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    Original-Text hier

    Fragen und Antworten Hobbits nach Isengard - Dwarrowdelf

    Bitte beachtet: Ich umschreibe hier. Alles hier gesagte ist meine [frickinmucks] Interpretation dessen, was gesagt wurde und ist ohne Gewähr und kann korrigiert werden, also nehmt all dies nicht als das letzte Wort.

    Wenn irgendjemand, der anwesend war, irgendwelche Ergänzungen oder Berichtigungen hat, kann er dies gerne posten.

    Fragen und Antworten Hobbits nach Isengard - Dwarrowdelf
    Video hier und hier verfügbar.

    1. Can you share the reason why shrew pets were made random drop instead of providing a barter option
      That was a design decision on the part of the devs who created it.
    2. Was your answer a variation on “Because the devs said so”
      Yes, which is a further variation of “Because I’m the mom” he guesses.
    3. Shout out reminding people to check out the real-life player events section of the forums to get involved in a player meet and greet in the Buffalo or Niagara Falls area for end of June. It works best if people RSVP so they can get a head count so that whoever organizes the venue can give the bar or restaurant managers a heads up on how many will be there and when.
    4. Any rewards other than shrews
      He doesn’t know what the full loot table for the Spring Festival is.
    5. Any plans to put vendors in the Entwood
      Probably not, for obvious reasons. Not the kind of place vendors would be hanging out.
    6. Request for details on U14
      That’s a ways off, they won’t be sharing anything until it’s closer to going on BR, and that’s a ways off yet.
    7. What do you think about flying mounts in LotRO
      NO. There are no suitable flying mounts for LotRO. And don’t say eagles.
    8. Reminder that Weatherstock is scheduled for June 14th this year.
    9. Have you ever wanted to take control of your character during a run
      There have been a couple of times when he’s wished he could do something, but had to watch helplessly as he got stuck on something and had to wait the 30 or 40 seconds until the person he was following figured out he was stuck and ran back to get him.
    10. Do you think free character slots might ever be increased
      Not likely. Total number of character slots that are unlockable, that is a conversation that has happened. There’s been talk of increasing the limit up from 17 when the Beorning is released so that people don’t have to delete a character in order to make a Beorning.
    11. Have you obtained a shrew on your real account yet
      No. He hasn’t had time to do any Spring Festival stuff yet. He’ll probably play this weekend.
    12. Any idea what you’ll do when Mordor comes out
      He expects it will be dark, brooding, fire, big black gate. Other than that, not saying.
    13. Have you completed all raids on T2
      He doesn’t think so. Not all of them.
    14. Have there been talks about changing subscription types – premium, VIP, F2P
      They’re always talking about how to make VIP better. For example, adding more value to the package such as opening mail in the wild. But other than that, not a lot of discussion.
    15. Can you use your Persuasive Abilities to talk the artists into making something other than tablecloth mounts
      He will pass the suggestion on. He makes no guarantees.
    16. Is it possible to upgrade the current gear rather than get new gear when the level cap is raised
      Probably not. Level to cap, get new gear, new LIs. These things go hand in hand.
    17. Should the next event be Level the Hobbit to Isengard
      Grind him up to the current level (laughs). Actually there was some discussion yesterday about what the next event might be, and there was a suggestion of taking his hobbit through Moria based on the same rules. Getting his hobbit to 50 and get him into Moria past the LI intro quests, and take him through there and see how many times he gets chucked off a cliff, people get lost. He thinks it would be interesting, so he’s kind of kicking that idea around. He thinks it would be fun and would give players who haven’t seen Moria yet a chance to see what it looks like in the game.
    18. People are really into the Moria idea in the chat, so he’s going to give it more thought, think about when it might happen and how it might work. First he’s going try out the roundtable livestream in the beginning of June, some U14 livestreams as that gets closer, etc.
    19. HoarseDev mentioned working on a way to swap between trait and promotion presets, any update on that
      He recalls HoarseDev mentioning that, but he’s out of the office today. He will ask him when he’s back in the office.
    20. Any chance of a 24 hour all-nighter before Extra Life
      He was toying with the idea of a pre-Extra Life event, sort of a telethon or something. At least do an evening sometime between now and Oct 25. Something he’s definitely thinking about. It would be on his Twitch channel, not the LotRO one.
    21. Will the next event be taking Mrs Sapience to a well-deserved night out for her patience
      He’s been told that they’re going to the Top of the Hub tomorrow. A restaurant at the top of the Prudential, which is supposed to be a really nice place to go.
    22. Suggestion of having the devs come in and spawn monsters and things
      Bad things can happen if that is done, so they never do that on live servers, only on Bullroarer at the end of a testing cycle when it doesn’t matter if they crash things.
    23. Is there a character that starts at level 50 that the hobbit can be started as
      No. All though, the discussion is that Beornings are starting at level 50. But there is the Gift of the Valar, which could be used to level the hobbit to level 50 for the Moria thing.
    24. Around the office do you guys call each other by their given names, or by their game names
      They use the given names. He’s been a member of guilds in the past where they were so used to calling each other by their game names that when they met in person they just kept doing that, but in the office they call each other by their given names.
    25. Do you ever hang out on Crickhollow
      Sometimes. He thinks he was there in the Moors recently.
    26. Any plans of putting these runs on fast forward and playing the Benny Hill music
      No, but that would be pretty funny.
    27. How many first ages do you have
      He thinks his hunter has 4 at the moment, and his LM has 3.
    28. Do you ever tank with your LM
      No, but he’s tanked on his hunter from time to time.
    29. Any chance of cosmetic weapons and shields becoming a thing
    30. How many South African players have you met
      None. But as an amateur radio operator, he’s had radio conversations with people in South Africa, which is impressive when he’s only working with about 75 watts of output power.
    31. Any progress on getting devs to add a memorial to the Bridge of Hobbit Doom
      None so far. He thinks it’s going to be a really hard sell.
    32. Any chance of a light version of the client for mobile devices
