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    Mar 2007
    Hey there!
    I'm a returning player who's waiting for the ability to transfer my characters from Elendilmir into Crickhollow, and have been playing a Beorning named Forbden in the meantime. Playing through the game again has been fantastic so far!

    Though I'm still at a low level, and play fairly slowly and casually, I can play my part in raids (Once I get there!)
    Last I played was when Moria was released, and was waiting on Rohan.

    If there's any kin welcoming to a friendly "beginner" player, please let me know! I'd love to quest with low level alts and be social.
    I'm in the US, EST
    Characters: Forbden

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    Feb 2007
    Name: Joe
    Age: 53
    Location: US (Pacific time zone)
    Playstyle: currently solo on whatever I'm doing
    MMOs: Lots. Currently dabbling a bit with DAOC shards, and Lotro

    I've had a Lotro account since launch. I have, or have had, lots of characters through the years. Currently:

    Crickhollow - 31 Man Captain, 59 Elf Warden and lowbies
    Brandywine - 82 Dwarf Minstrel, 38 Man Champion and lowbies
    Shadowfax - a couple of lowbies, under level 10

    I love the lore of Lotro, and I still think it's a beautiful game, but I'm tired of playing solo, or at least, tired of not having anyone to chat with while playing. Honestly, in all the time I have played, I've only really been in fellowships a handful of times, so I'm not really knowledgeable about roles, etc.

    I'm looking for a friendly kinship that doesn't mind teaching an older player stuff, answering what could end up being a ton of questions, and letting me join in on stuff that I can access. I listed all the servers, because I'm willing to play whereever there is interest.

    Thanks for your time!

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    Nov 2016

    Looking for a Kinship on Landroval

    Name: Bruce
    Age: 40
    Location: US (Pacific time zone)
    Playstyle: currently solo
    MMOs: UO, EQ 1 & 2, WOW, LOTRO, Rift and several others

    I played when the game first came out but quit 7 years ago.


    57 Champion
    44 Burglar
    Currently leveling a minstrel as I'd like to take a poke at healing.

    I'm a huge Lord of the Rings fan and I keep finding myself drawn back to play. It would be nice to have some people to group up with, but admittingly I've forgotten so much I'm basically new again.

    I'm looking for a friendly kinship that is laidback, but likes to run dungeons and various raids.

    Thanks for your time!

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    Jun 2008

    PST Player, mature, not a min-maxer

    Hello all!

    I’m Jay, a newer player, I originally played back at launch, finally trying to get back into it.

    Age: 37, old, but young at heart?

    Preferred server(s): Arkenstone primarily, willing to relocate if a good match is found.

    Location. (Timezone: HST, usually on evenings on weekdays early mornings on weekends.

    Playstyle: Solo mainly, but only because I’m intimated by my lack of understanding to percentages and min-maxing. I’m here for the story and for fellowship.
    MMO games you’ve played: I mainly played MUD’s back in the day.

    What do I offer kinships?: I offer a good friend, willingness to help and companionship when grinding or crafting.

    What kind of kinship you are looking for: I’m looking for ones willing to help new players into the game, guide and assist in teaching on how to be beneficial to the Kinship. Even slightly interested in casual roleplay, although I’ve never done it before.

    Let me know if I sound interesting!

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    Feb 2022

    Looking for Kinship on Arkenstone


    I have a 140 Hunter, a 80 Champion and a few level 30 alts. I am looking for a kin that has a social voice chat scene on discord. I am currently on Arkenstone. I am a day player in the Pacific time zone, 48 years old and not a fan of drama. I would also like to join a kin with a cool name that reflects the Lore of Middle Earth.

    Please Pm me if I sound like a good fit. Thank you!

