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    Sammelthema - Fragen und Turbine-Antworten (aus Event "bringt die Hobbits nach Isengart")

    17.01. Event auf Elendilmir

    Hinweis: es sind keine exakten Zitate/Transcripte

    Quote Originally Posted by frickinmuck View Post
    I just wanted to post a bit of an update thread for people who couldn't be at the Hobbits to Isengard event today, with a few notes about what came out of the Q/A with Sapience. I will keep posting updates to this thread whenever I am able to attend a HtI event.

    Please note: I am paraphrasing here. Anything said here is coming through my interpretation of what he said, and is subject to being corrected by him so don't take all this as gospel.

    If anyone who was present has any additions or corrections, feel free to post.

    Q/A Hobbits to Isengard - Elendilmir

    • Any updates to the Moors planned?
      There is some stuff Jinjaah is working on that Sapience is not at liberty to discuss. Jinjaah talked at length about the Moors with a PvP player’s council member when they were out to Turbine, and it seemed a productive discussion.
      Other questions re: Moors were around the visuals and graphics in the moors – will they be getting a significant update anytime soon, and Sapience was saying no, the focus will not likely be on the look or the graphics.
    • When will players council members be changing up?
      They will be changing at anniversary time. A few exceptionally helpful members will be staying on, but the rest will be replaced. Applications will be posted in the forums.
    • Is there an age limit for players council?
      Yes, you have to be 18+
    • Whatever happened to the global chat channel that was discussed before HD?
      It is by no means dead – they are still working on it. A lot of it depends on when an engineer is available and has nothing else to do, which isn’t often. They need to also consider how many chat channels (if more than one) and what they might be.
    • Any update on the housing changes and what the timeline may be?
      He has no news about that at the moment but will pass it on the second he does.
    • Could we get an Arena for sparring?
      There is one in the new HD area that was built with the hope that players would use it for sparring. I have no idea where it is - if anyone has any ideas let me know. There is also one in Evendim (at Ost Forod, the second Stone Marker quest takes you there).
    • Will there ever be a Bracketed Sparring Tournament?
      Players have tried doing it. It takes a lot of work but it can be done (by players).
    • Disable sparring timers for tournaments?
      Not likely they will be disabled, but he will pass on the suggestion to make them longer. Someone suggested that if they are extended then sparring should be removed from crafting and auction houses and he said that sounded reasonable.
    • Bounders Bounty rewards, when will they be up?
      As far as he knows they’re still working on getting the names together for the various statues on every server, so not quite ready yet, but will make a post when there’s more info.
    • Will Hobnobigans be returning? (this one comes up every HtI run)
      Sapience says he will never give up on trying to get the devs to bring it back. It’s just one of those things that has to take a lower priority to other things so may take awhile.
    • Will the devs ever play huge trolls in-game?
      Never say never. Could happen.
    • Could we ever take a passenger on a horse?
      It’s useful to think of horses as “horse pants” because that is essentially what they are, so that creates a technical issue that makes passengers extremely unlikely to ever happen.
    • What is the likelihood we will someday get a boat or a horse cart ‘mount’ even just for fun?
      He doesn’t think anything like that is in the works but he will pass the suggestion along.

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    22.01. Evernight:

    Quote Originally Posted by frickinmuck View Post
    Please note: I am paraphrasing here. Anything said here is coming through my interpretation of what he said, and is subject to being corrected by him so don't take all this as gospel.

    If anyone who was present has any additions or corrections, feel free to post.

    Q/A Hobbits to Isengard - Evernight

    • Hobnanigans
      He reminds the team of the desire to bring it back as often as he can
    • Best system to play the game
      The best system you can afford. He recommends 64 bit OS, fastest processor you can afford, discrete video card.
    • Update 12.2 when is it up and will it affect the HtoI event
      Live tomorrow. No, nothing in the update should affect the event.
    • Balancing
      12.2 does have some balance changes to it, especially to monsters. They are well aware that it’s going to be a need for the next few updates. They recognize things are a bit too easy in most places and will continue to adjust as needed.
    • PVP server recommendation
      Depends on your time zone, etc. and when the server is most active. Impractical to make any official recommendations.
    • Are some zones inherently more laggy
      Yes, the more graphically intense an area, the more foliage, etc. and the higher your graphic settings, the more lag there will be. When you add players, mounts, etc. all of that is going to add to your fps load because your computer is having to work a lot harder.
    • What about on servers where 80% of players are in the Ettens at one time
      There is no such server.
    • Kate Paiz surprise
      No, he will not be spilling the beans on that.
    • Plans to make an android or ios app
      No current plans to make an app, but never say never.
    • Do you deal with Inifinite Crisis community at all
      No he does not
    • Most desirable and least desirable part of job
      Most desirable - Interacting with, meeting members of the community, coming out of the meeting where he has been vocal about what the community would want and coming away knowing they’ve made the right decision, one the community will like. Least desirable - being called names. Not fun but it doesn’t rise to the level of dislike that people doing it probably hope though. He lets it roll off.
    • Where do you get feedback to bring back to the dev team
      Everywhere. Forums, comments in the HtoI events and ones like it, twitter, facebook, comments on gaming articles, fansites, kinship sites, even youtube comments.
    • Archive of the streaming event
      Last one didn’t archive but this one and the rest moving forward will be
    • This years goals for the game
      Kate Paiz’s letter gives a good overview. As we get closer to the big updates – 13, 14 etc, there will be a lot more detail.
    • Will Captain yellow line be adjusted
      Doesn’t know about specific lines, but does know that they are looking at each class and making adjustments as needed.
    • Turbine contributing prizing for events like Winterstock
      A lot of people aren’t aware, but if you send Sapience a PM on the forums and let him know your event and when it is, if he can get any prizing for you he will.
    • Update 13 when will we hear more
      Sooner than you probably think. He’s actually working on stuff right now. There are area revamps planned (yes, plural). Another 20 questions call for questions later this week.
    • Will we ever be able to mail more than one item (attachment) at a time in-game
      Significant technical issues to doing so, but never say never. Mail is a complicated system that requires lots of engineers. As a rule, the more simple and easy a change seems, the reality is often the opposite.
    • Favourite class
      Hunter, ranger type on any MMO or RPG he plays.
    • Do the difference in the databases between North America and EU servers impact lag on the EU servers
      No they aren’t those kinds of issues. The main thing that tends to affect EU servers is connectivity.
    • How long has he been playing LotRO
      As a player since closed beta.
    • Borderless windowed mode, windowed full screen mode, multi-screen
      No current plans to do that as far as he is aware. Does not know of any plans to support dual screen or multi-screen natively
    • Do all servers have the same specs
      Yes, pretty much
    • Do some servers need more storage
      some require more yes, based on population
    • Most populated server in the game
      Changes based on time of day
    • Oculus Rift
      He’s tried it. Doesn’t know of any current plans to support it in LotRO
    • Item XP runes converted to item xp points instead
      Not aware of any immediate plans for that, but does know there are discussions happening about the legendary system in general
    • Legendary armour
      There have been some discussions about it, there are significant challenges to that. He doesn’t know the status of that or the likelihood it will happen
    • Can we get a deed log update
      He will pass along the suggestion
    • Custom skins
      Go to lotrointerface.com and you can download some player-made ones there
    • Emerald shards in skirm camps
      Not sure what the plans are with those, but will pass it on to the team
    • Are there any plugins officially supported by Turbine
      They do not QA plugins, they just provide the API and framework for skinning. They tell people before calling customer support, try disabling them. Some plugins call a lot of data in memory and hold them in memory, contributing heavily to lag. If the plugin is well coded and maintained it should be fine, but if you find after installing a plugin you find you are having performance problems, uninstall it. Turbine does not debug or manage the plugins in any way so it’s really up to the plugin developer to deal with that.
    • Making a plugin into a feature
      They are aware of a lot of the plugins, but don’t have any specific plans to turn any of them into official game features.
    • Which plugins do you use
      Wallet plugin that keeps gold onscreen, uses onebag. Doesn’t personally endorse any plugin over another, doesn’t want any impression that he endorses one because they have no control over the plugins or their coding.
    • Where did the HD music come from
      Helm’s Deep music was done in-house, and the soundtrack is available online https://soundcloud.com/turbinegames/...e-rings-online
    • Why do healers offer salves and not draughts
      Doesn’t know, will bring that up to the devs, there may be a reason for it
    • Are there any Lotro babies
      Not aware of any but he’s met some of the married couples and knows of many people who met through the game. He thinks Merric and Goldenstar were together before LotRO so their baby doesn’t count. He doesn’t know of anyone who met, married and had a kid via LotRO.
    • Any mount design contests coming
      Nothing currently planned, but they do talk about it from time to time
    • Are there any German/French community managers, will they help when HtoI gets to those servers will they be there too
      There are and you will find them on the forums. They may well be a part of the event when we hit those servers to help with translations.
    • Cosmetic weapons
      Not something they’re looking at doing at any time in the near future
    • Any talk about letting creeps into other areas
      Nothing he’d call serious talk, no
    • Does the team ever feel restricted by the lore
      The content team wouldn’t likely tolerate going too far off the lore. They are as heavily invested in the lore as the players. They are dedicated to bringing the lore to life, and bringing key moments in the story to life is a big thrill to them. They are their own worst critics on lore and they know their stuff really thoroughly.
    • Housing updates
      Can’t comment on that yet, but Soon™.
    • Do you plan to somehow connect Isengard with West Rohan
      Doesn’t know at this point
    • Fiddles/Violins
      Doesn’t know of any current plans to add more instruments, but it could happen
    • Visual updates to old regions
      Not sure how much of it is visual, but there are revamps to regions happening with update 13, and there will be more info on that as we get closer to that update
    • Prizes for this event
      Nothing apart from bragging rights at this point, although he has made a couple of suggestions, such as turning on a server-wide event that the other servers don’t get, or an XP weekend that the other servers don’t get or something like that, but nothing is set in stone. Someone in Twitch chat made the hilarious suggestion for guardrails in Rivendell for the winning server.
    • Someone suggested that Laurelin would have to camp if nightfall hits when they are doing their run, which would kill their time. LOL
    • Do people need to be on Facebook or Twitter to be in on the next closed Beta
      No. The bulk of those on the Helm’s Deep beta were not from Facebook or Twitter, they were invited. A lot of VIP but also a sizeable group of free and premium players.
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    Quote Originally Posted by frickinmuck View Post
    Sorry for the delay. The next few should be more timely.

    Please note: I am paraphrasing here. Anything said here is coming through my interpretation of what he said, and is subject to being corrected by him so don't take all this as gospel.

    If anyone who was present has any additions or corrections, feel free to post.

    Q/A Hobbits to Isengard - Gladden

    • Why do we have another double XP weekend
      The majority of players enjoy these events, it’s great for leveling up alts
    • When will update 12.3 be released
      Monday feb 10th. Much smaller patch than the last two, but it does address some issues. One being the sparring timer, which has been adjusted to 10 minutes for that update thanks to player feedback in the Hobbits to Isengard event.
    • Some discussion of whether the fastest server would be the one that excludes everyone except a fellowship of 6, to keep lag down. Sapience said the fastest time so far was in a full raid with tons of other people, so that’s not necessarily true. Besides-which, it would be really difficult, if not impossible, to exclude anyone who wanted to participate. Most importantly, excluding all except 6 people runs completely against the spirit of the event.
    • HtoI scheduling questions

    • The schedule to date is posted in the forums, will be updated as more servers are scheduled. He’s purposely left a few gaps in the schedule because he’s going to try to scatter a few other things in here and there. For example the devs recently did a Hobnanigans play test, and he’s thinking if they do another it may be something that the players would like to see, so he may stream that if it happens.
    • Will there be a HtoI run on Bullroarer
      He hadn’t considered one since Bullroarer is just a test server, but he thinks it could be fun, may consider it after U13 goes live
    • Are there any new 95 class armour sets coming
      He put in a request for an update on that and got no answer, so speculates they may be working on it but just not ready to talk about a date yet
    • Based on what some of the players were commenting on in chat, Sapience says next end of beta event they will need some sort of streaming cataclysmic Bree event that all players can watch.
    • Can we get a hint on what the new region for U13 will be

    • He will do better than a hint – go read Kate’s producer’s letter. She tells you exactly what they are doing for U13. Most of it, there’s other stuff happening too.
    • What is the point of the event/stream
      The point is to have fun, getting a low level hobbit to Isengard, and the hobbit is of no help. And the informal Q/A is a bonus (mention of the Q/A posts here, thanks!).
    • Did you choose the server order at random
      When it was decided that this event was going to happen, he went to all the servers and created his character before the event was announced, to be sure that he could get the name on each server (with a few noted exceptions, he was able to). Then when he made the schedule he just went down the server list as it appeared in his launcher after logging in everywhere, and that was the order he used. So it was semi random.
    • Will you be doing this event a second time in the future
      The Hobbits to Isengard specifically, he won’t say never, but it won’t likely be any time soon after this even ends. He’s gotten a lot of really great ideas and suggestions for other events to do, such as doing a tour of new regions on Bullroarer, and he’s looking forward to Weatherstock – he’s going to try to stream some of that.
    • Who is the Gandalf of the dev team
      He says HoarseDev has currently got the best beard
    • When will we see Tyrant Fordakidz
      Fordakidz is the reaver he created for the Extra Life gaming marathon (which is October 25 this year). Basically he chooses a server and logs into the moors and lets people kill him for an extended period of time. He doesn’t know when that creature will reach Tyrant status, it depends on how much support he gets from other creeps in the moors. He doesn’t play him outside that event because everyone knows who he is and really only exists for that event.
    • Do you have a server you play on
      He has several accounts on several servers that he plays. Of course he has some servers that he plays on more than others, but he’s not going to say which.
    • What is your guesstimate of how many people ask you for things when they see you on a server
      He actually doesn’t get a lot of request for things. If people know it’s him, generally he gets a lot of “Thank you for coming to my server” “Thanks for doing this event” “Hi, is it really you?” but not a lot of “Can I have a free level?” or “Can I have a million Turbine Points?” or things along those lines. Most people are super polite and just want to chat and, very occasionally, ask a question.
    • Any plans to update the character models
      This one gets asked a lot. No current plans to update the models.
    • What else can you say about U13? Are there any housing updates coming at U13 or earlier?
      No housing changes in or before U13. Other than that, the multiple mail attachments change is happening. Also Kate’s letter gives a good overview of what’s happening for U13. There are also some revamps mentioned in the 20 questions, and Jinjaah gave a bit of info about some of the PvMP changes coming too.
    • Will Gondor be our next expansion
      If you read Kate’s producer’s letter, there will not be an expansion in 2014, and Gondor is on her list of places that we’re going to see this year.
    • Will we ever see commercially available LotRO merchandise
      There used to be some available in the WB shop online, but he thinks they all sold out.
    • Any plans for non-warband daily quests in Western Rohan
      None that he is currently aware of
    • Does the number of level 10 characters taken to Isengard matter in any way
      Not in terms of the event. The only thing that matters is your time. In the event of an exact tie in time, the server that didn’t kill him or get him stuck would win.
    • Do you think it’s better for captains to lead in order to get run boosts, etc
      Gladden got close to Crickhollow’s time, and there wasn’t an inordinate amount of captains there. Although he did follow a captain for that run. Every server has been a bit different.
    • Question about lag
      The thing that a lot of people miss is that the servers are fairly new. They’ve been upgraded 3 times since Moria. But it’s important to remember that the game is a lot more graphically intensive than it was 7 years ago, so it’s unrealistic to expect your machine to perform the same under a heavier load. To minimize lag, start with low settings and adjust your way up until you get the best settings to match the level of performance you are comfortable with. In these HtoI events, lag is to be expected because there’s an unusually large number of players – hundreds of players – in a relatively small area, which isn’t what one would normally see on the live servers.
    • Why is it “Welcome Back Weekend”
      He says the name should be updated/changed. It’s just an effect that they turn on from time to time because the majority of players really like the extra XP gain. It’s one of the more popular things they do.
    • When is the next festival
      The 7th Anniversary Festival is in April, Spring Festival is coming soon too.
    • Question about the Corsair pirate event
      The pirate event happens around the time of Bilbo and Frodo’s birthday, every year on Talk Like a Pirate Day, which is September 19th.
    • When do you update the calendar
      When he has things that are more tentative than they are speculative. He tries to avoid putting in dates that he will have to change later. They try to schedule things around when they are going to have a patch or an update, especially when there’s new content going into a festival.
    • Have you seen anything you like in the threads that were posted for feedback around Kate’s letter
      Yes, they have seen a lot of stuff they like, but they always do see a lot of suggestions that players make that they really like. Basically it comes down to “What do we have the time and resources to do” and, “if they do X, how will it affect Y.” Occasionally they will see something really small and easy to implement, such as the sparring timer update, and they do it. But a lot of time what the players think is easy to change, is often some of the hardest stuff to change. For example, it seems like it should be easy to add multiple attachments to mail, but in fact it involves changing the way the system works. It’s an engineer intensive thing that takes days of work to change at a much deeper system level than people might expect.
    • Any ETA on level 95 first ages
      No ETA on that at this time
    • Why is XP boost free and XP disable not
      Great question with a really simple answer: The point of the game is to advance, and the relatively small by comparison number of people who actually use the XP disabler, to enable that across the server and stop everybody by force is not an option, since most people are trying to level their characters.
    • Mention of the Orlando Florida meet and greet on April 5th.
      All the details are in the forum post, and those who show up can get “The Well Met” title and some swag if he can pull something together. Usually the person who travels the farthest to get to the event gets something extra from him. He’s also tentatively looking to do something around March 28th in the North Carolina area, info on that is in the forums as well.
    • More discussion about lag. He says that integrated graphics cards will really hurt your performance. For those on 64 bit systems that have a good size chunk of memory turn your texture cache up to max. It will help you preload things faster when moving between zones. Things you can turn off to help ease the load on your system is 3D portraits, also cloaks, mounts, banners – the more unique elements you have onscreen with the higher the settings, the more lag you will experience.
    • Will turning off floaty damage help with lag

    • Yes, floaty damage, floaty reputation renown, infamy, if you turn that off it will help a bit. Anything you can do to ease the load on your computer having to draw up stuff, the better your performance will be.
    • What is your favourite horse
      The Steed of Night.
    • What is your favourite area in-game
    • When will there be a war-steed dressing room
      He is not aware of any plans to make one, but he will definitely pass the suggestion on
    • A suggestion that Imladris needs more player events
      He agrees, and says, “You should make one.” Most events are player-created. Not all events need to be super complicated or involved. It can be fun to just have a scavenger hunt in Bree or challenge people to go out to the tag fields in North Bree and play a round of tag. If an event starts gaining popularity or gets a good or even moderate turnout you can send him a PM in the forums and let him know what the event is and when, he can usually find some point codes or other prizing to contribute.
    • Why are there no hobbit LMs
      A lot of classes are restricted by race because they try to stick to what makes sense within the lore. However there has been discussion about opening the classes up more to other races. Nothing definite yet but it is being considered. A hobbit storyteller is a lot closer to a minstrel than a lore master. There’s a big difference between someone who tells a story, and someone who uses the old ways to produce weather effects and things of that nature like a lore master does.
    • A mention of the famed kinship revamp forum thread
      This comes up every now and then. Pretty much everyone on the dev team is aware of that thread and has read it, and most agree there are some fantastic ideas. But there is a major difference between saying, “Here’s my blue sky thinking. I don’t have any constraints because I don’t know the limitations of the system, don’t know the limitations of the engine or the limitations of the time constraints and other issues,” and having to say, “This is great blue sky thinking and these are all fantastic ideas, but given the limits and time constraints, here are much more practical and realistic endeavors we can undertake.” Everyone on the team has read the thread at least once if not more, and every time new devs show up he points them to it.
    • Question about female creep characters
      If you want to play a female creep play a warg or a spider, both are female – there are no males. Warg is female. If you doubt it hop on your warg and zoom in from behind. Spiders lore-wise are all female. That was something he was unaware of until Rowan pointed that out to him.
    • Is LotRO going to give hunters a poison arrow
      He doubts it because poison, in the lore, is a tool of the enemy
    • Do you have a wish list of what you’d like to see in game
      A lot of what is coming in U13 are things that he’s been saying for a long time “We really need to figure out how to get this in game.” Starting first and foremost with mail attachments. He suspects the devs have been sick of him talking about the mail attachments, Hobnanigans and a few other things.
    • What is your favourite thing about LotRO
      The community
    • Discussion about the possibility of doing the run in under an hour. He feels it’s possible, but it’s going to take a well-organized group that can get out of Bree fast, get as many run buffs on him as possible and keep them up, get him across bridges fast, without dropping him or having to slow down too much, and being able to thin crowds at times like that to minimize lag.
    • When do you think the last hobbit run will happen

    • Hard to say. He’s trying to leave room in the schedule for other things such as updates, other little streaming events, etc.
    • Question about getting devs in the event
      RockX, Jinjaah, HoarseDev are all devs he’s for sure planning to get in on one of the streams. In fact he’s thinking of just doing a stream that’s not an event one, just he and the devs answering questions in real time. Sort of like a dev panel, instead of streaming the game.
    • What are you most looking forward to in LotRO for 2014
      Some of the locations Kate mentioned in her producer’s letter. We’re going to take our first steps in Gondor, we’ll see Isengard after the ents have had their way with it. A lot of the things people consider to be iconic LotRO moments.
    • Will Draigoch ever be raised above level 75
      Never say never, but it’s not in the cards anytime soon
    • Will you ever do a behind the scenes at Turbine video
      There are already little snippets here and there, but in terms of a front to back behind the scenes, they tend to focus on “making of” specific expansions, rather than the game in general. Some of those videos are on the Turbine YouTube channel.
    • Question about responses to bug reports
      Bug reports are reports, not questions that require answers, so they don’t respond to them. The most helpful thing you can do in a bug report is give detailed instructions on how to recreate the bug, because if they can’t recreate it then it becomes much more difficult to identify and repair the issue.
    • When will Turbine be doing Extra Life this year
      Technically Turbine lets him do Extra Life. The new Team Turbine page went up Jan 1 along with his own page, and there’s already been some donations. Extra Life runs for the entire year from Jan 1 to Dec 31, but the event is Oct 25 this year. Last time it was too close to Thanksgiving and Halloween. For those who don’t know, Extra Life raises money for Children’s Miracle Network hospitals to help heal sick kids. Last year the LotRO player base raised over $50,000, and everyone at Turbine combined raised just over $60,000, so the LotRO player support is massive. He usually plays for Boston Children’s Hospital. Last year that hospital earned a total of $200,000, of which almost $51,000 came from LotRO players.
    • Are you going to shave again for charity
      It falls under “that’s been done before.” Last time it had been 18 years since he’d shaved. His wife had never seen him clean shaven before, that’s how long it had been. She was stunned when he came home from work that day. This year it’s been suggested that if a goal of $100,000 were hit, he get a tattoo with the date, total and extra life logo.
    • Does Turbine ever have any use for creative writers, for jobs and stuff
      Yes, in the marketing department, and also content designers to work on quests and backgrounds. Turbine actually has published authors on the dev team.
    • Have devs or anyone on the Turbine team ever contributed to LotROWiki, or plan to in the future
      Not to his knowledge
    • Will cooking in LotRO be revamped
      As far as he knows there are no current plans to revamp any of the crafting
    • Are there constellations in the LotRO night sky
      Yes, there are (points out various constellations). It is accurate, but he can’t remember what it’s mapped to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by frickinmuck View Post
    Sorry if this one is a bit patchy, there were issues with the Twitch stream.

    Please note: I am paraphrasing here. Anything said here is coming through my interpretation of what he said, and is subject to being corrected by him so don't take all this as gospel.

    If anyone who was present has any additions or corrections, feel free to post.

    Q/A Hobbits to Isengard - Laurelin

    1. Question about bugs
      As soon as you see a bug, make sure you bug it right away and, most importantly, give detailed instructions to the developers on how to recreate the problem. He doesn’t currently have any information about the status of specific bugs
    2. Question about lag
      Most players tend to have their settings higher than their system can handle properly. They think their system can handle more than it actually can. Also, a lot of people set up their graphics for solo play, with settings higher than can be handled for group play. If you’re in a group, or in areas where there are a lot of players, you may need to readjust your settings to suit the higher load. When your system has to render all those extra players, animations, weapons, etc. it really adds to the load. Another tip is, if you are running SLI or Crossfire, disable it. Just run on one video card. You will gain framerates in most cases.
    3. Is it better to use a 64 bit client, and are there any plans to make LotRO 64 bit capable
      No plans to make LotRo 64 bit capable, but a 64 bit client will absolutely help because you have access to more memory that the OS can use, you can run a higher cache, etc. A 64 bit OS with 8GB of RAM is leaps and bounds ahead of running a 32 bit OS with 4GB of RAM, because of the memory management available. You will have more resources available for your machine to use. The worst thing you can do for performance is run a 32 bit OS with low RAM. Also, regarding the issue of ram, the game will not use much more than 4GB of RAM, but your OS will take as much RAM as it needs and leave you with what’s left over. So you need enough RAM that your OS will leave you enough for the game. 64 bit OS with 8GB of RAM should be fine for most people.
    4. Does using a SSD help game performance
      Using a SSD will make load times faster, so any time you are loading textures and data (i.e. moving through zones) it will be faster.
    5. How about SLI/Crossfire and multiple monitor setup support to the game
      The game is not set up to support multiple monitors or SLI and Crossfire, he doesn’t know when or if that will happen.
    6. Are all the servers running on same hardware
      Contrary to what many people think, a “LotRO server” is not a machine, it’s a series of machines. For example it may be 8 different PCs, a load balancer, databases and various other hardware. But all the servers have pretty much the same hardware and are pretty much equal.
    7. Is the Turbine de-fragger tool still around and can it be used on the current build
      The Turbine defragger doesn’t exist anymore and he greatly discourages using it. If you still have it you should not use it, you could destroy your install.
    8. Any plans to bring back a MyLotro app similar to Wow armoury
      The previous one was player-created, and he knows of no plans to recreate or restore that functionality
    9. Will the people who are on the Bounder's Bounty plaques be able to choose which character they want displayed in the future
      When they started sorting out what was going to go on the Bounder’s Bounty plaques it was discovered there was going to be a group of 1,400+ people needing to respond with which character they wanted on the plaque, and that was going to take way too long to organize, so instead they went with the accounts that had the highest count, and which of the characters on that account contributed the most.
    10. Will any shard-droppers be added to the newer areas
      He will bring the suggestion to the team
    11. Could we get a shard-dropper deed
      Not likely there will ever be a shard-dropper deed
    12. Are there any plans to have any discussion based on the feedback to the Producer Letter threads on Housing, Inventory, etc
      The point of those threads was to get an idea of what players were looking for, see what the consensus points were. Even taking into account all those threads on English, German and French forums, at most it is the opinion of maybe 300 people, not a significantly large portion of the player base. So when they seek player feedback they do so through multiple venues, and they look at multiple sources of suggestions and input to see where the consistency lies across all sources of feedback, rather than focusing on one particular forum thread and taking that as the definitive answer to what the players want.
    13. Why isn’t this an event for taking a creep somewhere, or staying alive in Hoarhollow
      Because the players created the event, based on some discussions in chat. If the conversation had been different and someone suggested a monster play event, this could have been “Take the Reaver to Hoarhollow”
    14. Are there any plans to allow Dwarven ministrels to get legendary axes
      No plans as far as he knows for legendary axes for Dwarven minstrels
    15. When is U13 coming
      It is scheduled for March, probably toward the latter end of the month. He doesn’t have a date yet but when he does he will let everyone know.
    16. Can we get a Dwarf warden
      No current plans for that to the best of his knowledge
    17. Is there any hope of us ever getting a 'gym' that allows us to alter our characters build
      Not likely that will ever happen
    18. Will creeps ever be let out into the normal areas
      No plans for that. The Moors was created for creeps, and that’s where they’ll stay
    19. Are there plans for any other bare-chested cosmetics
      There was a joking discussion about bare-chested elves at one point, but no, there are no current plans to add more bare-chests. Although he won’t rule it out. He doesn’t usually get a heads up on the art that goes into any update, so he can’t really say or predict whether any particular cosmetic will end up in the game.
    20. Any chance of a design a cloak contest
      It’s something they are working on doing right now, but he has no ETA on when it will be ready, there are still some loose ends that need to be tied up
    21. Is there a mentoring system planned
      Not as far as he’s aware
    22. Is there a way to get a cloak back if you lose it
      Be careful when deleting something, because for the most part once it’s gone, it’s gone
    23. Any plans for crafting in homesteads
      It’s been discussed, but he doesn’t know if it will happen, in what form or when. It’s a discussion that’s been happening as part of the larger housing revamp
    24. What about rumours of two new open world servers for PvP
      Someone is pulling your leg, there are absolutely no plans for that
    25. Can we please get more than 17 character slots
      This is a suggestion he’s made in the past, and he will pass it along again. At one point there was a technical reason for that limit but he doesn’t know if that technical issue still stands.
    26. Can you get mobs who are grouped up to be linked so they just don't stand there when you attack their companion
      He’s not aware of any plans to change the way mobs aggro when they are in groups but he will pass the information along
    27. Will you be filling in the map with outlying areas such as South Farthing, etc
      MadeOfLions had a great answer to that in the 20 questions the other day. They do fill outlying areas of the map from time to time, but right now we are at an important part of the story so they will probably follow the path of the fellowship more closely for awhile
    28. Do you roleplay
      No, he does not
    29. Is Gilrain becoming preferred server
      Good question. Next time they have a maintenance he will ask
    30. What determines weather in-game, is it based on real world weather somewhere
      No, but it’s not entirely random. There is a day file in the game that gives a region its day/night cycle, etc. and generates weather at what appear to be random times. It’s not based on real world weather or anything like that.
    31. Question about a kinship revamp
      Read the Q/A from the other day, there is a bit of information there. Beyond that he can’t really comment.
    32. Will we ever see changing seasons during festivals
      No because the regions are locked in time based on the part of the story they appear in. That is why Winterhome was created; to have a wintery region for the winter festival
    33. Does your wife play LotRO
      Yes, she does. She is a good healer and plays a captain and a minstrel well, and has several characters at cap.
    34. Question about reward for the winner of this event
      There is no formal plan for a reward of any kind beyond bragging rights, which is fitting since the event started because of bragging. Realistically the only thing they will really be able to do for the one server is maybe turn on an enhanced XP weekend.
    35. Will there be new festivals or changes to the existing ones in the near future
      Definitely something they are looking at – how can they improve and add to the festivals to keep them exciting. The Anniversary festival is currently being worked on
    36. What is your least favourite class
      Doesn’t really have a least favourite, but there are classes he’s not good at. You don’t want him healing your raid, for example.
    37. Why does his voice sound different here than in the community updates
      When he does the community updates he doesn’t talk for as long, and they give him professional recording equipment to use which is much better quality.
    38. Is there a possibility of people becoming GMs from outside of Turbine HQ area
      No, the positions are in Boston in the Turbine offices. There are a couple of rare exceptions for German and French servers.
    39. Do you get free Turbine points
      Yes, in fact he just got his yesterday. Once a quarter they get an allotment of TP for DDO and for LotRO. They get a handful of codes for about 1,500 each.
    40. When you first started at Turbine what were you most excited about
      Meeting the team, moving to a place where he had family, working for a game that he’d been playing since closed beta
    41. Have you ever done any voiceover work for LotRO
      No, he has not
    42. Do you play in a band in LotRO
      No, he doesn’t
    43. Advice on getting into radio
      About radio, and it actually also applies to the games industry, get ANY job you can. It might not be the job you want, but a foot in the door and getting to know people goes a long way. He knew guys who started in radio as the janitor. They ended up as major market DJs making 100k a year.
    44. What did you get with your 25% off code
      XP and rep boosts
    45. What are the most popular classes
      He hasn’t looked in a long time but Hunter and Champ use to be the most popular classes.
    46. When will Bullroarer be open for testing
      He’s not sure what the schedule is for BR, but doesn't expect it to be any time soon. Usually it opens a week or so in advance of an update
    47. Do the “lucky” named items (rabbit foot, coal etc) have any hidden benefits
      He’s answered that question many times and is surprised people don’t believe him. No, they have no special effect.
    48. With the revamps of ND, Trollshaws and MM, will we see graphical updates as well as quest clusters/changes
      Probably not. At least nothing as dramatic as Bree. It's more about making them more playable and improving the flow.
    49. Some pics from the run
    50. Why did turbine start to add invisible walls to the game
      To prevent people from going to places they aren’t supposed to. In an open world such as LotRO has, sometimes it’s just what you have to do. You can't really make an endless landscape. Also there are ways to get stuck between buildings, in 'yards' and other places that you cannot use /stuck to get out of and a GM cannot teleport you out of. You can lose your character, permanently, if you aren't very careful and sometimes very lucky.
    51. Will it be possible, someday, to take a chicken past Isengard (perhaps via a Strange Chicken Nest)
      It might be possible, but he doesn’t know what the plans are for chickens beyond Isengard. Though the devs have spent time recently kicking them about.
    52. What keyboard and mouse do you use
      Right now he’s using a Mad Catz STRIKE 7 Keyboard and a RAT 9 wireless mouse. He really loves the mouse but is still adjusting to the keyboard.
    53. Was Hobnanigans removed because of animal cruelty
      No it had performance issues
    54. What is the right venue to appeal which name was used on the Bounder’s statue
      He doesn't think they are able to make changes now, but whatever the outcome, submitting a ticket is almost definitely not going to be the answer, but he will pass along the suggestion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by frickinmuck View Post
    Please note: I am paraphrasing here. Anything said here is coming through my interpretation of what he said, and is subject to being corrected by him so don't take all this as gospel.

    If anyone who was present has any additions or corrections, feel free to post.

