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    As no skinning pack update has been released since update 25, it is a bit complicated to publish an update of the skins to fit with the new codes without owning a palantiri...

    Concerning an update to include the brawler mettle bar, here is the state of what I know and what I don't :

    Toolbar code ok :

    <Element ID="GamePlay_MettlePipDisplay" 	X="xxx" Y="yyy" Width="www" Height="hhh"></Element>

    Mettle pictures : Ok from 1 to 8 but not for full mettle. The default picture is animated !

    <Mapping ArtAssetID="mettle_9_Pips_empty" 	FileName="fervor_9_Pips_empty.tga"></Mapping> 
    <Mapping ArtAssetID="mettle_9_Pips_1pips" 	FileName="fervor_9_Pips_1pips.tga"></Mapping>
    <Mapping ArtAssetID="mettle_9_Pips_2pips" 	FileName="fervor_9_Pips_2pips.tga"></Mapping>
    <Mapping ArtAssetID="mettle_9_Pips_3pips" 	FileName="fervor_9_Pips_3pips.tga"></Mapping>
    <Mapping ArtAssetID="mettle_9_Pips_4pips" 	FileName="fervor_9_Pips_4pips.tga"></Mapping>
    <Mapping ArtAssetID="mettle_9_Pips_5pips" 	FileName="fervor_9_Pips_5pips.tga"></Mapping>
    <Mapping ArtAssetID="mettle_9_Pips_6pips" 	FileName="fervor_9_Pips_6pips.tga"></Mapping>
    <Mapping ArtAssetID="mettle_9_Pips_7pips" 	FileName="fervor_9_Pips_7pips.tga"></Mapping>
    <Mapping ArtAssetID="mettle_9_Pips_8pips" 	FileName="fervor_9_Pips_8pips.tga"></Mapping>
    <Mapping ArtAssetID= is buggy/broken/not supported 	FileName="fervor_9_Pips_8pips.tga"></Mapping>
    mettle_9_Pips_9pips assertID do not display a custom picture ingame, the default animated picture is not replaced.
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    I finally finished my remake/edit of Durin's Folk blue/Erebor skin. I redid all the vitals, changed the pictures for all the windows that had pictures, the toolbar and a few other things.
    I renamed it to differentiate it from Durin's Folk since it's a mashup and not just a simple edit.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Foxmaiden14 View Post
    I finally finished my remake/edit of Durin's Folk blue/Erebor skin. I redid all the vitals, changed the pictures for all the windows that had pictures, the toolbar and a few other things.
    I renamed it to differentiate it from Durin's Folk since it's a mashup and not just a simple edit.


    What a nice job !

    However the link do not allow the access to the file.

    I you wish, you can publish it on Lotrointerface as an addon for JRR Skins Collection (outside the JRR skins folder) or as a patch (inside JRR skins folder), using one of those links :

    as an addon (best choice) https://www.lotrointerface.com/downl...nid=581&type=2 (I can help you to convert the path to all the picture files if you want)
    or as a patch https://www.lotrointerface.com/downl...nid=581&type=1
    or as a standalone skin if there are no picture path pointing in JRR core folder
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    Hi !

    JRR skins collection version 33.1 is released :

    Lotro update 33.1 introduced some bugs in player and opponent vital frames : zooming and shifting of the 3D portrait + sending at the background the name, the kinship, the PVP rank icon, the voice chat icon...
    This update fixes ONLY the 3D portrait and shifts the player name a bit at the right.
    I cannot send back elements to the front layer.

    I also added about a hundred vital bar pictures (player/opponent/party member), making easy to customize them at a later time.
    A special thank to Lunarwtr for his unofficial U33 skinning pack which made this possible.

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    Thanks for the update!

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    Hi ! I just released JRR Skins Collection UI Themes version 33.2 on Lotrointerface.com.

    This version was dedicated to rework a lot of vital bar frame pictures drawn in a hurry by the Lotro teams and whose centering was very approximate, both for the 3D portrait and for the badge under the player level.

    Please note, however, the reactivation in JRR skins v33.1 of a portion of code dedicated to correct zooming bugs and the decentering of 3D portraits introduced by update 33.1 has also reactivated an old bug associated with it,
    affecting people who do not play with 1.00 size scale of the player vital frame from the game options:
    The 3D portrait in vital bars shrink or enlarge each time you enter or exit an instance or an area! Have a look on the FAQ on JRR Skins download page for solutions.