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    Jan 2014

    Looking for an active Kinship in Landroval

    Name: Doug
    Age: 51
    Location: US (Pacific time zone)
    Playstyle: Explorer, I like to find all the lore, willing to help with fellowships
    MMOs: WoW, LOTRO (Of course), SWTOR, Neverwinter

    I've played off an on since the game first came out, but I'm just really finding my home here as compared to other MMOs


    71 Hunter (Main)
    65 Champion
    Several lower level (under 10)

    I've played LOTRO often over the years, but for the last year, I've just really had so much fun exploring all the areas, living in Middle Earth. I'd like to get to know a more mature group of players, that are just loving the world and the escape from reality. I'm on fairly often, when time, work, and wife allow.

    I'm looking for a friendly kinship that is laidback, but likes to run dungeons and various raids, and willing to help with all the n00b questions.

    Thanks for your time!

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    Apr 2022
    I'm Beth AKA The_Spinster.
    Age - 50/51 in June
    Time Zone - US Central Time
    Server - Crickethollow

    Spinsterwytch the Level 6 Woman Loremaster is looking for a kinship that is social, casual, like family, and has many friends inside. She's currently in Archet. (game is logged out)

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    Jun 2008
    Character Name and Race: Breidr, Race Undecided [Dwarf, Man, or possibly Boerning likely]


    Eastern NA, although I'm more likely to play during EU times during our daytime hours.

    Casual PvE/RP

    MMO games you’ve played:
    World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV, Albion Online

    Why kinships should be interested in you:
    I am willing to put effort towards any reasonable request or need. I have years of valuable logistics experience [both professionally, and in my hobbies. I have been a serving NCO/Officer on a non-profit Civil War Reenactment organization and have also been second in command of various gaming organizations, Notable games are World of Warcraft [Emerald Dream Military RP/PvP, and Holdfast/War of Rights where I served as an executive officer. I am willing to invest my time to "give back" towards organizations that put effort towards me or my interests, as time is all I have to give currently.

    What kind of kinship you are looking for:
    I'm interested mostly in the social aspect of a kinship, light RP, and possibly more if I get good enough at said RP. Recently disabled, I've lost a lot of my former outlets and hobbies for one reason or another. I used to be very invested in Civil War reenacting, but COVID has changed the landscape of that, and the disability means I'm not the soldier I once was. I've been searching for other outlets since the start of lockdowns in 2020. It's also when my formal employment ended, and I've been kind of stir crazy.

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    Mar 2007

    Returning to game looking for Kinship

    Character Name : Aedwynme on Arkenstone Server. Main is Loremaster lvl 120

    Over 21

    Location : San Clemente, CA +8 PST

    PLaystyle: PVE, PVP, Groups

    Prior MMOs : Too Many to list , LOTRO always has been my favorite

    I am hoping to join a kinship that has players who love the game, enjoy a more active kinship than one that is casual.

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    Dec 2009

    Adult couple LF solid active kinship-Arkenstone

    I am a returning player who introduced my husband to the game recently. We are looking for an active community of adult gamers, casual atmosphere, no drama, no politics, just gaming at all levels. We both have played MMO’s for all our adult lives and are looking forward to enjoying our recreational time with like-minded gamers.
    I am 50, husband is 52. We live in Tennessee. Both are professionals, I’m retired from my career. I have a lvl 42 red hunter (Jenivaen) my husband has taken to the warden and is currently lvl 45 (Valainez).
    I’d love to hear what our kinship options are on Arkendstone. If anyone has suggestions, please feel free to message. Any kinships looking to refresh the ranks, aid a couple of gamers and enjoy the occasional joke, message me.

    Thank you all for your time and consideration.

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    Oct 2010
    Returning player looking for casual, social kinship:

    Looking for casual, social kinship in Brandywine, English speaking, with lore-friendly name. I am a returning player, having left the scene for 5 or 6 years. LOTRO is a secondary game for me, as I am an officer in a World of Warcraft roleplay guild. If I don't have a roleplay event there, I can log into LOTRO, as I'm kind of burnt out on WoW leveling at the moment. I am active on Discord. I am not looking for an RP guild, don't have time for that in this game too. Currently I have Hallandor, level 17 High Elf Champion that I'm playing.

    I also have a 116ish? I think? Beorning on this server from years ago and may delete my second Beorning and transfer my old Guardian from Crickhollow. I logged into her and couldn't remember how to move around in this game so I started a new character.