    Q/A Hobbits to Isengard - Brandywine

    1. Question about balance
      Balance is constantly being addressed. Some balancing is done with every update. It may not necessarily be called out, but it is there. You can always expect more balancing to be done.
    2. Sapience looks over at Aaron’s desk and mentions that Aaron is currently reading the forums. So yes, developers do read the forums.
    3. Will multiple mail attachments (coming with U13) add to postage cost
      It seems likely, but he will ask the engineer working on it and get back to us
    4. Question about adding new features/functionality to the forums, particularly to make it easier to follow dev posts
      Likely not going to happen. They’re trying to keep the forums as simple as possible to reduce load times and reduce the need for development time.
    5. Mention of using the dev tracker to follow dev posts
      Sapience agrees, that is useful since dev posts always show up in the dev tracker
    6. When will player council applications open up
      The plan is to open them on March 14. The Player’s Council has been great about making suggestions, so the application will be changing a bit based largely on their feedback
    7. Are the council members going to you with ideas and questions, or are you going to them
      It actually works both ways. He wrote up the document for the new announcement and they’ve given feedback on it, and he’s been editing based on their feedback. The announcement we see will be probably about 75% based on their input.
    8. Are there any new instances or raids coming
      As they’ve said before, nothing for 2014. Nothing about that has changed, and until you hear differently from them you can assume that it hasn’t changed.
    9. Any teases you can give us about the inventory option additions
      It’s an inventory revamp not an itemization revamp, it will be focused on your bags. He’s seen the revisions and says they’re really cool. When U13 gets closer to being put up on Bullroarer he will ask the engineer to sit down and walk everyone through the revamp on livestream so they can see it for themselves.
    10. Will the new inventory help with cooking
      It will not change how and what will be stored, it will just enable you to rearrange your bags. For example, you can make them all into one big bag if you want. So it will not really affect the way items themselves are handled. It’s the functionality of the inventory, not the items in it.
    11. Discussion of aggro range – it increases as a character goes to levels higher and higher above their own, so that it becomes more and more difficult to stay alive. That isn’t true for chickens, though, because they are meant to go to dangerous places.
    12. Are there any itemization changes coming
      They are always adjusting that, but there’s no major revamp in the cards as far as he’s aware
    13. Are Misty Mountains and Trollshaws still being revamped for U13
      Yes, they are.
    14. Question about bringing back Lifetime accounts
      No plans to do so, sorry.
    15. What changes are coming to the Ettenmoors for U13
      Jinjaah just made a post in the forums about that.
    16. If someone were to sell a lifetime account, how much would it be worth
      Absolutely nothing, because they would do everything in their power to permanently ban the account. So any money spent on the account would be wasted. That’s true for any account that someone tries to sell. They permanently ban accounts that people buy/sell.
    17. How many women are on the LotRO team
      He doesn’t have a number, but it’s more than a half dozen.
    18. Why does it seem that some people do something minor and get banned, and others do something heinous and don’t get banned
      A lot of this is based on your perception of what happened rather than what actually happened. Players don’t have all the facts on these situations, so it’s easy to misinterpret. Infractions are cumulative, so someone who did something that seemed minor might have already had 9 previous infractions, and this last one finally pushed them over to the ban. The person doing something more serious, that might have been their first infraction, or they might have actually received consequences you don’t know about. For example, they might have had a short ban of a day or a few days, and just didn’t say anything about it, or they might have had a long conversation with a GM and gotten an unpleasant note on their account, and the next time they do anything something may happen. You just don’t have all the facts, and your perception doesn’t necessarily line up what’s really happening behind the scenes. Everything is handled on a case-by-case basis. What were they doing, when did they do it, what did it impact – that is all up to the GMs.
    19. What kind of headset are you using
      It’s a TRITTON headset. At home he’s on a Cyborg FREQ 7, at work it’s the TRITTON. He thinks the TRITTON has slightly better sound quality.
    20. Will any quests be removed during the zone revamp
      That is often the case with revamps like this. Quests may be rearranged, altered or removed. He can’t say whether any specific quest will be removed for the upcoming revamps, but it’s likely to happen with at least some.
    21. Discussion about lag – turning off post-processing effects alone will clear up a lot of issues. Often what people think of as lag is actually just a performance issue with your PC and not having the settings tuned to what your machine can handle.
    22. Are there any LotRO T-shirts available
      They do sometimes have T-shirts available for sale, especially for conventions. Occasionally he gives them away as prizes for various events or contests. So they do exist, they’re just not widely available.
    23. Question about playing LotRO on a laptop
      He would never play LotRO on a laptop if there is any way he could at all avoid it, unless he’d just spent a fortune on a screaming hot gaming laptop. He does occasionally play on his laptop at home if he’s crafting or something, with absolutely everything turned way down to their bare minimums. People in the chat disagree with him on that and post various examples of how LotRO plays just fine on laptops. He says his is just really old and not very powerful.
    24. Question about bugged Champions
      He can’t answer specific questions on stuff like that, he just doesn’t know. But if you absolutely want to make sure that something is seen and addressed by the devs, something that is a bug, then /bug it. Anything that is bug reported ends up on their internal tracker. Forum posts and the like just don’t fall into that process and are less likely to be seen and addressed.
    25. Question about the dev round table livestream
      He did talk to Aaron and some others about that. There are some challenges in terms of getting everyone in a place where they can all sit, have microphones and be on camera. Those types of challenges are relatively easy to overcome, but the logistics of getting it all done is a different matter. He’s going to try to get that together closer to U13. He’s going to get the engineer who did the inventory revamp on to do a livestream, he’s going to try to get Aaron on, and try to get more dev interaction in general. Obviously they’re all really busy right now. Anything like that will definitely be 2 or 3 o’clock eastern time just due to their office hours.
    26. Will catapults be in the Moors for U13
      Sapience asked Jinjaah, who was in the office, and he said no, they will not be in for U13.
    27. What about using Google Hangouts for the dev event
      Google Hangouts don’t change the basic problem on their side, of getting everyone connected, and they have a lot of limitations that a livestream wouldn’t have. If they have to solve the problem technically anyway, he wants to make sure that they do it in a way that can reach the most people.
    28. Will you be adding war goats in the future
      He would be very very surprised if they added war goats in the future. Very entertained, but also very very surprised.
    29. What about Skype for the dev round table
      Skype is one of the approaches they are discussing, but that still means making sure all the devs have headsets (which not all do at their desks), and Skype accounts that are not their own personal accounts. Like he said, logistics are the issue, and not a lack of desire or interest.
    30. Request to raise stack sizes
      He’s asked in the past to raise stack sizes. Sometimes the devs have a reason for limits, but he will pass along the request.
    31. Will there be a crafting wallet
      He knows that it’s been discussed, but doesn’t know if or when it will ever come to pass.
    32. What about the official global chat channels
      Official global chat channels is one of the things he keeps pushing whenever he sees an engineer, which probably explains why they now run from him. ? It is being talked about, it’s one of those things they just need to find the time to do. It’s just a question of where does it fit in development.
    33. Question about more details on U13
      They will probably start giving more information in a week or two.
    34. Have you tried the new prototype of Hobnanigans
      Yes, he has, and it’s a lot of fun. When it’s ready to release he thinks players are going to enjoy it a lot. It’s a lot of fun, and it works. Those who were around for the previous version will remember it had a lot of issues. This one works really well.
    35. Question about whether we will have any future ability to redesign our character’s physical appearance
      Not likely to see any options beyond what’s currently available at barbers anytime soon
    36. Question about transfer support requests
      He doesn’t have any direct involvement in that, and doesn’t know what their backlog is. He’s sure they will eventually get to people’s requests and to just be patient.
    37. Question about level 95 FA symbols
      No current answer on that, sorry. He will look into that next week and post it in this thread when he has an answer so keep checking back.
    38. Question about scaling instances
      As per Joe Barry’s answer given in the recent Q&A, there is no content currently set to be scaled
    39. Question about checking the status of a ticket
      When you submit a ticket you should get an email response. Reply to the message, don’t change the subject line, and check on it.
    40. When you play is it just for fun or do you do find groups too
      Jokes about the implication that grouping isn’t fun. It all depends on what he wants to do at the time. Sometimes it’s group, sometimes it’s crafting, sometimes it’s solo. Sometimes he just picks a server at random, logs into chat and just watches to get an idea of what people are talking about.
    41. Question about what’s coming in U13
      If you want a good idea of the changes that are coming for U13, you should check out Aaron’s producer’s letter. Beyond that they will start talking about it in more detail probably within the next week or two as it gets closer to Bullroarer.
    42. Will current Big Battles be changed so that we can play them at any size we want
      Nothing he’s heard suggests that’s coming any time soon
    43. If you die and it’s clear that the server won’t succeed can we just call it a run
      There is a two try rule, so if he dies or gets stuck during a second attempt, the run is ended
    44. Question about Spring and Anniversary festivals
      They’re not on the calendar right now. They are still finalizing the plans on when they will occur, but as soon as it’s finalized, he will add it to the calendar and make a post about it.
    45. Will the new anniversary prize be a character portrait
      He doesn’t know. He knows that’s one of the things that was discussed, but has no idea what the final choice was.
    46. Question about a megaserver merge
      Sounds like someone has been pulling your leg. There are absolutely no plans whatsoever to merge servers.
    47. Who do you think will get the Oscar for best picture
      He thinks 12 Years a Slave absolutely deserves it, but he thinks that it and Dallas Buyers Club will split the vote and make room for Gravity to slip in and take the win.
    48. Why are you answering questions about the Oscars and server mergers and not about lag and the future of the game
      He’s been answering those questions all along (if you read through this entire forum thread, you will see that is true). Server lag – when you get a lot of people in a group this large there is going to be issues. In terms of helping you with specific lag problems you may be having, there’s a great post in the forums on it. In terms of the future of the game, read Aaron’s producer’s letter. He talks a lot about what’s coming for U13 and comments on how he will be updating us on what’s coming for 2014 and 2015.
    49. Did you guys get a pre-screening of the new Hobbit movie
      He thinks they saw it maybe a day early
    50. If you could add one thing to housing that exists in some form in the game already, what would it be
      If he could put Durin’s Bane in his kinship’s front yard, he would do that. And he’s not saying that will happen – it probably never will.
    51. What other kinds of games do you play when you’re not playing LotRO
      Mostly flight sims, racing games and some RPGs.
    52. Would you ever consider allowing crafting inside housing or kinship houses
      It’s been discussed several times recently, but there’s no plan yet to add it, and it may or may not ever make it into housing.
    53. Will you be adding easter eggs in any of the new content
      That is up to the devs and whether they have time to add something into what they are working on.
    54. Who or what decides the weather on each server
      It’s a script. Certain places can have certain types of weather, and it happens more or less randomly
    55. Will AMD Mantle support be added to LotRO
      Not terribly likely
    56. What is your opinion of Brandywine lag
      Considering that this run was one of the less laggy of the runs so far, he thinks it’s pretty good, actually
    57. Whose personal project was the LUA implementation
      Two of the Turbine engineers came up with the idea, pitched it and were given the go-ahead to pursue it as a side project
    58. Are those engineers still around
      Yes, they are. One of them is currently working on the inventory revamp
    59. Will the game be adapted to iPad or iPhone
      The game is monstrous, so that’s not likely unless there are some radical changes to those devices
    60. Question about viewing previous runs
      Yes, you can view previous runs on the Twitch stream.
    61. Will you use consumables if we send them to you
      No, he will not use any buff of any kind himself. Not for morale and power, not for run speed, not for anything. Players are welcome to put any buffs on his character that they are able to, but he will not use any himself
    62. Do you think the bare-chested cosmetic should be available for all races
      The conversation has actually happened before (among the devs), but for his part, he’s neutral on the issue.
    63. Player’s Council question
      The current plan is to open applications on March 14th. As for the council members who some devs and others have asked to be on the council, they can still apply, but Turbine will probably reach out to them directly.
    64. Will the council size be expanded to accommodate those people who are staying on or being added
      The council size is 30 – 50, and the size of the council will not be expanded. One of the changes that are being made to the council this time is that they will not be listing character names, only forum names. But if you apply for the council and then try to hide your identity you’ve kind of missed the point.
    65. Why did myLotRO go bye-bye
      It was a system that was really challenging to support. It couldn’t be fixed, it would have had to be rebuilt from the ground up and would have cost a lot to do because it would have involved changes to the game as well. It simply wasn’t in the cards.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sapience View Post
    Wow, I really talked a lot didn't I? I'd say this is an accurate representation of my comments. As always, Frick you do a great job and a fantastic service to this community!

    I promised an answer to this one,
    "Question about level 95 FA symbols

    1. No current answer on that, sorry. He will look into that next week and post it in this thread when he has an answer so keep checking back."

    Right now they're kind of on the 'bubble' for Update 13. They might make it in (that's what the team is hoping for), but they might slip out to 13.1 if there are issues in testing and QA.

    Oh and as of this post I have moved this to the Official "Ask the LOTRO Team Archive" forum. It deserves to be here. It completely fits with the goal of this area.

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    Quote Originally Posted by frickinmuck View Post
    Please note: I am paraphrasing here. Anything said here is coming through my interpretation of what was said, and is subject to being corrected so don't take all this as gospel.

    If anyone who was present has any additions or corrections, feel free to post.

    Q&A Hobbits to Isengard - Snowbourn

    1. What is your favourite hunter skill in-game
      Probably Heart Seeker, but he’s always liked Rain of Thorns, too.
    2. Question about whether the meet and greet in North Carolina is still on
      Yes, it is. More info available in the forums.
    3. Did you get any guests lined up for this evening
      Executive Producer Aaron Campbell will be joining us later on when he gets out of some meetings.
    4. Why don’t you lower your settings to help with lag
      Because with this many people he’d have to lower his settings so far that it would be unpleasant to watch, everyone would just be blobs, and there would still likely be lag anyway. If people really want to help with lag they will dismount and remove cloaks.
    5. Could you show us a screenshot of the new inventory
      He would if he had one, but he does not. However he has seen it and says it’s quite cool.
    6. Will you be checking the plugins to ensure they work with the new inventory
      No. They do not build the plugins, nor do they support them. It’s up to the plugin developers to take care of that.
    7. A mention that one of the LUA developers is working on the inventory
      Yes, that is true but under no circumstances should you assume anything about LUA support in the new system. The position of Turbine is that they do not support plugins, and that hasn’t changed.
    8. Why won’t the Rift be scaled
    9. Joe Barry has given some great and detailed answers on that in the past, most recently in the Ask the LotRO Team. The bottom line is, it’s a no-win situation. If it’s not scaled, people will be upset they can’t play those old raids again at end-game. If they do scale them, then people feel that something they really loved has changed beyond recognition.
    10. Question about Ettenmoors lag
      Most lag is render lag at the client side. Turn down your settings until it improves. Anywhere there are tons of people, there will be lag. Lots of forum threads start out with people saying, “Everything is fine for me until I get into the Ettenmoors and then there is lag.” Yes, because you’ve gone into a region where there are tons of people.
    11. Why not create original and scaled versions of raids
      That basically means twice the work, and splitting the usage of those raids – totally impractical
    12. What are you looking forward to most in U13
      Flooded Isengard, some of the rewards from that region, inventory changes
    13. When will the full patch notes for U13 be released
      On the day U13 is released
    14. What is the expected play time as an Ent
      He doesn’t know how long the session play lasts
    15. Question about people jumping off roofs in Bree and trying to get to unauthorized areas
      Going to those areas is very risky, and you can get stuck in such a way that your character can never be recovered. They block those areas off to protect players from losing their characters, and they strongly discourage people from trying to go to places that aren’t intended to be explored. If you think the risk of losing your character and all your progress so far is worth it, then there’s not a lot he can say to stop you but he and the GMs strongly discourage it.
    16. What are the mail changes coming with U13
      You will be able to send multiple attachments – 10 items. And yes, they can be stacks (i.e. 10 stacks). Second, if you are a VIP you will be able to check your mail from anywhere in the game world via clicking on the notification icon, without having to go to a mailbox.
    17. What about a ‘kill self’ command to get people out of stuck areas
      You are getting stuck outside the game world, where no command – not even GM commands – can help you. You are stuck outside the game world, and the game can’t find you. There isn’t a “you” in the place that doesn’t exist. You are broken, there is no recovering that character. They’ve warned players for years not to go to those areas, so don’t be mad when it happens to you.
    18. What about U13 pre-release notes
      There are no such thing as pre-release notes. The only notes posted are the patch notes at the time of release on BR and on live, and the occasional forum or Q&A discussion. There are no published release notes of any kind, and won’t be until the update goes live on Bullroarer.
    19. Have you discussed any character appearance changes
      It was discussed in the recent dev chat and in the last Hobbits to Isengard stream. Basically no, there are no major changes to appearance coming
    20. Suggestion for Hobbits to Isengard stream on Bullroarer
      He likes the idea and will think about it. The chat sort of exploded with support for the idea so he’s going to give it more thought and see if he can’t work it into the schedule.
    21. Is Bullroarer install available for download right now
      No, it’s not available for download right now, but if you already have it installed then no problem, it will patch. But if you’re needing to install it from scratch, a new install should be ready sometime before U13 goes live.
    22. Are you planning a character wipe for Bullroarer
      They hope so, but want to make sure their new copy system works correctly before they do.
    23. Question about balance
      This one is asked/answered every run. Yes, they are aware that players have strong opinions about balance, and they do take that into consideration when making decisions about balance. Balance is something they are constantly working on and will never really be “done.” So yes, it is being worked on and they will continue to work on it.
    24. If you could add a cosmetic pet or herald to the game, what would it be
      Ask him after U13
    25. Suggestion about making an after-action report about the run
      He doesn’t help anyone on any server. He is just a package to be carried. Check the Hobbits to Isengard thread, people are sharing tips and suggestions there, or start one for your server to get people working on ideas and strategies.
    26. What would happen if he followed an agent from another server who got him killed just before Isengard
      Like any death, it would reset and they’d start over from the Prancing Pony and try again. It would be pretty much impossible to prove and unlikely that anyone would want to admit and bring that degree of shame on their server. Also it’s way too much effort to go to just to spoil someone’s fun. Way outside the realm of likelihood.
      Aaron Campbell aka Rowan, Executive Producer for LotRO, joins chat
    27. If you could add a cosmetic pet or herald to the game, what would it be
      Rowan - He would love to have a Gollum pet, despite that it’s completely lore-breaking. Not to be close beside him, but to follow him around in the shadows and freak people out
    28. What role do you plan to take in the council applications, will you be reviewing them and approving them or will Sapience be doing that while he’s on vacation
      Rowan - Sapience will be reviewing those, and Rowan will give final approval.
    29. Do you personally read the suggestions that are made in the forums
      Rowan - Yes he does. Not all of them, but he definitely reads quite a few.
    30. Are the Dwarf game models based off Sapience, he looks very dwarvish
      Rowan – They actually have a guy who looks much more Dwarvish than Sapience. Some of you may have met him at a game conference.
      Sapience – Yes, they have a member of their tech team who a lot of the German players were impressed by his very Dwarven beard.
    31. When will you be accepting applications for the 2014 Player’s Council
      Sapience – He’s set the date for the 21st of March. Just in time for him to go on vacation and read them.
    32. Will there be a review of cosmetics and what is on the slate cosmetically speaking
      Rowan – They are continuing to build out new ones. There has been a lot of art released over the past couple years that he’s pretty excited about – he’s a big fan of some of the armour sets that launched with Dunland on the landscape. “We’ll see what we can get.”
    33. Do you play LotRO, and do you play creep
      Rowan – His personal main is a hobbit guardian who’s spending most of his time bashing through Rohan right now.
    34. Scaling instance and HD loot are in need of updating - what can we look forward to
      Rowan - Lots of discussions happening around that right now, but he won’t have an answer for a couple weeks yet.
    35. Any plan to go back through the cosmetics and fix items that bleed into each other
      Sapience and Rowan think it would be a good idea to bring the Art Director in to talk about cosmetics one day. These are the types of questions he’d be better able to answer.
    36. Do you guys socialize over BBQs on the weekend
      Sapience – Rowan doesn’t invite him to his house, but he buys Rowan wine.
      Rowan – Says that he’s a producer so everything has to be scheduled.
      Sapience – Usually when they do trips and things together, usually Rowan and Sapience tend to buddy up. They let all the PR and marketing people go one way, and they go explore cities.
    37. Any chance that people can enter the Moors without VIP
      Rowan – They are looking at temporary access options, or rentals.
    38. Any new lore lore master pets in the near future
      Rowan – They are looking at other pets. Lore masters will have to share.
    39. Will shard-droppers be added to Dunland and Rohan – they’ve disappeared from the game since Mirkwood
      Rowan - Warbands were the shard-dropper solution for Rohan. As they move forward into new areas they will be looking at that mix of more challenging landscape mobs outside the standard quest mob.
    40. Will the Moors pass be account-wide or character-based
      Rowan – He’s not 100% sure. He saw it working last week, and thought it was character-based, but they’ll have to check on that.
    41. Question about getting Sapience to use special admin powers in-game
      Sapience - The characters he uses for these runs are not admin characters, and have no special abilities beyond what a regular player has.
    42. What are the odds of pets for all classes – actual pets, not just cosmetics
      Rowan – He thinks that would diffuse the roles of Captains and Lore-masters, and they don’t want to break up those classes and take away from their core roles. Including rune-keepers and their rocks.
    43. Can you clarify the comments you made recently on group content
      Rowan – All he’s doing right now is laying out their priorities. Their number one priority is building great new story and great new regions for us. He’s not ruling out group content at all, just telling us what they’re doing first.
    44. Do you need to buy the quests for the upcoming regions, even if you’re VIP
      Rowan – The quests in the new regions will be free to VIP
    45. When will First Age items for L95s be coming
      Sapience – HoarseDev recently told him they are trying to get them in for U13 but they may not make it in until 13.1. They aren’t sure just yet.
    46. Question about the possibility of new classes, or the surprise that Kate Paiz was hinting at in her letter
      Sapience – He’s going to sit back and keep quiet and let Rowan answer that one
      Rowan – He’s not going to ruin all the updates for his next producer’s letter. That would just spoil the surprise. He just had a great conversation today with (unintelligible) on that very topic.
    47. In your producer’s letter you mentioned that we would be going to flooded Isengard. Does that mean we will get to play as an Ent in session play
      Sapience – Says somewhere Chris at MMO Reporter is about to cheer loudly
      Rowan – Says they love Chris dearly and thanks him for his ideas. Yes, Ent play is coming. In fact he thinks they have two versions of the model, one with Merry and Pippin, and one without.
    48. How frequently are you planning to do producer’s letters
      Rowan – He will be doing them at least quarterly, but a letter isn’t the only way to communicate. He plans on doing more of these streams, just dropping in and chatting, showing up on the forums – more of that kind of thing.
    49. What’s happening with festivals – same events and schedule, or will anything be changing
      Rowan – Says we will have a lot of the same events, Hobnanigans the fan favourite is also being revised, resurrected and rebuilt, and they’re talking about new boosts new events and new things they can do as they move forward.
      Sapience – Wants to point out that after 5 years of passing Rowan in the hallways and saying “Hobnanigans” and getting terrible faces, he is ecstatic and says that if you pester Rowan enough, eventually you can win.
      Rowan – Doesn’t like the sound of that
      Sapience – Apparently it only works for Sapience, and you have to have a 5 year plan.
    50. How will we be acquiring the First Age symbols
      Sapience – That’s probably a better question for HoarseDev. They may get him in on one of these in the future.
    51. Is Hobnanigans going to be tied to festivals, or will it be more like the treasure hunt where you guys can turn it on whenever you want
      Rowan – It’s more like the treasure hunt. It will be an independent event.
    52. Explain Hobnanigans
      Sapience – Think of field hockey, and replace the ball with a chicken.
      Rowan – They’ve actually been experimenting with different field sizes. They have a 3V3, and he thinks a 5V5.
      Sapience – Multiple team sizes.
    53. Any update at all on housing
      Rowan – They have a plan, it’s centred around guild crafting right now. They will get more details out there for us.
    54. When will we finally be able to use the /fart emote
      Sapience – When you try to use it, it does say you can’t use it “yet”
      Rowan – He will add that one to the list. He admits that he’s been playing the South Park game recently.
      Sapience – Speculates that maybe that means we will get multiple forms of the /fart emote
      Rowan – Reminds him it’s a teen game
    55. Are there any plans to add new emotes to the game
      Rowan – Nothing specific, but they typically do add stuff like that in

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    Quote Originally Posted by frickinmuck View Post
    The schedule has changed – be sure to check the forums. Belegar, Sirannon and Anduin have moved, and Bullroarer has been added to next Friday. Since there is a lot of flexibility on Bullroarer he is working hard to ensure it’s anything but a normal run

    Please note: I am paraphrasing here. Anything said here is coming through my interpretation of what was said, and is subject to being corrected so don't take all this as gospel.

    If anyone who was present has any additions or corrections, feel free to post.

    Q&A Hobbits to Isengard - Arkenstone

    1. Will Gilrain be recommended server
      He doesn’t know what current recommended server is, thought they’d already changed it. He will check on it
    2. What are the odds the character slot limit will be increased
      He doesn’t know. Some players have expressed a desire to have that limit raised, and it has been passed on to the engineers and some other people to take a look at and see if it can be done.
    3. Is the recommended server set manually
      Yes, they can set it to whatever they want. Only difference is with European servers, which will recommend German or French servers if you are in those regions.
    4. A few class-specific questions
      For class-specific questions, it’s best to post those in the forum for that class. He can tell the dev, “Hey, go look at the minstrel forums there are a few new questions.” But generally he’s not the best person to answer any class-specific questions.
    5. Has the new Bullroarer client been fixed so it doesn’t install Pando
      Currently Pando has been removed across the board, but there is no Bullroarer install at this point, and it won’t be around until one or two rounds of bug fixes on Bullroarer. So if you don’t have the Bullroarer client at this point you will have to wait a bit. If you do not currently have Bullroarer installed there is no way for you to have it installed for next week. You will have to wait until an installer becomes available.
    6. How did Aaron enjoy being on the stream
      He seemed to enjoy it quite a bit, and a couple more team members have expressed an interest in being involved so he’s going to try to get some people in for Bullroarer. If they can’t get in on voice chat he’s going to try to get them to at least roll up a hobbit and do the run with us.
    7. Question about end game content
      There has already been a lot said on this topic, so he’s just going to say, read Aaron’s letter and the comments he made in the thread following. He spells it out pretty clearly in his follow up comment, so if you read that thread you will have the answer you are looking for.
    8. Any clues on the name of volume 4
      You will find out when we go to Bullroarer. If you read what was said so far about U13 you should be able to make a close guess.
    9. Question about the timer Sapience uses
      It’s called Event Timer, and was written by a player. On the 3rd or 4th run, the player decided that it would be nice to have an onscreen timer so people wouldn’t have to keep asking for the current time, so went ahead and created the plugin for it.
    10. Do you know how to pronounce all the things and places and people in the game
      No, he butchers a lot of them, tries to keep the need to pronounce the difficult ones to a minimum
    11. What are the odds of getting major events such as Weatherstock into the splash screens in the game
      It never occurred to him before, but he’s definitely going to look into it – thinks it’s a great idea
    12. Do you enjoy the runs
      He enjoys them a lot. He thinks it’s fun to watch how different groups try to approach things differently, and enjoys some of the weird and interesting questions.
    13. What is your most memorable moment from all the runs so far
      The last run (on Snowbourn) – at the exact moment Aaron was about to answer a question, a member of the Turbine QA team let out a scream that was perfectly timed in the gap. She was very embarrassed and everyone had a good laugh.
    14. Why can’t we have monster players in these runs
      Because monster players exist exclusively in the Ettenmoors and we aren’t in the Ettenmoors for these runs
    15. Comment that splash screen ads would be a nice tip of the hat to people organizing events
      Even if they can’t do a splash page, using the example of Weeatherstock, in the past they’ve put Weatherstock on Facebook and Twitter, they’ve added special codes so participants – people who go to Weatherstock and who organize it – can have account-wide titles associated with the events, etc. Even PC Gamer magazine has covered Weatherstock in the past, so they do support it a lot.
    16. What is Weatherstock
      Think Woodstock only in-game. A group of players organized an in-game music festival that happens every year at Weathertop on Landroval. If you are not familiar with the music system in-game, you can start a band and play music, and there’s a group on Landroval who organize a concert every year called Weatherstock.
    17. Can we expect balance changes in U13
      Yeah, balance is something that they are constantly working on. There are definitely some changes coming with U13 specifically to address difficulty. He was just talking with Jinjaah today about some of the things he and other people on the team are working on to address balance and difficulty level. They’ve been getting feedback from the Player’s Council on it as well to get their thoughts on it.
    18. There are a lot of groups that do things on a very regular basis on different servers. Windy Acres Ranch does mounted races, Ales and Tales – there are a lot of player-organized events. Check the forums, people usually do post a notice and you can find all sorts of fun in-game events to take part in.
    19. Why doesn’t DeviledEgg post on the forums
      She has posted on the forums. Remember that no dev is required to post or interact on the forums. They do it when they can, if they can, if they wish to. Some people choose to post more than others, but everyone does read them. Even if they aren’t posting, they do read them and are aware of what’s being said. Even in the recent chat Aaron mentioned that he reads the suggestions forums. He doesn’t get to read them all, but he does read them.
    20. Is there a perfect route for this event or are there multiple and it’s just about execution
      He thinks there may be a perfect route, but execution is extremely important. Arkenstone appear to be doing everything right, so their time would be good regardless of route.
    21. How were run times/dates decided
      He made it up as he went along. Times are decided based on time zone of those servers, so that factors into it. The earlier in the day he can do it, the more likely he can get a dev in to chat with us.
    22. Do the people who group up get anything special such as a title
      Nope, they just get bragging rights
    23. Has there been any talk about when we may see Shelob appear within the game
      He doesn’t know if that specific conversation has taken place, but they do try to get lore moments in the game at appropriate times, so when the time is right the conversation will happen.
    24. Any news about the housing revamp
      No news about housing revamp, beyond what Aaron said in his letter
    25. Where is the Bullroarer download link
      There is no link at this point. If you don’t have it installed you will have to wait until the middle or end of the month, he thinks.
    26. How does one apply to work for LotRO
      Go to turbine.com/en/careers. All their jobs are in Boston. They have some engineering, marketing and tech jobs open at the moment.
    27. Are the in-game GMs all in Boston
      All the English speaking ones are. The French and German ones are in those regions, but for the most part all LotRO jobs are in Boston.
    28. Could the BR run be rescheduled until there's a fresh installer build
      No, the only reason he was able to pull off a Bullroarer run at all was because a couple of runs needed to be rescheduled due to translator availability and an opening was made that gave a perfect opportunity for a Bullroarer run
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    im Laufe des Jahres wird eine neue Klasse kommen (Diskussion bei Bedarf unter https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthr...se-in-Anmarsch)

    Quote Originally Posted by frickinmuck View Post
    Please note: I am paraphrasing here. Anything said here is coming through my interpretation of what was said, and is subject to being corrected, so don't take all this as the final word.

    If anyone who was present has any additions or corrections, feel free to post.

