fix and you do know it would make the game more enjoyable for players.

    Please, hear us.


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    Re: Mouse look toggle

    I'd say this is a matter of ergonomics.

    Do you want your customers to eventually retire from the game due to RSI? Cuz that's sexy. I've noticed a lot more wrist pain in the last few weeks where I've been playing PvMP in long sessions, trying to keep my head on a swivel, so to speak, compared to the freepside grind.

    There really ought to be a "mouselook toggle" in the UI. There's no excuse for there not to be.

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    Thumbs down Re: Mouse look toggle

    I am going to cancel my VIP because of this. Going back to DDO...

    To bad since this is a better game.

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    Can do this with AutoHotkey

    #IfWinActive ahk_exe lotroclient64.exe
    state := false

    state := !state
    if state
    Send {RButton down}
    Send {RButton Up}


    Save as AutoHotKey.ahk in your AutoHotKey folder if you don't know what you're doing. If you have an existing one, just paste it in there. AutoHotKey won't run without this file (free software ).

    This binds it to the more modern middle button. Binding the Right button might cause problems eg right clicking on people in chat.


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    Cool. What's funny is the game has mouse look toggle, but it's a bug. Sometimes in Windowed mode the R-mouse gets stuck down, requiring alt-tab out of LOTRO and back to free the button and restore normal behavior. Just something to watch for.


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