    Salut ! Je viens de publier la mise à jour 33.2 des thèmes d'interface utilisateur JRR Skins Collection sur Lotrointerface.com.

    Cette mouture fut dédiée à retravailler bon nombre de portraits de barres vitales dessinées à la va-vite par les équipes de Lotro et dont le centrage était très approximatif, tant pour le portrait 3D que pour la pastille sous le niveau de joueur.

    Attention toutefois, la réactivation depuis la version 33.1 des skins JRR d'une portion de code dédiée à corriger les bugs de zoomage et le décentrage des portraits 3D introduits par la maj 33.1 a réactivé un vieux bug qui lui est associé, touchant les personnes qui ne jouent avec la barre de vie de leur perso à une échelle autre que 1.00 : Le portrait 3D au sein des barres vitales rétrécissent ou s'agrandissent à chaque entrée sortie d'instance ou de zone ! Les personnes affectées par ce bug peuvent contourner le problème en désactivant les portraits 3D dans les options du jeu. D'autres solutions sont mentionnées dans la FAQ de la page de téléchargement du pack de skins JRR.

    J'aurai donc la joie de devoir re-patcher une nouvelle fois le code des barres vitales dès que les devs auront corrigé les aberrations introduites avec la maj 33.1

    @Augure Avec plaisir
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  7. Aug 23 2022, 09:57 PM

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    Version 34 - October 26 2022 Major update

    General changes :

    - This release introduces a new naming applied on ingame themes and in the hard drive sub-themes folders. Its goal is to offer a better overview.
    You must delete previous JRR skins collection installation folder before installing this update. (= do not overwrite)
    This also means your characters will loose their current theme association, you will have to rebind each of them after the update.
    Don't forget the panel customizations (including custom toolbar) will be applied only after the next log in of your character.

    - Any theme including the word "Custom" in his name is designed for advanced users. Any other theme use an universal toolbar.
    Custom toolbar themes require to manually edit their skindefinition.xml file to fit user's game screen resolution in order to locate the toolbar at the right place on your screen.

    - I enlarged the target of target vital frame, targeted objects frame is almost unchanged.

    - I suppressed some deprecated panel customization codes:
    * "panel displayed when applying an item on a legendary Item"
    * "Taller legendary item dismantling result window"
    * "Taller Legacy Extraction panel"
    * "Store button removal in relic master panel"
    * "Expanded master loot window"
    * "Store button removal in wallet panel"

    - I Fixed many missing or uncorrect anniversary portraits.

    - I reworked the frame of monter play anniversary portraits plus many old portraits like good and evil NPCs.

    - I Fixed and customized as much as possible the brawler's mettle meter on most skins. The 9th pip remains unsupported by skins at the present day.

    Theme changes :

    - "Fifty Shades of Grey wizard" had his name shortened in "Grey Wizard".

    - "JRR *A*" "JRR *B*" and "JRR *C*" have been renamed "JRR Bree" as they are a Bree themed edition of the former JRR main theme.

    - "JRR *D*" has been renamed "JRR Main theme" and has been reworked in 2 versions : Translucent and opaque panels.

    - I fixed the issue with the toolbar from Monster's Lair Custom short toolbar theme.

    - I turned invisible the XP bar from "the white hand" light toolbar edition.

    - I suppressed the slight transparency in "Grey wizard" themes except for "Wide WoW" edition.

    Version 33.2b - September 20 2022

    - Added a toolbar theme in fifty shades of grey wizard: An updated edition of the toolbar from "Gondor Movie Theme", by Supermax. https://www.lotrointerface.com/downloads/info117

    - Added and enhanced a little bit the 3 supporter packs portrait frames.
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  9. Nov 11 2022, 11:37 AM

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    Version 34.0.1 - December 01 2022

    Changes in the skindefinition.xml files :
    - Converted tab value from 8 to 4 spaces, making the code looking like less messy.
    - Aligned the remaining untamed assertid entries
    - Cleaned-up duplicated picture files (assertid) entries

    Custom short toolbars slots are now aligned with universal toolbar slots, so locked toolbars (in option menu) 1 to 5 are displayed aligned with the main toolbar by default, which is a bit more beginner's friendly.

    Fixed an error in the code of both the Monsters Lairs custom short toolbars !

    A few other enhancements here and there, including hobbit gifts panel.

    Changes in JRR main theme :
    - Reorganized the skindefinition.xml content by panel type and added some comments
    - A few changes in the theme, mostly panel backgrounds.
    - Added a custom short toolbar profile.

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    Still a boss.. thanks Adra


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