    Q&A Hobbits to Isengard - Bullroarer

    Guests for this run: HoarseDev, Jinjaah, Aaron Campbell aka Rowan, Raina (bringer of pain), a quick MadeOfLions cameo for one question
    1. Can you show us the new inventory
      Sapience - Chris Martin, the engineer who worked on the revamp will be joining an inventory specific livestream on Monday to demo it and answer any questions.
    2. Will housing changes allow us random placement, or will we still have hooks
      HoarseDev – Right now they’re prototyping how the new system will work, so he can’t say for sure how it will function, but that is something they will be looking into while prototyping.
    3. Please pester Sapience to dye his beard pink and green (to fulfil the promise he made during Extra Life)
      Sapience (holds up the dyes, which he just got last night) – He will be doing it soon and will tweet the proof. He may try to do it for the livestream on Monday. When he shaved his beard last time tons of people were horrified and asked him to grow it back, so he’ll see how long the dye lasts before people ask him to wash it out.
      HoarseDev – Says he can keep the dye, just don’t shave again.
    4. Is Bullroarer currently under NDA
      No, it is not under NDA, so if you want to post screenshots or anything like that, feel free.
    5. Any word on keymapping for trait presets
      HoarseDev – Working on that right now. They had an internal discussion about how they would want it to work – whether they wanted to allow them to function basically as superstances, but right now they are just working on an elegant way to get it working for all players. They had the opportunity to sort of hack it in as a /command type thing, but instead they’re focusing on finding the right place to make it fit.
    6. Is Rohan housing a possibility in the near future
      HoarseDev – They’ve considered other places, and it’s on the table but he wouldn’t say it’s in the near term. Right now they’ve got a lot of considerations to make about whether people will be allowed multiple houses, what the process would be in moving from one to the other, and there’s also asset creation. So they’re just trying to get 13 out the door, looking fresh, and handling some more immediate priorities right now. They’re looking at difficulty of the game which obviously is pretty easy right now, so they’re taking the nerf bat out, to fix that up a bit. So they have looked at Rohan housing but he can’t say yes or no right now, and it’s not in the immediate future.
    7. What does your wife say about you dyeing your beard
      Sapience – She was glad when the threshold was reached, and is just grateful it’s not another shaving incident. She’s pretty much barred any shaving for any future endeavors.
    8. Are First Agers going to be in U13, or 13.1
      HoarseDev – They’re putting them in the BR build on Monday, so they should be ready for U13. They’re looking at dropping them in T3 skirmishes, some of the classic instances, and then potentially as a platinum drop in Big Battles. So there will be several places to get them.
    9. What about having multiple characters on one account on the same server have more than one house
      HoarseDev – This is part of the complication with having housing in different regions, will people have to foreclose on their house in one region to move to the other, what would that look like – they’re hoping to come up with a slick solution to handle all that. Some of the changes that were made to the system at the end of last year, even though they didn’t get as much housing stuff done as they’d wanted to, those changes facilitated moving that along. That and having a more modular housing inventory system – those are the things that have worked as interim steps toward getting that off the ground. Toward potentially – no promises – enable other housing down the road.
    10. Is there any hope for RK DNF duration to be extended to match the cooldown so that they have the potential to have res up, so long as their target doesn’t die and consume it
      Jinjaah – He thinks that’s fair. They’ve been trying to play with the cooldown so that it’s not something that’s trivial to put on someone and not really have to think about, but they also don’t want people to put it on and then have to wait forever, so he thinks it’s a fair request.
    11. Are there any plans to make the 3rd trait slot configuration free, or will it remain a store purchase
      HoarseDev – They’ll play it by ear. It’s not currently on the docket to change, but in a lot of cases what they do when something’s been up there for awhile is they put it on sale or get more lenient with it. So he can’t really speak to that “in fact” but it’s something they’ll consider.
    12. Is there a possibility for the champ skill True Heroics will have more of an impact
      Jinjaah – There’s some stuff they can look at to make it feel a little sexier for people. When they had the forum thread for U13 a lot of people made some great suggestions that they wrote down. He thinks they can take a look at those in the future and take a look at what they might do to spruce it up a bit.
    13. Any changes or fixes for the Minstrel
      Jinjaah – There aren’t really any specific major changes coming for any classes, but they are trying to sort out some issues under the hood with classes in general and how their primary stats contribute to their secondary stats, how mitigations factor in – stuff they need to clear up before they can nitpick on the individual classes.
      HoarseDev – They are always doing fixes here and there. The devs do read the forums pretty thoroughly, for better or for worse, and they are constantly making fixes. He sees bugs come through, suggestions come through all the time and they assign them, but right now they are definitely looking at the difficulty of the game, the stat contributions, and trying to build challenge in across the board. Now that they have the classes systemically at a place where they are a lot easier to work with, now they want to make sure that the challenge of the game gets to a point where people are happy with it. And from there they can really start digging into very individual skills and start picking them apart.
    14. Weavers are reflecting dots and bleeds with Toxic Carapace. Is this a bug or is it working as intended because apparently it’s wreaking havoc with guardians and burgs and wardens
      Jinjaah – It is a reflect so you do have to be careful about it. He doesn’t know what the grace period is with the reflects, maybe there’s a bug in that, but it’s pretty obvious when it goes up so when it does you really just have to back off that target.
    15. Have there been any thoughts given to a freep vs creep sparring circle in the Moors, where it’s sparring vs killing, or maybe just an arena for a little 1v1 action
      HoarseDev – They’ve considered it and kicked it around a bit. The Moors is the kind of place where it’s hard to find a good spot for something like that. Part of the fiction Turbine is working with is that there is no sparring going on – it’s a war. They end up with limitations sometimes on what they choose to do based on the fiction and lore of the game, and this is one of those places where that is an issue. It’s been brought up and in terms of fight mechanics it’s a good idea, but in terms of the war that’s raging it doesn’t sit so well with some people. So it floats out there as an idea, but if they were to do it, it would probably be in a different space. But to be honest they haven’t put that much weight behind it.
    16. Is it true that F2P players will be able to go into the Moors – can you tell us how it works, when they can go and at what level
      Jinjaah – Visiting your stable master when you see the travel path to the Moors you will see a buff that you can buy for Mithril coins that will last for 6 hours, that enables you to enter the Moors at will. You can stack the buff if you’d like to stay longer, and it will work similar to Big Battles in that it will scale your gear up to an item level that’s on par with your main level. There are also three new vendors at the Freeps base where you can buy gear that level scales a bit differently than regular gear. It will actually maintain its max 95 level item level for 10 levels instead of just one. Those are statted in such a way as to make them comparable to an actual 95 version of their class with that character wearing PvMP armour.
      HoarseDev – It’s important to keep in mind that this starts at level 20 so at level 20 you can go there but the gear is statted in such a way as to really promote you moving forward and getting XP in the Moors (if that’s what you want to do), but it’s not going to be the best gear in the game. Even though it’s statted for PvP so you can hang on and contribute, but the goal isn’t for someone to come in at level 23 and be as powerful as someone who is at cap and has gone through all the rigours of the Moors.
      Jinjaah – He’s been reading the forums and getting tons of feedback, the council forums have been great in giving feedback too on how level scaling is working right now. If anyone has a BR client he really encourages you to get out there in the moors and try it out and give feedback on how you think it’s working.
    17. Weavers roots have had their grace period removed, is this working as intended or is it a bug
      Jinjaah – there are some issues with grace periods right now. They did some work on it to try to make them a little bit more exciting for U12 and they tweaked some things they didn’t mean to tweak. He’d like to go back through creep CC in general and adjust it but right now it’s definitely not working as intended. You can also see it with the Defiler, Tenderize is working really weirdly. There’s just a lot of irregularities right now with the CC that they need to get sorted out.
    18. Is there a way to access the Entwood from the Fangorn area without completing Vol 3 B 13
      MadeOfLions (via Sapience) – He believes so, it should not be gated by the epic
    19. Mention of Flooded Isengard not having a world map associated with it
      HoarsedDev – It’s being worked on
      Sapience – It will appear in a later BR build, they’re aware of it
    20. Any plans to expand the horse trait trees, or earn extra points for your steed
      HoarseDev – Part of the reason they brought mounted combat in was because we’re going to Rohan and it’s a very iconic thing – you basically can’t go to Rohan without having mounted combat. As we get to Helm’s Deep it’s very much “time on the wall.” If you think about where the story is going, he’s very hopeful that there will be more opportunities for MC. There are a lot of big fights coming up where when they get into the meat of the conflict there will be a chance to build encounters and spaces with MC in mind. So, yes we will be continuing with mounted combat.
    21. Is there any news on the possibility of transfers between US and EU servers
      Sapience – It’s not something that’s going to happen, as there are a number of technical issues that prevent it. So it’s just not in the cards.
    22. Are there any planned changes to kinship management
      HoarseDev – He’s a big fan of kinships, and he’s looking at adding some new things to kinships to give people more reasons to work together, more reward for working together in a kin. More value to being in a tight kin. As they work on this there will be more management needed just to get these new systems working, and hopefully along the way they will be able make it easier for kin leaders and officers to do more with their kins.
    23. How do you select the players that you group with on these runs
      Sapience – When he logs in, the very first raid group that invites him, he tends to select them and they tell him who to follow and they’re off and running. So there’s not a lot of science to it. It’s a question of being first and being organized. And as far as he’s concerned it’s the most fair way of doing it because it’s the same on every server, it’s not pre-arranged, it’s the luck of the draw.
    24. Ancient Master LMs, in order to do debuffing, have to consume the currently fairly useless capstone skill. Is there any hope of making the AOE status of LM debuff become a passive boost once they invest in that specific trait
      HoarseDev – They can talk to the specific designer about that. He thinks it’s a reasonable thing to look into. They’ll consider that. (Writes it on his whiteboard)
    25. Mention of people spamming the chat with repeat questions
      Sapience – Asks people to please not do that. If he skips over a question, it’s often because it’s something that they’ve answered many times in the past. If you want to see what has been asked and answered before, go to (this forum thread) and see the transcripts from past runs. Says he saw frickinmuck earlier in the chat so knows she there and probably writing furiously, and will get the answers to this chat posted after the run is over. [Actually, no I was running alongside him in-game on my hunter Jebido hehe. But FYI, I plan on transcribing all these runs, and I do tend to get most answers up later that day or the next day unless it’s an unusually busy weekend for me, in which case it takes a couple days at the most - frickinmuck]
    26. Raina cackles and cheers as she manages to wipe most of the raid, along with Hadacar, via her many nefarious monsters. HoarseDev crosses the office to Raina’s desk to give her a high-5
    27. Can creeps get LIs to help balance out the apparent overpowerdness of Freeps, and why do creeps have no mail
      Jinjaah – There’s a bunch of reasons why there’s no mail or LIs for creeps, but there has been a problem in the past where creeps have not been properly scaled with each expansion, or with rolling out of each new Third, Second or First Age LI. So one of the things they’ve been doing behind the scenes with PvMP is working on ways to make it more sustainable, so that when they reach points of balance that they’re happy with they can sustain them past level bumps and First Ages coming out and things like that. So will we be getting First Agers or LI, no, but hopefully we will be getting a system that will properly scale once an increase in potency comes to one side.
    28. In the last update there was a patch note that said monsters will be more aggressive and use their high powered skills more often. Will you be continuing to make monsters more powerful, or will you work on making the classes less powerful, or a bit of both for U13
      HoarseDev – Monsters need to be more dynamic and keep us on our toes, so they do need powerful skills, that’s part of it, but if they just crank that up there will still be a problem where people are hitting their stat caps really easily. Basically under the hood there are a bunch of big magical formulas and whatever, and right now people are getting too close to stat cap without having to get better gear. So what they want to make sure they do on a release when they ratchet up level cap is to ensure people are facing new monsters that do new, interesting things, and that there’s a really good reason to go out and get better gear. So to widen that band of what you currently have to where you are striving to get to. And they’re really confident they can do that. Between 13 and 13.1 with a little course correction along the way because they never know what’s going to happen until the live players get their hands on it, no matter how much they put it out on Bullroarer. He believes they can get to a sweet spot where things are interesting and challenging again, where people don’t feel like they’re just rolling over the bad guys.
    29. How often do you guys roll up a new character and level it up to cap normally, without using any tricks. In short, how often do you create for yourself the new player experience
      Sapience – Points out that he’s rolling out new characters on every server for these Hobbits to Isengard runs, so he feels he’s got the 0 – 10 experience nailed. He knows exactly what that experience is like. But on a personal level, he has 5 accounts and an awful lot of alts. Not all of them are to cap, but a lot of them are mid-level.
      HoarseDev – He doesn’t get a new character to cap very often, but he does go in and play new characters up to level 30 or 40 pretty regularly. Especially because there are so many different new player experiences, and a lot of the changes they make affect that a lot. When they make tweaks to quests and things they go back in and evaluate how that affects the new player experience. But generally speaking he doesn’t roll alts and then blitz them all the way to cap. He kind of has a portfolio of different characters at different levels, several to cap, several just getting into LI, and some lower.
      Jinjaah – Says he’s kind of in the same boat. He has one of each class but he’s mainly playing a Rune-Keeper and a Champ right now off and on, they’re in the mid 40’s range right now. He’s also kind of sporadic in his play, he likes to see all the different content, all the different classes that he talks about in meetings but doesn’t get a direct hand in implementing. Says he’s probably switching to a Guardian soon, and DeviledEgg and HoarseDev have been really pushing him to seriously play a Warden so he’ll probably do that soon as well.
    30. Please pass along to the devs, thank you to all of you at Turbine for making such a great game. 3 years playing and it’s still my favourite MMO (from Witchypoo)
      Sapience – Says they probably enjoy making it as much as we enjoy playing it. It’s just a great honor for him to work on this IP.
      HoarseDev – Hopes we enjoy playing it as much as they enjoy making it (laughs). But they really do enjoy making the game, everyone does. There are people on their own time at 3am working to crank things out. It does get tough around a release, they kind of have Sapience as a shield to keep them from having to read the forums too much when it gets really rough, but they do read the complements and they love those, and they do read the criticism and they love that too, but really it’s a passion and sometimes it gets tough but they keep coming in and making new stuff.
    31. The writs of health have been a useful skill to Rune-Keepers, will we be seeing this as a main skill in the near future
      Jinjaah – As of right now he likes the writs being split out among the different specializations, but maybe something that is weaker but functions similarly for the general skills may be in the future. But in the U13 thread, a lot of great ideas came out of that on how to bring back some general healing skills so the DPS build can still do heals but focuses more on damage.
    32. Is there any chance that we will get war-steed appearances of kindred faction mounts in the future
      HoarseDev – Can’t really speak to that much, it needs to go to the Art crew in terms of what they have cooked up. They do look at places where there is a theme people have enjoyed and they try to carry that over, but he doesn’t really know what’s on the docket for that in the near future.
    33. Is there any plan to work on Weaver pets to get them up to par with their level
      Jinjaah – He was actually just looking that at this morning. There have been a couple of suggestion bugs in the background made about those, on things to do with them. He thinks they’re going to get a bit of a boost, at least in their survivability so that they’re not just dead when someone sneezes on them.
    34. Since Oath-Breaker pets are no longer gated by traits, can we please get Oath-Breaker armaments recipes for lower level Captains, maybe as world drops or loot
      HoarseDev – Writes it on his whiteboard
    35. With the Moors are there any plans to add creep classes to match up with Rune-Keepers or Wardens, maybe Angmarim or Dourhand or something like that
      Jinjaah – Currently there are no plans, but if you step on the forums there are tons of excellent suggestions that he loves reading. But currently, no, there are no plans.
    36. In years gone by there were random teal drops from landscape mobs. They were extremely rare and you had to grind for hours to get them. Is there any possibility of something like that returning
      HoarseDev – He is a big fan of extremely rare but awesome drops on landscape. Over the years they’ve moved away from that. There are really two schools of thought on the issue. On the one hand there’s the view of, “Is that lottery pull really really awesome” which he personally believes, and on the other side there’s, “Will everyone want it but not be able to get it.” He tends to lean more towards cool things from as many places as possible, but sticking to rarity. So he’s working on it, but it has to fit in and it has to be comprehensive across this huge game world. He doesn’t want to make it so that people just farm the areas so much that it’s hard for people to complete quests there. But philosophically he’s a big fan of that exact thing.
    37. Is there any chance we will get an improved LI system that enables us to truly level one item with us, instead of having to scrap it every 10 levels. Is there any talk happening around that type of approach
      HoarseDev – They’e going to try something else first – something that is not specifically attached to LIs – and see how that flies. It is a big big undertaking to pull the engine block out of the LI system and change it. But he’s always thought philosophically that if you find a legendary item, you should be leveling that pretty much permanently, with finding other things to make it better being the drops you get, rather than having a hockey bag full of items you are grinding. They can’t crack the LI nut in the immediate future, but they are looking at other ways to involve other gear to get things to a point where that may be a possibility. He’d personally love to see a change.
    38. Is any thought being given to scaling skirmishes around the chosen level to negate the ability for higher levels to slaughter lower level skirmishes
      HoarseDev – They haven’t really talked about that specifically, no. He hopes that the paltry rewards for killing low level skirmishes are enough to deter that, but they’ve been doing a lot with level scaling, so in terms of the technology they have now, it brings them a lot closer to having something like that on the table. The main work of building the Big Battles was in making it possible for players of any level to be able to get in and play. The flipside of that is being able to cater other content to scaling in a more pleasing manner. But right now they are focused on scaling in the Moors, and getting that as right as they can. When it comes out there will be a lot of feedback and they’ll want to tighten that up a lot before looking at other things.
    39. People in chat freaking out about all the crazy high level creatures running around in the Lone Lands
      Sapience – Because BR is the test server. Because it’s not a live server and they do occasionally wipe data, they are a lot more free to do crazy stuff in terms of unleashing mayhem and insanity. So for this run they’ve decided (or rather, Raina has) to unleash raid bosses and other scary stuff onto the landscape to fully squash Sapience at every possible moment.
    40. Up through Mirkwood there were shard-droppers and then warbands were touted as the replacement for that. Is there any chance of shard-droppers returning to the game in areas where mounted combat is not allowed, so that we can have tougher on-level mobs running around those regions like before
      HoarseDev – Loves this kind of thing. Loves questing and seeing some big scary thing show up that he can get his kin together to fight for a good drop. We’re at a point in the timeline of the story of the game where bigger threats are moving into areas where they didn’t before, so it makes sense to do stuff like this. So he thinks it’s more than a possibility that this will happen in the future. Right now it’s high on his list. He’s hoping later this year to get more really tough mobs out there that the average person would not be able to solo.
    41. Will BR ever be available to non-US players
      Sapience – It’s been available to everyone for a couple of years now, so anyone can go and download and install it. Well, when there is an installer available. Currently there isn’t one ready to download but there will be another one coming soon – probably after a build or two of U13 on Bullroarer. But once it is available you will be able to login and play there, and you can copy characters from any server to Bullroarer. There are some strange situations where if you are on an EU server you may not be able to copy a particular character, but you should be able to copy a character for the most part.
    42. With Moors scaling, can you explain why older players get some audacity with the scaling, while newer ones don’t
      Jinjaah – That has to do with some of the concepts under the hood about how gear is distributed at certain levels. They talked about it in the council for awhile about how if they were going to do scaling in the Moors, they would need to provide some sort of audacity bump because they felt that walking them out into the Moors without audacity would just be a killing spree, especially for the low level guys. But feel free to play with it and give feedback, it’s something they can definitely tweak and add more audacity at the levels people think it needs to be added in order to make things fair. This is just the initial implementation for this test, just to see how it goes. The idea is to give them some audacity temporarily to offset the fact that there are some things that don’t scale well with them, they don’t have LIs, etc. That’s sort of to make up for that gap. But if you have a compelling argument to why you want more audacity at a certain level please post in the forums. He reads every post for better or for worse.
    43. Sapience – further Bullroarer clarification for those who don’t understand it, Bullroarer is an open test server, any player can sign in and test things out there. It’s not always available, only when updates are being tested. They recently changed the schedule for when it will be available. It will be open from Thursday to Monday when they have stuff to test, otherwise it will be down and will come back up for the next update or patch or whatever they need to test on Bullroarer. You don’t need an invitation. Invitations and NDAs only apply when Bullroarer is being used to test expansion packs. They don’t apply when testing updates and patches.
    44. Question about PvMP First Agers
      Jinjaah – They didn’t get them ready in time for U13, they will most likely be in the next patch after U13. If they have the ability to throw them in for 13.1 then they will.
    45. Why must we spend so much comms to get gear for Freeps in the Moors. 75, to 85, to 95 gear spending over 100,000 comms seems a little pricey
      Jinjaah – That’s fair, it does get pricey. A lot depends upon the average playtimes and how many comms players are getting. It also varies from server to server so it’s hard to predict. But if you do feel it’s too expensive feel free to leave feedback on Bullroarer and he will take a look at it. They want to make something that people can feel they are working towards but if you pass the level before you can afford to get the gear then that’s not what they want. So test it out while Bullroarer is up and give your feedback.
    46. What are the item level numbers on equipment used for. Is it a future development thing
      HoarseDev – The item level gives them a way of differentiating the potency of an item when compared with another item. For example if you are level 85 and can wield an item that is in the low hundreds, there may be many items in that range that you can wield. This gives you another way to compare them to decide which will be better for you. Item level tells you how much juice the devs put into a particular item. It’s not a future development thing so much as just another way of differentiating items. As part of getting difficulty level on track they need a broader variety of items available than simple equip level and rarity could provide.
    47. The change to kinships where they no longer disband when membership falls below a certain number, does that mean that anyone can just start up a kinship now and have as many people as they want
      HoarseDev – Pretty much. He talked to the engineer who worked on that, and it seemed like it was just an old rule from the golden age that doesn’t really hold up anymore, and they’ve had a lot of feedback from players saying why do you even do this anymore, and so they just pulled it.
    48. Question about whether the exclusive Rohan horse-related pre-order quests might come back
      HoarseDev – He can’t really speak to that
    49. Currently item level is not showing on scaled Moors LIs, can we get that looked at
      Jinjaah – That sounds like a bug and he’s written that down to take a look at it.
    50. Executive Producer Aaron Campbell aka Rowan joins the chat
    51. Are there any plans to add more heals to DPS builds or DPS to heal builds to make Steady Hands more viable
      Jinjaah – That is something they talked about for U13 but some things came up that prevented them from being able to do the work they had wanted to do. But they’ve written up a pretty good revamp of some of the things to give them back some general skills to enable them to be good at both, but really good at the one they are specialized in. There’s definitely things they can do it’s just a matter of finding the time to do them.
    52. Is there any chance we will be able to combine LI XP runes
      HoarseDev – Adds it to his whiteboard
    53. Is Kate’s surprise now your surprise, and are you willing to give us a hint of what it might be – there are cookies to bribe you if need be
      Rowan – One of his duties is to provide ale to the team, and he just brought some in and put it between HoarseDev and Jinjaah for later. On the surprise, yes, it’s his surprise now, and he’s waiting on Jinjaah and HoarseDev to give him the go-ahead to talk about it because they are the two who will be working on it.
      HoarseDev – Gives the go-ahead to talk about it
      Rowan – They are working on adding a new class, for later in the year.
      Sapience – He’s been following the speculation and the consensus in the forums was that it was a new class, but he wasn’t about to confirm it.
    54. Could you expand a bit more on group content and how it’s being looked at moving forward
      Rowan – It’s about focus. Right now focus 1 is on building story content and great new landscape content, expanding on the world. And focus 2 is to ensure they’re sustaining and developing systems they’ve produced, taking a hard look at epic battles and polishing that off, and adding more epic battles to the game, and more group content through that mechanic.
    55. Is there any chance of having a creep invasion of Freep maps
      Jinjaah – It’s something that they’ve thought about, but who knows. He likes to think that the players think it’s some giant lever somewhere in the building that is under lock and key and heavy security, and he has to find a way to break through and pull the plug so that creeps just pour out of the Ettenmoors.
      Rowan – He knows where that lever is, and he and HoarseDev have talked about it.
      Jinjaah – Thinks maybe Rowan can pull some strings and distract some people
      HoarseDev – As he’s said a few times in this dev chat, they’re at a point in the story where things are pretty miserable all over Middle Earth, and the enemy is encroaching. He’d love to see it but there would be a lot of hoops to get through to get it to work, but maybe they’ll accidentally flip that switch some weekend and see what happens.
    56. Are there any hopes for the kinship system to get a facelift – maybe enable leaders to customize kinship commands each rank has, or maybe another couple of ranks
      Rowan – That’s lower on the priority list, but definitely on the list.
      HoarseDev – They are working on a new item system for the game that is going to be tied into kinships, and some more stuff for kins to do together. A lot of times when they work on one initiative that’s tied to something else, in this case to kins, they get to pull a lot of stuff in with it because they are already in the UI and already messing with things so the hope is that with the changes that they already have slated, they will be able to pull some other things along for the ride.
    57. New class – Freep or creep
      Rowan – He has to keep some mysteries. It’s freep, but he’ll leave it at that.
    58. What kind of active role do you take in development – what exactly does an Executive Director do
      Rowan – He spends most of his days looking at spreadsheets and lists of features, and talking to lots and lots of people. No one wants him coding. That would be a bad idea.
      Sapience – Is glad, that means someday he can be an Executive Producer, because no one wants him coding either. But he’s not good with spreadsheets either.
    59. We understand there will be no focus on new raids or instances – what about the scaling of old instances
      Rowan – It’s a question of approach. Where do they get the most bang for their buck, basically. There are a lot of different kinds of group content that exist in LotRO, they need to find the ones that make the most sense, that give the players the best experience, that the team can do the most efficiently and with the most quality. That’s how that balances out. They’ve used scaling in the past, they’ve used skirmishes obviously, there are so many options.
    60. Will hunters ever receive pets, even non-combat ones
      Rowan – He thinks Sapience already answered that one with a Twitter pic he posted the other day.
      Sapience –Says go check out Twitter and his little friend there. He can say the easy answer to that is, yes. There is a longer answer they will probably talk about in future updates, but for U13 there is a little friend for anyone who is fortunate enough to find him and earn him.
      Rowan – There are three versions, too.
    61. Endless stream of new class questions in the chat
      Rowan – He will say that he is confident the new class is well within the lore of the trilogy. He did his research and there are multiple mentions and he thinks it’s a good fit.
      Sapience – Remembers that he recently mentioned a conversation with Tolkien Enterprises and he seemed pretty happy afterward.
      Rowan – Confirms that he was indeed really happy with how that conversation went.
    62. Question about whether the new pet is on Bullroarer yet
      Sapience – Consults Raina, says they’re not sure. There are a series of quests that need to be completed to get it, and he’s not sure they’re all finished and on Bullroarer for this build. The actual pet is in, but the ability to get it may not yet be. But it will be in for U13.
    63. Will we ever be able to bind more than one milestone, or get more swift travel routes to different places
      Sapience – He can answer the first part. You can already buy extra milestone bindings in the LotRO store. You can buy quite a few actually.
      Rowan – Generally the content team works out the routes they want people to take. Because they are proud that this is a game that has a lot of contiguous landscape that people can travel, they tend to hold the cards to their chest in terms of revealing too much too easily. They do go back from time to time, especially when doing revamps, and take a look at the pathing to see if anything needs changing, but for the most part they try not to put too much fast travel out there because it’s a game about seeing the world. But if there are specific spots that are a problem they can take a look at it and review.
    64. Will you be adding female Dwarves
      Rowan – Is confused, because they already have female Dwarves.
      Sapience – Yes, right now when you create a Dwarf there is no gender assigned. You are just creating a Dwarf. The reasoning for that is because in the lore, male and female Dwarves are virtually indistinguishable from each other, right down to the beard. Tolkien himself said that even Dwarves have a hard time telling the genders apart. So for those who want to create a Dwarf, just put it in a dress. A lot of people do. It really is up to you what you perceive your Dwarf to be.
    65. Sapience thanks Raina for spawning so much mayhem and death for all of us to enjoy

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    Quote Originally Posted by frickinmuck View Post
    Please note: I am paraphrasing here. Anything said here is coming through my interpretation of what was said, and is subject to being corrected, so don't take all this as the final word.

    If anyone who was present has any additions or corrections, feel free to post.

    Q&A Hobbits to Isengard - Anduin

    1. Are you starting in Bree or in the Shire
      The runs always start outside the Prancing Pony in Bree and go all the way to the gates of Isengard. That is the official distance. When you pass through the gates and see “Now entering Isengard” that is when the timer stops. But the group usually runs up to the steps anyway.
    2. Question about Bullroarer run, and comment from HoarseDev about LIs changing
      If you go back through the transcripts you will see that he was talking about something he’d like to do, and not something we can expect in an immediate update. He also hinted there’s something else they are going to try first. So before we see updated LIs we will probably see this item. He says they’re being very tight-lipped about it.
    3. Are there any concrete pointers about the new class
      Only these pointers, and he sits right over there (Points with both fingers to Aaron Campbell’s desk). If you were following the Bullroarer hobbit run you would have heard EP Aaron Campbell announced that a new class is coming, but there were few details. He suggests we wait for a future producer’s letter, and the future isn’t that far away.
    4. When is the next Weatherstock coming
      He doesn’t know specifically, but the event usually happens sometime in June. It’s organized and hosted by the Lonely Mountain Band kinship on Landroval, and they schedule it. He predicts we’ll be seeing something fairly soon from them about this year’s dates and times.
    5. What are the release dates and gameplay style of the new class
      He can’t tell us. He does know, but they aren’t ready to share that info just yet. He enjoys the speculation in chat and elsewhere. Says it’s off the mark, but interesting.
    6. One piece of information he can share is that they are now working on the next build for Bullroarer, it’s very likely it will be up there sometime tomorrow or Friday. It will have some additional changes and some things he thinks we’ll like. There’s still no installer for it. That will probably come with the next build, which will likely be sometime next week.
    7. Mentions that there are some German speaking moderators in the chat, so if there are any German speaking people who want to ask questions, feel free to type it in the chat and one of the moderators will translate it for him and then translate his answer back as well, and post it back into the chat.
    8. Any word about the new FA symbols
      HoarseDev said they are working to get them in for U13. They weren’t in the last BR build, but HoarseDev did mention that in all probability it will ship with U13. He recommends going back and reading the discussion from the Bullroarer run to get the full detail on what HoarseDev said, or watch it on Twitch. He’s going to put it up on YouTube as well. The Chris Martin livestream demoing the new inventory system is already on YouTube for those who want to watch it (there’s also a transcript available here). The YouTube page is at youtube.com/lordoftherings
    9. Question about the new pet
      It is not just a LM pet, it’s available to everyone. For those who didn’t see the post on Facebook or on Twitter, it’s a little Huorn, and as Aaron Campbell pointed out in the BR run, there are 3 different versions of it.
    10. Did you already wash the dye out of your beard or have you not done it yet
      He hasn’t done it yet. He got the dye in the mail, but then some things came up over the weekend and he wasn’t able to do it. He’d hoped to do it on St. Patrick’s day. He’s probably going to do it this weekend and get a picture out to everyone. It’s not as embarrassing as shaving live on camera. That was pretty rough.
    11. Aaron Campbell apologizes he can’t join the chat today, he is about to go run a team meeting about their 2014/15 plans. So things are happening. If things are still running when he gets back he may pop by and give us a peek at something.
    12. When is the Anniversary happening this year
      It should start sometime around the 24th of April. Some of the things for it are coming with U13, but it will be sometime in April before it actually starts.
    13. Someone suggests taking the Twitch stream to the meeting. Sapience laughs and says, no, he doesn’t think so.
    14. Question about doing more streams
      This stream started officially at the end of December. There is another one coming on Friday on Meneldor. That will be the third stream this week. There will be two next week, and then the following week they are doing something a little bit different, something in the first week of April that he thinks we will like.
    15. Question for DeviledEgg
      She will currently be in that planning meeting with the rest of the LotRO team, but he sent the question to her so when she gets back she will see it and if she gets back before the run is over he will try to get an answer.
    16. Has there been any talk of improving the instance finder to make it easier to form groups
      None that he is aware of. He’s not sure how much time is being spent on instance finder for U13. It might be something they take a look at later in the year, but nothing he’s aware of. Someone in chat made a good point that a lot of the perceived problems with the instance finder is just that people don’t use it, so there’s not a big pool of players in there to choose from. If it were used more, there might be better results from using it.
    17. Are we going to have a new monster class
      The new class that was announced is a new freep class, not a creep. Sorry.
    18. Are there plans to make Rally a general skill, or at least add it to the yellow tree
      The response, actually from Jinjaah, is “It’s something that we can look into. We like the idea of in-combat res being something special to Minstrels that focus on the healing line. But perhaps we could move it in the future to the tree instead of being general so that others could potentially have access to it at a slight cost of investing your points out of a primary tree (Sapience agrees to send Jinjaah to the Rally thread in the forums).
    19. With the new inventory, is there any way to get the 6 bags to snap to a vertical column, or any other type of alignment
      No, although that was discussed as something that will be considered for a future revision.
    20. Is U13 planned for a March release, or closer to the Anniversary
      It’s definitely not going to be a March release, probably in the first or second week of April is his guess. There is one more build going to Bullroarer tomorrow, and they are planning on doing at least one more big stream from Bullroarer in the next couple of weeks, to show everyone around. If you want more information or more specifics on what’s changing you should check the Bullroarer forums. The first round of patch notes went up and can give you an overview of what to expect in terms of new things, and a number of bug fixes that are coming.
    21. Are there multiple huorn pets in U13
      Yes, there are 3 different versions
    22. Will there be updated patch notes with the new build on Bullroarer
      Yes, there will be an updated set of patch notes, probably sometime tomorrow
    23. Can you use all 3 pets at once
      No, you can’t
    24. How tall are you
      He’s 6’2”. His hobbit is not to actual scale
    25. Any thoughts being given to allowing us to go back and revise our characters due to the new character models
      Not that he knows of, but he will definitely ask the art director about that
    26. What is your age
      He just turned 46 last December
    27. Question about whether we will see friends list changes
      He has no information about that, sorry
    28. Do you plan to archive everything onto YouTube moving forward
      Probably not everything, but some of the outstanding runs, and definitely anything they do that’s informative. Probably the Bullroarer run, because it was a lot of fun and there was a lot of great information in that one. He might also put up some of the faster runs, and will definitely be adding this run since it’s the current leader. But it wouldn’t be feasible to put them all up there.
    29. How does one become a GM
      The first step is to almost always move to Boston. Step two is keep an eye out on their jobs page. All their current listings are posted there, and you can see what’s available. But you will need to live in the Boston area for about 99.5% of their jobs.
    30. Do you need a degree
      It depends on the job. If you were applying for an accounting position then you’d definitely need a degree, but with some jobs the skills you have are more important than the credentials.
    31. Why doesn’t Vol 3 Book 14 have an on-ramp that isn’t tied to the previous portions of the epic story
      Because it is a continuation and it’s going to require that you have Helm’s Deep and have completed the previous volume of the epic story. Because it is also the end of Volume 3.
    32. How long have you been working for Turbine
      He started working at Turbine Sept 2008, and the first thing he worked on was the Mines of Moria beta. So he’s been there for 6 years next September.
    33. Sapience brings up a point mentioned in the chat, about how Turbine occasionally has local high schools or computer clubs come in and do a studio tour followed by a Q&A with the team in one of the boardrooms. Aaron usually gives the tour and leads part of the Q&A, and Sapience usually does another part. People who go through the tour tend to walk away with a much better understanding of what goes into making a game this big, and what goes into making MMOs in general. Most people would be really shocked to see how much effort goes into it, how many people and how many tasks are involved in making an even comparatively small change to the game.
    34. Question about whether that would ever be recorded and put up on YouTube
      He doesn’t think that’s a bad idea, just doesn’t know how they would do it. It would probably require more of their video team’s time than they usually have to spare.
    35. Question about whether they ever give tours for players
      Not usually, because they can be a little disruptive of everyone’s workday. Players and devs like to talk to each other. When the players council members were there it was really insightful and informative, but it did keep devs away from working on the game. So they try to limit that. Once in awhile someone will drop by unannounced and he will try to grab a dev and go meet the person in the lobby and answer a few questions if they have time. But generally speaking they don’t arrange groups except for schools and charities and things like that.
    36. Question about the video team
      Yes, they do have a full team, it’s called SVT (Sound and Video Technology) and they are responsible for in-game sounds, voiceovers, music, videos, renders, anything of that nature. Anytime you see a community update, SVT has shot that. Anytime you see LotRO trailers or videos, that are posted publicly and officially it’s almost always their work. They work hard. When the Player’s Council was there they had a member of the team come by for a Q&A with some of the council members. Some of that ended up on YouTube so you can kind of see how things are laid out.
    37. Will there ever be an option to change your race
      He thinks it’s technically a never say never thing, but don’t expect it. The work under the hood to change from one race to another would be massive, so he’d be surprised if it was ever offered.
    38. How long does it take to make new content
      That depends on what kind of content you are talking about. He has a good example he has of how things can be way more time-consuming and complicated than most people realize. He was having a conversation of one of the engineers about work he was doing on one of the changes coming with U13, which allows players to toggle confirmation boxes on or off, and basically every single confirmation box that he’s put into the system takes about an hour for him just to add a checkbox. To write the code, to check it in, to verify the code, to make sure it’s working or that it didn’t break anything else. That’s an hour of just his time. It still has to go through QA, it still has to go through a build process, and it still has to go through several other steps. And then it ends up on Bullroarer, and if any of us find a bug, he has to start over. So if he’s adding a checkbox to 5 dialog boxes, that’s most of a day shot just in adding checkboxes.
    39. Question about whether any thought was given to adding sliders so people can adjust with the new character model changes
      He doesn’t know, but generally speaking something like that means adding an entire new system into the game, whereas making minor edits to the character models means they can just add them in once and they work. Adding character modification ability outside the character creation screen is a big undertaking and a lot of heavy lifting for the team to do.
    40. Are Players Council applications still on track to be open on the 21st
      Yes they are. On Friday the 21st they will be putting a call for applications up for the 2014 council. He encourages everyone to read over the application and decide whether they want to apply. The council has been extremely helpful to the LotRO team and one of the really helpful aspects of the community as well over the past year. He knows a lot of people have opinions one way or the other, but from where they (Turbine) sit, they’ve been extraordinarily helpful and they can’t thank the council enough for what they’ve done. He really hopes that continues with the 2014 council because there’s a lot going on this year and the council is going to play a vital role in helping to make some of the decisions and helping them to refine some of their thinking.
    41. What is the Players Council
      They provide feedback to the team on projects before they are ever on paper, before they ever become a spec. Not everything, but some of the larger stuff. There are balance conversations going on right now with the council, Jinjaah has had some PvMP conversations with them. And it’s really early in the process where they can ask them what they think about x, or ask them “If we were to do this, how should we go about it?” and they provide feedback at a really super early level. Sometimes they provide suggestions that end up going into the game. One of the things that they suggested that is going into U13 are changes to the crit crafted naming process. So people will be able to turn off naming of crit items when crafting. Something he thinks players have wanted for awhile.
    42. A lot of discussion of the character model changes in the chat
      If people have feedback he urges them to write it up and post it in the Bullroarer forums where the team is currently looking for feedback on changes. That is the best place to post any Bullroarer feedback – in the Bullroarer forum. If you find a bug, whether on Bullroarer or on Live, posting to the forums is not helpful. Bugs always need to be handled through the bug reporting tool.
    43. Did the Players Council inspire the confirmation dialog toggle
      No, this is a case where Sapience can prove the devs play the game. One of the engineers was playing and kept on getting dialogs “Are you sure?” “Are you sure?” “Are you sure?” especially when trying to assign legendary points or upgrade a legacy. So it came out of his desire to get rid of the annoying confirmation and have the freedom to just do what he needs to do.
    44. Question about new voice vocalizations and adding a toggle
      Basically when the feedback is, “Hey guys, can you do twice the work?” we’re probably not going to see it happen. Adding a player selectable toggle for things like that basically means inventing a player selectable toggle for things like that. At which point it pretty much goes off the rails of possibility.
    45. Questions for clarification on the council process
      It’s not a voting process, it’s not an election. Players submit applications and Turbine reviews them. If you want to nominate someone feel free to fill out an application on their behalf and it will be reviewed just like any other player’s. This year the devs have specifically asked for certain players to be added, so when the devs have identified players that they feel have given great feedback and the ability to speak well on a topic without having to go down a more aggressive or wholly negative path, they tend to point those people out and ask him if they can add them to the council or add them to the next round. So there’s something to be said for participating in the forums in a way that the devs can respect, which generally means that you do so with respect toward them. Because that can get you nominated by them and their nominations are almost always approved, unless they find someone that has had some really bad experiences with them in the past. And even then there’s still a good probability.
    46. What happened to the kiss emote and saffron’s kiss
      He doesn’t know. He will ask.
    47. Do individuals nominated by a dev still have to submit an application
      They will be asked to provide all the same information, regardless of how they are presented – whether they apply or are nominated by a player or dev. So, yes they will, but instead of them doing it blindly, if he sees someone who has been nominated but hasn’t filled out an application he will probably follow up with them and get them to fill one out. They are not excused from the application process, it’s just that theirs has got a pre-approved stamp on it.
    48. Question about the Extra Life rap
      It’s one of those things that sounds good on paper, but in practice is not that easy due to copyright issues that tend to make people in the building twitch, and the simple fact that they are not rappers. It’s probably something they should have never agreed to. He doesn’t expect it’s going to happen. He’s still trying to find ways of making it happen in some form. Maybe in a karaoke bar or something. He doesn’t know what the status of it is. He’s disappointed that it’s not looking like they are going to be able to do it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by frickinmuck View Post
    Please note: I am paraphrasing here. Anything said here is coming through my interpretation of what was said, and is subject to being corrected, so don't take all this as the final word.

    If anyone who was present has any additions or corrections, feel free to post.

    Q&A Hobbits to Isengard - Meneldor

    1. Will we be doing Hobbits to Isengard next year
      He hadn’t thought that far ahead, he’s just trying to get through 29 servers right now. But if it’s popular enough we may do it again next year, or something like it, or later on this year. Maybe come up with a slightly different event.
    2. Do you know of any significant changes planned for the next build on BR
      The devs are continuing to adjust and tweak balance, doing some stuff with mitigations, work on PvmP, and they’re probably still waiting on our feedback on this build since it just went up.
    3. Are FA in BB's as platinum rewards still expected when u13 goes live
      FA was just addressed in a previous chat, so check out the last recap and your answer should be in there.
    4. Do you know if U13P2 patch notes are intended to tell us that FAs are available in all group sizes for T3 skirmishes, and only raid-sized classic instances
      He doesn’t know specifics on that.
    5. Any chance of getting stables in housing, to show off our steeds
      It is one of the many things that he’s passed on to the devs in terms of requests for housing. He has no idea whether that’s actually going to happen. Never say never, but he doesn’t expect it to happen soon.
    6. Question about bans and players council
      It would probably depend on what for and if it’s been a pattern of problems. Also, how recent it was. If it’s a recent ban then there’s probably not a lot of hope of that person getting on the council. An older ban – it would depend on what it was for and if any actions had been taken against you since then. If nothing, then it might not affect your chances.
    7. Discussion of griefers in the run
      Harassment is against the code of conduct. There is a difference between multi-boxing, which the game supports, and deliberately trying to harass someone in-game. The latter is very much against the COC.
    8. How important is recent forum activity to the Players Council application process
      They actually like to hear from players who they don’t normally hear from, but that are very active in the game, so a low (or a high) post count will not affect your application. What it may do is just give them a better sense of how you tend to interact with the development team, in terms of the way you choose to express yourself, but they do not weigh post count against an application. They are far more interested in hearing from players who are well spoken, which they can get a sense of from your application, and players who are active in the game, but maybe don’t talk a lot on the forums but still have something valuable to add.
    9. Are you planning on adding PvP to Isengard and Helm’s Deep
    10. Can we get forge-masters and relic-masters added to housing areas
      Good idea, he will pass the suggestion on.
    11. Last year it seemed you were interested in Players Council members who had a strong interest in certain areas of LotRO. Is that the same again this year
      They ask the question not so that they can say, “oh, we need 5 people who do this, and 3 who do that, and 6 who do the other,” it’s so that they can get an idea of how well self-professed play styles match with the population at large. They try very hard to make sure that the ratios within the Players Council members match the ratio of players in-game. Obvious it’s a much smaller group, but they try to keep the ratios about the same. But if someone has a broad interest that doesn’t exclude them over someone who only does one or two things, or vice versa.
    12. How much weight do nominations have in getting someone on the council
      Being nominated is just another way for people to express an interest in seeing someone on the council. If there is one nomination for one person and a hundred for another, they will probably look at them both the same. It’s not a vote. If someone got 200 nominations and they looked at him and he doesn’t play regularly, he’s racked up a ton of infractions, he doesn’t interact with the devs well. 200 recommendations are not going to help that person. The one thing your application does weigh very heavily on is, you have got to be able to express yourself in a reasonable and respectful manner. If your posts tend to start out with “you guys are idiots,” your odds are almost none.
    13. Suggestion that people who can’t get on the council can still nominate
      That is a great suggestion. If you are not eligible or if you don’t want to be on the council, a good alternative is nominate someone who you think would do a good job, or someone who you think isn’t going to apply because they don’t feel they qualify for whatever reason.
    14. This year the application doesn’t include the server name, is there a reason for that
      Last year they inadvertently added at least one person from each server to the council. That was not by design. It doesn’t matter what server you are playing on. Ultimately every server is playing the same game. If you think about it, some of the best conversations happen in the general forums, where you don’t necessarily know which server the person talking is from, so it shouldn’t impact the discussion much at all. If someone makes a point in the forums, whether we agree or disagree with them has nothing to do what server they are from, because in the end we are all playing the same game regardless of server.
    15. How do you feel about server merges
      They don’t talk about them, haven’t talked about them, aren’t planning on them, don’t believe they are needed.
    16. Will there be a BR Moors event
      Check the Bullroarer forums to see if Raina has posted anything about it. If it were to happen, it would come from her.
    17. Are there any plans to translate the game into other languages
      There are no plans to add more languages. Currently they support English, German and French with no plans to support additional languages.
    18. Is each server on its own box
      It’s a complicated question. Each server consists of multiple servers, hardware, etc. There are probably half a dozen boxes to comprise one server. [A previous answer to this goes into more detail – Frick]
    19. Since scaling is coming to the Moors would you consider doing time on a freep instead of a creep for Extra Life this year
      He’d be willing to do that, but we’d need to earn it. That’s usually one of the goals, to earn him out into the Ettenmoors. He will figure out a number and see if it’s reached. He’s game for that.
    20. When you add the new class are you going to add more character slots
      He knows some people have asked for the limit to be upped to 20 or 25, and he did pass that on to the engineers. He doesn’t know if it will happen, they need to take a look at it. There’s a lot more to adding slots than people probably realize, because it’s a database issue.
    21. Will LotRO be at GamesCon in Cologne this year
      As far as he knows, no, and they won’t be at either Pax this year either. He personally will not be in Germany this year. He probably will be available if you’re coming to Pax East, and they are trying to put together a small get-together for LotRO players for Pax East. Check the forums for IRL events. It’s not going to be a big thing like in years past, but it will be an attempt to give players who want to come hang out with a few devs and opportunity to do so.
    22. What are the plans for the RK in the future
      In the future he doesn’t know. He knows there are a few changes in the U13 BR patch notes, but doesn’t know what else may be coming in the future.
    23. What is the new class
      The new class is…. a secret, sorry.
    24. Can you tell us when we will be getting the new class
      Sorry, no.
    25. Is anyone currently in charge of the Captain class
      He thinks Jinjaah may be working on Captains but he may be wrong
    26. Was Rowan serious when he mentioned Glorfindel the Hairdresser
      No, he’s pretty sure that was a joke. The “Hairdresser” should have tipped you off.
    27. How long have you had the idea for the new class
      They’ve been kicking around ideas for awhile. Finding the right one at the right time, and mostly getting the classes into a state where they can add a new class due to the class revamp, was the hardest thing. Without having done that they would never have had the opportunity to add a new class.
    28. What kind of class would you like to see added to the game
      That’s sneaky, because the class they’re adding is the one he’d want to see added.
    29. Do you want a pirate class
      No he doesn’t, although he does love the corsair days up and down the Brandywine.
    30. Will there be a fix for balance issues in PvP
      Absolutely. The team is always working in balance, but U13 will have some pretty significant changes. Some of them are already live on Bullroarer right now.
    31. What’s your favourite joke about the new class so far
      He really likes the Glorfindel Hairdresser one.
    32. Would you reveal the class under torture
      He thinks that’s a little extreme.
    33. How do you do the voiceovers in-game
      It’s professional voice actors, for the most part.
    34. What class would you not want to see added to the game
      He wouldn’t want to see wizards. They already had 7 and that was enough. He doesn’t think Middle Earth needs more. A couple flaked out, one went bad, one had to die – even though he came back. He thinks that’s plenty.
    35. Question about getting combat war goats
      Probably a no.
    36. Suggestion about having a competition to get your voice added to an NPC
      There’s a whole lot of issues with that. There’s a voice acting thing that he can’t got into but unfortunately that’s something they could probably never do.
    37. Question about what gear he is wearing
      For his outfit, he usually just gets something off one of the mannequins in Michel Delving or Bree. For his actual gear he just has whatever you get by default when questing, and he has the Harbinger cloak.
    38. Will Fashion Maven ever return
      They are looking at other ways of awarding the title so that someone doesn’t have to be lucky enough to be seen and get rewarded that way. The hope is to make it a rewardable title through a code, and make it a prize through various screen-shot contests, or some means other than being lucky enough to be seen by a GM.
    39. Which new 2014 region are you looking forward to
      He’s looking forward to Flooded Isengard. He thinks it’s an iconic moment that is visually pretty stunning.
    40. Chickens in the run and chicken talk in the chat are a reminder for Sapience of the upcoming player meet-ups. If you live in either NorthEastern North Carolina or live near or can access Central Florida. Next Friday night he will be in Rocky Mountain North Carolina having BBQ with some of the players. Check the forums for times, and where they will be meeting up. If you are near Orlando Florida, he will be there two weeks from now eating chicken wings with some players. That’s looking to be a big one, with 40 or more players planning to attend. Again, check the forums for details. If you are able to make those he’d be happy to see you.
    41. Since you are working on Fashion Maven, will you be working on Riddlemaster too
      It’s unfair to say they are working on Fashion Maven. They are working on a way to not have to rely on it to obtain the title. He will look into the Riddlemaster, although they do tend to break that one out around the time of Frodo and Bilbo’s birthday, and get him on all the servers to do the riddles. So he doesn’t know about that one. He doesn’t want to give the false impression that he’s trying to bring back the Fashion Maven. He’s just trying to find ways to repurpose the rewards so they can give the rewards more often.
    42. You should have a meet-up in New Zealand
      He’s game, send him a ticket.
    43. Hobbit aside, what is your favourite film this year or to be released
      He’s excited for Captain America – he likes him better than Iron Man. That’s probably the biggest one for him. In terms of what he’s seen already, it’s a toss-up between 12 Years a Slave and Gravity, obviously for completely different reasons.
    44. Any news on what’s happening with lotteries
      Nothing new to update regarding that at the moment, sorry.
    45. What is your favourite TV show and why is it Archer
      Actually, it’s not. Until it ended recently, he thinks True Detective was great. He’s looking forward to the next season of that. He also really likes Arrow, and is looking forward to Game of Thrones in 2 weeks.
    46. Any new dye colors coming for U13 besides Steel Blue
      He doesn’t know. He thinks the addition of dyes is one of those “when time allows” kinds of things.
    47. Question about gifting 30 days of game-time to another player
      Call account support. And he can’t stress enough that it needs to be a call. Other contact methods won’t work for stuff like this. Account Support toll-free 1-855-WBGAMES Account Support Hours: 12pm – 7pm Eastern Time 7 days a week (GMT -5) [Crell also suggested this - Frick]
    48. Do you ever watch any player streams or videos of LotRO
      Yes he does. He loves watching things like that. When he finds something really cool he will share it out to the community. If people are doing stuff like that and want it to get noticed by the LotRO team, put it on Twitter with #lotro. They do follow the Twitter feeds.
    49. What do you have against war goats
      Nothing. He loves goats. Especially with a little salt and pepper.
    50. Question about a livestream sometime in April
      Yes, he did mention one for the first week of April. It’s why he didn’t schedule any hobbit runs for that time. That and the fact that he will be out of town, in Florida. They’re going to be doing a livestream that is similar to what they do for press, which will have a complete tour of Update 13. He’s not really sure exactly when it will be but as soon as he has a firm date he will make sure we all know.
    51. Discussion about the proportion of players from event to event
      He’s interested in the numbers. Not sure if he could share them or not, but would be interested in seeing them himself.
    52. Question about equipment tabs, being able to swap quickly between sets
      He doesn’t know if that has a chance. He doesn’t know if it’s in the suggestion forums or not, but if it isn’t he recommends adding it. He can pass it on to the devs.
    53. Sapience takes everyone on a tour of the tag and freeze-tag fields in Northern Bree by the festival grounds. It’s a lot of fun. There are a couple of locations where, if you get enough people into the area it will trigger the start of a game of tag, or of freeze tag. You should check it out. Tag is normal tag. In freeze-tag anyone who is touched by the person who is “it” is frozen and has to be thawed by another player.
    54. Is there any chance of getting Thornley and his men to finish their project
      Says that looks like a government job to him, he’s not sure they’ll ever finish it.
    55. Will the area revamps be free for those who purchased the quest packs, and for VIPs
      Yes, if you already own the area, the revamp is free
    56. More questions about the new class
      He doesn’t know anything about the availability, pricing or timing of the new class. It’s too early, and what he does know he is not at liberty to share. When it comes closer to the time they will share more info.
    57. Regardless of level, what is your personal favourite place in the whole game
      He is a big fan of Forochel, and he likes Evendim, too.
    58. Is there a possibility of the shouts that aren’t going live being repurposed
      He imagines there’s always a chance, but he’s not aware of any plans.
    59. What about giving players commands to execute those
      He thinks that sounds like a new system. If it were to happen it would be prioritized well behind anything coming this year. [I think they would make cool emotes for the store - Frick]
    60. Are we ever going to have ice skates
      Probably not. Interesting idea, but probably not.
    61. Any chance of a mammoth pet
      He’s not sure who would be the pet at that point
    62. Are player meet and greets ever coming to Dallas
      Meet and greets tend to largely be based on wherever he happens to be on his vacations – he takes a day out to meet with some players and hang out for awhile. He tries to bring whatever he can in the way of swag and goodies. But in order for a meet and greet to happen it generally has to be somewhere he’d already be going to anyway, and since he primarily has family in Florida and northern New York, that’s where these events tend to fall. But never say never.
    63. Questions about his personal characters
      They don’t tend to share their personal character names. He does play on a couple of different servers, but he won’t say which or what his character names are.
    64. What major conventions will LotRO be at this year
      To the best of his knowledge they aren’t planning on being at any.
    65. Do you have a favourite raid
      Like everyone he’s a big fan of the Rift, and he liked the Isengard ones a lot too. He also really enjoys skirmishes and Big Battles
    66. Are you an altaholic
      He doesn’t really consider himself one. His alts don’t tend to get very far. If he feels like leveling, which he does from time to time, he will roll up a new character.
    67. How are volume of applications shaping up this year compared to last
      He checked before the run and so far it looks about even.
    68. Why don’t hunters have pets – hunters by design should have pets
      That’s not actually true. There are a lot of MMOs where hunter types don’t have pets.
    69. If you could see any part of the world from Game of Thrones, what would you want to see
      He’d want to see King’s Landing, but he wouldn’t want to go to the wall. He’s kind of over winter right now. He would definitely want it to be in the 7 kingdoms. He wouldn’t be too interested in crossing the narrow sea.