      No. There’s absolutely nothing light about LotRO.
    33. Any changes to instance finder coming
      None that he’s aware of. He knows there have been conversations, but no plans that have come out of them.
    34. Question about how things went with the licensor today
      Rowan had a meeting with Middle Earth Enterprises today to go over some of the U14 and Beorning stuff with them. He talked to Rowan after the meeting and he said it went really well, and they’re moving forward. Generally speaking they are pretty happy with Turbine. They have a really good relationship with the licensor.
    35. Would you buy a real hobbit house if you could in real life
      He plugs a company that does sheds and chicken coops and things to look like a hobbit hole. He wishes he could afford to put a guest house hobbit hole in the back yard.
    36. Everyone wants to know what’s in your vending machines
      After the stream he will take a picture and tweet it out, for whatever bizarre reason. Probably not what you think. It depends on which kitchen you go to. They have a large office with 3 kitchens. One has just a standard vending machine, another one has a frozen food vending machine with ice cream and hot pockets.
    37. Is there anything planned to appeal to new players
      One of the things they’re adding with U14 is a global chat channel. A lot of new players when they first start out feel like the game is dead because they’re logging in at level one and all the players are up at 95 and there’s really no communication back and forth between those groups. GLFF isn’t used by new players, or by the majority of players for that matter. A lot of new players don’t know it exists or how to join it. Having the global channel well get them socially involved in the world right from the start.
    38. Will the Northern portions of Mirkwood be added
      No plans that he’s aware of at this time.
    39. More discussion of the vending machines
      They have standard chips, cookies, candy in one machine, the frozen stuff in another machine, and they also get a weekly fruit delivery of apples, oranges, grapes, bananas, in a big fridge. Plus coffee, soda, hot chocolate, water – all that stuff. He doesn’t know why that’s so interesting (laughs).
    40. Any information on how catapults will be implemented
      Nope. There will probably be more info closer to U14.
    41. Do you enjoy playing Dungeons & Dragons
      He does. He doesn’t have as much time as he’d like to play the games he enjoys, but he does login and play DDO. In terms of pen and paper D&D, he doesn’t play that anymore but he used to a long time ago.
    42. All questions you’ve answered should be written down and put on the internet
      That is a fantastic idea. He thinks that is outstanding. It’s almost like somebody has before. Every single run has been meticulously and in his opinion, slightly obsessively and moderately insanely, transcribed by Frickinmuck who even somehow managed to eke out some intelligible conversations from the audio wrecked run the other day. [Only moderately insanely? – Frick]
    43. Any more info on the new itemization system
      Just because HoarseDev isn’t in the office today doesn’t mean he won’t come in and kill him tomorrow if he did that, so no. That’s all HoarseDev, and when he’s ready to talk about it Sapience will drag him in and sit down and have a nice discussion about it.
    44. When are you going to start cutting Frickinmuck a cheque
      He doesn’t know.. sometimes... *shakes head* He thinks she does a fantastic job not only of transcribing things, but also of getting it right, like 99.9999% of the time, even when it’s kind of unintelligible. [I don’t do this for Turbine, I do it for the players. If it helps Turbine then that’s a nice side effect. – Frick]
    45. Can you work at Turbine as a college intern
      He doesn’t know the status of the internship program, but he does know they had some summer jobs for high school students. But they were actual jobs, not internships.
    46. Any plans to make sales more frequent, such as twice a week instead of once
      He wouldn’t say plans, but he sits next to the guy who deals with that stuff, so he’ll talk to him about it.
    47. Can we get a war goat
      There is no discussion of a war goat.
    48. Any chance of making a housing area in Rohan
      There’s absolutely no plans for that right now.
    49. Discussion of war chickens and shrew mounts, mention of Monty Python war rabbit
      Certain places in the game, he’s talking about certain caves, if you go in them you will meet a certain rabbit.
    50. Any changes coming to the Moors with U14
      Yes. They will talk about that as they get closer to U14. If Jinjaah was nearby he’d drag him in and see what he was willing to share, but he doesn’t see him.
    51. What are your thoughts on a one-off booster pack from 0 to level 95 for $1,000
      He will pass the suggestion along, is all he’ll say about it.
    52. What is your favourite festival and why
      He likes the Harvestmath Festival. He likes the Haunted Barrow. He’s a sucker for a good haunted house.
    53. Any advice for someone interested in getting into the gaming industry
      The same advice he gives people asking about getting into radio: anything you can. Get a job. Worry about getting “the” job later. But get a job in the industry, whatever that job may be. You may end up in QA or customer service, but get a foot in the door, regardless of what your long-term goal may be. Just get in the building. Even if you got a job working with the maintenance guy, you’re in the building, you’re going to meet people, talk to people, you will get insights into how the company works. If you’re in customer service you’ll get familiarity with the products, same with QA. Really just worry about getting your dream job later and just focus on getting into the industry in any way you can. Even if it’s not what you imagine yourself doing for the rest of your life. Just get in the door.
    54. Can you help me with getting a job in the gaming industry in South Africa
      Unfortunately he knows nothing about the industry there and has no contacts there, but he would think it’s pretty universal. Get a marketable skillset, get any job you can even if it’s slightly above your skillset – just get in there. He knows quite a few people start in QA. In fact he seems to recall that Rowan started in QA.
    55. Have you ever thought of selling one day in the Eyes & Guard
      No. For those who don’t know, the Eyes & Guard is a level up power up buff up tavern that lets you take a character who is new in the world and level it to cap with full gear, maxed out stats, maxed renown, infamy, all your monster play stats – pretty much a fully capped and maxed out character. So no.
    56. What is your favourite mount
      His favourite is the original Harvestmath steed. He just really likes the look of it.
    57. Suggestion for new cosmetic item “Don’t follow me, I’m lost”
      (Laughs) He’ll pass that along, but it would have to be written in runes.