    Age: 39
    Location: California, USA
    Playstyle: PVE, primarily questing.
    Other MMOs: Current officer in an active RP guild on World of Warcraft, Moon Guard (Horde) server. I RP as an Argent Crusader!
    Looking For: Casual, social kinship with friendly players looking to help out (and be helped in return if possible.) Discord presence highly preferred.

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    Aug 2012
    Still looking as of 17/5

    Wulfentharg 58 LM, Laurelin.

    Mature player seeking kinship with a good number of similarly levelled. English male, happy to use Discord or TS. OK with light RP. Need help with Moria instances.

    Returned after ~4 years but mostly played ~2012.
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    Feb 2014
    Name or character name: Einen (i will have more just not right now)
    Laurelin server

    Age: late 40's

    Location: USA; EST timezone.

    Playstyle: Solo for when I can't find groups, but prefer to be in groups of similar level people. Eventually when I reach endgame.

    MMO games you’ve played: SWG, SWTOR, Conan.

    Why kinships should be interested in you. In other words, why choose you and not another player. What do you offer kinships?: I am mature adult who still likes to joke and have fun. I work well with others for a common goal or just to have a good time. I am loyal and keep my word when given. Due to past MMO games i am familiar with group roles for a common goal in instances and heroics. i may be old but i still like to have fun and enjoy life. Playing MMO games online is a way i can relax and destress from working in a high stress job all day long. that means sometimes i am full of piss and viniger and looking to have fun. and full of energy and sometimes i just need to laugh and bring my spirits higher. life can get you down but friends can help bring you up. its not how hard you can hit in life. its how hard you can get hit and still get back up.

    What kind of kinship you are looking for. (This one is very important for recruiters): I am looking for a long lasting kinship not a fly by night . i am in it for the long term. and would like the same in return. to me age has nothing to do with being mature. it means you know when to be serouis and when its time to be silly. A kinship that will help it's members is a must.

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    Mar 2008
    Syless, High-Elf
    Age: 32/M
    Location: USA, Central
    Playstyle: PvE, PvP, wanting to get into end game raids and content, love to RP
    MMO games you’ve played: Almost every major MMO there is
    Why kinships should be interested in you. In other words, why choose you and not another player. What do you offer kinships?: Lots of experience leading guilds, being an officer, and general MMO experience. Also have a lifetime sub
    What kind of kinship you are looking for. (This one is very important for recruiters): Just looking for a group to make some new friends. Dont have any friends that enjoy LOTR as much as I do, and even fewer that enjoy MMOs as much as I do. Tired of playing solo

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    Dec 2013

    Just moved servers, looking for a fun kin

    Character name and race: Balselotta, beorning (with alts on the way)
    Age: 24
    Server: Laurelin
    Location: Estonia, EU (GMT +2)
    Playstyle: Mostly solo, but would like to do instances/raids together, lvl together or help someone lvl etc. Would like to reach end-game.
    MMO games you’ve played: LOTRO on and off for 10+ years, others too many to count
    Why kinships should be interested in you: I aspire to be a valuable member in a tight community
    What kind of kinship you are looking for: Casual that runs instances (maybe even community events)

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    Sep 2017

    New Player Looking for Kinship

    Character Name: Vestu
    Level: 105
    Server: Brandywine
    Age: Over 40
    Play Style: Casual
    Other Games I've Played: EQ, WoW, Smite, DDO, ESO
    Hours of Play: Late EST
    What I Want in a Kinship: A kinship that is active; interaction, socializing, etc
    What I Can Bring to a Kinship: I'm just starting out in this game, althought I played it for a very very short time many years ago. That being said, I'm pretty green in the world of LOTRO, but I have a lot of experience playing other MMOs. I have played extensively (in other games) in both group and raid settings.
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    Jun 2008

    Looking for Kin

    A Hunter who has been out of the game for several years. I started with LOTRO at the very beginning. Had to stop after 12 years of regular playing due to work. Finally able to return. I am trying to get back into the game. I am older than most of you so let's just let it go at that. I am currently on Arkenstone but will change. I can play and raid several days a week. I just need help getting up to the current level of play. My current lvl is 121. If interested in this old relic, let me know. My character name is Dudae (which is a combination of two names if you are interested). Thanks in advance.