    Sapience - Don’t forget to troubleshoot your sound before the next run!
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    Quote Originally Posted by frickinmuck View Post
    Please note: I am paraphrasing here. Anything said here is coming through my interpretation of what was said, and is subject to being corrected, so don't take all this as the final word.

    If anyone who was present has any additions or corrections, feel free to post.

    Q&A Hobbits to Isengard - Vanyar

    1. Will Update 13 be sold as a separate quest pack (free to VIPs) or included as part of the Helm's Deep expansion purchase
      There are a few levels of access to the content with U13, so I will outline that access to the best of my ability based on Sapience’s answer to the question:
      • The new end game content that comes with U13 will require HD, regardless of account status. You need to have completed the epic that comes with HD to continue on with the next part of the story.
      • If you already own the zones being revamped (Misty Mountains, North Downs, Trollshaws), you will get those revamps, regardless of whether you have HD and regardless of account status.
      • Everyone will get access to the rest of the content, although you will need to be VIP to access the ability to open mail without having to be at a mailbox.
    2. What is your favourite class aesthetically
    3. Can you tell us more about the Huorn pets
      There are 3 of them. You can get them via content/gameplay. They are a cosmetic pet.
    4. When will the Update 13 preview stream be happening
      The preview livestream will be happening April 3rd, 1pm eastern – he will be posting about that in the forums soon
    5. Is there a possibility other cosmetic pets might be added later
      It’s possible. They will see how these ones work first, and then look into other options if it makes sense.
    6. Any update on the *wink wink nudge nudge* April Fools Day thingamajig
      There just isn’t time to implement it the way it would need to be, so no, not happening.
    7. When U13 goes live will the Huorn replace the shirtless dwarf as the good luck charm of the run
      It would be cool to see, and would make a heck of a screenshot, but would likely add to the lag a lot if a lot of people had those pets out.
    8. Speculation on Huorn pet requiring horseshoe to get
      No, you don’t need the horseshoe to get the Huorn pet. Clarification regarding the horseshoe – when he said that devs might add to the effects down the road, that also means they might not.
    9. What does the horseshoe do
      Everything that they’ve said it does in the past, and virtually nothing the players think it does
    10. Is there any talk of updating the NPC character models
      No talk that he is aware of
    11. Will this event be held regularly
      Last week he started thinking about it and thinks we should do something like this at least once a year across all the servers. It takes awhile to get to all 29 servers, but he thinks we can do something of this scale and scope at least once a year.
    12. Was Bounders Bounty inspired by or addressed by the Players Council
      The team had an idea for a server-wide contest, something that would be a server-wide unlock, that they might be able to tweak and re-use in the future. They took it to the Player’s Council for feedback and input, and the Council helped to refine the concept.
    13. Conversation about servers that get the best time
      It’s always the servers who work together, who don’t try to ruin other people’s good time by showing up on mounts with cloaks, etc.
    14. Can we get more information on the new class
      No. Sorry.
    15. Is Sapience your real name
      No, it’s Rick. But he thinks it would be cool if it was.
    16. Is there a practical benefit to multiple users filing a report about a problem, or do multiple reports just clog the system
      One thing he’s never going to tell people to do is to spam the system – that’s actually a violation and just gives the GMs more tickets to close. They strongly discourage people from entering multiple reports, even if the reports are coming from different people. If everyone is trying to achieve the same result, one report will do. More reports just create extra work for the GMs and add to the time taken to correct the issue. This goes for raids where something bugs out – if it’s one raid, then only one report is needed. Otherwise you are pulling in multiple GMs to handle a one GM issue.
    17. Are you even remotely keeping up with the PC apps/nominations
      Barely. Applications are slightly ahead of last year’s average. He’s trying to sort them as he gets them, instead of letting them pile up like last year (nominations in one pile, new applications in another, re-applications in another and so on), and that makes it a bit harder for him to keep track of how many are coming in. He will get the most work on it done while he’s on vacation, because that’s the only time he will get enough time in one day to focus on it and read through them. Just sit on a back porch, watch the waves and read through some applications.
      EP Aaron Campbell joins the chat
    18. Aaron confirms the release date for U13 will be April 14.
    19. How do we get our new cosmetic pets
      Aaron – It’s all about gameplay right now. They are rolling them out in pieces. Some of them are coming out now, others will be coming later. None are intended for the store at this point, they are intended for quest rewards and gameplay rewards. They may add bonuses and bundles later to the store, but not in the short term.
    20. Can you reveal anything about when Hobnanigans will return
      Aaron – They’ve been testing it with U13, so Soon™.
    21. Will there eventually be 4 Huorn pets so we can have one for each season
      Aaron – No he doesn’t think so, but he is excited about a particular idea for early April
      Sapience – Wasn’t really sure about whether they’d have anything for April Fool’s Day because they were in a crunch but the Art Director sent something over to him and he thinks there’s going to be some fun early next week.
    22. Is there anything different about the 3 huorns besides color
      Sapience – No, the only difference is their appearance, although he’s seen all 3 and they are different enough that you will want all 3 of them.
    23. Are there any plans for updates to characters such as hairstyles, appearances at the barber
      Aaron – They are talking a lot about small, subtle ways that they can improve the avatar as a whole, and they want to do that in a balanced way because they know people are really connected to their characters. He’d love to see more hairstyles and more options as they work through that.
    24. Is flooded Isengard available through session play only, or are there other opportunities to go through it as just a zone
      Aaron – There are other ways to experience it. You will be able to quest there, primarily from quests you get from Quickbeam. and those quests will lead you on to Fanghorn. They are dealing with the challenge that the Breaking of Isengard happens at the same time as the Battle of the Hornburg, so if you are at Helm’s Deep you can’t exactly be at Isengard. So that part of the story is told as a story, via session play.
      Sapience – Thinks that’s a good point, with the Battle of the Hornburg and the Breaking of Isengard happening simultaneously there is a bit of “now we’re going to go over here but it’s the same day” trickery going on.

    On April 3rd 1PM they will be doing the same preview run through Update 13 for us via livestream that they are doing for the press today.
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    Quote Originally Posted by frickinmuck View Post
    Q&A Hobbits to Isengard - Silverlode

    Please note: I am paraphrasing here. Anything said here is coming through my interpretation of what was said, and is subject to being corrected, so don't take all this as the final word.

    If anyone who was present has any additions or corrections, feel free to post.

    Q&A Hobbits to Isengard - Silverlode
    Video available here.

    1. Question about the Mac client
      Unfortunately he has no news or information about the Mac client, so can’t answer the question
    2. Will crafting instances be added for the previous tiers that don’t have them
      He doesn’t know
    3. When can we expect PvMP LI FAs
      He thinks probably 13.1, but will check with Jinjaah
    4. What is the motivation behind avatar changes
      Artists always think they can improve on things, and make things more realistic and lifelike, so occasional adjustments are to be expected. Everyone wants the game to look as good as it can.
    5. Question about speed buffs for Hadacar
      Whatever gear he’s wearing is all he uses. That and whatever the raid puts on him.
    6. Any plans to add body changes to the barber
      None that he is aware of
    7. Will there be changes to the Moors to balance out U13
      Balance is never done. They work on it every update, with tweaks on all sides. So the answer is, yes.
    8. What has been the reception for auto-scaled freeps so far
      So far it seems fairly positive. He hasn’t seen a great deal of the wailing and gnashing of teeth that was predicted. We shall see.
    9. Question about raids
      Nothing planned for 2014. If you read Aaron’s letter and watch the U13 livestream you will have all the answers to instance questions that are available.
    10. Can you leak anything about the new class
      They told us what it is and when it’s coming, there’s not much more to leak.
    11. How do people feel about the 95 FA drop rates
      He hasn’t heard much feedback about it. It’s only been a day and a half.
    12. Are we going to get more control options for skirmish soldiers
      Probably not. They were intended to be fairly autonomous, and not a controllable pet.
    13. Why a cap plan of 105 instead of 100
      LotRO’s caps have always tended to end in a 5, with only a few exceptions (65, 75, 85, 95). This time they’re just splitting it into two pieces instead of doing one 10 level increase.
    14. Question about big delay in loading when opening maps
      The first time you open the map, it loads from the server. Consecutive times it loads from your machine, with updates on your location, etc. from your machine. Because it gets loaded into your machine’s memory, if you don’t have a lot of available RAM you may have some delay. There is a similar process with vaults. The first time you open it, all the items have to load, but consecutive times it’s faster.
    15. Question about whether there will be more of these types of events in the future
      Originally he hadn’t given it a ton of thought, but they’ve become so popular that it’s pretty much a given. There will probably be a break when this one is over, since there’s still just over a month left in this event, then come up with a different idea. The idea of having regular livestreams is a definite. In fact they want to do more along the lines of the U13 preview one they did, where players get to chat more directly with the devs.
    16. Will you be going to PAX Prime
      As far as he knows there are no plans for LotRO to go, but if that changes he will arrange a meet and greet for the occasion.
    17. Will you ever come to Britain
      For those who don’t know, whenever he has a meetup with players at various cities, he’s on vacation. He makes time when he goes on vacation to arrange meetups with players along the way. So they tend to happen at places where he’s going to on vacation. He has family in Britain so it’s possible he’ll go there at some point, but probably not this year.
    18. Are there any plans to update the instance finder
      Not that he’s aware of. Not to say that someone might not pick up on the idea and do it, there’s just nothing planned that he’s aware of.
    19. Are you planning on creating a Linux client
    20. Question about expanding the Moors
      There are currently no plans, and no plans for a new PvP map. That was not something that was in Aaron’s roadmap for the next year and a half to two years.
    21. Is there some aspect of the game you wish players would use, appreciate, do more than they currently do
      He thinks he’s done a pretty good job of promoting tag and freeze tag in the hobbit runs. He’s always been a bit disappointed people don’t use those as often, especially since they’ve been there since day 1.
    22. Is the new class going to be man only
      Not a question he can answer right now. They’ll talk about the new class as they get closer to it. They’re about to seat a new Players Council, and that’s a question they’ll be having a lot of those conversations with them first.
    23. The announcement of the new council will be happening on April 24th. Applications closed April 14th, which leaves him with 10 days between the closing of applications and the announcement of the new council to read through all the applications. He did a lot of that while on vacation, but he still needs to get through the applications that came in since then. Once he’s got that all sorted out, they’ll need to reach out to the selected players to see if they still want to be on the council. Once they’ve formed them all up, they’ll announce it to us and put them to work.
    24. Was there a huge influx of applications after Rowan’s letter
      They did spike for an hour or two after. He doesn’t know whether it was because of the letter, or if it was because the letter came on the day they were closing applications, but there was a spike for a couple hours in the afternoon.
    25. Suggestion about creating a vector quest to introduce the players to the tag/freeze tag areas
      Great suggestion, he will bring it to the team
    26. Dwarf women, will they ever be added
      They are already in the game. If you look closely, when you create a Dwarf, there is no gender selector. As Tolkien himself said, even Dwarves can’t tell male from female, especially when they travel about, because they dress the same and even their beards are the same. As someone in the chat suggested, you can always put a dress on one.
    27. Will we ever get Dwarf wardens
      That is something he’s talked to the team about – loosening the restrictions on what race can play what classes. He doesn’t know if it’s on anyone’s radar to actually get done, but it is a conversation that has taken place.
    28. Have you considered doing “a day in the life of Turbine”
      He’s not sure what’s meant by that – just walking around with a video camera? He’d like to hear the idea fleshed out a bit more, it could be an interesting thing to do. [The thread for that is here – Frick]
    29. Has a new round of Extra Life started yet
      Yes it has. Boston Children’s Hospital was kind enough to give him a donation bucket that has their logos on it, and he carries it around with him to meet and greets and various places. He wants to give a big shout out to everyone who went to the three recent meet and greets because combined they managed to raise over $600 for Extra Life. At the North Carolina meet and greet they raised $102. In Orlando they raised $213, and in Boston they raised $350. Here’s a link to get involved. He had dinner with the founder of Extra Life, Jeremy Adams, and they made an agreement that if Sapience can raise $100,000 he will get the Extra Life logo tattooed on his arm or shoulder. So this year we get to make him get a tattoo!
    30. Friday’s livestream (Gwaihir), since he will be at home, we will probably see a pretty funky beard. He has everything and will be at home, and all is going as it should, and there’s no reason not to do it, so he will finally be dyeing his beard.
    31. From this week between now and the 21st (which is the date of the Boston Marathon), if you go to the LotRO store and use the coupon code STRONG, you can get the One Fund cloak for free. It’s just a way for them to thank us for our help last year when they were raising money for the One Fund in the wake of the bombing. They also just wanted to commemorate the anniversary and remind everyone that the city is back and stronger than ever, and they appreciate that everyone stood up and took notice and stood with them.
    32. Will we ever have more than one house per account
      He doesn’t know. It has been discussed but he doesn’t know if or when it will ever happen.
    33. What are your thoughts on a dedicated PvMP server
      Extraordinarily unlikely. With the costs associated with running multiple rule set servers, it’s just not practical.
    34. Is there a date for the start of the Spring Festival
      Yes, it will be starting shortly after the Anniversary Festival. The Anniversary Festival will be running for three weeks.
    35. What content are you most looking forward to this year, other than chicken ball
      That takes his first answer out of the equation. Probably following the story. The story is what first brought him to LotRO. Now that we’re in the meat of the story and will be exploring some of the rough and tumble war parts of the story, he’s really excited to see how the team handles that.
    36. Do you really read every Players Council application
      He can promise that he does in fact read every single application, which is why he schedules it over his vacation – so he has the time to. That’s also why he gave himself 10 days between the close of applications and the announcement of the new council – to give him time to read all the new ones that have come in. There is a lot of sorting, re-sorting and yes, no, maybe stuff involved, so it’s not just a one read, pass or fail thing.
    37. Can pending loot be added to GMs things to moderate
      He can pass the suggestion along. He’s not sure of the technical challenges involved, or if it’s even possible, but he will pass it along.
    38. Request for clues on kinship crafting system
      He will give no clues on that at all, sorry.
    39. Are you planning on contributing any new titles or goodies for Weatherstock this year
      No, but he will be offering the same titles as last year – which for new players will be new. Whoever is organizing Weatherstock can reach out to him and let him know what they’re expecting, and he can make sure they have enough codes for it. But in terms of new codes or new titles to differentiate from last year, nothing is planned.
    40. How many mithril coins does it cost to go to the Ettenmoors
      It costs 20 mithril coins to take a Free Peoples character to the Moors. It’s for 6 hours, and it only counts down when you are logged in, so if you log out you don’t lose that time. But regardless of where you are in-game, if you are logged in, it will count down.
    41. Question about being able to obtain “extinct” titles and rewards such as the ones from the old Eregion unlock event
      He actually spent a great deal of time yesterday working on this very thing. He sat down with Rowan the other day on this, and he has to have a conversation with HoarseDev to get it all set up, but they have been going through the back catalog of things players can’t get anymore, or that were only offered for a very limited time, back around the Angmar and Moria days especially. Titles, cloaks, they even found a couple of mounts and a few other things that were offered one time, or offered in an obscure place and not everybody got.
      They’ve been looking at ways of going back and finding ways to create codes for those, and to do giveaways and contests for them. Maybe even make some of the stuff part of Extra Life this year. So definitely yes, that conversation is ongoing and there is an active plan being worked on. He thinks he came up with something like 35 different items already. Some of them shouldn’t be too difficult to convert, some of them will be kind of difficult to convert, but they are working on it.
    42. Suggestion to make a LotRO stream of people trying to pronounce the names of places in Middle Earth
      That might be an interesting one, to walk around and get people from Turbine to do that. He’s going to write it down and think about it some more, he likes the idea.
    43. Request to get the Moors pass timer to stop when you leave the Moors
      He will look into that. He doesn’t know if there’s a technical reason for that or not, or if it will get changed, but he will pass the suggestion along.
    44. Which Anniversary barter box do you like best
      Probably the cosmetics one.
    45. Sapience takes everyone through the tag and freeze tag areas, explaining how they are played. Tag is at 25.4S, 50.9W in Bree-land, and freeze-tag is at 26.2S, 49.6W in Bree-land. [For those interested in viewing that section, it starts at 1:06 in the video. For those who are interested in these games, the demo he does is quite good. – Frick]
    46. When will Hobnanigans be active
      He’s not quite sure. He thinks they are still working on some minor tweaks, and some rewards for it, so he doesn’t think it’s quite ready yet.
    47. Will Hobnanigans be a separate event like Treasure Hunt, or will it be tied to a festival
      It will be a separate event, so they won’t have to turn on an entire festival just to play Hobnanigans. They may run it in conjunction with a festival, just like the lootbox event is running right now alongside the Anniversary Festival, but it will be separate.
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    Quote Originally Posted by frickinmuck View Post
    Q&A Hobbits to Isengard - Gwaihir

    Please note: I am paraphrasing here. Anything said here is coming through my interpretation of what was said, and is subject to being corrected, so don't take all this as the final word.

    If anyone who was present has any additions or corrections, feel free to post.

    Q&A Hobbits to Isengard - Gwaihir
    Video available here.

    As promised, Sapience had his beard dyed for this run.

    1. What if someone wanted to take you to Flooded Isengard – could they do that?
      As long as they’re taking him to Isengard, he doesn’t care which version
    2. Is there any chance that Steel Blue and Walnut Brown will be added to warsteed cosmetic colors
      He doesn’t know, but will ask the team, and let them know it’s been asked for
    3. Were the team-sizes modified to account for the new field sizes
      He doesn’t know where things stand, because the devs are still tweaking, but the version he played about a month ago was a 5v5
    4. Any thoughts on festival warsteed gear, adding Gear/Head/Leggings/etc. instead of just a Caprison
      He doesn’t know if more are being made. He knows that players have asked previous festival steeds to be converted to warsteed cosmetics as well, so it’s definitely something that’s been discussed. He will pass the request for a full set on to the team.
    5. Can we have an in-game option for your beard dye
      He’ll mention that to the developers, and then he’ll duck.
    6. Comment about Entwood barter prices seeming off
      He recommends making that comment/suggestion in the forums
    7. Any plans to update the instance finder, or make it cross-server
      He’s not aware of any current plans or projects to revise the finder, and there are no plans to make a cross-server one at this point.
    8. Sapience recommends everyone who missed it, to read EP Aaron Campbell’s producer’s letter. It spells out the plans for the upcoming year pretty clearly.
    9. Discussion about lag
      Any time there are that many players in one area, onscreen, you’re going to get a lot of lag. Anytime you can reduce the amount of work your computer has to do, whether that be by getting rid of mounts and removing cloaks or by adjusting your settings – turning off particle effects, turning down graphics – that is going to help. But when you are in regions where there are a lot of people and a lot of texture files, player outfits, mounts, etc. your computer needs to handle, you will notice some lag. There can also sometimes be connectivity issues. He’s running LotRO at ultra high, DX10, full resolution, fullscreen. Most settings are maxed. And he’s running the game, streaming the game, and then watching the stream back on his computer, so there’s all that rendering happening. He has a good computer – 16GB or RAM, an i7 (but an older one, an 860), Invidia GTX 580 with 1GB RAM.
    10. Any plans to upgrade the server power of LotRO
      Not in the immediate future. When they went F2P the servers were all upgraded, when they brought the European servers over, those were given new hardware, it was upgraded at Moria, it was upgraded one other time – they have been upgraded over the years. A lot of times what they see, for example with the player survey they did, people say, “Upgrade your servers” but so many players are still playing on the same machine they were using when they started with LotRO back in 2007. And LotRO has moved forward graphically since then. So a lot of what players are seeing is just their machines having a harder and harder time keeping up, especially since a lot of them are reporting that they’re trying to play in ultra high, which just isn’t going to work for them anymore. There is a great thread in the forums that has some tips on how to minimize lag.
    11. Is there anything new in the anniversary gift boxes besides the pots and level 95 LI
      Not that he is aware of.
    12. Question about the quieting of the ents quest bestowal problems
      The quests might not be intended to work the way people expect them to work, with the delays and randomness and everything, but he also knows that the dev who wrote them – jwbarry, and QA are looking into some of the reports they’ve been seeing since it went live. But any changes that get made as a result of their investigation are likely not going to come until 13.1 which is still a ways out. They are aware that there may be some confusion with the way quests bestow, which aren’t necessarily bugs. Which doesn’t mean that’s not something they might take a look at and make some adjustments on. But not until 13.1.
    13. Do GMs have the ability to reset buffs on players as a workaround
      He doesn’t know if they do. GM tools vary. He doesn’t know specifically what they can use. When it comes to buffs in general, he doesn’t believe so.
    14. Can we get the option to add personal waypoints to the map
      It’s something they’ve been asked for a few times. It would require significant changes to the map system – it’s not a simple thing – it would be a pretty big engineering project. So the devs are aware that this is a feature players would like, it’s just not on the schedule at the moment.
    15. Question about balance
      He thinks everything is being looked at for balance. One of the challenges with saying gear is OP is that so many people have said for so long “the gear from this area is not worth getting because the changes are so small” and they adjust it and then people say it’s OP. If they do one thing it’s not enough, if they do another thing it’s too much. So that’s a perfect example of how balancing is not nearly as easy as a lot of people think it is. But they did do a pretty good balance pass in terms of making some pretty big changes to stat contributions and mitigations, which he thinks some people are still working on trying to figure out how to cope with. So he thinks they’re going to see how that works out and tweak that a little bit before they work on anything else (with a different system like changing stats on gear).
    16. Will class adjustments be made before the level cap is raised again
      Specifics on level changes and class changes coming with those will be discussed as we get closer to the updates where the level caps are changing. Right now he could give assumptions and thoughts, but he’d rather have definitive answers as they get closer and know exactly what’s happening.
    17. Don’t the devs care about balance in the Ettenmoors
      Obviously with the amount of attention that Jinjaah has given it, and the amount of times he’s commented on it and been involved, obviously they care. One thing he was talking to him about the other day – they see people talking about how it’s good for one side and not the other, or it’s good for raids but not 1V1s, but the reality is, it should be better for raids, and not as good for 1V1s. Because there should not be perfect balance between every single class in the Moors. That’s not what the Moors is for. It’s not a 1V1 space, it’s a many v many space.
    18. Any information about future landmass segments
      That conversation will happen when we get closer to the time. Rowan gave a good map of where we’re going, and people want to know what are the sites we’re going to see along that road. But part of trying to be transparent is being cautious about creating expectations until things really start taking shape. Once plans are more firm, that’s when they generally start talking about what’s coming.
    19. Are there plans to improve instances, especially end game ones
      He doesn’t know what’s meant by improve, but if the question is ‘add new’ then no. They’ve said several times over the past 18 months that they are not currently planning any new instances or raids, and that hasn’t changed. He believes Rowan restated this in his producer’s letter, or in the follow up responses. He did mention that they are going to look at a new big battle and some adjustments to that system, but beyond that – none that he is aware of, and none that are currently planned.
    20. Is there anything coming with 13.1 that we don’t expect
      He doesn’t think so. He thinks everyone pretty much knows what to expect from 13.1. He wants to remind everyone that .x releases like a 13.1 or a 13.01 (which would technically be a hotfix), usually don’t have major changes, usually they just have bug fixes, adjustments and touch-ups from the previous update, they don’t generally have anything new or major in them. It’s the full (10, 11 12, 13, 14) releases that have new features or additional content. The possible exception to that is Hobnanigans, but we already know that’s coming.
    21. The new class doesn’t sound too different from the champion class – what sets the new class apart
      Unless Rowan gave a whole lot more details than he remembers reading, he’s not sure how that assessment can be made, since they haven’t said what the class does beyond shape-shift. He gave some vague outlines but no real information about the role or what and how it does things. That’s another thing that will be talked about as we get closer to it. The first conversations they’re going to have about it, as they get closer to putting it in-game and as Palantir gets ready to test it, is with the Players Council.
    22. He finally finished wading through all the applications, and thanks everyone who applied. There were some really great applications, and he was happy to see some really long-time players had applied. Players who’d been in the original Shadows of Angmar beta. Quite a few long-time players. It was also good to see how many players from around the world applied. He was really blown away to see how many female players applied. Probably about 50-50. There are a lot of women who play LotRO and he thinks it’s great that they are stepping up and want to have a voice in participating in steering the future of the game.
      He hopes to have his exact list locked down by the end of the day, if not then first thing tomorrow morning. The devs have had some pretty good input about who they want to see added, and who from the existing council will be coming back. There are 9 members of the current council who are coming back. They’re going to use them to help bring the new Players Council up to speed, because there is a lot of experience in these 9 members, learning the various things that the first Players Council had to learn about how to interact with devs the right way so that the devs are getting the feedback that they want and need. What’s the difference between feedback and complaints. Not all complaints provide useful feedback, which kind of makes them pointless in the council. A lot of things like that which these 9 can help with to get the new council up and running faster. Obviously Rowan and Jinjaah and HoarseDev already have things in the back of their minds that right off the bat the Players Council is going to have to start addressing and dealing with.
    23. How many separate piles do you have
      Last year he thinks they made a mistake when they talked about different players roles (this one RPs, this one raids, this one is from that server, etc). It’s not so much the role of the individual player so much as it’s, what have they said in their application that leads them to believe that they will be a good all-round contributor. They’re going to pick people who are interested in and knowledgeable about the various areas of the game (PvMP, festivals, etc) so they have the best quality feedback on those things, but they don’t want someone that’s going to be in there and say, “I only want to talk about X!” The Players Council doesn’t work that way. Basically what you’d be saying there is that you want to have a conversation about one topic over the course of the year, and that doesn’t work. One thing they impressed upon the Players Council this year is that everybody should be involved in every conversation, because ultimately whether or not you partake of a given system, the decisions made for that impact you because working on item A may preclude working on item B. So they really want the feedback on how everyone feels about a certain topic, even if the feedback is “yeah, I agree with everyone else.” That’s still useful feedback.
      So it’s less about “I am a champion and I only want to talk about champions.” That’s actually of marginal value. However, having a champion and knowing champions very well and still being able to talk about overall balance – both in the Ettenmoors and in PvE – and who can relate to changes and how they would impact other player classes- that’s a valuable member of the council.
    24. How many total players for the Players Council
      The goal was to get between 30 and 50. They had 75 last year, and what they learned from that is they really don’t need that many people. They’re going to end up with a core group that do most of the work and then others who will give feedback in bits and pieces. So one of the things they wanted was a little bit more rounded council that was slightly smaller and they wanted to stay between 30 and 50. And they also wanted to put between 5 and 10 players from the existing council. So he thinks they’ve got 59 or 60 including the returning members.
    25. Have you read The Lord of the Rings
      Multiple times. He’s also read The Hobbit multiple times, he’s read The Silmarillion, he’s read The Book of Lost Tales, he’s read Tolkien’s letters, he got halfway through Christopher Tolkien’s work where he went through how his father went about writing The Lord of the Rings, about the plans for a sequel to it that were abandoned, about how Frodo and Bilbo came to be. One of his favourite pieces from that was finding out that Strider was originally a hobbit in one of the early drafts, so he’s read most things by Tolkien. He doesn’t read a lot of the translated poetry, and he’s not a Beowulf fan, sorry, so he did read that. He’s read Children of Húrin, he’s read not all but most of his work.
    26. Which volume is your favourite
      He just really enjoyed reading the letters, and getting the background on what he was thinking and what he thought about his success.
    27. Which ent pet do you like the best
      He likes the snowy one. He also likes the honeycomb one, but the snowy one is his favourite.
    28. What about new hobbies
      There are currently no plans for new hobbies, sorry.
    29. Why is rank farming not being banned
      If you see rank farming, report it and it will get investigated, and if it really is rank farming the appropriate action will be taken, whether that be a ban or a suspension or what. Remember – everything is investigated. Just because something was reported, that doesn’t mean something will happen. And if something does happen, it will never be discussed with other players, only with the player in question.
    30. Why are there no festival dresses this time, just the robe
      Because this time that’s what they made. Sometimes it’s not a do everything, it’s a do one or the other, and this time they made a robe.
    31. Comment that this stream was the first mention of the Moors being group focused
      He would be surprised if that was true. He knows that Jinjaah has talked about it before. It’s meant to be balanced for group vs group play, not 1V1.
    32. When will we have a Bullroarer install
      He doesn’t know. He knows they’re working on it, and that it will be the new Akami installer. He thinks that since they won’t be bringing anything to BR soon, the goal is probably to get the live installer out first, but he could be wrong. But he believes that’s the plan. And the plan is to have a new BR install ready by the time 13.1 goes to BR.
    33. Players Council member Yicky AKA Delmore asks people to bring concerns about PvMP balance to him in via PM and he will bring that directly to the devs.
    34. When will you decide who is on the shortlist for the Players Council
      That was probably yesterday afternoon before he left. He was there on Wednesday until 9 or 10PM making sure that he’d read through all the applications before the weekend. Friday is actually a holiday for him and the office is closed, which is why he did this hobbit run from home.
      Generally how it works is that they pick those who are a preliminary yes, a secondary yes, a definite yes, and just start weeding through them that way. No one ever comes out of one of those groups once they are put in, so the 59 they have right now are definite yes picks. They will probably, if he has time, get an email sometime this weekend inviting them to participate. Those people will be in. They will go back to the secondary and primary picks and start pulling from those if someone drops out and the membership falls below a number they are comfortable with. If you want to use a sports analogy it’s kind of like first team, second team and the practice team.

    A quick reminder that Extra Life is happening now. Here’s a link for people who want to get involved.
    Freiheit ist nicht nur ein Recht. Freiheit ist eine permanente Aufgabe, ein dauerhafter Prozeß.
    Kurt Biedenkopf (*1930), deutscher Wirtschaftjurist und CDU-Politiker

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    Imladis 51m 58s (23.4.)

    Quote Originally Posted by frickinmuck View Post
    Q&A Hobbits to Isengard - Imladris

    Please note: I am paraphrasing here. Anything said here is coming through my interpretation of what was said, and is subject to being corrected, so don't take all this as the final word.

    If anyone who was present has any additions or corrections, feel free to post.

    Q&A Hobbits to Isengard - Imladris
    Video available here.