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    Ich werd mein Bestes geben, die in den nächsten Tagen alle zu übersetzen, aber aktuell ist es etwas eng bei mir und dann bin ich noch 3 Wochen unterwegs. Kann also gut sein, dass ich die letzten Transkripte erst später/nicht übersetzen kann. Werde mein Bestes geben, kann aber nichts versprechen...

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    Original-Text hier

    Fragen und Antworten Hobbits nach Isengard - Morthond

    Bitte beachtet: Ich umschreibe hier. Alles hier gesagte ist meine [frickinmucks] Interpretation dessen, was gesagt wurde und ist ohne Gewähr und kann korrigiert werden, also nehmt all dies nicht als das letzte Wort.

    Wenn irgendjemand, der anwesend war, irgendwelche Ergänzungen oder Berichtigungen hat, kann er dies gerne posten.

    Fragen und Antworten Hobbits nach Isengard - Morthond
    Video hier verfügbar.

    1. What is the timeline for the new chat channel
      U14. It’s in a dev build as /world. Other changes for U14 include: friends list will be growing – roughly doubling. They will also be increasing the size of the kinship message of the day.
    2. Any patches planned before U14
      No, no patches planned prior to U14 for any reason.
    3. Which part of the Hobbit story are you looking forward to seeing in the Battle of the 5 Armies
      The Battle of the 5 armies, actually. The standoff at the Gate. It’s one of his favourite parts of the book.
    4. Will the global channel be turned on when we login, or will we have to sign into it
      It will be active on login. You can disable it as well, just like any other channel. It will be an official channel.
    5. How many characters will message of the day be
      It’s at 80 right now and he thinks it’s going to be at 132/134 somewhere in there.
    6. Which update will have the first 5 level update
      He thinks that’s U14. Also, just to be clear, Beornings are not part of U14 – they will be coming later in the year.
    7. Will Beornings be definitely starting at level 50
      Yes, that is the current plan, to start them at level 50 somewhere around Moria.
    8. Is the dev who is working on the new item system around for a quick chat
      He is, but he won’t be able to tell us the things we will want to hear. That’s something that’s going to be put in front of the Player Council early next week. He’s going to have HoarseDev sit in on a livestream and show it off when they have a working dev build.
    9. Will the LI system be replaced or revamped
      Replaced, almost certainly not. Tweaks and adjustments are more likely.
    10. Question about the meeting with the licensor
      Rowan met with Middle Earth Enterprises at the end of last week. It went very well and they really liked all the things submitted to them. They were really supportive of and happy with the concept of Beornings and the direction of things, so we can look forward to things progressing along the lines of what’s been publicly stated in Rowan’s producer’s letters.
    11. Is there the possibility of Beornings start at level one, or have the option to do so
      Very unlikely.
    12. Do you ever get tempted to seed outrageous, untrue rumours and if so what’s your favourite
      No, there’s enough people doing that already without his help. He’s endlessly amused by some of the things that people suggest but generally speaking he doesn’t feel the need to contribute to that.
    13. Will BB promo points be increased so we can spec out a tree
      As far as he knows not for U14, although he suggests making that suggestion in the forums.
    14. Will you be coming to Weatherstock
      Actually, he’s trying to clear off his schedule for Weatherstock so he can jump in and livestream it on this channel. He hasn’t been able to lock it down yet so he’s not going to officially say he’s doing it until it’s finalized, but he’s trying.
    15. Questions about the Beorning
      More information on the Beorning will be shared closer to the time. He’s not going to say anything more beyond that they will be starting at level 50.
    16. When you get on a server and there is more than one group contending to lead the run, which do you join
      The first one that invites him, he joins. The only exception is when it ends up being one person and they don’t invite anyone else to join the raid, then he’ll drop and take the next group that invites him.
    17. Question about raids
      No plans for new raids next year. That hasn’t changed.
    18. Any plans to revamp the Rift
      No, because if they did so it would mean significant changes and it wouldn’t be the Rift we remember, and people would be upset. They have no plans on changing it.
    19. Request for a title for the winning group that takes him to Isengard
      They’re not going to do that, it’s not practical. More likely they will be turning on a festival or an XP weekend or something like that.
    20. If you do come to Weatherstock and stream it, will you please save it
      Yes, if he does manage to do it he will be saving it, probably putting it on the YouTube channel as well.
    21. Did you poke HoarseDev about traits/promotion tree swapping
      HoarseDev is back now, so once he’s settled in Sapience will be sitting down with him and going over all the suggestions and questions players have brought to him while HoarseDev was away.
    22. How many entries to the screenshot of the week can we make
      The contest is weekly but you can submit one every day, so you can have as many as 7 entries per week. They also stockpile them, so if you submitted something and it didn’t get chosen, it could be chosen in a later week.
    23. Thanks for doing these
      He thanks the players for showing up to these and making them what they are. If after the first couple runs people weren’t showing up to them, they probably would have stopped doing them. So the players actually power this stuff which is really great.
    24. Any changes to festival steeds so they are available off-season or bound to account
      That’s sort of multiple questions at the same time, although the answer to them as far as he knows at this point is no. The bound to account issue does come up from time to time and they do kind of talk it over.
    25. Questions about housing
      Rowan’s producer’s letter for U13 gave a good solid answer as to why they aren’t focusing on housing this year.
    26. When I submit a screenshot why doesn’t it go through
      When a screenshot is submitted it goes into a pending queue, they don’t display automatically. They are approved manually to ensure people aren’t submitting inappropriate content. They usually get approved once or twice a day.
    27. Sapience talks about how he’s trying to do more livestreams. Yesterday he hopped in and did an impromptu livestream as he power-leveled the hobbit for this run up to level 10.