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    May 2022

    New player looking for Arkenstone kin!


    Character name and race: Suilendis, elf hunter (level 33 at the moment)
    Age: mid-twenties
    Preferred server: Arkenstone
    Location: United States, East Coast Time
    Playstyle: This is my first MMO, so I am still figuring this out! I'm enjoying doing quests and exploring casually for now
    Why kinships should be interested in me: I can promise great enthusiasm!! I really like this game and can see myself playing it for years to come. I'm also a lifelong Tolkien fan and really enjoy meeting others who feel similarly!
    What kind of kinship you are looking for: I'm looking for a casual group where I can find friends to go on fellowship quests with and improve my crafting skills. I'm interested in raiding but don't know much about it. Mostly, though, I'd just love to get to know some fellow lotro players!

    Thanks for considering me!

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    Mar 2007
    Nizrahuddin, Man Warden - Level 140
    Gender/Age: Male, 45
    Server: Landroval
    Location: CST Texas, US
    Playstyle: Solo, Group, Raids, Casual
    Why me? I've been playing LOTRO off and on since Beta. Returned a few months ago after a 7 year hiatus. I hit level cap, maxxed out my LIs, and ground out a lot of deeds in that time.
    Now I'm looking for more of a social gaming experience. I'm married with young kids and I make time for a variety of interests when I can. Gaming is only one of them. I'm not a hardcore gamer and am looking for a kinship of similar casual, mature personalities.

    Yes sir, we tore the universe a new spacehole alright.


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    Jan 2009

    Looking for Arkenstone Kin

    Long time player looking for Arkenstone kinship.

    Toons name

    Eredil, Loremaster
    Dernwine, Guardian

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    Jan 2014

    Character: Gallantlass (high elf)
    Server: Arkenstone
    Play style: solo, group, raid, casual

    I am a 32 year old Canadian that currently resides in Cambodia(GMT +7) so I'd like to join Southeast Asia/ Australia based guild preferably. I've played just about every MMO released since Wow and tried my hands at some older titles like EQ and SWG as well, but Wow was always my main game until legion. I've just started playing LOTRO and currently enjoying leveling and taking in the beautiful scenery - the game still look phenomenal for its age! - but once I reach endgame I'd like to casually dabble in raids and dungeon.

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    Apr 2022
    I have 4 toons, my main is the Elf Tinthonnas (currently L34 Lore-master). I also have a Hobbit Guardian called Savalac, the Dwarf Champion Dilfinn, and the Woman Minstrel Adlaith.

    Age: 38

    Server: Laurelin

    Location: UK (GMT in winter, currently on British Summer Time which is GMT +1)

    Playstyle: I currently play on my own, but a kinship would be helpful in terms of help with fellowship quests and finding crafting ingredients/recipes, as well as just having friends in-game. I like crafting and exploring, doing tasks and deeds as well as the various quests. I'm steadily aiming to complete as much as I can and take time to enjoy the game. I'd like to try RP and see what that's like.

    Other MMO games you’ve played: None, this is my first foray into it.

    Why kinships should be interested in you: I enjoy helping people with crafting requests (my toons cover all the crafting bases). I'm relatively new to the game (started during the recent Anniversary festival), but I intend to stick with this game long-term and develop my characters - and hopefully help others along the way. I don't bash other players or anything like that. I have a friendly attitude and would like to make friends with other players so that we can help and encourage each other along while also hopefully having fun.

    What kind of kinship you are looking for: Looking for a fairly casual kinship, with other players who are happy to explore, craft, take their time and appreciate the huge game-world and help each other, while also having time for the fun, social aspect of the game. I try and play LOTRO every day, but that's obviously not always possible and I can't always schedule regular times. I would like to try some RP just to see what that's like. My main language is English, I've got reasonable Spanish and enjoy learning languages in general, so I'd be comfortable if the kinship is multi-lingual and there might be opportunities to improve my language skills/learn more.