    1. Would it be possible to change festival mounts and war-steed appearances to be bound to account
      He was talking to jwbarry today about players having to wait a year to get things like that if they miss it the first time, and they don’t really want to rely on that kind of mechanic moving forward. They want to maybe make it a bit easier for people who like to collect things. While not specific to festival mounts or the question asked, there was a conversation about it so this type of thing is being considered.
    2. Question about flower recipes for Steel Blue Dye
      He knows it’s being discussed, but doesn’t have any information on what will happen with it.
    3. Why can fireworks still be set off on the Bree stage despite Serious Business being in effect
      He doesn’t know if that’s intended functionality, or if it’s a bug. He can imagine there are probably some RP situations where players might want to use fireworks in that area. He recommends bugging it, and if it’s not intended the devs will take a look at it.
    4. Question about Entwood barter prices
      This is another thing that’s being discussed, but which he has no information on beyond that it’s being looked at.
    5. What was today’s maintenance for
      Maintenance is exactly what it sounds like. Usually some sort of back end systems maintenance, or updating the network switches or firmware, updating server OS, database patching or other non-game related system maintenance. Mainly the kind of thing you’d do on your home PC from time to time – applying updates and patches, things like that, at the system level not the game level. So when they say “maintenance” you shouldn’t expect hotfixes, patches, new content or anything like that which might change the game. It’s strictly on the hardware itself.
    6. Any more thought on getting Turbine folk to pronounce Middle Earth names
      He’s been so busy he hasn’t had time to think about it further, but he can think of a few people he’d like to try that with. He’s going to think about it later this week, and see if he can’t arrange some recordings, hopefully on camera.
    7. Will the next level cap raise of 5 levels be accompanied by a new crafting tier
      He doesn’t know, it’s too soon to tell. That type of thing will be discussed as we get closer to the time.
    8. How excited are you for the new class
      He’s very excited about it. He’s known for awhile what it will be. He put in his 2 cents when options were being discussed, and felt that this class was the obvious choice based on player feedback and the overwhelming sentiment of “we would like to see this in-game,” and he was really happy that it was the path they chose to go down. He’ll play one.
    9. Are you enjoying the chips
      Someone sent him “the world’s most expensive bag” of chicken and waffle flavoured potato chips priority mail from Ohio. Anyone who knows him knows he loves all things “chicken and waffle.” He hasn’t opened them yet. He’s going to bring them home and have them while he’s watching Arrow.
    10. Any class only quests as levels continue to increase
      He thinks that would be a great question for the content team. Since none of them seem to be in the office at the moment, he’s going to defer to a later date on that one.
    11. What do you think was the most positive aspect or influence of working with last year’s Players Council
      Multiple attachments in email was pretty good. That and probably just really helping to bring the concept of working with a core group of players to the company as a whole. He thinks probably their best achievement is that DDO now has a Players Council, there is an additional year for the LotRO council. And frankly they are seeing really positive things internally coming from this, in terms of the quality of feedback that they’re getting from the group, and expect to get from next year’s council. A smaller group of players like that lets them have more open communication with that group, which helps things too.
      A lot of people don’t know, but Rowan actually was involved with the formation of the first council before he went over to DDO. Now that he’s back, he’s already jumped in with the 2014 group, who are already hard at work even before they’ve officially announced them. So he thinks that’s one of the biggest achievements – that it’s proven its worth and value internally, which results in really good things for the players externally in the long run, even if some of the things aren’t seen straight out.
    12. Question about checks and balances on the council
      That is not anything the council even represents. It’s way outside its goal and purpose and to have something like checks and balances and veto powers are so far outside the realm of the concept that they aren’t even a consideration, honestly.
    13. Question about design-a-cloak contest
      He still really wants to do it but a lot of other things are coming up. He thinks he’s pretty much got the team sold on his idea for a cosmetic pet, which he’s not going to talk about until he’s certain it’s going to happen, but it’s going to be a community-only cosmetic pet, he hopes.
    14. Question about account-wide gear and cosmetics
      There is a lot to consider, especially when moving from a per character item to an account-wide one. The value proposition changes. When you’re talking about a store cosmetic, you’re increasing the value dramatically but you probably can’t increase the price as dramatically. There are a lot of factors to consider. Also rarity of colour, intention of rarity on the part of the devs for certain cosmetics and appearances. So that tends to conflict with the idea of an account-wide item, especially when rarity is part of the devs’ intent.
    15. Screenshot of the week seems buggy, where to I submit a bug report
      Not sure what is seeming buggy, but there is no way to submit a bug report for that. If you mean that the screenshots take a long time to appear, that is because they are manually approved before they appear and that only happens a few times a day. Unfortunately there are some people who like to submit some… ‘interesting’ …screenshots.
    16. What do you mean by community-only
      Something that can only be gotten via some sort of community participation, not in-game. Whether that be through a live meet and greet event, or a Twitter event, a Facebook event, screenshot contest, etc. Sort of like The Sociable title, or The Wise, or The Well Met. Although The Well Met is a lot narrower in focus than those other two examples.
    17. Suggestion of a Well Met title for creepside
      He will think about that one, he thinks it’s interesting.
    18. Question about the “entering shallow water” dismount bug
      He has no information on that.
    19. Do you have an opening position for an IT student from Turkey
      He hasn’t looked at the job board in awhile. But here’s where you can go to see all the open positions.
    20. Wouldn’t the creep equivalent of “Well Met” be “Well Et”
      (laughs) Not sure whether that means that it’s you being eaten or not.
    21. Question about balance and upcoming level increases
      The same team that is doing the level cap increases is doing the balance so he’s sure they’re well aware and considering everything.
    22. With the round of official invites having expired, will there be a second round of invites
      They intentionally over-invited so that there wouldn’t be a need for that. They have enough people even though about a half dozen invited people didn’t respond.
    23. Question about level cap increases
      Level cap increases, stuff that’s further out in the year, all of that is too far out for him to discuss now. When things get closer those discussions can start to happen.
    24. Is the red skeleton steed only available from certain level lootboxes
      No, it’s not a level-specific item
    25. Any news on the lottery system
      YES! The previous lottery system no longer exists, and will not be returning. However, he’s supposed to be having a sit-down later this week with a couple of engineers to talk about bringing in an entirely new system. One that works better and functions more like a lottery and less like a raffle. It won’t be out anytime soon, but as long as the scope doesn’t get too crazy they are talking about building a new one.
      The old system was terribly named because it was more of a raffle – you’d enter and then the system would go in and pick a winner from those who entered. Instead of like a lottery where you’ve got a number and then people who are assigned numbers, and if the two match, you have a winner. There is a slight possibility based on discussions so far that it may function more like a lever pull, but the whole lottery thing is just a really broad discussion at this point. But a discussion will be taking place on what a new lottery should be, how it should function, etc.
    26. Question about housing and major improvements to housing
      Rowan made it pretty clear in his producer’s letter, so if you have questions he recommends reading that. But there is not a major housing change coming this year.
    27. Question about the lever pull approach for the lottery, comparing it to hobbit presents
      The functionality wouldn’t really be any different than the previous raffle system. You’d either win or not, and you’d just know right away rather than having to wait 4 or 8 or whatever hours to find out. Once you’d had your lever pull on that lottery, you’d either win or you don’t. The end results would basically be the same with no waiting. The primary difference is that with the previous system, if there were say 1,000 winners per world, that’s great if almost no one enters, because then most people will win. But if almost everyone enters, then the winning pool becomes very small. So depending on the number of entries, your odds change. Whereas with a straight lottery your odds would never change.
      Also keep in mind the lottery system exists completely outside the game. Comparing the two it could be argued, how are hobbit gifts any different from the lottery? The only real difference is that with hobbit presents you can get extra pulls for a cost, whereas with the new system you would not be able to buy more pulls.
      With the old system another big issue was that when they’d post a higher valued item, they’d inevitably get a ton of entries, so people’s chances of winning would plummet.
    28. Question about the new class
      Not going to be talking about that until it gets closer to the time. Any conversations will be happening with the Players Council first, then it will go to Palantir, and then to the larger community.
    29. Question about Palantir vs DDOs discontinued program
      They are different programs serving different needs – different games run by different teams – so any comparison is pointless.
    30. How did washing out the beard dye go
      It went well. At first he wasn’t sure it was going to come out, but it eventually did, and thankfully didn’t color anything else. His bathtub is still white. ?
    31. Define ‘active’ in Player Council terms
      Based on Turbine’s definitions and specifications, and what they require. If you’ve been on the PC for four months and haven’t posted, played or done anything, you will be removed. That’s one thing that is changing this year. Also, if they remove one person that doesn’t mean they will be adding another. They wanted to have between 30 and 50 people for this council, and they have more than 50 right now.
    32. Has any consideration been given to offering other ways to acquire the huorn pets
      There have been no discussions about that.
    33. Are you working on another Bullroarer installer
      Yes, they are. He doesn’t know when it will be available. They’re actually working on an entirely new installer that uses Akami, it’s just not done that. Since there’s nothing on Bullroarer right now it’s not that important from a player standpoint. He doesn’t know what the projected time for that new installer is.
    34. What about the live installer
      Same answer – he doesn’t have a date.
    35. What if a group decided to take a casual stroll to Isengard instead of a run
      There isn’t really a cap on time, although after 3 hours or so it would probably be a lost cause because he’s not sure he could sit in a chair for 3 hours doing this. Maybe.
    36. Appreciation and congratulations to The Triple Gryphon Confederacy and the Northern Kingdom – two kinships that helped with the run – and everyone else who helped with the run.
    37. Question about getting previously mentioned rare titles and items back in-game
      He did have a broad conversation about this recently and some of it is going to require dev work, which will of course get prioritized behind other things, so he doesn’t have a timeline on this yet. But he does have a bunch of requests in that are now official ‘on the books’ type requests, so we’ll see where we end up and how fast we’ll get there.
    38. Who is the guy with the blue shirt behind you
      He’s a member of the QA team.
    39. When is the next update
      The next update is 13.1, but he doesn’t have a date for that one yet. He can’t really speak to what will be in it yet, but point releases tend to be small – bugfixes, etc.
    40. Any plans to turn Evendim lake into jello
      No, but he loves the idea. It would be like the world’s largest bouncy castle.
    41. If you could have any recipe added to the game in the next update, what would it be
      Probably some cold-water seafood from Forochel. Chicken and waffles would be great, but not terribly lore-appropriate.
    42. Have you ever had frog legs
      He has, and he really enjoyed it. That and gator tail, escargot – he’s tried it all and enjoyed it. He’s also had conch, and urchin. He’s never had grasshopper, but he’s tried ants, worms, scorpion – scorpion was kind of funky. He’s had snake, boar, bear, deer, bison (which isn’t that unusual) – that’s most of the unusual foods he’s had.
    43. Have you gotten any new model planes
      No – he’s kind of reached maximum occupancy in his loft

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    abgeschlossenes Subthema

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    Das wäre wirklich nett wenn du das machen könntest.

    Meine Englischkenntnisse reichen nicht um den ganzen Text lesen zu können. Dann muss ich Google Translate als Unterstützung nehmen.
    Was da aber teilweise übersetzt wird ist ja meist noch viel schwerer zu verstehen.

    Mit dem Problem werde ich wohl (hoffentlich) nicht alleine sein.

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    Freiheit ist nicht nur ein Recht. Freiheit ist eine permanente Aufgabe, ein dauerhafter Prozeß.
    Kurt Biedenkopf (*1930), deutscher Wirtschaftjurist und CDU-Politiker

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    Original-Text hier.

    Fragen und Antworten Hobbits nach Isengard - Sirannon

    Bitte beachtet: Ich umschreibe hier. Alles hier gesagte ist meine [frickinmucks] Interpretation dessen, was gesagt wurde und ist ohne Gewähr und kann korrigiert werden, also nehmt all dies nicht als das letzte Wort.

    Wenn irgendjemand, der anwesend war, irgendwelche Ergänzungen oder Berichtigungen hat, kann er dies gerne posten.

    Fragen und Antworten Hobbits nach Isengard - Sirannon
    Video hier verfügbar.

    Gast für diesen Lauf - EP Aaron "Rowan" Campbell

    1. Weißt du, ob irgendwer von den neuen Spielerratsmitgliedern aus Frankreich kommt
      Der neue Spielerrat wurde angekündigt, sie haben bereits am Tag vor der Ankündigung hart gearbeitet und er denkt, dass zwei Mitglieder aus Frankreich kommen.
    2. Irgendwelche Neuigkeiten für das Datum von U13.1
      Kein festes Datum bisher, aber es sieht so aus, dass es wahrscheinlich Anfang Mai erscheint, wenn nichts Unerwartetes geschieht.
    3. Frage über die Karten in den neuen Gebieten für französische und deutsche Spieler
      Ja, sie sollten eigentlich im letzten Build von Update 13 enthalten sein, aber sie haben es nicht geschafft. Das Team sit sich dessen bewusst und wird sie, sobald es möglich ist, ausliefern.
    4. Frage/Kommentar zu einem bestimmten Bug
      Macht eine Bugmeldung, selbst wenn ihr euch nicht 100% sicher seid, dass es ein Bug ist, und beschreibt es so gut, wie es geht, damit das Team den Bug reproduzieren kann. Screenshots helfen ebenso.
    5. Wann habt ihr mehr Neuigkeiten über die Beorninger
      Dies kann er nicht beantworten. Größere Dinge wie diese tendieren dazu, viel näher an der Veröffentlichungszeit diskutiert zu werden.
    6. Wieso wurde das Zierwerkspet auf einen Zufallsgenerator basiert
      Dies ist nur eine Mechanik für dieses bestimmte "Haustier". Es wurde größtenteils als Test genutzt, um zu sehen, wie die Spieler das ganze Prinzip von Zierwerkspets aufnehmen und es scheint so, als ob sie sehr gut aufgenommen worden sind. Es wird weitere Wege geben, andere "Haustiere" zu erhalten, aber sie sind dazu gedacht, eine Belohnung für harte Arbeit zu sein. Jeder will das, was selten ist, weil es selten ist, aber nicht jeder kann dieses seltene Sachen haben oder ansonsten wäre es nicht mehr selten.
    7. Frage über das NDA des Spielerrates 2013
      Der Spielerrat 2013 wurden von ihrem NDA befreit und können über ihre Arbeit mit dem Rat erzählen, mit zwei Ausnahmen. Diejenigen, die zu den Turbinebüros kamen, sind unter einer separaten NDA, da du während des Herumlaufens in den Büros Dinge sehen oder hören könntest, die nicht mit DDO, HdRO oder Infinite Crisis in Verbindung stehen, oder noch nicht öffentlich gemacht werden dürfen. Sie wurden nicht von dieser NDA befreit und können deswegen nicht über ihre Erfahrungen in den Büros sprechen. Der 2013 Spielerrat wurde ebenso darum gebeten, noch nicht zu viel über die Beorninger zu reden, auch wenn dort sowieso noch nicht allzu viel zu gesagt worden ist. [Für eure Information: Spieler stellen Fragen an den 2013 Spielerrat in diesem Forumsthread - Frick] [bzw. hier auf Deutsch - Orodbril]
    8. Frage über die Schreie und Rufe, die auf Bullroarer für verschiedene Klassen getestet wurden und ob sie auf anderem Wege genutzt werden
      Nach seinem besten Wissen nicht. Sie wurden zurückgehalten, da sie von den Spielern nicht gut aufgenommen worden sind. Falls das Team einen geeigneten Platz findet, sie zu nutzen, dann denkt er, werden sie dies tun. Was den Vorschlag angeht, sie in Emotes zu verwenden, schlägt er vor, dies als Vorschlag im Forum zu posten.
    9. Frage über Entwicklertagebücher
      Es gab nur zwei für das vergangene Update, da sie ein wenig zu einer Videannäherung [für Updates] wechseln wie bei der Tour, die sie für Update 13 gemacht haben. Es wird immer noch ein paar Dinge geben, die als Text erscheinen werden, aber es wird mehr eine Mischung werden. MadeOfLions Entwicklertagebücher werden wohl so bleiben wie sie sind, da sie sich gut in diesem Format eignen.
    10. Empfehlung einer großartigen Quelle für französische LotRO-Spieler.
    11. Frage, ob sich entweder Beutemechaniken oder Dropraten sich ändern werden
      Nach seinem besten Wissen gab es keine Diskussionen dazu innerhalb des Teams, also wird er wahrscheinlich nein sagen.
    12. Sapience erwähnt, dass es Aaron an seinem Schreibtisch von dort aus, wo er sitzt, sehen kann und er LotRO spielt Er ist nicht nahe genug dran, um zu sehen, wo es ist oder welche Klasse er spielt. Ein Whiteboard verdeckt teilweise den Bildschirm, sodass es schwer für ihn ist, dies zu sagen.
    13. Gab es irgendwelche Gedanken für Rassenaufgaben für Elben und ihrem Ruf zum Meer oder nach Valinor
      Interessante Frage, gute Idee. Er regt dazu an, den Vorschlag im Forum zu posten. Es ist ein wenig weit weg und ein wenig außerhalb dessen, was sie angedeutet haben bezüglich welche Aufgaben oder welche Aufgabentypen in zukünftigen Inhalten enthalten sind. Das ist die Art von Dingen, bei denen sie dazu neigen, näher an der Veröffentlichung des genannten Inhalts darüber zu reden.
    14. Über welchen Inhalt freust du dich am meisten, als Beorninger zu spielen
      Wahrscheinlich die Trollhöhen, da es eine natürliche Umgebung für einen Beorninger zu sein scheint. Dies oder Moria - das wäre ein Wahnsinn.
    15. Frage über das Hinzufügen von Schwierigkeitsleveln zu den Großen Schlachten
      Eigentlich gibt es bereits Schwierigkeitsgrade für diese. Die Schwierigkeit liegt darin, die Aufgaben zu erfüllen und sie alle besser zu erledigen, wenn man sie bearbeitet. Du wirst aufgrund deiner Durchführung bewertet, also ist das Stufensystem vorhanden, aber nicht genau das gleiche.
    16. Spielst du DDO
      Er spielte es von Zeit zu Zeit, aber im Allgmeinen hat er nicht eine riesige Menge Zeit und die Zeit, die er für MMOs hat, verbringt er normalerweise auf HdRO oder dazu, verschiedene Spiele auszuprobieren. Er spielte für gewöhnlich auch eine Menge Pen&Paper D&D, aber zuletzt hat er nicht viel Zeit in seiner Zeitplanung für Dinge wie diese.
    17. Welches ist dein Lieblingsgebiet von allen, die überarbeitet worden
      Wahrscheinlich Moria, weil er jetzt schneller hindurchkommt und es nicht mehr so viel Hin und Her ist. Die Dunkelheit macht ihm für gewöhnlich auch nach einer Weile zu schaffen.
    18. Können wir Bullroarer zu den offiziellen Platzierungen hinzugefügt bekommen
      Er denkt, dass dies eine großartige Idee ist und ihm gefällt die Zeile "Nicht beendet aufgrund von Balrogs, 10 Tode", die irgendjemand im Chat gepostet hat, aber er glaubt, dass 10 Tode freundlich gesagt ist. Es waren wahrscheinlich viel mehr als diese. Für ihn bestand dieser Lauf vor Allem daraus, wirklich große Beine und "Willst du dich wiederbeleben"-Fenster zu sehen und Raina kichern zu hören.
    19. Gibt es ein ungefähres Veröffentlichungsdatum für Gondor
      Später. Dies ist die einzige Antwort, die wir im Moment von ihm bekommen können.
    20. Habt ihr je darüber nachgedacht, eine monatliche Fragen&Antworten Runde auf Twitch zu machen
      Ja, haben sie. In gewisser Weise funktionieren die Hobbit-Rennen auf diese Weise, aber sie wollen eine andere Atmosphäre in einem halb-regulären Rhythmus bekommen. Eventuell etwas in der Art, dass es einen ruhenden Bildschirm gibt, sie bringen Devs dazu und chatten einfach mit uns. Es wird definitiv mehr Livestreams geben wie derjenige, den sie mit Chris Martin gemacht haben, als sie das Inventarsystem überarbeitet haben. Es gab einige erste Diskussionen über Hobnanigans und vllt machen sie ein Paar Ausstrahlungen von den Spielen.
      EP Aaron “Rowan” Campbell unterbricht das Leveln seines Hobbits und tritt dem Chat bei.
    21. Was könnt ihr uns über Beorninger erzählen, dass ihr uns noch nicht gesagt habt
      Rowan – Das Beste über Beorninger ist für ihn im Moment, die gewaltige Menge an Informationen und Nachforschungen, die er bezüglich diesen vom Spielerrat erhalten hat.
      Sapience – Ja, es gab bereits einen interessanten Thread über Beorninger im Spielerrat. Sie haben bereits gearbeitet, sogar schon bevor die Ankündigung gemacht wurde. Und sie haben nicht nur über Beorninger geschrieben, sondern auch über andere Dinge, über die sie gern reden wollen, auch.
      Rowan – Eine Sache, die er darüber sagen kann und er denkt, dass er es in seinem Entwicklerbrief angedeutet hat, ist, dass sie es wirklich als eine Mischung von Rase und Klasse sehen, was es zu einer einzigartigen Sachen macht aufgrund ihrer spezifischen Rassenmerkmale und auch die Fertigkeiten, die damit einherkommen
      Sapience – Denkt, das ist großartig, weil es Fragen zu "Wieso nennt ihr es eine Klasse" gab, wenn es eine Art Rasse ist, also es ist eine großartige Antwort. Weil Tolkien sagte, dass er [Beorn - Orodbril] ein Mensch ist, aber er ist ebenso etwas anderes, was ihn mehr als einen Menschen macht.
      Rowan – Der andere Teil, worüber sie gerade nachdenken - ein Teil der Spannung darüber - and dem wurde noch nicht zugesagt, ist es, sie [die Klasse - Orodbril] mit einer fortgeschritteneren Stufe zu starten, wie Stufe 50.
      Sapience – Denkt, das passt gut zu dem "Ich würde sie gern durch Moria spielen"-Kommentar, dass er früher gegeben hatte.
      Rowan – Das ist ungefähr, was sie denken, weil das Heimatland ungefähr zwischen Thal und dem Nebelgebirge liegt, sodass das Nebelgebirge ein gut geeigneter Ort zum Beginnen zu sein scheint.
    22. Sapience wirft die Frage über Rassenaufgaben und Elben und den Ruf der See auf in Verbindung mit dem Fakt, dass sie bald näher an das Meer kommen und fragt, was Rowan darüber denkt
      Rowan – Denkt, dass es eine großartige Idee ist, das könnte etwas sein, dass man an MadeOfLions übergeben kann, wenn er Unterschiede in den epischen Aufgaben einbinden will oder ob er etwas neues einführen will, da sie diese Regionen ausbauen.
    23. Wir haben im letzten Chat gehört, dass die Tauschpreise im Fangorn diskutiert wurden und sich vielleicht verändern könnten, irgendwelche Neuigkeiten dazu
      Rowan– Er hat nicht direkt nach diesem Problem geforscht. Das ist eine Art Kombination von HoarseDev und jwbarry. Er wird sich mit ihnen dazu auseinandersetzen.
      Sapience – Sagt, er wusste, dass es diskutiert wurde und sich nicht sicher war, was damit passieren würde. Er wird sehen, ob er eine Antwort dazu von HoarseDev bekommen kann und es im Mitschriftsthread zu schreiben, wenn er sie hat.
    24. Wie viele Tage hast du gegrinst, als du erfahren hast, dass du zu LotRO zurückkehren wirst
      Rowan – Nunja, es ist weit über einen Monat her und er hat nicht aufgehört zu lächeln, also schätzt er, dass es gut ist.
    25. Kannst du uns irgendeine grobe Schätzung geben, wie lange voraus du gehört hast, dass du nach LotRO zurückkehren wirst, bevor die Spieler es gehört haben
      Rowan – Ungefähr eine Woche. Es war ein wirklich schneller Prozess. Sie machen Änderungen übergeben es ihnen. Er hat lange erwartet, zurückzukommen, aber die eigentliche Überleitung war ziemlich kurzfristig.
      Sapience – Redet darüber, wie Rowan zurückkommt und wie sehr er mit LotRO auf Spielerlevel involviert ist, sowohl jetzt als auch bevor er ging - eine Sache, die viele Leute nicht wissen, ist, dass er ein Teil der Meinungsbefragung war, als das Konzept des Spielerrates das erste Mal entwickelt wurde. Er würde etwas aufschreiben und es an Rowan für Rückmeldungen senden, also er glaubt, dass die meisten Leute nicht realisieren, auf welchem Level der Spielerrat geformt wurde und wie wichtig er für Turbine ist - er will, dass Rowan seine Gedanken dazu teilt
      Rowan – Er war ein LotRO-Spieler seit 2006, und er hat Betarückmeldungen seit den Minen von Moria erhalten, also es ist eine lange Geschichte, hineinzukommen und mit den Spielern zu reden and dazu in Kontakt zu kommen, und der Spielerrat ist nur ein anderer Weg, Menschen zusammenzuziehen und darüber zu reden, was sie tun. Er schaute sogar vorbei, als die Spieler letztes Jahr zu Besuch kamen, obwohl er an einem anderen Projekt arbeitete, um sicherzugehen, dass er zum Abendessen ausgehen konnte und HoarseDevs Leben schwer machen konnte.
      Sapience– Das stimmt, er erinnert sich daran, dass Rowan in das Abendessen des Spielerrats geplatzt ist. Das hatte er vergessen. Es ist interesssant, weil er es gar nicht realisiert hat, bis Rowan es gerade sagte, nämlich das Rowan und er ungefähr zur gleichen Zeit angefangen haben in Bezug auf an LotRO zu arbeiten und vor den Spielern zu stehen.
    26. Herausforderung, Schwierigkeit, Balance - arbeitet ihr immer noch daran
      Sapience – Weiß, dass sie gerade einen ziemlich dramatischen Schritt mit Schadenreduzierungen und Werten durchgebracht haben, denkt, dass aktuell der Fokus darauf gelegt ist, dies zunächst zu optimieren und Feinabstimmungen vorzunehmen.
      Rowan – Die Änderung, die sie machten, war eine dramatische Verlagerung. Man fängt damit an, in großen Stücken zu justieren, und dann setzt man die konkreten Dinge gleich Null. Spezifische Klassen, spezifische Stufenbereiche, spezifische Details. Zusätzlich gewährt dies ihnen eine Menge Möglichkeiten, Anstrenungen und Energie in die Gegenstände, die wir finden, zu stecken, damit sie wirklich wertvoll für uns sind, weil sie die Schwierigkeit etwas reduzieren wollen und uns verschiedene Optionen geben wollen, wie wir unsere Charaktere aufstellen.
    27. Warst du vor LotRO ein Fan von Tolkien. Wenn ja, für wie lange und wie fing es an.
      Rowan – Er denkt, er hat die Trilogie zum ersten Mal vor 32 Jahren gelesen - also er wird uns schätzen lassen, wie alt er war - aber er hat noch immer eine Kollektion, die seinem Vater gehörte, die seinen Namen am Ende trägt.
      Sapience – Er war wahrscheinlich 8 oder 9 Jahre, als ihm das erste Mal der Hobbit vorgestellt wurde, and dann war er wahrscheinlich 10 oder 12, wenn er Herr der Ringe las, oder anfing, es zu lesen. Seitdem hat er wahrscheinlich alle 4 Bücher alle Paar Jahre gelesen. Und seitdem hat er so ziemlich alles gelesen[im original steht geschrieben, aber irgendwie ergibt das keinen Sinn für mich - Orodbril], was Tolkien geschrieben hat mit Ausnahme einiger Poesie und Beowulf, da er eine schreckliche Person ist, und selbst wenn er Beowulf lesen müsste, würde er es nicht genießen, auch wenn ihm erzählt wurde, dass es eine exzellente Übersetzung ist. Seine Lieblingsarbeit von Tolkien sind die Briefe, seine Erklärungen zu hören und wie er manchmal seinen Schock ausdrückt, wie erfolgreich die Bücher waren. Es ist interessant und empfiehlt, es sich einmal anzugucken.
      Rowan – Ist offen und gibt zu, dass er im Silmarillion hängen geblieben ist, es war schwer für ihn zu lesen, aber er erinnert sich an einen Flug, als sie zur GamesCon unterwegs waren, und er las die Gefährten und Jeffrey Steefel schaute zu ihm hinüber und sagte "Dies ist gerade nicht für die Arbeit!" und er sagte "Eigentlich lese ich es zum Spaß!"
      Sapience – Das ist eine Sache, die er denkt, die die Spieler eventuell nicht wissen, dasdie meisten Leute im Team die Bücher [einfach Lore] zum Spaß lesen, da sie diese Werke so genießen. An diesem Projekt zu arbeiten ist etwas, dass er sich als Kind nie hätte vorstellen können, dass er auf irgendeine Weise in Verbindung mit dieser erstaunlichen Sache steht, die Tolkien geschrieben hat. Und dies ist wahrscheinlich für jeden im Team wahr.
      Rowan – Es trifft absolut für jeden im Team zu, ohne Ausnahme. Und es ist ebenso ein Verkaufsargument [??? Anstellungswerbung eventuell eher - Orodbril], wenn Leute zum Team kommen, dass sie sagen können, "Du kommst hier zur Arbeit und kannst über Mordor, Osgiliath oder Rohan nachdenken." Das sind nicht Sachen, die man leichthin sagt.
      Sapience – Und ringsherum hier erhälst du verschiedenen Meinungen zurück, wenn du eine abgibst, und sie werden genauso gut oder besser informiert sein wie deine, in den meisten Fällen vom Blickwinkel auf die Lore. Er lernte früh in seiner Karriere bei LotRO, dass das schlimmste, was du tun kannst, Libby und Pearson in Ecke zu ziehen und zu sagen "Ich habe eine Frage und will deine Meinung zu etwas hören,", da du nun dein gesamtes Mittag platzen lassen hast und es ein endloses Thema sein wird.
    28. Machen die Daten, die ihr bislang über Epische Schlachten gesammelt habt, es leichter, neue Schlachten zu kreieren und zu optimieren, oder ist es immer noch ein mühsamer Prozess, irgendetwas zu tun, dass das Erschaffen oder Optimieren einer Epischen Schlacht beinhaltet
      Rowan – Er denkt wirklich, dass sie dabei in einem 2-Stufen Prozess sind. Die eine ist es, qualitative Live-Optimierungen zu machen und durch direkte Rückmeldungen, die sie erhalten haben, zu graben. Einige der direktesten Rückmeldungen waren, das Solos zu schwer seien, dass Nebenereignisse nicht immer gut in einem Weg, der für solo gut funktioniert, ausbalanciert sind und sie besser für Duos und Gruppen funktionieren. Das ist ihr erster Weg der Annäherung. Darauf folgend, werden sie neue bauen und will sich die Zeit nehmen und über das System als Ganzen nachdenken, wie es in Scharmützel und klassische Raidinstanzen passt. Er ist nicht überzeugt, dass diese Sachen komplett separat sein müssen. Er denkt, dass es eine Menge Raum für Überschneidungen gibt, um eine großartige Geschichte zu erzählen.
    29. Können wir dich, HoarseDev und jwbarry irgendwann bald für einen Livestream-Chat entführen - einfach eine Diskussionsrunde mit Spielern, ohne Hobbitrennen oder Feature/Funktionstour
      Rowan – Sagt, Sapience soll das Programm aufstellen und es sie wissen lassen.
      Sapience – Sagt, dass er das tun wird und legt die Antwort als Ja nieder
    30. Du erwähntest in deinem Entwicklerbrief, dass später im Jahr eine Epische Schlacht kommen wird. Kannst du uns sagen, ob irgendwelche technischen Änderungen mit dieser Schlacht kommen werden, oder wird es nur eine andere Umgebung, eine andere Schlacht, sein
      Rowan – Die ehrliche Antwort ist, dass er es einfach noch nicht weiß. Es gibt ambitionierte Ideen - die Armee der Toten - und er weiß nicht, welche Richtung sie diesbezüglich einschlagen werden, er denkt, sie werden herumexperimentieren.
      Sapience – Dankt Rowan sarkatische für die tausend neuen Forumsthemen, die wahrscheinlich in Gang gesetzt werden.
    31. Ist dies eine Beschreibung der nächsten Schlacht, oder ein "Wir denken darüber nach"
      Sapience – Er denkt, es ist einfach nur ein "Wir denken darüber nach.".
      Rowan – Es ist einfach nur ein reines "Wir denken darüber nach", weshalb er es nicht detailierter beschreibt. Sie wissen, dass sie nach Pelargir gehen werden, sie wissen, dass sie mit Aragorns Geschichte in Berührung kommen, sie sind noch immer dabei zu bestimmen, auf welche Weise sie dies tun werden
      Sapience – Wir brauchen keine 10.000 "Die Armee der Toten ist die nächste Epische Schlacht!" Beiträge. Nein, sie denken darüber nach.
    32. Gab es technische Gründe, warum wir die eigentliche Flutung von Isengard während des Epos nicht gesehen haben, oder gab es andere Gründe
      Rowan – Er würde den technischen Gründen und den Kosten für die Kunst[Entwicklungsausgaben] zustimmen. Sie haben nicht wirklich ein gutes System, dass fließendes Wasser erlauben würde - sie hätten eine Menge zu zeichnen und müssten einen Großteil simulieren. Aber sie wollten, dass wir in der Lage sind zu erleben, ein Teil des Entmarsches und des Eindringes und so weiter zu sein, also versuchten sie, den besten Kompromiss zu finden.
    33. Wird die nächste Epische Schlachte das Abschließen der ersten 5 verlangen, oder wird es etwas sein, dass man direkt machen kann, selbst wenn wir nicht die EPischen Schlachten um Helms Klamm gemacht haben
      Rowan – Gute Frage, er weiß es noch nicht. Er denkt, dass es später in der Geschichte sein wird. Die neuen Gondorregionen, die sie erschaffen, werden alle frei für VIPs sein und nicht hinter Helms Klamm gespannt werden, also seine Schätzung wäre es, dass es keine Erweiterung verlangen wird, aber er denkt nicht, dass sie es bestimmt oder abgegrenzt hätten.
      Sapience – Er glaubt nicht, dass dies die Frage war, er denkt, dass es eher so war, wenn wir Epische Schlacht #6 machen wollen, müssen wir an den vorherigen 5 teilgenommen haben und sie abgeschlossen haben.
      Rowan – Er sieht keinen Grund, warum man an den Epischen Schlachten um Helms Klamm teilgenommen haben müsste, um das nächste zu machen. Obwohl es vielleicht herausfordern wäre. Sie werden sehen, wie es sich entwickelt.
    34. Spontane dynamische Events überall in der Welt - etwas, dass zu LotRO hinzugefügt werden könnte?
      Rowan – Aktuell reden sie viel über Schübe, Boni, Feste und verschiedene Dinge, die man in der Welt machen kann, und die verschiedenen Richtungen, die man gehen kann, nach. Denken nicht soviel darüber nach, die gesamte Welt zu verändern. Die Welt ist sehr linear, verschiedene Orte stellen verschiedene Punkte in der Geschichte dar, also etwas zu tun, dass alles weltweit betrifft, ist ein wenig heikel.
    35. Sapience ruft die Lonely Mountain Band laut aus, um ihnen für das Geschenk, das sie dem Team geschickt haben zu danken. Es war eine 7.-Jublimäumsbox voll mit essbaren Arrangements und schokoladenüberzogene Erdbeeren. Er gab sie Aaron und ließ ihn sie unter dem Team verteilen, nachdem er selbst eine bekommen hat, und er glaubt, sie waren innerhalb von 2 Minuten leer. Danke allen in der LMB, er sagt, es war ein großartiges Geschenk und sehr aufmerksam.
    36. Was bedeuten verschiedene Spielerfarben
      Weiß bedeutet, die Person ist im Rollenspiel, gelb ist ganz normal. Es ist ein handlicher Weg, um herauszufinden, wer in Rollenspiel interessiert ist.
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    Add: Oder soll ich dies in einen separaten Thread schreiben?....
    Nein. Das ist hier schon gut aufgehoben. Ein Link zum Original wäre gut (ich lösche das reine Zitat um es übersichtlicher zu halten).

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    Original-Text hier.

    Fragen und Antworten Hobbits nach Isengard - Firefoot

    Bitte beachtet: Ich umschreibe hier. Alles hier gesagte ist meine [frickinmucks] Interpretation dessen, was gesagt wurde und ist ohne Gewähr und kann korrigiert werden, also nehmt all dies nicht als das letzte Wort.
    Wenn irgendjemand, der anwesend war, irgendwelche Ergänzungen oder Berichtigungen hat, kann er dies gerne posten.

    Fragen und Antworten Hobbits nach Isengard - Firefoot
    Video hier verfügbar.

