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    Lightbulb Documentation and examples updated!

    Updated 10/11/2017 to link to new Lua API Documentation

    Both the API documentation and the script examples zips have successfully been uploaded! We apologize for the delay. As always, if you have any questions or comments about the current API, please post in the Current API Issues and Discussions sub-forum and we will get you the answers you need as soon as we can. Now that everything is updated, here is a quick set of Lua patch notes for what changed with this week's update. Enjoy!


    API Additions:

    -Started to expose attributes for player type, classes, and races. Examples:

    • GetAttributes, GetClassAttributes, GetRaceAttributes.
    • GetFocus, GetAttunement, GetFervor, GetRampage
    • GetStance
    • etc.; check the updated documentation for the full function set

    -Added a ClearItems function to list boxes
    -Added an initial implementation of a TreeView control
    -Added Engine.GetCallStack for getting the Lua call stack for debugging purposes

    API Fixes/changes:

    -Fixed a bug where the changed event for CheckBoxes did not fire when clicking on the check image itself
    -Fixed a bug where ScrollBars not properly positioning themselves when the minimum value was not 0
    -Fixed a bug where using Quickslots in a ListBox would cause the client to crash when plugins were unloaded
    -Fixed a bug in PluginData where the first save operation would fail
    -The local player can no longer be accessed via “Turbine.Gameplay.LocalPlaye r()” and instead must now be accessed via “Turbine.Gameplay.LocalPlaye r.GetInstance()”
    -Windows now start as invisible by default; you must explicitly call “SetVisible(true)” on them after creating them if you want them to be immediately visible
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