    P.S: Quick question - when you join a kinship, do all of your toons automatically join it? Or could you have different characters being in different kinships? (Although I imagine the latter might get confusing to keep track of).
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    Oct 2007

    Long time player coming back from a break looking for socail kinship


    I am Sandy and I have been playing since Oct 2007 (not quite since Launch). Looking for a kinship that is active but does not mind players who take a month or two off from the game and will not dismiss from kinship. I do have vision problems sometimes and cats that enjoy either the keybaord or batting at the screen during play.

    Server: Landroval

    Location: US Southeast

    Playtime: Usually during day or afternoon

    Age: 56

    Characters - at least 22 on Landy

    Above 120 toons Daelily, Creefast, Creewing Merelyn, Criel = other toons include Snowpe, Butterflybash, etc.

    Just looking for a social kin who doesn't mind someone who enjoys doing festivals, deeds and sometime group play, but laptop not tested.


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    Jun 2007

    Returning player, looking for a group of Lotr Friends

    Ios, lvl 22 Loremaster (alt addict in most games but I want this to be my main)
    Age: 42

    Preferred server: Crickhollow

    Location: 8pm to Midnight est weekdays, weekends fluctuate but usually up through the night (night shift worker)

    Playstyle: Opportunist group content. I find die hard raiding in other games at least to be too demanding of personal time. This game could be different though so would not be opposed to trying it when I get there.

    MMO games you’ve played: Far to many to list. Notable time put into Rift Online and excessive play of City of Heroes (still dabble with it).

    Why kinships should be interested in you: I am a social player and like to get to know people. For me it's not just about playing the game but the people you play with. I enjoy casual talk while playing, so some form of voice chat like discord is a must for me. I really want to focus on a Loremaster however I am also a flexible player and tend to play what is needed. Once I get to know people and the game I tend to throw groups together for dungeons and such on a regular basis. I am also more than happy to make a new character to play up with new people. Though it will be awhile before I am not the new person heh.

    What kind of kinship you are looking for: Casual and laid back group of people who enjoy group content and understand people who have work and real life commitments. Also looking for a group that is not overly sensitive. No real good way to say what I mean there but I don't want to have to walk on egg shells around people. So basically a group of people who are mature enough to take a joke and accept that not everyone has the same world view that they do.

    Additional thoughts: I do not want to be carried through the game. I am here to enjoy the content. I have little interest in having some high level character run me through things while I stand around and just collect xp and loot. I am also famous for not wanting to bother people with making gear for me though they always seem to insist. The reason I have not stuck with this game in the past was in great part to my previous work simply not allowing the time to have a life. That has changed and I have far better work life balance now. Another factor was I always tried to drag my non lotro friends into the game and they never stuck with it. This time I just want to find a new group to befriend and enjoy the game with.

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    Jul 2022
    Mae Govannen fellow adventurers !

    My character's name is Lemyarion and I'm an Elf Lore-Master from Lindon lvl 16.
    Fun fact : It means ''Son of one who remained'' in Quenya

    I am 24 years old
    I am playing on Arkenstone. My time zone is US-East Coast
    I mostly play during the evening and on the weekends

    I am a new player looking for an active & friendly Kinship. Mostly interested in experiencing the game to it's fullest. I want to explore all of Middle-Earth without rushing to end-game. Unfortunately for me, I am a completionist at heart.
    I'd love to meet & socialize with new people so I can share with them the beautiful adventure that Middle-Earth is with them. I also have a passion for Tokien's lore and I'm always eager to learn something new.

    To answer the question ''Why should you recruit me?'' I would say this : I am definitely not an expert in this game and I still have lot to learn. This being said I strongly believe that I am a positive energy to add to a group & I love to bring people together.

    Feel free to send me a tell/mail in game and don't hesitate if you have any questions.



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