    1. Frage über das geheime Treffen, von dem Sapience gerade sagte, dass er dabei war
      Ein wirklich hochrangiges Treffen darüber, was getan werden kann, um das Lotteriesystem zu ersetzen. Erwartet nichts baldiges, aber es wird diskutiert und wurde nicht vergessen.
    2. Trägt herauszoomen der Sicht zum Lag bei
      Tut es, aber nicht so viel wie auf Pferden zu sitzen, Umhänge zu tragen etc., da diese Sachen animniert sind und zur Belastung beiträgt.
    3. Frage über die Zierwerkpets, die in den BR 13.1 Versionhinweisen angedeutet wurden
      Er wird keine Details nennen, aber er sagt, dass Huorns erst der Anfang waren. Mehr Zierwerkspets werden folgen zusammen mit weiteren Wegen, sie zu verdienen.
    4. Sapience erwähnt, dass das neue BR-Installationsprogramm fertig ist zum Downloaden und benutzen.
    5. Es gibt im Forum ein Theam über einen Bestellreiter für das Auktionshaus. Kannst du sagen, wie realisierbar dies ist.
      Er ist kein ingenieur und deswegen kann er die Umsetzbarkeit von Dingen wie diesen nicht kommentieren.
    6. Vorschlag, einen Grabstein nahe der Brücke, bei der Hadacar häufig stirbt, hinzuzufügen
      Er liebt diese Idee, er wird es jemanden damit nerven müssen.
    7. Frage über die die Jul[port]karte, wo bringt sie dich hin
      [Nach einiger Diskussion wurde es klargemacht, dass diese alten Karten dich nach Winterheim bringen, aber dort ist niemand und es sind keine Aufgaben aktiv. Man kann ein Stallmeisterpferd von dort nach Bree oder den anderen Startorten nehmen. - Frick] [Genau genommen, ist dort eine Person, die mit einem Besen alles sauber macht; ist irgendwie witzig anzusehen, wenn man vorher die Geschäftigkeit während des Julfestes dort sieht (Foto hier) ^^ - Orodbril]
    8. Wann startet das nächste Fest
      Frühlingsfest – bald, wahrscheinlich nach 13.1, welches sehr bald kommen wird. Es gibt ein Datum, aber er weiß es nicht aus dem Kopf.
    9. Frage über Pferde, die einen im Wasser während der Festrennen absteigen lassen
      Standardpferde sollten einen im Wasser absteigen lassen, es ist ein Wasserhindernis, aber wenn du glaubst, dass es sich nicht richtig verhält, /bug es.
    10. Frage über die neue Klasse
      Es ist ein Beorninger, sie werden in der Lage sein, sich in einen Bären zu verwandeln, und sie werden eine Menge darüber später im Jahr reden. Es gibt ein wenig Informationen, die darüber geteilt wurden, und Rowan erwähnte im letzten Livestream, dass sie einen Start mit Stufe 50 für diese Klasse überdenken. Aber darüber hinaus kann er wirklich nichts dazu sagen. Solche Konversationen werden geschehen, wenn die Zeit [der Veröffentlichung - Orodbril] näher kommt.
    11. Frage über Sapience, ob er an der Extra Life Boston Gilde beteiligt ist
      Ja, er ist Teil dieser Gilde. Ebenso hat Turbine sein eigenes Team und er ist der Kapitän dieses Teams.
    12. Frage über Handwerkssymbole
      Er weiß es nicht, er weiß, dass es auf der Liste steht, aber die Liste ist lang und es gibt eine Menge höherer Prioritäten zuvor auf der Liste.
    13. Gibt es ein festes Veröffentlichungsdatum für Hobnanigans
      Nicht im Moment. Wahrscheinlich eher früher als später. Es ist nah dran, aber sie arbeiten noch immer an ein paar Optimierungen. Falls sie es für U13.1 schaffen, dann werden sie es tun, aber es ist wichtiger, dass alles ordnungsgemäß funktioniert, als es schnell einzuführen.
    14. Können LotRO Spieler Team Turbine für Extra Life beitreten
      Ja, man kann, und man kann noch immer für sein örtliches Krankenhaus spielen, aber die Gesamtsumme wird zum Ergebnis des Teams gerechnet. Wenn du dafür sorgen willst, dass er ein Tattoo bekommt, wirst du direkt auf seiner Seite spenden müssen, aber man kann trotzdem noch immer dem Team Turbine beitreten und mit der Gesamtsumme des Teams helfen.
    15. Was für ein Tattoo
      Das Extra Life Logo auf der Schulter oder auf dem Arm, wenn wir ihm helfen, 100.000$ aufzubringen
    16. Würde es dein erstes Tattoo sein
      Ja, würde es.
    17. Wie kommt es, dass wir nie GMs oder Moderatoren eine aktive Rolle im Spiel spielen sehen
      Ihre Aufgabe ist es, mit Problemen im Spiel zu helfen, nicht interaktiv im Spiel zu sein.
    18. Gab es irgendwelche Diskussionen darüber, die Modekenner-Titel [Fashion Maven - Orodbril] wieder zurück ins Spiel zu bekommen
      Er versucht, einen Weg zu finden, der nicht auf einem Ereignis im Spiel angewiesen ist - Screenshot Wettbewerbe etc.
    19. Werden wir Bullroarer am Ende der diesjährigen Hobbitrennen erneut besuchen
      Er hat noch nicht daran gedacht, aber es könnte Spaß machen.
    20. Wird Horseplay [Sitzungsspiel als Pferd - am Ende des Maiar-Livestreams auf den Stufen vor Orthanc zu sehen - Orodbril] jemals für alle Spieler verfügbar oder im Shop erhältlich sein
      Es war als etwas Exklusives für Vorbestellungen vorgesehen, also würde er es nicht denken, aber er würde niemals nie sagen [legendäre Vorbestellungen genau genommen - Orodbril]
    21. Gibt es Pläne, neue Gebiete für VIPs ein paar Tage früher zu öffnen, wie es vor langer Zeit getan wurde
      Er hat nichts gehört, dass ihn dazubringen würde, zu glauben, dass dies geschehen würde
    22. Irgendwelche neuen VIP Vorteile, die besprochen werden
      Sie denken immer darüber nach, wie man den VIP Service verbessern kann, also es gibt definitiv laufende Diskussionen, aber nichts in Stein gemeißeltes bis jetzt.
    23. Wird Post in der Wildnis jemals etwas im Shop erhältliches werden
      Es wurde speziell als VIP Vorteil entwickelt, also zweifelt er dies stark an.
    24. Geht es um irgendwas bei diesen Rennen
      Es sind nur Rechte zu prahlen. Er wird eventuell etwas für ein oder zwei Tage anstellen - ein Fest oder Schatzkästchenevent oder so etwas - aber bisher ist es nur die Prahlerei.
    25. Was ist mit der Schatzjagd, können wir diese bald anstellen
      Er weiß es nicht, aber er wird die Nachfrage weiterleiten
    26. Kannst du uns Informationen über die Größe der Landmasse, die mit U14 kommt, geben
      Wenn wir näher an U14 kommen, werden sie in der Lage sein, über diese Sachen zu reden, aber aktuell ist der Fokus auf U13.1
    27. Frage, wie Katapulte in den Etten implementiert werden könnten
      Er würde empfehlen, diese Frage im Forum an Jinjaah zu richten
    28. Hattest du die Chance, Infinite Crisis zu spielen, wenn ja, würdest du es jemanden empfehlen, der nie ein MOBA gespielt hat
      Er tut es. Es gibt eine Menge hilfreicher Spieler, und die Mitarbeiter von IC spielen es eine Menge, und manchmal kann man in das Spiel hüpfen. Es ist also ein guter Ort, falls man kein MOBA zuvor gespielt hat. Besonders wenn du ein DC Fan bist, denn wer will nicht selbst Batman oder andere Versionen von Batman sein. Oder wenn du ein Profi bist - er empfiehlt es ebenso für Profis, es gibt eine Menge Profiteams.
    29. Wie oft spielst du LOTRO auf deinem persönlichen Account zum Spaß? Scheint es wie Arbeit zu sein, wenn du es spielst
      Er spielt weit häufiger, als die Leute denken, aber nicht so oft, wie er gerne würde. Es scheint nicht wie Arbeit für ihn zu sein, außer wenn er dem GLFF/Serverchannel eine Menge Beachtung schenkt.
    30. Verlangt dein Job von dir, zu spielen
      Nein, aber er kam zu dem Job, weil er das Spiel viel spielte.
    31. Was liebst du am meisten über deinen Job
      Leute online und im RL zu treffen und mit ihnen zu interagieren. Zu sehen, dass eine Änderung, für die er eine Weile gefochten hat, es schließlich ins Spiel gebracht hat. Aber für jeden im Team ist es immer die Lieblingssache, sich mit anderen Spielern zu treffen.
    32. Würdest du eine Tour durch das Büro mit Interviews von den Devs machen
      Es wurde bereits zuvor vorgeschlagen. Es ist nicht außerhalb des Reichs der Möglichkeiten, aber die logistische Herausforderung ist es, jeden vor die Kamera zu bekommen und es gefilmt und bearbeitet zu bekommen, ohne dass es ewig benötigt.
    33. Weißt du, ob die Charaktermodelle für männliche Elben noch immer justiert werden
      Nichts, wovon er wüsste.
    34. Frage über "Automatische Gefährten", in den U13.1 Versionhinweisen erwähnt wurden
      Du kannst jemanden als automatischen Gefährten markieren, und wenn sie dich markieren, werdet ihr beide automatisch in eine Gefährtengruppe gefügt, solange ihr beide zur Verfügung steht
    35. Irgendwelche Diskussionen über Herunterskalieren
      jwbarry hatte eigentlich kürzlich gesagt, dass es schwerer als Hochskalieren ist, und es eine Menge Dinge gibt, die damit schiefgehen können. Also es ist nichts, dass sie sich momentan anschauen. Aber das bedeutet nicht, dass sie nie darüber nachdenken werden oder es nie tun werden, es ist einfach nichts, an dem sie momentan arbeiten.
    36. Welches Headset benutzt du
      Es ist ein Tritton Headset, Full Surround. Ein wirklich gutes, komfortables Headset. Sie vergaben sie in der Vergangenheit in RL-Spielerevents
    37. In den 13.1 Versionhinweisen auf BR wird nirgendwo der Bug mit den Beruhigungsaufgaben erwähnt
      Seine Abwesenheit von den BR Versionhinweisen bedeutet nicht, dass er von der endgültigen U13.1-Veröffentlichung abwesend sein wird. Einer der Ingenieure erwähnt später im Steam, dass er repariert scheint und in der U13.1 Veröffentlichung sein wird.
    38. Frage über die Vergabe von Headsets
      Das könnte ein Weg sein, mehr Leute in den Stream zu bekommen - ein paar Streuartikel zu haben. Er wird darüber nachdenken.
    39. Sapience kommentiert, wie viele Frauen LotRO spielen und er denkt, das ist großartig, und je mehr Frauen es gibt, die spielen, desto großartiger ist es für die Industrie als Ganzes.
    40. Wird es mehr epische Schlachten mit dem nächsten Update geben oder überarbeitet ihr nur die aktuellen
      Er ist sich nicht sicher, ob es irgendwelche Überarbeitungen oder Änderungen am System im nächsten Update gibt, aber für eine neue Schlacht sollte man nicht bis später im Jahr Ausschau halten.
    41. Frage, einen “Gibt diesem Charakter eine Stimme” Wettbewerb zu haben
      Er kann dazu nicht viel sagen, aber es gibt Probleme with Synchronsprechern, und Begrenzungen, in denen sie arbeiten müssen, also wird es wahrscheinlich nichts sein, dass sie tun könnten.
    42. Gab es Gelegenheiten, bei den Spieler mit Wettbewerben zum Content beigetragen haben
      Ja, in Form von Gegenständen. Spieler haben Umhangdesigns und andere Dinge beigetragen. Der Wig-feld Umhang, der in der Spalte droppt, ist spielergestaltet. Es gibt ein Paar Festpferde, die von Spielern gestaltet wurden. Das Cremello-Pferd war ursprünglich spielerdesignt, und sie haben die Farben ein wenig angepasst, um zu den Pax East und Pax West Shows zu passen, und um zu den Farbschemen der Shows zu passen, an denen sie sie ausgaben. Aber das ursprüngliche Design war spielergestaltet.
    43. Wird der One Fund Umhang jemald färbbar sein
      Nein. Er wurde speziell designt, um zu the One Fund für Opfer des Boston Marathons zu passen.
    44. Wird es außer Bären andere Formen für Beorninger geben
      Nicht wahrscheinlich, aber es ist zu früh, um darüber in irgendeinem Detail zu reden.
    45. Frage über Stufe 95 Rüstungssets
      Kein Wort dazu
    46. Irgendeine Chance für eine Kriegsziege
      Keine Pläne für eine Kriegsziege, Entschuldigung
    47. Können wir einen Alles kombinieren Button für Relikte erhalten
      Es wurde dem Team vorgeschlagen, aber er hat keine weiteren Informationen dazu.
    48. Hat jeder Turbinemitarbeiter seinen eigenen Schreibtisch und Arbeitscomputer
      Ja, jeder hat eine eigene Maschine. Einige der Devs haben zwei Maschinen. Er teilt einen Arbeitsbereich/Schreibtisch mit dem eCommerce Manager, damit er schnell Antworten zu Fragen bezüglich des Shops erhalten kann. Jeder ist in einer guten Entfernung, um mit jedem anderen zu kommunizieren.
    49. Werdet ihr damit fortfahren, den Berittenen Kampf zu unterstützen
      Er wäre in der Tat sehr überrascht, wenn sie je aufhören würden, den Berittenen Kampf zu unterstützen.
    50. Frage darüber, das Aussehen von legendären Waffen zu ändern
      Er ist sich keiner Pläne bewusst, dies zu tun, aber er denkt, dass es ein guter Vorschlag ist, den man zu den Foren bringen kann, und die Devs werden es sich ansehen
    51. Frage darüber, einen angemessenen Fette-Dame-Charakter zu erstellen
      Vorschläge wie diese sollten im Vorschlagsforum gemacht werden
    52. Wenn du ein Easter Egg im Spiel für irgendeine große Fangemeinde platzieren könntest, was wäre es
      Ein ausrüstbarer brauner Umhang von Firefly, das Zierwerk ist. Da er aber nicht dafür zuständig ist, Dinge wie diese hinzuzufügen, sind wir wahrscheinlich sicher vor einer Invasion von Braunmänteln. Da es soviele Herr-der-Ringe-Referenzen in Big Bang Theory gibt, könnte es vielleicht angemessen sein, etwas von dieser Show zu haben. Basierend auf den Kommentaren von Leuten im Chat, schließt er, dass es möglicherweise am besten wäre, eine Aufgabe zu haben, die einem mit einem Hosuing-Gegenstand belohnt, dass es einem erlaubt den Song "Soft Kitty" von der Show in deinem Haus zu spielen.
    53. Gibt es eine Sache, die vom Spielerrat 2013 vorgebracht wurde, die du gerne implementiert sehen würdest, aber weißt, dass es nicht sein kann
      Es gibt eine lange Liste mit Dingen, die vorgeschlagen worden, es wäre also hart, eineSache auszuwählen. Alle Vorschläge und Konversationen wurden archiviert, sodass es möglich ist, dass noch immer etwas aus diesen Diskussionen herauskommt. Aber um die Frage zu beantworten - aus dem Kopf heraus fällt ihm nichts ein
    54. Wird es richtige Endgame Raids und Gruppeninhalte geben, etwas das über Gruppen entsperrt wird und nicht für casuals zugänglich ist
      Er könnte eine große Diskussion dazu machen, was einen "Casual" ausmacht, aber das ist nicht der Punkt der Frage. Jedesmal, wenn du einem Spieler erzählst "Du kannst es nicht spielen, egal ob du dafür bezahlt hast oder nicht", ist es keine gute Idee.
    55. Der Fragende stellt klar, dass sie nur meinten, ob es irgendwelche Raids geben wird
      Nein, das wurde ziemlich klar mit dem Entwicklerbrief von EP Aaron "Rowan" Campbell gemacht und wurde vom Team viele Male wiederholt.
    56. Gibt es einen Zeitrahmen für die neue Klasse und U14
      Ja zu beiden, aber erkann diese Daten nicht teilen. Außerdem sind es separate Dinge und sie sind nicht im gleichen Zeitrahmen.
    57. Können Devsr Spieler dazubringen, sich vor ihnen zu verbeugen
      Nicht, solange sie keine Hauptmänner sind. Debs haben keine speziellen Zwangsemotes.
    58. Findet dieses Event jedes Jahr statt
      Das Event ist neu dieses Jahr. Einige Spieler fragten, dass es zurückkehrt. Von dem er denkt, dass es eine großartige Idee ist.
    59. Gibt es wirklich ein LOTRO "Gefängnis", in das störende Trolle gesteckt werden
      Ja, es gibt wirklich ein Gefängnis im Spiel, zu dem ein GM einen schicken kann. Es gibt ein richtiges Gefängnis. Also wie man kann nicht daraus hinauskommen, bis sie einen hinauslassen. Keine Karten, keine Ports, keine Rufe. Du bleibst, bis sie dich gehen lassen. Angenommen sie lassen dich gehen. Und falls du ausloggst, das nächste Mal, dass du einloggst ... immer noch im Gefängnis.
    60. Wurde es jemals genutzt, um Trolle zu disziplinieren?
      Es wurde in der Vergangenheit benutzt, ja.
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    Jun 2011
    Original-Text hier.

    Fragen und Antworten Hobbits nach Isengard - Maiar

    Bitte beachtet: Ich umschreibe hier. Alles hier gesagte ist meine [frickinmucks] Interpretation dessen, was gesagt wurde und ist ohne Gewähr und kann korrigiert werden, also nehmt all dies nicht als das letzte Wort.

    Wenn irgendjemand, der anwesend war, irgendwelche Ergänzungen oder Berichtigungen hat, kann er dies gerne posten.

    Fragen und Antworten Hobbits nach Isengard - Maiar
    Video hier verfügbar.

    Gast für diesen Lauf - EP Aaron "Rowan" Campbell

    Update 13.1 wird am Montag, den 5. Mai, zusammen mit vielen Dingen inklusive der Reparatur der Beruhigungsquests erscheinen. Ebenso gibt es Optimierungen, um das Zierwerkpet-System zu erweitern, eine Sortier-Funktion für das Inventar, Aktualisierungen für die Post, sodass man Anhänge mit Drag&Drop in eine Nachricht schieben kann, ohne eines der Felder treffen zu müssen. Es kommten also gute Sachen am Montag.

    1. Wenn 13.1 am Montag herauskommt, bedeutet das, dass wir das Frühlingsfestnächste Woche bekommen
      Nein, das Frühlingsfest wird gegen Ende Mai kommen. Er hat kein genauer Datum, aber wenn er es hat, wird er es uns wissen lassen.
      Sie haben vielleicht etwas anderes für uns nächste Woche, aber er wird uns jetzt nicht sagen, was.
    2. Frage über Zierwerkpets
      Er kann gerade wirklich nicht den weitergehenden Gedankenprozess mit Zierwerkspets ins Detail diskutieren oder zu tief in die Rückmeldungen, die sie bis jetzt haben gehen, hauptsächlich, da das Team von dem Ganzen das Wesentliche ableitet und aktiv erwägt. wie viel davon sie implementieren können.
    3. Wird es ein Update 13.2 geben, or ist das Nächste Update 14
      Aktuell ist das schwer zu sagen. Es ist noch nicht in Stein gemeißelt, ob sie weitere Updates vor 14 haben werden. Allgemein gesagt, Punkt-Veröffentlichungen [.1 etc. - Orodbril] tendieren dazu, klein zu sein, also wenn du irgendetwas Großes in Bezug auf Inhalte zwischen jetzt und 14 erwartest, ist dies unwahrscheinlich. Punktveröffentlichungen enthalten für gewöhnlich Fehlerbehebungen und diese Art von Dingen.
    4. Wird U13.1 die französischen und deutschen Karten ausbessern
      Ja, wird es. Er hat es überprüft und sie werden definitiv in 13.1 am Montag enthalten sein.
    5. Frage über die 2 Stufenerhöhungen dieses Jahr
      Er weiß, dass es einige Diskussionen unter den Spielern über die Erhöhungen gab, aber das Team hat sie nicht nochmals überlegt. Sie sind immer noch geplant.
    6. Frage über das neue Lotteriensystem
      Bis jetzt gab es nur hochrangige Diskussionen darüber, noch keine konkreten Pläne. Er wird uns auf dem Laufenden halten, wenn er mehr Informationen darüber hat.
    7. Frage über Ausrüstung und Legendäre Gegenstände für die Höchststufenerhöhung
      Er weiß nichts bestimmtes darüber, wie viele Rüstungssets geplant sind, wie Ausrüstung etc. mit der Stufenerhöhung gehandhabt wird. Er denkt, dass es wahrscheinlich immer noch eine Diskussionen darüber gibt.
    8. Um welche Uhrzeit kommt das Update am Montag
      Updates tendieren dazu, am Morgen bis zur Mittagszeit EST gemacht zu werden. Ungefähr 4 Stunden Ausfallzeit ist, was sie erwarten.
    9. Ist es schwer als kreativer Schriftsteller oder Drehbuchautor in Spielefirmen zu kommen
      Falls du über einen eigentlichen Drehbuchautoren sprichst, wahrscheinlich. Er weiß, dass Spielefirmen immer nach guten Autoren schauen, um Handlungsstänge, Aufgaben etc. zu schreiben. Sie haben ein Paar wirklich gute Autoren, die veröffentlichende Autoren sind, die den gesamten Handlungsstrang und einen guten Teil der Aufgabentexte schreiben, und die sehr tief im Legendarium eingetaucht sind. Er würde nicht sagen, ob sie irgendwie schwieriger als jeder andere Beruf sind. Es ist genauso wetteifernd.
    10. Irgendwelche Pläne, die Schatzjagd irgendwann demnächst anzuschalten
      Jedes Mal, wenn er herumschaut, um die Person zu fragen, die für diese Dinge zuständig ist, ist diese nicht da. Nicht, dass er sich dessen bewusst wäre. Er weiß, dass die andere Sachen geplant haben. Also wird es wahrscheinlich nicht zu irgendeiner Zeit in diesem Monat passieren. Aber er wird es nochmals prüfen und sichergehen, dass er es auf den neuesten Stand bringt.
    11. Kannst du deine Kamera herumdrehen, sodass wir ein Blick darüber erhalten, was du von deinem Schreibtisch aus siehst
      Er denkt, dass die Leute enttäuscht sein werden, da es größtenteils nur ein Haufen Kram auf seinem Schreibtisch ist. Er dreht die Kamera herum, und zeigt, dass er auf seinem Schreibtisch den Preis zu stehen hat, die sie vor einer Weile für die leidenschaftlichste Fangemeinde gewonnen haben, ein paar Luftfahrtsachen, ein paar Der Herr der Ringe Figuren, ein paar Der Herr der Ringe Pez [sowas für diejenigen, die es nicht kennen - Orodbril], ein Rohanbanner in den Sparren.
    12. Welches Tier hoffst du am meisten, als Zierwerkpet zu sehen
      Er spielt einen Kundigen, also hat er den Begleiter, den er wirklich mag - die kleine Schildkröte. Um sich zu dem, was die Leute im Chat sagen, zu äußern, er würde nicht Nein zu einem Pinguin sagen, aber glaubt nicht, dass sich fürchterlich zum Legendarium passen.
    13. Hast du über einen Namen für deinen neuen Beorninger-Charakter nachgedacht, wenn du ihn erstellst
      Noch nicht, aber alle seine Charaktere tendieren dazu, einem Thema zu folgen. Er wird es uns nicht erzählen, da wir sonst in der Lage wären, herauszufinden, was seine persönlichen Charaktere sind.
    14. Was denkst du über Balance - glaubst du, dass einige Charaktere mächtiger sind als andere in PvE und PvP, und glaubst, dass einige Klassen eine Überarbeitung benötigen
      Er denkt, Balance ist eine komplizierte Angelegenheit. Er weiß, dass sich das Team bewusst ist, dass es noch immer Balanceprobleme gibt, sie haben einen ziemlich schweren Durchgang an der Schwierigkeit durchgeführt, was es nötig machen wird, ein paar Balancedurchgänge anschließend durchzuführen. Soweit es Klassen betrifft, die besser oder schlechter im PvMP sind, ist dies etwas, dass eine Art Design ist. PvMP ist nicht für 1vs1 ausgeglichen, es ist für Gruppe gegen Gruppe ausbalanciert. Also jedesmal, wenn man ein 1vs1 hat, gibt es eine angemessene Chance, dass einer der beiden mächtiger als der andere ist. Die Ettenöden sind als eine Gruppenumgebung gestaltet.
    15. Hat irgendwer einen Huorn-Begleiter im Spiel erhalten
      Viele haben es. Er hat sie auf Rennen gesehen, er hat einen auf seinem Spielcharakter erhalten und er hat eine Anzahl von ihnen auch im Spiel gesehen. Sie sind dazu gedacht, selten zu sein und schwer zu erhalten.
    16. Bitburger oder Fürstenberg [die Frage durfte auf einem deutschen Server nicht, fehlen oder was ? - Orodbril]
      Er wird hier Unwissenheit beanspruchen müssen, er weiß nicht, was der Vergleich ist. Jemand im Chat erwähnt, dass es Bier ist, aber er hat nie eines der beiden probiert. Es gibt ein paar Orte in der Nähe, wo sie ein paar großartige Importe holen, nicht nur bekannte Importe, aber von einem bestimmten, an den er denkt, wird von zwei Frauen aus Hamburg betrieben, die so ziemlich alles, was du willst, bringen. Jemand im Chat erwähnt Kölsch, und er gibt zu, dass er es ziemlich mag.
    17. Was ist die Wahrscheinlichkeit, dass wir jemals andere Arten von Reittieren abgesehen von Pferden und Ziegen sehen werden
      Er wäre sehr überrascht, falls jemals andere hinzugefügt werden würden. Es ist nicht so, dass sie spontan Tiere erfinden können und die Sinn ergeben lassen können. Falls diese Frage zu fliegenden Reittieren führt, meint er, dass es nicht sehen kann, dass dies jemals geschieht. Es ist nicht einmal etwas, worüber sie auch nur nachdenken. Jeder erschauert jedesmal, wenn es erwähnt wird.
    18. Werden die neuen Farben Walnussbraun und Stahlblau zum Kriegsross-Ausrüstungs Färbepack hinzugefügt
      Er überprüft es mit dem eCommerce Manager, der neben ihm sitzt, und der sagt, dass er keine Änderungen dazu hat, aber er sagt, dass er den Vorschlag weiterleitet.
    19. Aus dem deutschen übersetzte Frage – wie sieht es mit den Feinoptimierungen aus bezüglich zurück zu den Wurzeln/Anfängen
      Er nimmt an, an einen Punkt zu gelangen, wo alle Klassen besser balanciert sind und sich jeder gemütlicher mit seiner Klasse fühlt. Es ist ein fortlaufender Prozess, alles ausbalanciert un ein wenig mehr Schwierigkeit ins Spiel zu bekommen. U13 hatte einen ziemlich großen Schwierigkeitswechsel dazu. Er weiß, dass ein paar Leute denken, dass es ein wenig zu weit in die eine Richtung war, aber er auch Leute sagen gehört, dass sie nun, wo sie dies herausgefunden haben und wissen, wie sie sich ein wenig anders ausrüsten müssen, dass es gut funktioniert und das es nun nicht so schlecht ist, wie sie dachten, dass es ist. Aber es ist etwas, an dem das Team arbeitet und es ist ein fortlaufender Prozess.
    20. Wird LotRO wieder ein Rollenspiel
      Er ist sich nicht sicher, ob er die Frage versteht. Sie haben Rollenspiel-Server, es gibt einen französischen Rollenspiel-Server, einen deutschen Rollenspiel-Server und einen englischen Rollenspiel-Server, die im Launcher als Rollenspiel-Server aufgelistet sind. Es gibt auch einen englischen Rollenspiel unterstützenden Server, der keine Rollenspiel-Regeln hat, aber es gibt viel Rollenspiel fort. Er redet über Landroval, den Rollenspiel unterstützenden Server.
    21. Was ist der Unterschied zwischen Rollenspiel und Rollenspiel-ermutigt
      Mit Rollenspiel haben sie eine Reihe von Rollenspielregelungen durchgesetzt. Es wird von einem erwartet, wenigstens in seinem Charakter zu bleiben, keine befremdlichen Namen zu haben, von denen nicht halbwegs erwartet werden kann, ins Legendarium zu passen. Ein Rollenspiel unterstützender Server hat keine dieser Regeln auferlegt. Stell ihn dir als eine Art leichte Variante eines Rollenspiel-Servers vor. Irgendwo kann man Rollenspielen gehen, , aber es wird nicht erwartet. Falls du einen Namen wählen willst, der nicht 100% ins Legendarium passt, wird dich keiner deswegen bedrängen.
    22. Frage über die neue Automatische Gefährten-Funktion
      Grundsätzlich falls du jemanden als automatischen Gefährten markierst, und falls sie dich als automatischen Gefährten markieren, wird es euch automatisch in eine Gefährtengruppe stecken, wenn du einloggst, falls dein Freund ebenfalls eingeloggt ist und es ihm möglich ist, einer Gefährtengruppe beizutreten(nicht in einer Solo-Instanz, kein Solo-Scharmützel oder Ähnliches tut, und wenn nicht einer von euch bereits in einer Gefährtengruppe ist).
    23. Ein Paar Veranstaltungen im Spiel werden erwähnt. Weatherstock is am Samstag, den 14. Juni auf Landroval, und am Samstag, den 17. Mai ist das Spring Racing Carnival auf Landroval
    24. Habt ihr eine Explosion in den Shop-Verkäufen gesehen, jetzt, da Spieler einige Shopgegenstände per Post an andere Accounts versenden können
      Er hat keine Zahlen. Niemand kam zu ihm und sagte, Wow, die Verkäufe sind in die Höhe geschossen. Das war nicht wirklich das Thema dieses Features. Es ging darum, eine Nachfrage anzugehen, die es bereits gab. Leute, die zwei Accounts haben und etwas auf dem einen kaufen wollen und dann auf den anderen bringen wollen. Spieler, die jemand anderem etwas schenken wollten, diese Art von Sachen. Es war etwas, wonach Spieler gefragt haben und da sie bereits am Postsystem für das "überall-öffnen"-Feature für VIPs gearbeitet haben, haben sie entschieden, dieses Feature hinzuzufügen.
    25. EP Aaron “Rowan” Campbell tritt dem Chat bei.
    26. Könnt ihr uns darüber hinaus, was schon in den 13.1 Hinweisen bekannt ist, irgendwelche weiteren Informationen über die Zierwerkpets und ihre Zukunft geben
      Rowan – Aktuell haben sie ein System in Entwicklung, dass es ihnen ermöglicht eine Gruppe von Begleitern zu sammeln, eine Kollektion von Begleitern, und für diese Belohnungen zu erhalten. Er weiß noch nicht genau, was sie dafür im Sinn haben. Offensichtlich werden sie mehr von diesen zum Spiel hinzufügen, falls sie dies [dieses System - Orodbril] tun werden. Also es geht wirklich darum, wie sehr die Leute sie genießen, wie aufgeregt sie sind, und wie viele wir sehen wollen und welcher Art wir sie sehen wollen
      Sapience – Es gab eine Nebenunterhaltung im Chat darüber, welche [Begleiter] Spieler gerne sehen würden, und er glaubt, ein Pinguin war weit oben auf der Liste, zusammen mit einem Waschbären. Vielleicht ist es jedoch nicht passend zum Legendarium.
      Rowan– Während es Wege gibt, wo sie das Legendarium strecken können, ist er sich nicht sicher, wieviel Tolkien über Pinguine geredet hat.
      Sapience – Scheint daran zu erinnern, dass Forochel einen ziemlich großen Mangel an Pinguinen hatte.
    27. Was wäre mit einem Waschbären – könnte ein Waschbär angemessen gemacht werden
      Rowan – Hierfür muss er zu den Legendarium-Kennern/Kundigen [lore masters ist in dem Kontext mMn zweideutig, ob er die Kundigenspieler oder für die Lore verantwortliche Teammitarbeiter meint - Orodbril] gehen, um es herauszufinden. Sie hatten solche Probleme mit einfachen Dingen wie Eichhörnchen, sodass er zögert, einfach ja zu sagen.
    28. Was ist, wenn mehrere Leute deiner Autumatische Gefährten-Liste ungefähr zur gleichen Zeit auftauchen, endet man in einem Raid, und wer ist der Anführer
      Rowan – Das war ein Nebenprojekt von einem der Ingenieure, der dachte, dass es großartig wäre, mit engen Freunden aktiv und zusammen zu spielen. Was es tun wird, ist, dass es ein Paar von Spielern wählt, die in eine Gefährtengruppe wollen, und sie in ein Gefährtengruppe steckt. Also falls ein Mitglied bereits in einer Gruppe ist, wird es niedmanden zu dieser Gruppe hinzufügen. Das Maximum, dass die automatische Gefährtengruppe liefern wird, ist eine Zweiergruppe, weil beide online sind und beide sagten, dass sie zusammen mit dem anderen in eine Gefährtengruppe wollen.
    29. HoarseDev erwähnte vor einer Weile Sippen und eine Dinge, über die er zu tun gedacht hat. Irgendetwas neues, irgendetwas, das ihr uns mitteilen könnt
      Rowan – Die Sippenelemente, die ihm bekannt sind, sind das, das sie in die nächste Phase schicken, das Herausbringen neuer Arten von Gegenständen, über die HoarseDev ein wenig gesprochen hat, und sie haben über die Sippenhandwerksache gesprochen - sie nähern sich diesem in verschiedenen Wegen.Sie sind in der Lage, neue Gegenstände, die Spieler individuell anpassen können - viel leichter als das System für Legendäre Gegenstände - einzufügen, und wenn dies mit U14 erst einmal draußen ist, ist der nächste Schritt, den sie sich angucken, ein Gruppenelement dazu hinzuzufügen, ein Sippenelement dazu hinzuzufügen, und es wird einen bessere Gegenstände erschaffen lassen, weil du mit deinen Freunden gespielt hast, mit dein Sippe gespielt hast, bestimmte Taten oder Leistungen als Gruppe vollbracht hast, und du kontinuierlich mit dem Spiel involviert gewesen bist und ein Teil des Spiels gewesen bist.
      Sapience – Das gewährt ein wenig Einsicht, wohin sie an der Sippenfront gehen werden, und vielleicht auch ein paar andere Gebiete, auf denen sie im Laufe des Jahres voranschreiten werden.
    30. Leute im Chat lobbyieren für Frettchen-Begleiter
      Rowan – Irgendwie klingt Frettchen um Einiges vernünftiger. Fragt, ob sie es soweit nach Norden geschafft haben.
      Sapience – Sagt, dass Spieler anmerken, dass die Trolle in den Filmen Bilbo ein Frettchen nannten, und einer der Leute im Tänzelnden Pony in Die Gefährten hat ein Frettchen.
      Rowan – Sagt, falls man Verweise in den Büchern findet, werden wir sie nehmen.
      Sapience – Spricht eine Herausforderung an die Spieler aus, ob wir Verweise zu Frettchen im geschriebenen Legendarium - gemeint sind die Bücher - finden; sie werden über sie als zukünftige Zierwerkpets nachdenken.
      Rowan – Spezifisch die Trilogie.
      Sapience – Spezifisch die Trilogie, wie Die Gefährten, Die Zweit Türme oder die Wiederkehr des Königs. Beginnt, die Anhänge am Ende der Wiederkehr des Königs zu treffen.
    31. Was ist mit Sippenverwaltungswerkzeuge, die mit der Handwerkssache kommen - ist irgendetwas wie das eine Möglichkeit
      Rowan – Sagt, dass dies vollkommen im Bereich der Diskussionen liegt, und nicht der Begrenzungen. Es gibt eine Menge großartige Ideen über Sippen, viele großartige Ideen, wie man sie aktualisieren und verbessern kann. Zum Beispiel hatten sie Ränge für Sippen seit einer langen Zeit und sie haben wirklich nicht viel mit ihnen gemacht, die Werkzeuge, diese zu aktualisieren, zu verwalten und die Gruppen zu aktualisieren sind aktuell ziemlich dünn, also gibt es eine Menge Raum, dies auszudehnen und wachsen zu lassen. Aber es ist sehr weit im Reich von "Hier ist ein Liste von wirklich coolen Dingen, die wir gerne tun würden" und noch keinen Zeitplan oder die Leute, um sie durchzuführen, haben.
    32. Auch wenn wir wissen, dass ihr kein großes Housing Update machen werdet, wie stehen die Chancen, dass wir ein paar neue Housing Gegenstände erhalten werden, um sie im existierenden Housing System zu platzieren.
      Rowan – Die Chancen, dass sie neue Housing-Gegenstände machen werden, sind sehr realistisch. Er denkt, dass sie damit fortsetzen werden, mehr dekorative Gegenstände zu erschaffen, und dass es ein scöner Weg ist, um Festivals, Events, neuen Abenteuergebieten und Aufgaben Würze zu verleihen. Sie haben bereits gesagt, dass sie keine komplette Systemüberarbeitung machen, aber er ist vollkommen offen, kleine Änderungen durchzuführen, woauchimmer sie sie finden können. Im Grunde die "Lebensqualität"-Art von Sache. Wir haben gesehen, wie sie ähnliche Dinge kürzlich mit der Post, oder dem Inventar, gemacht haben. Sie können Dinge in kleinen Wegen verbessern, die einen dramatischen Einfluss darauf haben, wie wir spielen.
    33. Sapience bringt eine Diskussion, die im Chat über den berühmten Sippenüberarbeitungsvorschlag / kinship revamp proposal stattfindet, hervor.
      Sapience – Er ist nun seit einer langen Zeit im Forum und sie sind sich alle wirklich dessen bewusst, und denken, dass es ein großartiger Vorschlag ist, aber es gibt einige Realitäten über das Implementieren von Spielervorschlägen, und manchmal haben Spieler fantastische Vorstellungen, die nicht nicht wirklich in die Spielarchitektur, in ihre Werkzeuge und in die Spielengine passen. Fragt Rowan, einige dieser Herausforderungen anzusprechen, und Spielern zu helfen, in Zukunft bessere Vorschläge zu machen.
      Rowan – Die erste Sache, die sie bedenken, ist eine Sache des hinteren Endes [des Systems - Orodbril] - wie unterstützt die Spielarchitektur es, wie unterstützen die Systeme, die es bereits gibt, es, haben sie bereits einen Code, um dies voranzubringen. Dies ist nichts, das einfach oder bereitstehend für Spieler verfügbar sein wird, wir werden nicht in der Lage sein, dies direkt zu sehen. Darüber hinaus denkt er, dass der beste Hinweis, den er zu diesem Thema geben kann, ist, über Dinge in Bezug auf schrittweise Änderungen oder zusätzliche Änderungen zu was bereits existiert nachzudenken. Zum Beispiel, falls sie wissen, dass sie ein Sippensystem haben und dieses Sippensystem hat Ränge, welches Feature können sie hinzufügen, um Ränge besser zu machen? Was für ein Feature können sie hinzufügen, um das Verwalten unserer Sippen oder unserer Liste von Leuten dort besserzumachen? Dies sind Wege, in denen sie sich irgendwie einhängen können und wirklich gezielt Dinge ansprechen, ausbauen und wachsen lassen können. Falls es bedeutet, dass sie vollkommen neue Bedienungsfelder, komplett neue Benutzeroberflächen, vollkommen neue Fortschrittssysteme entwickeln müssen, ist dies ein komplett anderer Projektumfang, und dies ist ein komplett anderer Diskussionsumfang.
      Sapience – Er hat manchmal Leute vom Team, die zu ihm kommen und sagen, "Dies ist ein wirklich großartiger Vorschlag, aber es ist nicht im Rahmen dessen, was wir realistisch tun können." Es kann hart sein, dies den Leuten zu erklären. Sie klingen fantastisch und es klingt so einfach, aber wenn sie anfangen, in den praktischen grundlagen herumzuwühlen, ist es dies normalerweise nicht.
    34. Was ist mit Möbelplätzen, können wir die Plätze, die wir gerade haben, neu zugeteilt bekommen, sodass sie mehr Typen von Gegenständen akzeptieren
      Rowan – Glück für ihn, dass er in der Tat dabei war, als sie das Housingsystem gebaut haben, und eine der größten Arten von Fehlern, die ein Teil dessen waren, war "Dinge passen nicht in ihre Plätze, Dinge sinken in die Wand hinein". Also grundsätzlich hängten sie etwas an seinen Platz und dieser bestimmte Gegenstand würde nicht angemessen an die Wand angrenzen. Es würde zu weit einsinken, zu weit herausreichen oder erschien einfach nicht auf eine Weise, die zufriedenstellend war und Sinn machte. Also das Anpassen, um verschiedene Größen von Gegenständen in verschiedene Plätze passen zu lassen, präsentiert diesen Problemsumfang auf einem größerern Pfad, weil es jetzt hunderte und aberhunderte Housinggegenstände gibt. Also das wäre kein Ort, wo er sich zunächst hinbegeben würde. In Bezug auf mehr Plätze zu liefern, oder den Grundriss von Häusern zu verändern - diese Art Sache, das ist defintiv ein Bereich, den er gern erkunden würde und mit dem er gern herumexperimentieren würde.
    35. Basieren die U13.1 Veränderungen auf Vorschlägen des Spielerrates - dem letztjährigen oder dem diesjährigen
      Sapience – Nicht wirklich. Es ist ein wenig zu früh für den diesjährigen Spielerrat, obwohl sie bereits an einigen Fragen arbeiten, und von seinen Gespärchen mit Rowan ein wenig früher, sind sie dabei, ihnen eine Menge zu geben, an dem sie arbeiten werden. Es ist ein Art von den zwischendurch-Dingen. Es gab etwas, dass sie im Meeting am Morgen kurz gestriffen haben, er weiß nicht, ob Rowan etwas mit uns teilen will, das der Spielerrat - sowohl der letztjährige als auch der diesjährige - bereits zu ihrer Aufmerksamkeit gebracht haben als eine schöne Änderung der Lebensqualität, nach der die Spieler fragten. Er fragt Rowan, ob sie darüber sprechen können, ob er sich erinnert, worauf er sich bezieht.
      Rowan – Bittet Sapience, ihm zu erzählen, was es ist.
      Sapience – Sagt, “Globale chat channels – Yay, Nay?” (“Globale Chatkanäle– Juhu, nicht wahr?”)
      Rowan – Sagt ja, sie tun es, er glaubt für U14.
      Sapience – Sagt, dass sie im Meeting diesen Morgen aufkamen, für die, die es nicht wissen, sie haben jeden Freitag ein sogenanntes Lizenz(Franchise) Meeting, bei dem sie sich zusammen hinsetzen und über Dinge, die vor sich gehen sprechen und Dinge, die der Spielerrat angefragt hat, Dinge, an denen sie arbeiten, sind ein kleiner Teil des Meeting. Globale Chatkanäle wurden diesen Morgen aufgeworfen und es war das erste Mal, dass er ein Ja hörte, und nun wissen wir alle es ebenso. Also globale Chatkanäle sind offiziell eine Sache.
    36. Was wäre mit dem Hinzufügen weiterer Benutzerchannel? Aktuell sind sie auf 4 begrenzt.
      Rowan – Auf jeden Fall etwas, worüber sie sprechen können. Es kam bisher nicht auf sein Radar.
      Sapience – Er hat ein paar Erwähnungen darüber gesehen, aber es gibt keine kritische Masse dort draußen, die nach mehr Kanälen fragt. Der Fokus war wirklich auf den globalen Chatkanälen, oder darüber, existierende Kanäle in globale Kanäle zu verwandeln. Also er glaubt, dies war der größere Fokus, den sie sich angeguckt haben. Also werden sie dies als nächstes anstochern.
    37. Was wäre damit, Freundschafts- und Ignorierenlisten größer zu machen
      Rowan – Er vermutet, dass dies Teil des gleichen Gesprächs über Chatkanäle ist in Bezug auf Speicherkapazitäten und wie der Chat funktioniert, also können sie diese zusammen aufziehen.
      Sapience – Sagt, er wird sie auf seine Liste packen und vielleicht Ransroth darüber ein wenig drangsalieren. Er verpflichtet sich, mit ihm zu reden, bevor er für den Tag verschwindet.
    38. Wurde mit dem kützlichen VIP-Vorteil, Post überall zu öffnen, schon überhaupt über ähnliche Vorteile nachgedacht, wie zum Beispiel den Bankverwahrer in der Wildnis zu öffnen.
      Rowan – Sie schauen definitiv nach Optionen wie diese. Es gibt immer die Fragen dazu, wann beginnt es, Spielprobleme oder Fehler oder Probleme zu bereiten. Zum Beispiel weiß er, dass es eine Funktionalität gibt, die im Shop erworben werden kann, um Zugang zum Bankverwahrer zu erhalten, aber er ist sich nicht sicher, ob das beschränkt ist, sodass man keinen Zugang von Instanzen oder in Raids und sowas hat. Das Fazit ist, dass sie immer noch nach Wegen Ausschau halten, um VIP zu verbessern, aber offensichtlich ist es der Weg Nummer 1, neuen Inhalt zu erschaffen, den VIPs erhalten.
    39. Könnt ihr bitte mehr LUA API Aktualisierungen unterstützen
      Rowan – Nachdem der zuständige Dev dafür zurück zum Büro kommt, wird er dies tun.
    40. Was wäre damit, /ignorieren je Spieler statt nur per Charakter zu haben
      Sapience – Es war sein Verständnis, dass es dem Spiel schwerfällt, aus sich selbst herauszukommen und die Informationen, die einen ganzen Account wert sind, zu sehen.
      Rowan – Sagt, dass dies ziemlich korrekt ist. Eine Menge des Chats basiert auf der Welt, in der du bist, basiert auf lokalen Informationen. Es ist also auch gewissermaßen eine Frage des Gameplays. Aktuell haben unsere Charaktere einen gewissen Grad an Anonymität. Wir können 3 oder 4 Charaktere sein, und die Leute müssten davon nicht wissen, dass sie alle vom selben Account sind. Falls sie uns erlauben zu identifizieren, mit wem diese 3 oder 4 Charaktere verbunden sind, verändert dies ein wenig die Dynamik des Spiels.
    41. Frage über den Rundetafel-Dev Chat, über den in den vergangenen Rennen gesprochen wurde
      Sapience – Er hat es nicht vergessen, es ist noch immer auf seiner zu-erledigen-Liste, es ist bloß einfach so, dass diese Woche alles ein wenig verrück für ihn innerhalb und außerhalb der Arbeit lief. Die einzige wirklich Frage ist, wenn U13.1 erst einmal draußen ist, eine Zeit zu finden, wenn alle am gleichen Ort zur gleichen Zeit sein können und einen Meeting Raum einzuplanen, sodass sie auch physisch am gleichen Ort und vor der Kamera sein können. Es ist mehr eine logistische Sache als ein "Ich-vergaß"-Ding. Sie werden dort hingeraten.
      Rowan – Sagt, dass Sapience auch ein paar coole Hintergrundkulissen für sie braucht, sie können nicht einfach in einem leeren Raum sitzen.
      Sapience – Stimmt zu. Sagt, dass sie etwas wirklich Episches brauchen. Sie müssen eine gigantische Version vom Balrog oder so finden. Er wird etwas finden. Es gibt genug Kram, der durch das Büro treibt, sodass er es wahrscheinlich geschehen lassen kann. Er kann sich an ein Paar Banner erinnern, die er wahrscheinlich für einen Nachmittag abzwacken kann.
    42. Irgendeine Chance, data.lotro.com wiederzubeleben oder etwas ähnliches zu erschaffen, so dass Spieler Charakter oder Gegenstandsinformationen exportieren können, um sie auf Seiten Dritter oder in mobilen Apps zu verwenden
      Rowan – Sagt, dass Sapience und er diese Unterhaltung hatten. Ihr Anfangspunkt ist es, die Lotterien aufzubauen und das System herzurichten und zum Laufen zu bringen. In Bezug auf die Datenprogrammierschnittstellen vom Spiel ist es sicherlich möglich, aber es ist ein paar Projekte weiter unten auf der Liste. Es ist in der Leitung, aber nicht wirklich an der Spitze.
    43. Was ist die Antwort zum Leben, dem Universum und Allem
      Rowan – 42 ist zu einfach.
      Sapience – Sagt, dass er die Antwort zuvor gegeben hat, und er gab in den Tat der Person, die den Bezug richtig bekommen hat, 500 TP und er wird es wieder tun, falls irgendwer es nun schafft. Die Antwort auf die Frage ist Dale Beaverman.
    44. Die neuen Städte führten Dinge wie Kinder und eine geschäftigere Atmosphäre ein. Gibt es irgendwelche Pläne, zu älteren Städten, die sich ein wenig leer anfühlen, zurückzugehen und sie ein wenig auf Vordermann zu bringen
      Rowan – Seine erste Antwort würde nur vorwärts sein. Sie gedenken, tiefer in der Welt herumzuwühlen und brandneue Gebiete zu erschaffen, die sich aktiv und lebendig anfühlen, and ihre nächste Möglichkeit, dies zu tun, ist in Dol Amroth, und ihre erste lebende gondorische Stadt zu errichten. Also er ist nicht notwendigerweise daran interessiert, nach Dunland und einigen anderen Plätzen zurückzugehen. Sie haben gerade zueltzt über das Auenland geredet, weil sie sich ansehen, was es nächstes Jahr und in dem Jahr danach geben wird, and wenn die Reinigung des Auenlandes ins Spiel kommt, und an diesem Punkt mag das Auenland fällig für ein paar Ergänzungen und Aktualisierungen sein.
    45. Rowan erwähnt ein kürzliches Spielertreffen, wo sich jemand an ihn als "Rowan der Weiße", wiedergeboren von "Rowan dem Grauen" gewandt hat, und er sagt, dass es ihm noch immer keine Erleuchtung gebracht hat.
      Sapience – Erzählt ihm, dass er dran bleiben soll. Sagt es ist wie eine Tat, für die man sich abplackern muss.
    46. Wann werden wir LotRO trivia auf Twitter haben
      Sapience – Sagt, dass er dies nächste Woche zum Laufen bringen wird während der Ausfallzeit am Montag.
    47. Bist du zufrieden mit den Änderungen, die gemacht wurden, seit du zu LotRO Team zurückgekehrt bist, und danke für diese Änderungen
      Rowan – Er wird annehmen, dass diese Frage über die Kommunikation ist, weil es dort eine Menge Änderungen gab. Er sagt, es gibt ein paar Veränderungen, die sich nicht machen wollen in Bezug auf die Geschichte auszubauen und die Welt zu erschaffen - dies sind Veränderungen, für die sie sich sehr engagieren und mit denen sie sich wohl fühlen. Auf der anderen Seite, in Bezug darauf, einen Blick in die Zukunft zu erhalten, was sie tun werden, und dies mit den Spielern zu teilen, es uns wissen zu lassen, wohin sie gehen, das ist etwas, mit dem er sehr zufrieden ist. In der Lage zu sein, ihre Kommunikation zu aktualisieren, ihren Stil zu aktualisieren, und hier einfach kontinuierlich mehr hinauszubekommen und uns ein Fenster von dem, was sie tun, zu geben.
    48. Frage über das neue Installationsprogramm für Bullroarer
      Sapience – Es ist erreichbar, es ist zum Download verfügbar. Es wurde früher diese Woche erreichbar. Es wird ein neues Installationsprogramm für das Spiel irgendwann nächste Woche geben.
      Rowan – Sagt ja, das ist ihr Plan. Sie sollten ein neues Installationsprogramm nächste Woche für die aktiven Server haben. Für den Großteil, wird es an dem gleichen Platz sein, wo wir ihn erwartet haben, es wird nur eine geringfügige andere Benachrichtigung haben, und es sollte ein wenig schneller sein-
      Sapience – Wollte eine Frage über Bullroarer klarstellen. Falls du ihn aktuell installiert hast, kannst du ihn einfach patchen - du musst ihn nicht erneut installieren. Wenn es erst einmal installiert ist, wird es das nächste Mal, wenn du ihn startest, gepatcht, falls es etwas neues geben sollte. ALSO falls er da ist, brauchst du das neue Installationsprogramm nicht, aber falls du ihn nicht hast, dann schnapp ihn dir auf alle Fälle.
    49. Es wurde kürzlich erwähnt, dass du begeistert über die Technik warst, Charakternamen in einer Aufgabe zu ändern, wird dies genutzt werden, um zurückzugehen und Namen von Charakteren in Moria-Sitzungsspielen zu ändern, oder in der Instanz, wenn wir das erste Mal Gollum sehen, or konzentriert ihr euch mehr darauf, mit dieser Technik vorwärtszugehen
      Rowan – Es ist ähnlich zu der Frage über Knotenpunkte in der Welt. Wenn sie entscheiden, zurückzugehen, und einen Schliff durchzuführen wie kürzlich mit den Nordhöhen, mögen einige dieser Dinge mit hineingezogen werden, aber wahrscheinlicher ist es, dass wir sie mit dem Epos und den zukünftigen Geschichten voranschreitend angewendet sehen werden.
      Sapience – Denkt, eine weitläufigere Antwort ist, dass, wenn sue für etwas zu einen Gebiet zurückgehen, sie dann nach jeder neuen Technik schauen werden, die sie hinzugefügt haben, seit dieses Gebiet gebaut wurde, und sehen, ob es Sinn macht, die Überarbeitung eher entlang den gleichen Linien zu justieren als speziell für eine kleine Änderung speziell zurückzugehen.
      Rowan – Er denkt, dass es sogar weitläufiger als dies ist im Sinne dessen, wenn sie zurückgehen, um etwas zu machen, nehmen sie eine ganzheitliche Betrachtung vor. Sie haben neue Standards dafür, wie sie nun Aufgaben schreiben, und neue Standards, wie sie uns zu Plätzen führen, und neue Technologien, dies es uns erlauben, von Ort A nach B zu gehen, Phasentechnik, die es ihnen erlaubt, die Phase zu formen und die Geschichte zu formen. Also es gibt eine Menge Dinge, die es vor 7 Jahren nicht gab, die nun zur Stelle sind, um daraus Vorteile zu nutzen.
    50. Vorschlag über BR – ihr sagtet, dass ihr dort keine Charakterlöschungen mit kleineren Updates wie 13.1 machen werdet, nur große Updates. Wenn es Charakterfehler wie die Charakteraufgaben gibt, wäre es nicht wahrscheinlich eine gute Idee, dies zu verändern, da wir nicht in der Lage wären, unsere fehlerhaften Charaktere auf BR zu ziehen, um die Korrekturen zu testen.
      Sapience – Denkt, dass es eigentlich schon würde, weiles sein Verständnis mit den Beruhigigungsaufgaben ist, dass, wenn wir am Montag mit unseren Charakteren einloggen, es uns berichtigen wird, wenn wir aktuell den Bug haben.
      Rowan – Denkt eher, dass die Frage, die sie stellen, mehr über die Versionen ist. Also wenn du einen Charakter hast, den du hinüberkopiert hast und es den Bug nicht hatte, und du weißt, du hast einen auf Bullroarer, der ihn hat, wie du ihn hinüberbekommst, um zu testen, um zu helfen, ob sie es richtig hinbekommen haben. Und er denkt, dass dies ein berechtigter Punkt ist, und dass es definitiv etwas ist, dem sie mit bestimmten Bugs Beachtung schenken sollten, da sie von Gegenstand zu Gegenstand gehen. Er weiß nicht, ob die Regelung dafür 100%ig sein wird "Sie werden diese Sache nicht tun.". Sie werden es tun, wenn sie spezifische Tests benötigen.
    51. Sapience dankt Rowan dafür, dem Chat beigetreten zu sein, und sagt, dass er ein wenig Freeze Tag mit einigen der Spieler spielen wird.
      Rowan – Sagt, “Komm nächste Woche herein, Hobnanigans, komm schon!”
      Sapience – “Jetzt sind wir verpflichtet! Und du tatest dies, während Jacob nicht hier war!”
      Rowan – Sagt, “Nun gut, nach 13.1. Sehr bald!”
      Sapience – *puh* “Geht doch. Ich habe mich schnell umgedreht, um zu sehen, ob Jacob da war und ob er plötzlich mit einer Herzattacke zu Boden gefallen ist, aber er ist nicht an seinem Schreibtisch." Sagt, das war die Sache, die er früher angedeutet hatte, dass wir vielleicht Hobnanigans spielen werden können, falls nicht, definitiv innerhalb der nächsten paar Wochen.
    52. Rowan dankt allen und verabschiedet sich.
    53. Viele Spieler haben eine Menge Gold und nichts, wofür sie es ausgeben können. Ist irgendetwas geplant, um die Deflation zu stoppen
      Nicht zu dieser Zeit, nichts, das ihm bekannt ist in Bezug auf Veränderung des Wertes der Währung im Spiel.
    54. Frage über die Ausstattung, die er für die Hobbitrennen trägt
      Er greift einfach immer nur etwas von den Mannequins, das ihm gefällt. Diese Ausstattung für dieses Rennen war das Set des Mathom-Suchers, dass er von den Mannequins in Archet erhalten hat, als er sich hochgelevelt hat.
    55. Sapience erwähnt, dass wir nun zwei benannte Dinge haben. "The Bridge of Hobbit Doom" (Die Brücke des Verderbens des Hobbits), welches die Brücke in den Trollhöhen ist, wo er oft stirbt [in diesem Rennen auf Maiar hat er das Überqueren nicht einmal genau mitbekommen - Orodbril], und die "Dead Hobbits Society" (Gesellschaft toter Hobbits), welche Hobbits sind, die oft am Boden um den Markstein herumliegen, wenn er nach einem Hobbitrennen nach Bree zurückportet.
    56. Kickman77 weist darauf hin, dass der Spielerrat im Vorschlagsforum herumschleicht, also falls ihr Vorschläge habt, schreibt sie dort, weil der Rat sie oft von dort in den Ratsbereich für Diskussionen ziehen wird.
    57. Frage über Extra Life 2014
      Er sagte, dass er einen Beitrag im Forum dazu gemacht hat, weil im letzten Rennen Leute wissen wollten, ob Spieler Team Turbine beitreten können. Erinnert die Leute daran, dass jeder Team Turbine beitreten kann, auch wenn sie für ein anderes Krankenhaus spenden sammeln. Ihre Aufwendungen gehen an das Krankenhaus ihrer Wahl und zur der Gesamtsumme von Team Turbine. Aber er möchte klarstellen, falls Spieler ihr eigenes Ding machen und ihre eigenen Spenden sammeln, dass dies fantastisch ist, aber es ist von seinem Spendensammeln mit den Boni, Codes, den Preisen und dem Kram getrennt. Aber wir können immer beides tun. Wir können unsere eigenen Spenden sammeln und ein paar Dollar in Richtung von Sapience Seite werfen, um sich für seine Boni und was auch immer er im Gange hat zu qualifizieren, und das Veste aus Beidem haben.
    58. Frage darüber, wie viele Worte in den kommenden Updates in Bezug auf übersetzenden Text sein werden
      Er weiß es nicht. Weil es keine volle Erweiterung dieses Jahr geben wird, erwartet er, dass wir kleinere Anzahlen an Worten über mehrere Updates sehen werden. Soweit es einer Gesamtwortanzahl über alle Updates dieses Jahres angeht, weiß er es nicht, und er weiß nicht, dass das Team dies tut, bis sie mit ihnen fertig sind. Es benötigt soviele Wörter, wie es benötigt.
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    Ein dickes Lob an Orodbril! Das ist eine Menge Arbeit, die sicher viele Spieler zu schätzen wissen!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Rascual View Post
    Ein dickes Lob an Orodbril! Das ist eine Menge Arbeit, die sicher viele Spieler zu schätzen wissen!