    28. Why did you choose Sapience as your name
      It refers to a specific type of wisdom that makes people human. It’s the wisdom to use our knowledge in a way that makes us human and benefits humanity. So there’s a philosophical reason there that he won’t dig too deeply into. It’s kind of a reminder to himself that everyone is a person, not a name. Someone posts the definition into the chat: “ability to apply knowledge or experience or understanding or common sense and insight.” That was also a very large part of why he chose it.
    29. Question about create a cloak or create a horse contest
      Currently there is no such contest running. He keeps poking people to try to make one happen but there are a lot of moving parts to it. Mostly getting legal issues out of the way, especially across multiple continents, because we have to sign off at the end and say it’s theirs at the end. But he does keep poking at it.
    30. Question about kinship changes
      He’s not going to talk about the changes HoarseDev has said are coming later in the year. That’s all stuff that he wants HoarseDev to speak about himself, and they’re kind of at an earlier stage. Until they get fully worked out and fully realized he doesn’t want to say anything . He doesn’t want to steal HoarseDev’s thunder.
    31. What is your favourite hidden nugget in the game, and why
      He likes the sand castle in Evendim. He also likes the snowmen. Lore-wise he likes the Bilbo’s Buttons quest in Goblin Town because of its direct tie to the Hobbit. He also just likes Goblin Town because of its obvious references to other films, outside of the Lord of the Rings. There are a number of those in-game, by the way.
    32. Are we going to get pet ferrets
      No, but Rowan didn’t seem completely opposed to the idea. Not anytime soon, he doesn’t think.
    33. When will we hear more about the mysterious new item system
      When they get closer to actually getting it up and running in-game. He does want to get HoarseDev into the stream and talking about it himself. Right now he’s trying to get a roundtable livestream set up with some of the devs all in one place, talking on camera and having a conversation with us.
    34. Did you see the article about the long lost recording of the Professor talking about the meaning of Lord of the Rings
      Yes, and he’s very much looking forward to hearing what it is. He thinks there have been so many years of speculation and wild guesses and assumptions that it will be interesting to hear from his own mouth what he intended.
    35. Are there still Russian servers and if so do you have contact with them on a community level
      There are. He doesn’t have a lot of contact with them. From time to time players will reach out to him. They have their own forums and their own community manager because it is hosted by a different company.
    36. When will U14 come out
      They aren’t sharing a date just yet.
    37. What would you name all your pets
      He won’t go through the whole list. He tends to name any in-game pets after actual pets he’s had, especially if they’ve passed, just to keep them with him that way. He’s a softie.
    38. Will pets only be available during events and festivals like Hobnanigans
      For the time being yes, down the road they’ll probably look at other ways to bring them into the game. The huorns can be earned at any time.
    39. Are there plans for more events after each server has completed TTHTI
      Yes, we’re talking about doing a Gates of Moria to Gates of Caras Galhadon, something like that. He thinks he’ll spend a lot of time dead because there are so many cliffs, etc. He’s kicking around a few other ideas he doesn’t want to get into until he’s figured out the logistics of them. But something in Moria is seeming increasingly likely. After a break, if for no other reason than he needs to get 29 characters to level 50 and even with the Gift of the Valar it’s going to take some time.
    40. What’s your favourite LM pet
      His snowy lynx.
    41. Anything special planned for the final run next Friday
      No, he doesn’t want to do anything different because he wants to make sure all the runs are fair, and are the same. Maybe afterward we can go to Rivendell and party.
    42. Who’s employee of the month
      Good question. He doesn’t know.
    43. Will there be new pets for the Spring festival
      Yes, there are shrews. They’re currently in-game. Go play.
    44. Could you not wear an amusing hat for the final run
      He likes that idea and has something in mind he may wear.
    45. Will you ever play these hobbits again or will they just be left alone
      He’s not sure. He can probably find some way to use them again in the future. For Moria he wants to do Dwarves, since that seems more appropriate.
    46. Would you make special visits to some servers if you had a chance
      The whole point of doing things is to do things for everyone. One thing he may do for Extra Life is he’s promised that he’ll play in the Moors as a freep and in the Moors as a creep. He may select which server he does that on based on which server donates the most money. He may come up with a plan where servers can earn a hangout.
    47. Request to add new instruments to the list of things he pesters the devs about
      He can absolutely add that to the list, but it could take as long as the 5 years it took him to get Hobnanigans back. There are no plans to do anything to the music system right now.
    48. Which servers impressed you the most with how prepared they were
      Eldar, Vilya, Anduin – some servers clearly spent the time to organize, but there were some others that really stepped up and became hyper efficient after the death and did a good job of the second run. Evernight really did a great run after the death and had it been their first run they might be in the top 5 right now. Laurelin had some problems at the outset and really turned it around, too.
    49. What is the hardest boss you’ve experienced in LotRO
      Raina, after her hurling multiple Balrogs at his head during the Bullroarer run.
    50. Will the new class be a reason to revamp the starting regions or even get a new starting region like the Gladden fields
      No, because the class will be starting at level 50 and it won’t need a new low level starting area. It will be starting around Moria, which is already a level 50 area.
    51. Plug for VeryBeary’s Brockenborings Bars that she made for the team. Raina earlier was making the comment that she’s going to huff them because when you open the bag they really smell spectacular. Big thanks, the team was really happy to get them.
    52. Is there anything about LotRO that you don’t like
      Yes – the fact that there are only 24 hours in the day and he doesn’t get to play as much as he’d like to.
    53. Any idea who would make the best pie for the devs