    Danke sehr, ich mach dann mal weiter.

    Landroval kommt ja sicher heute oder morgen schon dazu.... ^^

  27. May 07 2014, 03:13 PM
    Aufräumen eigener Kommentare in Sammelthread von Kopien/Übersetzungen der Hobbitrennen

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    Original-Text hier

    Fragen und Antworten Hobbits nach Isengard - Landroval

    Bitte beachtet: Ich umschreibe hier. Alles hier gesagte ist meine [frickinmucks] Interpretation dessen, was gesagt wurde und ist ohne Gewähr und kann korrigiert werden, also nehmt all dies nicht als das letzte Wort.

    Wenn irgendjemand, der anwesend war, irgendwelche Ergänzungen oder Berichtigungen hat, kann er dies gerne posten.

    Fragen und Antworten Hobbits nach Isengard - Landroval
    Video hier verfügbar.

    Gast für diesen Lauf - Ransroth, Spielsystem-Ingenieur

    Besonderen Dank an Corulin dafür, den Chattext zu speichern. Da ein Teil der Diskussionen für gewöhnlich im Chattext nach oder, in diesem Fall, während des Events passiert, geht dieser Teil manchmal verloren, falls ich an diesem Tag nicht im Chat bin. Falls irgendjemand den kompletten Chat gespeichert hat und ihn mir nach einem Rennen für den Fall, dass ich ihn nicht habe, zuschicken will, kann es zu mir anrhovanael@gmail.com senden. Danke!

    1. Sapience erwähnte im Forum, dass er im Juni im westlichen Teil des Staates New York sein wird, und gewillt ist, nach Buffalo oder den Niagara Fällen für ein Meet&Greet zu gehen. Die Frage ist, ob er eher zur US- oder zur kanadischen Seite der Niagara-Fälle gehen würde.
      Falls er zu den Niagara-Fällen fährt, wird es die kanadische Seite sein. Ob das Meet&Greet auf der US-Seite an der Grenze von Buffalo oder auf der kanadischen Seite der Niagara-Fälle sein wird, wird an wenauchimmer, der alles organisiert und plant, hängen. Letztes Mal machten sie es in der Ankerbar in Buffalo und es war einfach, dorthin zu gelangen und sie gat gute Wings. Die Diskussion ist offen und die Gesprächen finden statt. Er bittet, dass man sich einklinkt und sagt, ob man sich lieber in Buffalo oder an den Niagara-Fällen treffen würde.
    2. Wie lange muss man LotRO spielen, um Level 95 zu werden und alle Gebiete und Dinge freizuschalten
      Es hängt vom Spieler ab. Er kennt Leute, die seit Beginn spielen und immer noch keinen Stufe 95-Charakter haben, und einige Leute, die nur ein Paar Monate spielen und bereits dort sind. Es hängt davon ab, wie schnell jemand spielt, und wie sehr sie versuchen, die Höchststufe erreichen.
    3. Kann man mehr als einen Begleiter gleichzeitig neben sich haben
      Keine Zierwerkspets, nein. Falls du einen HM-Herold oder Kundigen-Begleiter hastzlich zu dieser Art von Begleitern draußen haben, aber man kann keine zwei Zierwerksbegleiter gleichzeitig draußen haben.
    4. Kannst du den Uneingeweihten erklären, warum Landroval bei Weitem der beste Server dieses Spiels ist
      Nein (lacht). Er kann es nicht. Größtenteils, weil er niemanden täuschen will. Landroval ist ein großartiger Server, unabhängig davon, ob man Rollenspiel mag oder sehr große soziale Zusammenkünfte, es ist ein exzellenter Server. Es ist die Heimat der Lonely Mountain Band, einer der Sippen, die die meisten Aktivitäten für ihren Server machen. Es gibt eine Menge Sippen, die Dinge auf anderen Servern veranstalten, aber LMB sticht gewöhnlich heraus, wenn es dazukommt.
    5. Sapience kündigt an, dass Hobnanigans ab morgen für ein paar Tage kommen wird. Man kann es ausprobieren und ein wenig Hühner-Hockey spielen. Es wird hin und wieder für ein Wochenende angeschaltet werden, genauso wie XP-Wochenenden und die Schatzjagd. Aber morgen wird der erste Tag dafür sein.
    6. Wie stehen die Chancen, dass Creeps eine vollständige Überarbeitung erfahren
      Bezüglich einer vollständigen Überarbeitung wie der, die die Freeps erfahren haben, nicht gut, aber er wird Jinjaah fragen und sehen, was er zu sagen hat.
    7. Wie wird man es erfahren, falls Hobnanigans angeschaltet wird
      Die Felder werden aktiv sein, wir werden in der Lage sein zu spielen, und mit den NPCs dort zu interagieren. Sie werden es auch in den Foren, auf Facebook und auf Twitter ankündigen.
    8. Frage darüber, wann der nächste Entwicklerbrief kommen wird
      Er glaubt, sie sind in einem Takt, bei dem sie diese mit jedem großen Update tun werden, also er denkt, der nächste sollte um die Zeit von U14 sein.
    9. War Bree dazu vorgesehen, das Zentrum zu sein, der es geworden ist Bree
      Ja, es war ein natürlicher zentraler Punkt, wo jeder hingeht, um sich zu treffen. Bree war immer ein Knotenpunkt and ein Ort, den sie versucht haben, zu einem Zentrum zu machen. So ziemlich jeder Charakter landet zu irgendeinem Zeitpunkt in Bree, falls sie der Epischen Geschichte folgen.
    10. Gibt es irgendwelche Pläne, für Massenreliktkombination
      Nicht für U14, soweit er weiß, keine wirklichen Pläne. Es ist etwas, das aufkommt und by den Devs bereits zuvor diskutiert wurde, aber es sind keine definitiven Pläne zu diesem Zeitpunkt.
    11. Sapience geht näher auf die Frage nach dem sozialen Knotenpunkt ein. Er sagt, sie versuchen nicht absichtlich, neue soziale Zentren mit neuem Content zu kreieren, sie werden dies einfach natürlich, weil es einen Start/ zentralen Punkt für neuen Content geben muss. Einige Orte wie die 21. Halle bleiben länger ein Zentrum als andere, aber Bree tendiert immer dazu, Spieler zurückzuziehen.
    12. Frage über mehr Zierwerk und mehr Beutelplätze
      Es wurden ziemlich kürzlich mehr hinzugefügt. U13 hatte 15 extra Beutelplätze. Aber sie werden wahrscheinlich wohl nie in dem Tempo hinzugefügt werden, in dem sie manche Leute haben wollen.
    13. Können wir mehr Truhenplätze hinzugefügt bekommen
      Es wurden mehr hinzugefügt mit Helms Klamm. Diese Art von Hinzufügungen passieren für gewöhnlich allmählich mit der Zeit. Falls du verbraucht hast, was hinzugefügt wurde, empfiehlt er, einen Vorschlag in den Foren für mehr zu machen.
    14. Wann verändert sich die Auswahl der Pferde im Shop
      Er glaubt nicht, dass es monatlich ist. Er glaubt, dass es ein irgendwie zufälliger Kreislauf ist. Er empfiehlt, den Shop regelmäßig zu überprüfen.
    15. Irgendwelche Pläne, um shop-erworbene Pferde account-weit zu sein
      Es gibt eine Menge Diskussionen darüber. Es ist nicht etwas, das leicht zu erledigen ist in Bezug auf die Wertvorstellung, da, wenn etwas account-weit ist, der Wert steigt und dann müssen sie darüber nachdenken, wie weit der Preis steigen sollte, wieviel Leute zahlen würden etc.. Sie reden über account-weite Optionen, aber er weiß nicht, ob sie je alle von ihnen in account-weite Optionen konvertieren werden.
    16. Ist es möglich, ein Dev-Nacht/Abend in den Etten zu bekommen
      Er glaubt nicht, dass dies machbar wäre, da es, sobald sie es ankündigen, dass ein Dev in den Etten ist, unspielbar werden würde. Leute würden in die Etten kommen, die sonst nie in die Etten kommen, und der ganze Punkt, dort zu sein, wäre weg. Man würde nicht in der Lage sein, sich zu bewegen, und jeder würde einfach nur versuchen, den Dev zu töten. Es gäbe keine zutreffende Präsentation eines typischen Abends in den Etten. Das heißt nicht, sie werden nicht jemanden dort hineinschmuggeln, oder dass wir es nicht getan haben, aber soweit es eine angekündigte Dev-Nacht/Abend betrifft, fragst du im Grunde "An welchem Abend würde man gern die Ettenöden crashen lassen?"
    17. Frage über Beorninger, die mit Stufe 50 starten
      Das ist die aktuelle Ansicht. Rowan erwähnte es in einem seiner nachfolgenden Fragen zum EP-Brief.[Eigentlich war es im Vanyar Hobbits nach Isengard Lauf. – Frick]
    18. Sapience führt die Frage nach dem Ettenevent weiter aus, indem er über seine Extra-Life Ettenevents redet. Es dauert bei diesen nicht lange, bis sie nicht einmal ansatzweise spielbar oder spaßig werden, weil die Leute verrückt danach werden, einfach den Dev zu töten. Sie kümmern sich um nichts anderes dort, sie wollen einfach nur den Dev töten.
    19. Wenn der Beorninger mit Level 50 startet, was ist mit dem Spaß, seine Klasse spielen zu lernen
      Falls es ein pder 2 Stufenerhöhungen gibt, bevor der Beorninger ins Spiel kommt, sind das 550 Stufen, um zu lernen, wie man seine Klasse spielt. Wenn das Argument ist "spielen zu lernen"; falls man es nicht von 50 bis 105 gelernt hat, wird man es wahrscheinlich auch nicht von 1 bis 50 lernen.
    20. Was wäre damit, verschiedene Devs in den Etten zu haben, die sich verteilen
      Bei 29 Servern, würdest du es lieber sehen, dass die Devs das Spiel spielen oder das Spiel bauen? Das würde bedeuten, Stunden und Stunden von Entwicklerzeit dem Spielen zu widmen. Und es würde nicht an der Dynamik ändern, dass wann auch immer ein Dev auftaucht, es hektisch wird, in oder außerhalb der Etten. Also es würde nichts ändern, es würde einfach nur mehr Entwicklerzeit aus dem Spiel nehmen, nur um Devs dort sitzen zu haben, um wiederholt getötet zu werden. Spaßig, aber unpraktisch.
    21. Sapience macht darauf aufmerksam, dass die Höchststufe 50 war, als das Spiel veröffentlicht wurde, und das war alles, was die Leute hatten, um ihre Klasse zu lernen und zum Endspiel zu gelangen.
    22. Werden je mehr Creep-Skins hinzugefügt
      Sag niemals nie, aber er ist sich aktuell nicht bewusst, dass etwas in der Art in Arbeit ist.
    23. Was ist mit einer neuen Creep-Klasse
      Keine Pläne für eine neue Creep-Klasse.
    24. Wie entscheiden Devs über das Aussehen und die Atmosphäre einer neuen Zone
      Sie lesen die Bücher. Tolkien ist ziemlich genau darin, was in einem Gebiet ist und was nicht, wie es aussieht, wie Dinge erscheinen, die Art der Architektur. Wenn sie bereits gondorianische Kultur im Spiel haben und sie wissen, dass sie in eine Region gondorianischer Art gehen, kann man erwarten, dass diese Art von Architektur wieder auftaucht. Aber Tolkien war sehr genau, wie die Dinge aussehen sollten, also ist eine Menge davon einfach Bezugnahmen auf die Bücher selbst.
    25. Mehr Fragen über Beorninger
      Der Spielerrat hat eine volle Übersicht/Annahmen, die sie besprechen, und darüber hinaus werden sie eine Menge über die neue Klasse reden, wenn sie näher zu ihrer Veröffentlichung kommen. Noch nichts ist endgültig, also alles was er jetzt sagt, könnte sich morgen ändern.
    26. Frage über Creep-Reitpferde
      Es gibt keine Plänge für Creep-Reitpferde, Entschuldigung.
    27. Wie entscheidet das Team, wie groß eine Region sein soll.
      Praktizismus. Benötigt man wirklich 500 Quadratmeilen, oder kann die Pointe eines Gebietes dieser Größe in 100, oder in 50, gemacht werden. Und auch die Zeit. Manchmal ist es nicht sehr praktisch, eine große Menge an Zeit damit zu verbringen, größtenteils leere Gebiete zu erstellen, nur damit man ein wenig Content in einer Ecke davon machen kann.
    28. Frage über das Skalieren von Instanzen
      Aktuell keine Pläne, irgendwelche Instanzen zu skalieren. Das bedeutet nicht, dass es nie in der Zukunft passieren wird, aber nicht ist aktuell angesetzt.
    29. Belagerungswaffen waren für die Etten in Betracht, sind sie es immer noch
    30. Irgendetwas neues, dass du über das Frühlingsfest mitteilen kannst.
      Ja, sie haben neue Sachen, die kommen werden. Er wird darüber hinaus nichts sagen, weil es ein paar Diskussionen gab, und er ist sich nicht sicher, was hinzugefügt wird und was nicht hinzugefügt worden sein wird.
    31. Irgendeine Chance, einige Zierwerkaktionen [Emotes wahrscheinlich gemeint - Orodbril] in Fertigkeiten verwandelt zu sehen
      Nicht wahrscheinlich, aber er empfiehlt, einen Vorschlag in den Foren zu machen und die Entwickler werden einen Blick darauf werfen.
    32. Irgendwelche Pläne, die Bedrohungs/Aggro-Mechaniken zu ändern
      Keine, denen er sich bewusst ist oder von denen er gehört hat.
    33. Werden wir instanziertes, serverübergreifendes PvP haben
      Nein. Kein Pläne dafür.
    34. Warum bringen die Freeps statt der Uruk-Hai die Hobbits nach Isengard? Ist dies einfach ein Fall, das zu beenden, was sie nicht konnten
      (Lacht) Creeps sind einfach nicht so zuverlässig, lass uns ehrlich sein. Sie haben Verlangen, denen sie nicht widerstehen können. Du würdest auf halbem Wege gegessen werden.
    35. Irgendwelche Pläne für niedrigstufigere Creep-Gebiete
      Keine Pläne.
    36. Gibt es ein festgesetztes Datum für die neue Klasse
      Ja. Falls die Folge-Frage ist "Wirst du es sagen", ist die Antwort "Nein.".
    37. Irgendwelche Pläne, das Hühnersitzungsspiel in die Etten zurückkehren zu lassen.
      Er hat bei ein paar Gelegenheiten versucht, jemanden dazu zu überreden, zu dieser Aufgabe zurückzukehren - es war eine Aprilscherz-Tagsaufgabe - und zu sehen, ob sie damit etwas tun können. Es hat wirklich eine niedrige Priorität, aber er wird weiter drängeln. Er hat Ränke gesponnen und Pläne geschmiedet, was wie eine Ewigkeit scheint, um Hobnanigans zurückzubekommen, also er gibt niemals auf, wenn es zu Angelegenheiten kommt, die Hühner involvieren. Besonders, wenn es Hühner beinhaltet, die getreten, verprügelt und niedergestochen werden.
    38. Wann werden wir in der Lage sein, den /fart - Emote [/Pfurz - Emote] zu benutzen
      Sapience erklärt (während er lacht), dass, wenn man versucht diesen Emote im Spiel zu nutzen, es einem sagt "Du kannst diesen Emote noch nicht benutzen.". Er hat wiederholt darüber nachgefragt und wird uns wissen lassen, wenn er irgendwelche Neuigkeiten dazu hört. Anscheinend sollte es ursprünglich ein Monsterspiel-Emote werden, aber wurde dann herausgeschnitten und nicht vollständig aus dem Spiel entfernt. Er würde es nicht fassen können, falls es auf irgendeine Art auftauchen würde. Es wird es wahrscheinlich nicht ins Spiel schaffen, aber es ist witzig.
    39. Frage über ausgewählten Inhalt, Weltraumkampf-Bedienung
      Sie haben vor einer Weile bemerkt, dass Spiele die LUA-Skripte nutzten, um Informationen aus dem Spiel zu ziehen, die sie dort für zukünftige Updates hineingepackt haben, also haben sie entschieden, damit einen Spaß zu treiben, und dort verrückte Dinge hineinzupacken, die nie passieren würden oder unter radikal anderen Namen, Bedingungen und Umständen geschehen sind. Also der Weltraumkampf war ein Roter Hering [Täschungsmanöver bzw. Ablenkungsmanöver - Orodbril]. Und einer, der offenbar funktioniert hat.
    40. Kannst du uns sagen, was das Hufeisen tut
      Es tut absolut nichts, was wir denken, das es tut, und tut alles, was er in der Vergangenheit sagte, was es tut. Das erste, was es jemals gemacht hat, war, einen Satz in einer Aufgabe der epischen Geschichte, sofort nachdem wir ihn erhalten haben, zu ändern, falls wir ihn ausgerüstet haben. Das war der ursprüngliche Zweck. Seitdem haben die Devs fortgefahren, Dinge hinzuzufügen, aber er weiß nichts von irgendwas aktuellerem. Er wird sagen, dass, falls man an den Schneeballschlachten teilnimmt, man definitiv unsere Hufeisen tragen sollte. Es beeinflusst dies leicht.
      Ransroth tritt dem Textchat bei.
    41. Ransroth ist sich ziemlich sicher, dass die Weltraumkampf-Bedienungsfläche als Eigenschaftsbäumeoberfläche geendet ist.
    42. Spekulation, dass das Hufeisen einen Moralschub gibt
      Sapience – Nein, tut es nicht.
    43. Sapience erwähnt, dass Ransroth an dem neuen globalen Chatkanal arbeitet, er arbeitete an der ursprünglichen Überarbeitung des Bankverwahrers und einer Reihe anderer Änderungen ähnlicher Natur.
    44. Wofür steht OOC
      Sapience – Out Of Character [Außerhalb des Charakters - Orodbril]
    45. Sapience redet über die Dead Hobbits Society/Gesellschaft toter Hobbits. Jedesmal, wenn ein Hobbit bei dem Versuch, in diesen Läufen nach Isengard zu gelangen, stirbt, kehren sie nach bree zurück und legen sich bei dem Markstein hin, sodass er, wenn er am Ende des Laufs zurückkehrt, von all diesen Hobbitleichen umgeben sein wird
    46. Was ist der beste Weg, um Server-Client-Verkehr zu minimieren, wenn es hunderte Spieler auf dem Bildschirm gibt.
      Ransroth – Das ist eine komplexe Frage. Es gibt nicht wirklich einen großartigen Weg, um diese Dinge viel besser zu machen. Jeder Spieler muss jeden anderen Spieler aktualisieren. Beinahe alles muss in jedem Falle auf dem Server geschehen (eine Ausnahme: Zierwerksbegleiter).
    47. Würde das Ändern der Richtung, in die du läufst, mehr Verkehr verursachen, als einfach nur in die gleiche Richtung zu laufen
      Ransroth – Der Client hat ein wenig Autorität über die Bewegung - aber nicht, wenn man auf einem Kriegspferd ist.
    48. Was war deine Lieblingssache der Geschichte, in das Spiel zu implementieren
      Ransroth – Als Ingenieur implementiert er nicht wirklich Dinge der Geschichte, aber einige seiner Lieblingsdinge, die implementiert wurden, sind Dinge, die er jeden Tag nutzt, um das Leben einfacher zu machen, so wie die Auto-Gruppierung von 13.1, oder das Absitzen/Wieder Aufsitzen Tastaturkürzel. Er genießt die Dinge am meisten, die er dann spielen kann und im Spiel genießen kann.
    49. Frage über mehr Benutzerchatkanäle
      Ransroth – Sag niemals nie, aber keine aktuellen Pläne, denen er sich bewusst ist. Falls eine große Nachfrage gibt, kann es gemacht werden.
    50. Habt ihr je über Optimierungen für Events wie dieses nachgedacht
      Ransroth – Es gibt keine Tonne an Dingen, die sie erneut optimieren können - wenn es eine Menge Spieler mit all diesen im gleichen Gebiet gibt, gibt es eine Menge Mehraufwand. Eine Sache, die wir tun könnten, ist etwas wie dynamische Ebenen, aber für einmalige Events ist dies ein deftiger Preis, den man zahlen muss.
    51. Frage über mehrere hlobale Kanäle
      Ransroth – Die aktuelle Idee ist es, zu sehen wie der /world [/Welt - Orodbril]-Kanal läuft und zu sehen, ob es im Nachhinein noch immer das Bedürfnis nach einem Zweiten geben wird.
    52. Da es nicht GLFF[Globaler SNG - Orodbril] genannt wird, erwartest ihr, dass er für Sippenwerbung und solche Dinge auch genutzt wird
      Ransroth – "Meinst du, dass, wenn wir ihn GLFF nennen, Spieler ihn nicht für Sippenwerbung nutzen würden? " Er denkt, wir haben eine großartige Spielergemeinschaft und sie werden den Weltkanal verantwortungsvoll nutzen.
    53. Wenn ihr den neuen Kanal veröffentlicht, macht bitte einen Beitrag in einer Art Leitfaden, sodass die Leute nicht darüber streiten
      Ransroth – Sagt, sie werden die Richtlinienangelegenheit diskutieren
    54. Ist es wahr, das Spieleprogrammierer weniger bezahlt bekommen und mehr Stunden arbeiten aufgrund von Angebot und Nachfrage (z.B. jeder will ein Spieleprogrammierer sein)
      Ransroth – Es ist wahr, dass Spieleprogrammierer dazu tendieren, wegen Angebot/Nachfrage/Spaß geringere Gehälter zu haben als Programmierer mit ähnlicher Erfahrung in anderen Industrien. Längere Arbeitszeiten hängen von einer Menge Faktoren ab . bestimmte Firmen, Projekte etc.