      If you’re talking about who on the team could make the best pie, DeviledEgg makes awesome stuff, and HoarseDev is also a pretty fierce cook
    54. Clarification that they were talking about having a pie making contest for the devs
      That could be risky, as someone might be a little less than kind and make some interesting things. He thinks it might be better to have people submit their recipes and have the devs try and make them.
    55. Can you say why Beornings will probably be starting at level 50
      Because that’s the design decision that was made. There are probably other reasons, but that’s the one that he can think of that’s the most accurate.
    56. Have the devs made the cooking recipes from in-game and figured out which ones taste good
      No, but some of the players have. One thing that immediately comes to mind, a German kin called Riders of Lembas, who came to GamesCon one year and actually brought them lembas. It was fantastic. Broccoli is the name of the individual who did that.
    57. Question about whether employees ever voice NPCs
      Most of the in-game sounds are done by professional actors. Some Asheron’s Call stuff may have been done by employees, but most of LotRO stuff is done by voice actors.
    58. Can you share concept art from U14 or U15
      No. They will share stuff like that closer to the time.
    59. Have you ever voiced any characters
      No, he has not. He’s done one piece of voiceover for the company, but it was an internal project. Very dry and boring, straight-up voiceover.
    60. What are your thoughts about the game Shadow of Mordor
      From what he’s seen it looks very cool. He knows the community manager for that game, but he hasn’t talked to him about it. He did throw the Shadow of Mordor trailer up on the Facebook page if you want to check it out. It links back to their page. It looks like a very cool game and he’s going to be pre-ordering it.
    61. Suggestion to, instead of a marker, have an NPC that Sapience voices, warning people not to fall off the Bridge of Hobbit Doom
      He likes the idea. Doesn’t think they’ll get very far with it, but he likes the idea.
    62. How many meetings do you have each day
      Depends on the day. Mondays are usually bad, Fridays are so-so, Wednesdays are so-so, Tuesdays are usually wide open. But it also depends on what’s going on. The closer they get to releases, the meetings start to pile up. He meets with the team once a day, sometimes twice a day, of actual scheduled meetings. Then they do what they call drive-bys – he’ll walk by Rowan’s desk or HoarseDev will come by his desk, or he’ll go sit with Jinjaah and talk about something players are talking about. Structured and casual meetings are two different things, but they take up a good chunk of the day.
    63. Someone commented that he needs to go to Central America – like, Oklahoma
      He was thinking that he’d love to go to Brazil or Peru… Oklahoma. If you guys tone down the tornadoes a bit out there, he’ll think about it.
    64. How do you work in the games industry and what do you need to know in terms of schooling
      Don’t think that to be in the games industry, you have to know how to make games. The games industry employs accountants, marketing people, PR people, lawyers, people whose job it is to take care of the building. Getting into the games industry doesn’t always mean you have to be a programmer, or you have to be a great artist. For example, his background is in mass communications, journalism and broadcasting. All of those skills play into what he does, and he doesn’t make the game. The devs make the game. They have content designers who write all the quest text, place all the various items where they need to be, they have world builders who build the world, they have artists who create the art that the world builders use. People get into the mindset that they have to be programmers to get into the games industry but it’s just not true. Find a skillset that you excel at and you can probably find a related job in the industry.
    65. How many people does the dev team consist of
      That’s hard to say because they tend to take people out and plug people in depending on what they’re working in, plus they have an awful lot of shared resources. For example, they may have UI guys working on something specific to LotRO that aren’t technically part of the LotRO team, or they may have engineers working on the engine and the engine team is technically its own team. So there is a pretty large group of people who sort of float in and out of what you’d consider working on LotRO.
    66. Question about voiceover work for games
      There are definitely people who do professional voiceover work for games. He can think of a couple of people whose resumes consist of commercial voiceovers, and stuff in games.
    67. Question about music submissions for the game
      They actually don’t seek out musical submissions for the game, sorry.
    68. What are the requirements for becoming a GM – do they speak German or are they using translate software
      They do have native-speaking German GMs. For English speaking GMs the first requirement is that you live in Boston. For the French and German that is not the case – they live in Europe. The requirements vary depending on what you’re applying for, English, French or German. Jobs do show up from time to time on the website. Generally if you’re looking for a GM job it will show up as Customer Service, or In-game Support. You need to live in Boston for 99.999% of jobs at Turbine.
    69. Do you have GMs available 24/7
      Yes, they do.
    70. Is the game industry hard to break into
      It’s like with anything in the entertainment industry – the teams tend to be small and people tend to move around a lot within that. It is tough. A lot of it is firmly based on skillset, ability and talent, like any entertainment type position.
    71. What is the biggest change you’ve noticed since being acquired by WB
      They have a really nice office now.
    72. Any changes for war steeds due to their speeds
      Not that he’s aware of. If you’re headed toward a wall or fence, turn.
    73. Question about GMs helping with bugs
      GMs cannot help with bugs. You need to submit a bug report, which enters it into a buck tracking system. Bug reports do not get a response, they are reports.
    74. Will you all be gone on Monday
      Most of the team will be gone. There will be some GMs still available, but he will be gone. It’s Memorial Day holiday for them.
    75. There will be downtime on Tuesday, it’s a maintenance downtime, hardware downtime in the back end. Not an update, not a patch, no changes will be made to the game.
    76. Who made the skies in LotRO
      He doesn’t know who specifically is responsible for the skies in LotRO – that’s all part of the world builder team. They make the world go round.

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    Quote Originally Posted by frickinmuck View Post
    Q&A Hobbits to Isengard - Windfola

    Please note: I am paraphrasing here. Anything said here is coming through my interpretation of what was said, and is subject to being corrected, so don't take all this as the final word.

    If anyone who was present has any additions or corrections, feel free to post.

    Q&A Hobbits to Isengard - Windfola
    Video available here.

    1. Sapience reminds people that if they want to refresh the video without losing the chat, just press pause on the video, then press play and it should rebuffer.
    2. Will you give us the full max player slot increase with one update or will it be spread out across multiple
      The increase is not a done deal. They are talking about it, but it’s not yet planned.
    3. Discussion about a suggestion thread to memorialize the Bridge of Hobbit Doom
      He will point the thread out to the devs, but he doesn’t know that any of it is likely to happen.
    4. Will U14 or U15 come with a virtue cap increase
      He doesn’t know. They’ve been having a lot of discussions about U14 and what comes after. The exact details of what will be in each update will be discussed as they get closer to the update.
    5. Is there a minimum level to play TTHTI
      No, there isn’t.
    6. Are there plans to reactivate Hobnanigans before U14’s bug fixes
      Yes, there are. Very soon, in fact. He will have a date for us on the next hobbit run.
    7. Will you be expanding on the /cpet commands for cosmetic pets
      Yes, they will be. The /cpet command was put in solely as a temporary measure so that players would have the ability to rename their pets while a proper UI is being worked on. There are a lot of plans for cosmetic pets. It’s pretty cool and very interesting and he thinks we will like it a lot.
    8. Will there be a limit to how many Beornings people can make on each server
      As far as he knows, no. If you wanted to make 17 Beornings, you theoretically could.
    9. Any news about PvMP that would give me goosebumps
      He doesn’t know what would give you goosebumps, and he doesn’t think he wants to so he’s going to pass.
    10. Question about Osgiliath being considered for a PvMP zone
      He cautions that they consider a LOT of things. Do not ever mistake that for “We promise it’s coming.” They are being honest when they say they’ve discussed it, but what comes of it remains to be seen. It’s possible nothing will come of it.
    11. Can you do a free quest pack day, like an Eriador day or an Enedwaith day
      Right now Turbine points are on sale with double bonus points, but he will pass the suggestion along. Probably unlikely.
    12. What is your favourite non-LotRO game
      Probably a flight sim or driving game. Flight Simulator 10 or Gran Turismo 6.
    13. Has any thought been giving to granting access to Moria, Lothlorien or Mirkwood for chickens
      Good question. He will pass the suggestion along.
    14. Do you have proper pedals, yokes, etc for your flight sims
      Yeah. Way beyond pedals and yokes. Throttles, radios – basically if Saitech makes it, he probably has it.
    15. Discussion about Dwarves in Moria runs, how will he get to level 50
      The Gift of the Valar. Starting tomorrow, the Gift will return to the LotRO store, and will be 25% off for about a week. Moria will also be on sale for 20% off. The Moria runs will start the following week. It will be from the entrance of Moria to the gates of Caras Galadhon.
    16. Is there a quad pack sale currently in the LotRO market
      He doesn’t know, but he will pass on the suggestion.
    17. How did you get into the LotRO MMO RPG business
      He was a player at the time. A position came available and out of curiosity he asked how much a gig like that pays, what it entails, etc. Next thing he knew he was asked to apply, and he left IT and moved to Boston.
    18. Do I foresee a Rohan bundle
      It has been discussed. HD was just on sale prior to U13.
    19. Question about how Gift of the Valar works
      He will show everyone tomorrow in the hobbit run so we can see how it works and what we get.
    20. Anything big that was announced earlier
      Gift of Valar is coming back tomorrow at 25% off, and Moria at 20% off. For one week.
    21. Did you volunteer for these runs or did you draw straws
      He volunteered, and has volunteered to do another 30 through Moria.
    22. When is U14 planned to come out
      They aren’t sharing the date just yet.
    23. Are there any plans to support the Steam Workshop
      No plans.
    24. Will you do TTHTI again
      Maybe next year. Maybe he’ll alternate between Moria and TTHTI. Maybe he’ll throw in a third one at some point, and alternate between all 3. Maybe eventually it will be Gondor.
    25. Question about the Bullroarer run
      It was a lot of fun. He actually got to meet the poor individual who did not get him to Isengard – Skoch – in North Carolina. He’s a nice guy.
      Audio problems cut the run short after the group reaches Isengard.
      Sapience reminds people to follow the Twitch channel if you want to be notified when a run is starting.

    Quote Originally Posted by frickinmuck View Post
    Q&A Hobbits to Isengard - Belegar

    Please note: I am paraphrasing here. Anything said here is coming through my interpretation of what was said, and is subject to being corrected, so don't take all this as the final word.

    If anyone who was present has any additions or corrections, feel free to post.

    Q&A Hobbits to Isengard - Belegar
    Video available here.

    Guests for this run - HoarseDev and Rowan.