      Sapience erinnert alle daran, dass morgen Hobnanigans beginnt, und falls nach dem Isengardlauf am Freitag Zeit ist, wird er dort vorbeischauen und in ein oder zwei Spiele schauen.

    nachgereichte Anmerkung von Sapience zu Frage 6:

    Wie stehen die Chancen, dass Creeps eine vollständige Überarbeitung erfahren?

    Jinjaah: Über die letzten Monate ist eine Menge der Arbeit, die ins PvMP gesteckt wurde, darüber gewesen, es leichter zu machen, die Creep-Seite von Stufenerhöhung zu Stufenerhöhung zu skalieren. Falls wir diesen Ballast verringern können, dann haben wir Zeit, bedeutungsvollere Änderungen an den Creep-Klassen vorzunehmen. In Bezug auf einen Chancenwert denke ich nicht, dass wir dies zu diesem Zeitpunkt sagen können.
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    Fragen und Antworten Hobbits nach Isengard - Estel

    Bitte beachtet: Ich umschreibe hier. Alles hier gesagte ist meine [frickinmucks] Interpretation dessen, was gesagt wurde und ist ohne Gewähr und kann korrigiert werden, also nehmt all dies nicht als das letzte Wort.

    Wenn irgendjemand, der anwesend war, irgendwelche Ergänzungen oder Berichtigungen hat, kann er dies gerne posten.

    Fragen und Antworten Hobbits nach Isengard - Estel
    Video hier verfügbar.

    1. Irgendeine Chance, dass wir neue Instrumente erhalten
      Es besteht immer die Chance, dass es schließlich passieren wird, aber aktuell ist nichts geplant, also wird es nicht irgendwann demnächst geben.
    2. Wie plant ihr, die Epischen Schlachten dieses Jahr zu verbessern
      Sie werden über Details näher zu dieser Zeit [der Veröffentlichung - Orodbril] reden, aber aktuell schauen sie sich Wege an, um zu schaffen, dass sich Spieler direkter beteiligt fühlen, Dinge wie diese.
    3. Trüben für dich all diese Rennen zusammen ein [das Erlebnis, soweit ich es verstehe - Orodbril]
      Überhaupt nicht, er genießt es wirklich, sie zu machen, und zu sehen, wie die Server sich dem Rennen annähern, verschiedene Niveaus der Beteiligung und Vorbereitung etc.
    4. Sapience erinnert, das breitgefächerte "ist es möglich" oder "wird dies jemals geschehen" Fragen nicht sehr wahrscheinlich eine zufriedenstellende Antwort erhalten werden, da beinahe alles möglich ist, Wahrscheinlichkeiten variieren. Je breitfächrige Fragen man stellt, desto weniger wahrscheinlich wird man eine zufriedenstellende Antwort erhalten.
    5. Sind die Hobnanigans-Felder Housing-Gegenstände funktionell oder sind sie kosmetisch
      Sie sind nur kosmetisch.
    6. Welches Rennen war bisher dein Lieblingsrennen
      Anduin, weil es wie ein militärischer Todesmarsch war - sie sind einfach drauf losgegangen, sie sind durch die Landschaft geprescht und haben eine verrückte Zeit aufgestellt. Und es war noch aufregender, da es direkt nach einer Zeit kam, von der er dachte, dass sie niemals geschlagen werden würde, und gerade erst geposted wurde, und sie schlugen sie mit einer Hand voll Sekunden.
    7. Frage über Einzelheiten der neuen Regionen
      Das ist soweit in der Zukunft, dass es nichts ist, worüber sie reden. Die Möglichkeiten sind endlos
    8. Frage über U13.2
      Er weiß nicht, dass sie ein 13.2 machen. Falls sich dies ändert, lässt er es uns wissen, aber nach aktuellem Stand ist 14 das nächste Update.
    9. Irgendwelche Pläne, die Spalte zu skalieren
      Keine. Für eine Vielzahl von Gründen, die man finden kann, indem man die Chats der vorherigen Hobbit-nach-Isengard Rennen liest.
    10. Wieso müssen wir das Spiel verlassen, um auf einen anderen Server einzuloggen
      Das ist einfach die Art und Weise, in der das Spiel gebaut ist, und es würde zu viel Arbeit/Ressourcen einnehmen, um diese Funktionalität zu ändern, für das kleinere Ärgernis, den Client neustarten zu müssen.
    11. Frage über einen Bug/Fehler
      Sende einen Fehlerbericht und sie werden es sich ansehen.
    12. Ist es die aktuelle Absicht, die Symbole für die Eorlingas-Handwerksstufen zu überspringen und weiter voranzuschreiten
      Nein, er denkt nicht, dass dies die Absicht ist, es ist einfach eine Frage der Arbeit, die getan werden muss, und die Symbole haben eine niedrigere Priorität als andere Dinge. Falls die Frage ist, machen sie Symbole oder das Zierwerksbegleitersystem, zum Beispiel, dann werden sie an dem Zierwerkbegleitersystem arbeiten.
    13. Könnt ihr aufhören, Bären tötende Aufgaben zu erstellen
      Wahrscheinlich nicht. Aber keiner scheint sich jrdoch darüber zu empören, dass die Keiler getötet werden. Er vermutet, das ist so, weil Speck so wunderbar ist.
    14. Falls du einen Charakter in irgendeinem der vergangenen oder gegenwärtigen Tolkienfilme spielen könntest, welchen würdest du wählen
      Er mag Gimli irgendwie, er hat den Bart. Oder Faramir - er ist ein großer Faramir Fan.
    15. Würden Beorninger Wutpunkte erhalten, wenn sie ein haus mit einem Bärenläufer betreten
      (Lacht) Er wird diesen Vorschlag weiterleiten.
    16. Wenn diese Rennen zu Ende sind, was kommt als Nächstes
      Sie haben ein paar Ideen herumgestoßen. Eine ist, die Devs gegen die Spieler ein oder zwei Runden Hobnanigans spielen zu lassen, eine andere ist es, runde Tafeln in einem halb-regulären Rhythmus durchzuführen. Falls man Vorschläge für Events ähnlich den Hobbitrennen hat, ermpfiehlt er, zu den Foren zu gehen und dort die Vorschläge zu veröffentlichen.
    17. Wielange wird der Screenshot der Woche laufen
      Der Aktuelle läuft bis Montag. In Bezug darauf, wie lange der Wettbewerb existieren wird, werden sie wahrscheinlich fortsetzen, ihn zu machen, solange Spieler dabei bleiben, an ihm teilzunehmen.
    18. Können wir erwarten, dass das Hobbysystem in den nächsten 1 oder 2 Jahren erweitert wird
      Er würde keinen Zeitplan dafür geben. Er weiß von nichts auf dem Fahrplan. Er würde nicht "nie" sagen, aber aktuell ist nichts plant.
    19. Frage über das Verschmelzen der Etten von mehreren Servern
      Nein. Es gibt aktuell keine Technik, um serverübergreifendes PvMP zu machen, und es ist nichts, an dem sie arbeiten oder das sie planen.
    20. Vorschlag, alle Feste auf einmal für den gewinnenden Server anzuschalten
      Er sagt, der Gedanke daran ist wirklich angsteinflößend. Er leitet das an den eCommerce Manager weiter, nur um seinen Gesichtsausdruck zu sehen. Nein, er denkt, wenn er das vorschläge, würden die Ingenieure und Serverteams ausrasten. Aber der Marketingtyp schrieb etwas in sein Buch, er fürchtet sich zu fragen, was.
    21. Gibt es ein Einsendungslimit für den Screenshot der Woche
      Eine Einsendung alle 24 Stunden.
    22. Wieso würde die Marketingperson wegen der Festsache ausrasten
      Weil es genau genommen verschiedene Teams und Abteilungen benötigt, um alles, was mit den Festen angeschaltet wird, zu koordinieren, und für jedes Fest gibt es Shop-Komponenten, also wäre es wahrscheinlich ein ganzer Arbeitstag für ihn, alles von jedem Fest auf einmal zum Shop hinzufügen.
    23. Habt ihr über das Größen/Bildschirmverhältnis der InGame Karten gesprochen
      Sie haben keine Pläne, während des Voranschreitens die Größe oder das Verhältnis der Karten zu ändern.
    24. Kommentar im Chat, dass die Welt größer wird und es schwerer wird, mit Leuten am anderen Ende der Welt zu reden
      Lösung kommend. In U14 werden sie einen globalen Chatkanal hinzufügen, der angeschaltet wird, sobald man einloggt, und es wird den Spielern ermöglichen, quer über den Server miteinander zu reden, ohne den GLFF/Unity/andere Varianten zu kennen oder zu nutzen. Wir werden uns sofort mehr mit der Welt verbunden fühlen. Selbstverständlich kann er wie jeder andere Kanal abgeschaltet werden, für diejenigen, die ihn nicht nutzen wollen.
    25. Frage über Richtlinien für den neuen /Welt Kanal
      Es wird ein allgemeiner Chatkanal. Falls es in Zukunft noch immer einen Bedarf für einen globalen SNG-Kanal gibt, werden sie darüber nachdenken, diesen hinzufügen, oder einen globalen Handelskanal oder wasauchimmer.
    26. Spielst du das Spiel in deiner Freizeit
      Ja, tut er. Er schafft es nicht, soviel zu spielen, wie er will. Er dachte kürzlich darüber nach, dass er, wenn er all die Zeit, die er damit verbracht hat, 29 Hobbits auf Stufe 10 zu bekommen, nehmen würde, hätte er ein paar mehr Alts auf Stufe 95 gebracht. Und er hat ein paar, die um die Stufe 40 sitzen, die er gerne an der Höchstgrenze sehen würde.
    27. Wieso ist es von Bedeutung, ob man auf einem Reittier ist
      Weil es eine Sache der Berechnung ist. Jedes Mal, wenn man ein Reittier hinzufügt, jedes Mal, wenn man einen Umhang hinzufügt, jedes Mal, wenn man zusätzliche Animationen, Effekte, Bäume, Mauern hinzufügt, verlangt man, dass dein Computer mehr Arbeit leistet. Es hat wirklich nicht viel mit der Serverseite der Dinge zu tun, obwohl der Berittene Kampf es ein wenig tut. Es ist einfach eine Frage dessen, du fragst nach mehr und es gibt, wie mit allen Dingen, eine Grenze. Stell dir vor, Essen in den Mund zu nehmen. Es wird an einen Punkt gelangen, wo man ein Problem haben wird. Man kann nur soundso viel nehmen und immer noch kauen können und immer noch die Aufgabe zu bewerkstelligen zu essen. Es ist hier die gleiche Angelegenheit. Umhänge haben Animationen und diese sind für gewöhnlich einzigartig. Reittiere haben Animationen und sie sind nicht notwendigerweise synchronisiert, sie laufen mit verschiedenen Geschwindigkeiten, Cloaks have animatio sie laufen mit verschiedenen Animationen, und mit all diesem Kram muss der Client klarkommen. Man wird feststellen, dass je mehr dies auftaucht, desto schlimmer wird es, und je weniger es auftaucht, desto weniger Lag gibt es. Ein große Menge favon hat mit der clientseitigen Leistungsfähigkeit zu tun. Er bat über um die 20 Läufe lang die Spieler, keine Umhänge zu tragen, keine Reittiere zu benutzen, und diese, die dieser Regel gefolgt sind, rannten sehr schnell durch, und diese, die es nicht taten, rannten in eine Menge Lags.
    28. Was ist deine Meinung zu einer Option, die Umhänge deaktiviert
      Falls du nach einer fragst, die die Umhänge anderer Leute deaktiviert, wird er den Vorschlag weiterleiten. Sie haben eine erstellt, um Zierwerksbegleiter zu deaktivieren, weil es komplett clientseitig ist, also ist es ziemlich wichtig, dies in großen Gruppen mit Zierwerksbegleitern deaktivieren zu können, besonders für Spieler mit älteren Systemen. Was überraschenderweise eine große Nummer von LotRO-Spielern zu betreffen scheint.
    29. Frage über Rückmeldungen von Fehlerberichten
      Sie geben im Allgemeinen keine Rückmeldungen für Fehlerberichte. Die Rückmeldung ist eine Bemerkung in den Versionshinweisen, die sagt, dass es repariert wurde.
    30. Iendwelche Gedanken darüber, das Tonsystem für Musikinstrumente von ABC zu MIDI zu konvertieren
      Nein, sie haben es sich nicht angesehen, irgendeines der Formate zu verändern. Sie denken eigentlich zum aktuellen Zeitpunkt nicht darüber nach, irgendwelche Änderungen am Musiksystem durchzuführen.
    31. Kommentar dazu, nicht in der Lage zu sein, alle paar Jahre für einen neuen Computer zu blechen
      Das ist wahr, weswegen er empfiehlt, dass, wenn man einen neuen Computer kauft, man das absolute Beste kauft, das man sich leisten kann, dass man ein wenig extra für mehr RAM und eine bessere Videokarte ausgibt, als man denkt, dass man benötigt, da dein Computer in ein paar Jahren komplett deklassiert sein wird. Man kann bis zum Ende Aufrüsten, was das ist, was er mit seinem Computer zu Hause getan hat. Anständige Videokarten sind aktuell ziemlich billig, und das ist eine Sache, die er empfiehlt, Geld für auszugeben, wenn man kann. Besonders, wenn man eine integrierte Grafikkarte hat. Er hält dringend dazu an, keine integrierten Grafikkarten zu nutzen, wenn man es nur irgendwie verhindern kann.
    32. Frage, warum Erweiterungen etc. Neuigkeiten-Ankündigungen erhalten, während es bei Fehlerbehebungen nicht getan wird
      Weil das eine Neuigkeiten sind und das andere nicht. Ein neue Funktion sind Neuigkeiten. Eine Fehlerbehebung ist nur eine Fehlerbehebung. Fehlerbehebungen sind normalerweise nicht berichtenswert oder erwähnenswert.
    33. Was ist mit neuen Frisuren und Zierwerken, wie langes Haar für Elben
      Aktuell nichts geplant oder angesetzt, aber er wird den Vorschlag weiterleiten.
    34. Irgendeine Aktualisierung, was der Marketingtyp in sein Buch geschrieben hat
      Er hat wortwörtlich "Alle Feste irgendwann einmal?" [“All festivals sometime?”] geschrieben.
    35. Denkst du, dass sie jemals die Klassen für andere Rassen öffnen werden
      Er weiß, dass sie dabei bleiben, darüber zu reden. Ab und an schlendert er hinüber und sagt "Hey, was haltet ihr von dieser Kombination, Jungs." [“Hey, what do you guys think of this combination.”]. Und er denkt, dass, während sie weiter vorangehen, es wahrscheinlicher wird. Er will es nicht als eine Aussage verstehen sehen, dass sie es nächste Woche tun werden, aber es finden definitiv Konversationen statt. Wann oder ob es passiert, ist noch immer in der Schwebe. Die Gespräche passieren, von dort werden sie weitergehen und sehen, was passiert.
    36. Aktuell passieren die meisten besondern Events an Wochenenden. Irgendeine Chance, dass ihr sie jemals in der Woche macht.
      Sie machen sie am Wochenende, da die überwiegende Mehrheit der Spieler während des Wochenendes spielt. Das ist, warum sie es Wochenende machen, für den maximalen Effekt. Sie versuchen es, sie am Donnerstag zu starten und sie am Montag zu beenden, um den Leuten eine bessere Chance zu geben, mit einzusteigen, aber allgemein gesagt, sie lassen diese Dinge so laufen, dass die maximale Anzahl an Spielern sie spielen kann, und allgemein gesagt, ist dies das Wochenende.
    37. Teilen GMs Aliasse/Namen
      Nicht seines Wissens nach. Soweit er weiß haben sie alle einzigartige Namen.
    38. Wird Gondor auf die gleiche Weise wie Dol Amroth und Pelargir kleine Updates erhalten
      Er ist sich nicht sicher, ob er die Frage richtig verstanden hat, aber ob dies Erweiterungen oder nur Updates sein werden; sie [Dol Amroth und Pelargir - Orodbril] werden Updates sein. Sie werden keine vollwertige Erweiterung in diesem Jahr machen. Sie werden eher ein Inhaltsupdate als eine Erweiterung sein.
    39. Arbeiten GMs im Gebäude oder arbeiten sie von zu Hause
      Die überwiegende Mehrheit der Turbine-Mitarbeiter sind im Gebäude. Es gibt eine Hand voll Individuen in Europa, speziell für diese Region, aber Devs, die meisten GMs, der Kundenservice und all das sind im Gebäude. Also falls du einen Job bei Turbine haben willst, musst du zuerst nach Boston oder die Umgebung umziehen.
    40. Wann wird das Frühlingsfest beginnen
      Er hat kein exaktes Datum, aber es wird irgendwann am Ende dieses Monats sein.
    41. Was ist deine Lieblingshobnanigansbelohnung
      Hühner. Er liebt Zierwerksbegleiter.
    42. Wirst du multiboxen und dem Rennen auf deinem persönlichen Charakter deines Heimatservers folgen, um Verdachte zu vermeiden.
      Vielleicht [wird er - Orodbril], vielleicht tat er es, vielleicht tat er es nicht.

    43. Question about Bullroarer being open
      The Bullroarer server is only open when they have something new for us to test. Right now it is not open.
    44. Do you know if it’s intended that we can dye the various team rewards
      He doesn’t know.
    45. Can you pass on the suggestion to allow saving of different graphic and audio profiles
      He recommends posting the suggestion in the forums so he can point people directly to what’s being talked about. [That post is here – Frick]
    46. Can you tell anything more about the new kinship items
      Not right now, he doesn’t even think the Players Council has seen the outline of that yet. He will talk about it down the road in future hobbit runs.
      Conversation continues in text chat after the run.
    47. Sapience in reference to having tried to play a game of Hobnanigans while answering questions after the run (and it doesn’t really work out) says that one of the reasons that take the hobbits to Isengard works so well, is because he doesn't have to actually play during them. Once he tries to focus entirely on playing and doing it well, it becomes almost impossible to do a Q&A, keep an eye out for devs to grab, and anything else.
    48. Any progress on that 'Dev Roundtable' stream that was mentioned as a possibility?
      He thinks to expect updates every 48 hours is unrealistic. He’ll work on it. He has a lot he works on every day.
    49. How about make the symbol of the elder king (lvl 65) available in skirmish camps
      He’ll pass along the suggestion.
    50. Can you please do something with people who just block Hobnanigans fields with level 5-6 toons
      Report them.
    51. Would you please state what rule that's violating? It's not explict harassment. Especially when there's open fields/slots elsewhere. Multiboxing Legal, No botting, No Infamy (thus no rank farming)
      He would say griefing. He doesn't know what the GMs would call it, but it seems to him (in his sole personal opinion) to be a form of harassing/griefing. Ultimately, he thinks everyone does need to realize that if we want them to police everything rigidly we can't then complain about a "police state" when it means we get policed the same way. There has to be some flexibility and each issue is unique and handled that way.
    52. I'd like to see a stated response from the CSM team if possible
      Probably won't happen. Sadly people will quote out of context and complain. It's a no win.
    53. We've had the discretion vs consistency discussion. Communicated policies help
      Not really, mountains of rules and people still violate them then claim censorship, unfair, whatever. So no it really doesn't. And we’d be amazed at how many times people take rudeness for harassment. They're different. GMs and also the community team aren't there to make sure everyone is nice to us. Sometimes we just have to blow off the rudeness and worry about the real harassment.
    54. Is it sometimes hard to understand players, just because you are on the other side of the fence
      Not at all. He was a player before he got hired. He IS a player. You can't possibly do his job if you aren’t. He thinks the real issue is the other way around. He doesn't think players really understand the team. In fact, a lot of the time the things they say prove they really don't.
    55. I think there is a lot of "us/them" attitude that seems pointless at best, destructive at worst
      Yes. He thinks players forget one simple truth sometimes. They’ve got families and lives and this is how they support them. When we try to make the argument that they don't care or they're trying to kill the game or something similar, keep in mind we’re really saying, "You're trying to put yourself out of work." Obviously nothing could be farther from the truth. And that's without even going into the simple reality that they all love this game and the lore and the source material just as much as we do.
    56. Sapience mentions that we went over $1500 so far this year for Extra Life and just broke $70,000 combined for 2012-2014!
    57. It really grinds my gears whenever anyone says the devs are lazy or should spend 24/7 with their nose to the grindstone.
      He watches these guys come in sometimes at 8am and not leave until midnight and he knows they have wives and kids and are missing dinner with their families and then someone says these people don't care? It's unfair. Which is part of the thing about players not getting devs. Despite being a job, there is PASSION there. A lot of it.
    58. Players don't see them very often in person. Maybe that is a problem.
      Sapience doesn’t know if that helps. His photo is everywhere. A photo doesn't do much to humanize people. And it shouldn't matter. They're people. Photo or no. Treat them how you'd like to be treated. it's not a hard concept to grasp.
    59. What is your favorite moment of the LOTR saga
      It's not a moment it's a character. Sam. True friendship. No matter what. Good, bad, even when he's being doubted. He really admires that about him. Sam, to him, was always the one true hero. Because he was just trying to do what he promised Gandalf. No other motivation.
    60. You have a plane right? Can you fly loopings with it?
      He has RC planes. Several of them. Yes he can loop them. Fly inverted, do snap rolls, etc. In terms of real planes, he has flown several types of planes. The one in his Twitter pic is a 1937 Stearman PT-17 Biplane. The flight was a gift from his wife for Christmas a couple of years ago. It was a 30 minute 'check flight'. If he had had his license he would have ended up with a certification to fly a biplane. He’s also flown a Cessna 172, 152, and 182RG (SO FUN!) as well as Piper Warrior and Warrior II. He also has a standing offer from a local LotRO player to take a ride/flight in his WWII era Piper Cub J-5.
    61. Do you know if Festival Food use the same Food Channel as Trail Food, Regen Food, Coffee or Soups?
      He has no idea.
    62. Ever considered getting a student's pilot license in your off time?
      He knows a couple flight schools both local and in FL. They vary a lot. He has quotes from $9k to $13K for just a private certificate. Some of it is the aircraft they use, some of it is the cost of the instructor (they cost more in the Boston area than in Florida) and some of it is in Boston you have a limited number of flying days and in Florida it’s pretty much 365.
    63. Why not next year around the anniversary of Boston Marathon have Hobnanigans active but replace the cloaks with One Fund while playing.
      He'll make the suggestion. Not sure how much effort it would be to replace the cloaks. He thinks a more fitting tribute would be for everyone to wear the cloak and we do a "marathon" to Rivendell.
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    Original-Text hier

    Fragen und Antworten Hobbits nach Isengard - Riddermark

    Bitte beachtet: Ich umschreibe hier. Alles hier gesagte ist meine [frickinmucks] Interpretation dessen, was gesagt wurde und ist ohne Gewähr und kann korrigiert werden, also nehmt all dies nicht als das letzte Wort.

    Wenn irgendjemand, der anwesend war, irgendwelche Ergänzungen oder Berichtigungen hat, kann er dies gerne posten.

    Fragen und Antworten Hobbits nach Isengard - Riddermark
    Video hier verfügbar.

    Gast für diesen Lauf - EP Aaron "Rowan" Campbell

    1. What changes are going to be made for the next round of Hobnanigans
      Bug fixes, most likely. Assuming that the next round isn’t until U14, because that’s the earliest the game will be updated. As far as he knows , there is no 13.2 planned.
    2. Do you ever pen and paper in Middle Earth, and if so which system
      No. He used to pen and paper D&D a long time ago, but not for a good many years now. And now he’s getting “For shame!” from Tolero. Thanks everyone for opening up a Sapience shaming session in the office.
    3. When is the new class coming
      In the update in which it’s planned for. They won’ t be talking much more about it until we get closer to the time of its release. In the meantime the Players Council is actually having a lot of discussions about Beornings.
    4. Is there a discussion about obtaining the huorn pets and housing items in another way outside the random presents
      Not at the moment. He thinks at some point there will be other ways to get pets besides the random loot drop, but for now that is the system for those specific pets.
    5. Do you remember which version of D&D
      He honestly doesn’t. It was a very long time ago.
    6. Question about U14
      They will discuss it as U14 gets closer – probably sometime after the Spring Festival.
    7. Are there more Hobnanigans planned for the future
      Yes, it’s not a one-off event. They are going to turn it on at planned times in the year. More frequently than the Treasure Hunt (they’re actually bringing the Treasure Hunt back as well). It will be a weekend event they will turn on probably every 4 – 6 weeks or something like that.
    8. Someone retweeted a tweet from almost 2 years ago when they’d just introduced the Well-met title and had just given it two people (the winners of the Biggest Fan contest). So at the time those two people were the only ones with that title. They’ve given out quite a few since then. The only way to get the title is to physically meet a Turbine employee. There are various employees that have them, if you bump into them they’ll give you one. If you go to any of the meet and greets or parties you’ll get one. That is the only way to get one – to meet someone from Turbine in person. If he had to make a guess on how many Well-met titles there are out there right now – and it would just be a guess – it would probably be around 1,000, maybe 1,100.
    9. Will there ever be any meet and greets besides Boston or New England
      They’ve done meet and greets In Orlando Florida, North Carolina, Buffalo New York and Seattle. So yes, they’ve done them in multiple places. There is currently a discussion about a possible Niagara Falls or Buffalo New York meet and greet for June 20th, because he will be in that area.
    10. Suggestion to put the devs on a tour bus
      When the game launched they actually put a few devs in a car and toured around the US and went to various places. He remembers because he was a player at the time and they went to King of Prussia Mall in Philadelphia, and he went down there to see them.
    11. Do the DDO employees carry a copy of the Well-met title for when they meet players
      Cordovan has carried one a few times when he’s gone places, so he does have them. He’s the one we’d be most likely to bump in to, he thinks, for some kind of DDO meet and greet. Sapience makes a point to make sure that Cordovan has a couple things for LotRO players when he goes out in case he bumps into any LotRO players. But he doesn’t think any of the other devs do.
    12. Do you know why the breaking of Isengard was changed slightly from the official version, where Aaragorn meets the Grey Company before they confront Saruman as opposed to the books
      Yes he does, and in fact MadeOfLions has made a couple of posts explaining why. Expediency. It was a minor change to move the LotRO epic story a long a bit faster, and wrap up that book. He has a post in the forums about it.
    13. Discussion about the Buffalo/Niagara Falls meet and greet
      It has not yet been decided which side the meet and greet will happen on. If you have an opinion, drop by the forum thread and get in on the discussion there. He’s game for either.
    14. How come you never show your face in beta – we only see ApplePie
      There are no betas going on. When there are actual closed betas he’s usually more active. Not so much on Bullroarer when they have updates on there before going live, but actual betas for larger expansions, that’s when he’s usually on. Mostly because he tends to do the events when they do betas, especially when they do end of world events or any kind of specific event, he’s usually part of those. When they do smaller testing for smaller updates they don’t generally do events like that, or else they are much smaller or brief during very narrow windows, and not big “break the server” or “break the world” type events.
    15. Question about prizes for Bullroarer
      Prizes are specifically for beta, which happens to occur on Bullroarer when they have expansions. Having Bullroarer open for updates is not a major event.
      EP Aaron “Rowan” Campbell joins the chat
    16. Rowan says he had a lot of fun today. He got to see Paths of the Dead, and a run through of Belfalas and up to the gates of Dol Amroth. He thinks it’s the most beautiful region they’ve done to date. He has that backed up by the Art Director. It’s the most beautiful region he’s seen. He felt like he was in Greece.
    17. Todd the Art Director comes by and is seen on camera briefly.
      Rowan – Belfalas is the most beautiful region they’ve seen yet. You can see Dol Amroth in the distance and the region really comes alive.
    18. When do we get U14
      Rowan – Summertime. We’re a couple of months out.
    19. With these planned updates, are there any plans for a closed beta of any of it
      Rowan – No closed beta. It will all be on Bullroarer.
      Sapience – So everyone will get to see it at pretty much the same time.
      Rowan – Yes. They’ll give the more broken version to Palantir.
      Sapience – As usual.
    20. How is that going to affect the performance of the GPU, that being such a visually stunning area
      Rowan – There was a little stutter coming over the rise to Dol Amroth that they will have to work through. They’re really pushing the distance of view. The smoke from the individual beacons that are lit and stretching way out into the distance. But they will make sure to polish the performance on people’s graphics cards.
    21. What else, other than the new region, can we look forward to in U14
      Sapience – Without spilling too many beans.
      Rowan – He has such a broad view of everything they’re working on that he has to think a bit to separate them out. Beorning work is coming along well. That’s not a U14 thing, that’s a later in the year thing. They’re doing a lot of work around cosmetic pets. There will be a new item system coming with U14 – a new way for us to build out and customize the items we want.
    22. What about Hobnanigans, when will we see some of the bugs fixed
      Rowan – Yes, they will dig into Hobnanigans. They want it to be a regular event, they’re hoping monthly, which is part of the extended reward system we’ve been seeing. They expect a lot of those bug fixes to come for U14. He thinks some of those ‘bugs’ are more of a feature – the way the physics work, such as a chicken getting stuck on a haystack, jumping on the haystack and hitting the chicken way over your opponent’s head to score. But they are going to be working on the problems like the chicken going out of bounds and that sort of thing. He’s not sure how they are going to address players going AFK, and interaction issues.
    23. Could you share the size of Belfalas compared to other regions
      Rowan – Belfalas is only one of three areas in this update. And Paths of the Dead is pretty sizeable as well.
      Sapience – So these are not little bite-sized pieces.
      Rowan – What we saw in Fangorn recently is what they refer to as a mini-region. It was intended to be a very small place for a single piece of content and to illustrate some of the epic story. These will be more substantial. They’ve got the entire city of Dol Amroth. It’s rather large, actually.
      Sapience – Can you say if they are going to all be connected or if there are going to be ports?
      Rowan – It’s all contiguous landscape. You have to cross through the Paths of the Dead to get there.
      Sapience – So it’s not easy to get to.
      Rowan – No. And not all the oathbreakers have chosen to follow Aaragorn.
      Sapience – That sounds like it could be problematic for us as players.
    24. Sapience tells Rowan about the request made last run, for the winning server to get all the festivals turned on at once. Rowan makes “the face” of dread.
      Rowan – That breaks things. Choose your favourite.
    25. Can you show us some of the concept art from the upcoming update
      Sapience – Says they’re too far out yet to be ready to share anything.
      Rowan – He’s talking to the Middle Earth people later this week, so they’re not quite there yet.
      Sapience – To clarify, by “Middle Earth” people, they’re referring to their licensor. The things players are asking for right now, they need to show to them first. A lot of people don’t realize, they come up with these great ideas and then they have to go to the licensor and say “we think these are great ideas.” And 99% of the time they say, “we think so too.” But they still have to go through the process.
      Rowan – “They’re pretty nice to us.”
    26. Can you tell us about anything new in the Spring Festival
      Rowan – He’s not sure. (Some unintelligible comments here). They have plans to change some of the itemization and rewards for festivals moving forward. Some of it is going to key into the new item system they’re working on. They want to key that into festivals, they want to key that into guilds, they want to extend it out.
      Sapience – Someone suggested BBQ at the end for everybody.
      Rowan – There’s a really great BBQ place near there.
      Sapience – Last year’s Players Council know exactly how good it is. They took some of them out there.
    27. Can you share concept art from past updates
      Sapience – He’ll make a point of talking to Todd, the Art Director and digging some out.
    28. We know that Minas Tirith will be coming in the near to mid future. I know that not much can likely be said, but I imagine it will be a massive area in its own right
      Sapience – This reminds him of a conversation he heard with MadeOfLions about how big it really is compared to how big people think it is.
      Rowan – They’re taking a couple of years to do something that is a week and a half timeframe. And while the landscape seems really substantial, it’s actually quite compact. If you’re standing in Osgiliath looking out toward the edge of the Pelennor fields, Minas Tirith is right there and (unintelligible). One thing that has definitely come up in their discussions is that for aesthetic reasons – not just the movies, this is going back many years – have made Minas Tirith a much more vertical city and a much larger city in terms of presentation than was actually described by Tolkien. So they’re right now in the process of balancing out, what is the size of those walls. What looks impressive in the distance that you can still feel the impact of as you get closer. (A bit more unintelligible stuff that sounds like an elaboration of that basic concept).
    29. Do we know if U14 is going to have tier 9 crafting icons
      Rowan – He thinks that’s number 2 or 3 on their UI list right now. Number one is making sure they have beautiful maps for the new regions.
      Sapience – So it’s on the list, but it may not be U14, maybe 14.1 or something?
      Rowan – Nods.
    30. Do you have any plans to scale any of the traditional instances this year, like Moria or Isengard
      Rowan – Right now no plans. That’s a whole area they need to look at carefully and review. He’d like to find ways to (unintelligible). Of course they are doing a lot of work right now to improve the experience of epic battles.
    31. Sapience responds to a joking comment by a player in the chat
      Sapience – No, you did not just hear Rowan say free housing update for all in Minas Tirith.
      Rowan – (Laughs) He saw the Gondorian architecture today and his first thought was, everyone is going to be asking for housing there immediately.
    32. Unintelligible question about whether Bounder’s Bounty event will come back
      Sapience – Thinks that was a one-off event.
      Rowan – That was a completed event that he doesn’t expect to return. (Unintelligible, something about wanting to extend things like Hobnanigans, and putting that effort into some of the seasonal stuff).
    33. Request to restate the Minas Tirith answer because people didn’t hear it well
      Rowan – The big problem about Minas Tirith is that the landscape they’re looking at, the space they’re looking at when you come around to the northern side of the mountains, is very tight. The Pelennor fields and Minas Tirith not even in the distance – it’s kind of in your face. So that’s something they’re going to need to address and that’s why they’re already in multiple prototypes for the space. One thing that they’ve found looking over not just movies but concept art and artistic works referencing this for a number of years now is that the artists have almost inevitably made Minas Tirith a more vertical space. Tolkien described it with 100 foot walls in tiers. In the scale they are working with, it’s actually not that remarkable at all. It doesn’t have that impact or that feel, so they are playing with multiple versions of it, seeing what comes out best and really captures the impression and impact they want to make with Minas Tirith.
    34. Do you have any idea how bit the Paths of the Dead will be
      Rowan – Doesn’t want to talk too much about it and spoil any surprises MadeOfLions has for us. A lot of it involves the epic story. A lot of it involves making volume 4 heroic and that’s totally in his camp. (Some unintelligible stuff elaborating on that). For the most part we are going to be going through and following along after Aaragorn has passed through there.
      Sapience – That’s a good thing to point out. Generally speaking throughout the game, we are slightly behind the fellowship. So they’re doing the things in the book and we’re coming behind them and either cleaning up the fallout like we did with Moria, or kind of trying to round up the bits and pieces that they’ll need later.
      Rowan – Right. There’s so much more going on. Gondor has been besieged, the entire area has been panicked, and we might think, appropriately after watching thousands of dead rise up from the ground, come out of the mountain and walk through their town. So there’s a lot going on in the area.
      Sapience – Is hearing that basically there’s plenty to do then.
      Rowan – Yes. He especially likes the corsairs.
      Sapience – Says now they’re talking about corsairs. He wasn’t going to say anything about them.
    35. Sapience says that one of the things he thinks players would like to hear about is that they’ve been having a lot of conversations with the Players Council and he thinks sometimes that they don’t really explain what those look like or what shape they take. He asks Rowan to explain a bit about what’s going on, for example, with the Beorning discussion.
      Rowan – They’ve opened up their initial design manifest, a non-technical view on the intent and roles for the class, and the Players Council has done an incredible amount of research and a great deal of work and discussion around the impact of those roles, the (unintelligible), and given them feedback on what they as players would like to see out of this. Just over the last day or so they’ve been going over the visual impact of the class. What they would expect to see out of the class and how that translates into something that is visually impactful, but respectful of the lore, respectful of the game, and just balancing those pieces together.
      Sapience – Thinks sometimes the team gets so into it with the Players Council that they forget that they should maybe shine a light on what’s going on and when. And he knows that it’s a big deal for a lot of players, so being able to share with them exactly what the Players Council is seeing and discussing is really important.
    36. (Unintelligible discussion about request for a specific class, something said about there being other things considered first)
      Sapience – Thinks now they’re going to get a thousand questions about what other classes were discussed.
      Rowan – They had 24 pitches before settling on the Beorning.
      Sapience – 24 possibilities before they get to the Beorning, so for those who think they just pull things out of a hat, there were a lot of long discussions about a great many things before they decide on what’s going into the game.
    37. Someone asks to hear the Bounders Bounty answer again
      Sapience – The Cliff notes version is that it won’t be coming back in the form we’d remember it. There is a possibility of it maybe being repurposed as something else later. But as the Bounder’s Bounty event, no.
    38. Has there been any more discussion about the possibility of adding more housing hooks
      Rowan – Limited discussion. (Unintelligible, brief comment that sounded like something along the lines of “Not right now, maybe later”).
    39. Sapience apologizes for really bad sound, says he thinks it wouldn’t have been fair to drop out of the entire run because Skype crashed. They’ve been trying to do their best with the sound, and to me who will be trying to make a transcript. [Apology accepted, but I'm sending you the Advil bills! - Frick]
      Sapience Thanks Aaron for coming in to talk with us.
    40. Some more unintelligible stuff from Sapience, sounds like he’s talking about the time and how it stacks up against the rest of the times so far.
    41. Sapience gets his sound working a bit better and apologizes again for the sound quality and promises that he’s going to work out the sound issues before next run. Reminds everyone that there are only a few more runs before the event is complete. Someone suggests that my forum title be changed to "Strained Ears." [That would be quite appropriate! - Frick]
    42. Someone asks about the item system answer Rowan gave
      He doesn’t want to say too much about it because he wants to do a livestream about the system in its entirety later on. He and Rowan also didn’t want to go into it too much because HoarseDev would have killed them if they’d spilled the beans on him.
    43. Someone asks for clarification about what Rowan said about the housing hooks
      Changing the hook system around a bit, expanding it, giving us more are things they’ve discussed a lot and there’s really not any work being done on it at the moment. Maybe at some point if they find time they might try to take a look at it and see what can be done. But he was basically just reiterating what he said in his producer’s letter about housing not being something they’re going to invest a lot in this year.
    44. Sapience says more but there is now no audio at all, so he ends the livestream.
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  31. May 21 2014, 12:52 AM
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