    1. Sapience mentions that they are going to try to class up the Twitch video a bit with pretty banners and borders, coming soon.
    2. Reminder that he promised he’d have Hobnanigans news for this run
      Yes, Hobnanigans will be coming back on the weekend of June 6th. The bugfixes won’t be coming until U14, but we can still play the game and have some fun with it.
    3. What did you name the Dwarves for the Moria runs
    4. Any word on when the new class will be coming
      Not in U14 – later in the year.
      Lead Systems Designer Matt “HoarseDev” Zimitti joins the chat.
      HoarseDev introduces himself. Presently he is working on the Beorning and some slotted gear that he hopes to discuss in the chat, and some updates to the classes for U14.
      EP Aaron “Rowan” Campbell joins the chat.
      Sapience has audio issues, so Rowan and HoarseDev drive the chat this time.
      Rowan – He introduces himself, says that he’s working on disrupting the things HoarseDev is working on, and adding new things (laughs). Says right now it’s all about U14 and getting the new spaces put together. Working on some limited but cool group content – small fellowship content that can go onto the landscape, and new attention and thought around U14 toward the end of the year.
    5. Questions in the chat about slotted gear
      HoarseDev – It’s been done before in other games, and for LotRO it’s a pretty big step in terms of letting players customize their own armour. It’s not going to be nearly as crazy or involved or grindy as legendary items, but it will allow us to choose, on certain pieces of armour, exactly which stats we want. So for example if we wanted more crit rating but we didn’t really care about vitality (he thinks that’s probably a bad example), we could just choose to slot what they’re calling essences – which are just the pure stats into the gear as we want to. There will be some tie-in to crafting, though not completely – there will be certain things that we can craft with the system, across all the professions, but they’ll also be dropping all sorts of nuggets of this system into skirmishes, into end game content, into big battles, even into festivals – little one-off things. We might be able to find something in the Treasure hunt, even just landscape kills.
    6. Is there a fix planned for the LI system
      HoarseDev – Planned, probably not, but talked about a bit. What they want to do is get this simpler level of customization into the game and see how it flies, see if people like it, see if the itemization economy holds up with this new stuff, and then they’ll discuss other things.
    7. Can you tell us if the 3 new regions with U14 will have their own maps, or will they be a joined map like Great River
      Rowan – The goal is that they will have their own individual maps. They’re working on those. Not 100% there yet, that’s about timing and getting them all in. But that’s the plan – 3 new maps.
    8. Is the new class a druid
      HoarseDev – The new class is a Beorning, which is somewhat druid-like. They can turn into bears, they have a close affinity with nature. It’s not precisely a druid, but it should tickle the druid fancy a bit.
    9. HoarseDev mentioned a way to swap between trait promotion presets – any update on that
      HoarseDev – He doesn’t remember if they actually did that. He may have to scurry around and ask a few questions to check on the status of that. He doesn’t know if that is in yet, but he knows they were working on it. He knows it made its way into production but he’s not sure if it was cleared and tested yet.
    10. Question about how many updates we are getting this year
      Rowan – In terms of major new regions, they have U14 and U15. Both of those are in Gondor. And they’re also going to do an interlude between the two that is going to take us into the Dead Marshes.
    11. HoarseDev says he just got pinged by Leo and he says that the swapping of promotion presets isn’t in quite yet. It’s still on the radar but not presently in the build.
    12. Does the new class come along with a new damage type
      HoarseDev – No, not really. It will have its own mechanics that are pretty fresh and new for LotRO. They don’t use power. Rather than having a full tank and spending it, they start out calm and build up wrath and spend it that way.
    13. Can the new class be usable by all races
      HoarseDev – It is a race of man class, playable by men and women only. For a variety of reasons, in terms of lore. They’re going to get this class out the door and see how it plays and then they’ll start thinking about other future classes that might apply to different races.
    14. Question about whether people will be able to make multiple Beornings
      Rowan – Believes you can make as many Beornings as you have character slots for.
      HoarseDev – Says that’s right, and they’re also investigating if they can pop open a few character slots as part of a bundle deal with picking up the new class.
    15. Question about Dead Marshes
      Rowan – Current status for the Dead Marshes is that it’s going to be an epic book, mostly session play. If there is any region play in there, it’s very small, because there’s not a lot to do in the Dead Marshes. It’s about as close to a barren area as they’ve got.
    16. If Beornings start at level 50, will they get their own version of the starter gift boxes
      HoarseDev – It may not be exactly the same. We won’t be starting with shorts and a t-shirt with no equipment. They’ll get us on the road properly. It may not function exactly like the gift boxes do for lower levels, but they’re definitely going to send us off into the world with enough stuff to get us going.
      Rowan comments on the cackling coming from QA, says it usually signifies Sapience getting killed off in-game, but they’re a rowdy bunch.
    17. Will the Beorning be a store offer
      HoarseDev – He’s nearly certain it will be. They’re not tying it, as far as he knows, to any other big bundle or purchase type thing, but as far as he knows, it will be a store offer.
    18. Any more cosmetic pets in the works
      HoarseDev – Yeah, they want to see how they function on live and get their fair share of bugs worked out, but they are absolutely working on more of them. He knows for Sapience specifically they are probably going to cook him up a couple special ones for his dark purposes, so they’re working on those next. They seem like a lot of fun, people have been having a hoot, so he sees no reason not to make more cosmetic pets.
    19. Question about /cpet rename command
      Rowan – This is a system they are developing out and building on, so they want to introduce additional features in the future, like collections of pets, groups of pets that you can pick up and when you have all the pets together then you get an additional reward or pet. Similarly, commands for the pets and other things, as they get them out there and see how we like them and what we’re doing with them, they’ll make changes and updates.
    20. Are you planning on any development with PvMP for the remainder of the year
      HoarseDev – They do have plans. They’re going to continue to put time into overall balancing. They had a couple of things they wanted to try to sneak in there but they didn’t quite fit and they didn’t quite work. They’ve noodled around with adding some small siege gear into the Moors and seeing how that flies. They’re going to keep spending time on it, but as of right this minute they are not doing anything crazy, they’re mostly just addressing bugs and balance tweaks and stuff like that. But they will be putting time into it for the remainder of the year.
    21. Questions about U14 and Dev Diaries
      Rowan – He’s expecting that we’re going to see U14 on Bullroarer in the next few weeks, and then we’ll see Dev Diaries and things like that follow in a pretty normal schedule. They test out the content, then start getting more information out to us, then announce a launch date.
    22. Question about Entwood barter prices
      HoarseDev – They’ll take a look at them. They’ve been messing around with real rarity and things being very very hard to get just to see how that plays out, but they do continually look back and make adjustments here and there. They’ve got a lot of plans this year for short term events that pop up this weekend or that weekend (cut off by Sapience as he returns from his audio problems).
    23. What is the primary stat for the Beorning
      HoarseDev – They’re still messing around with that. It’s a light armour class, so it is going to be somewhat agility-based, but it is also somewhat caster-like in some regards, it’s definitely got some control mechanics there, and it also turns into a bear. So it may be a very interesting mix. They’re presently playing around with the proper mix of stats.
      Sapience cuts in and says, “Hey, I do great until you guys show up!” Rowan says they're going to format Sapience's hard drive after this to try to get everything working right again.
    24. Question about skirmish chests and loot
      Rowan – He thinks he mentioned before that he wants to put time and effort into the epic battles, and building up that system. And a lot of that for him also means looking at epic battles, classic instances, and skirmishes, and how these interact. So ultimately how those game pieces fit together will be one part of the question, and the loot itself will be firmly on HoarseDev’s side of the table, to decide what they’re going to be doing and where they’re going to put it.
    25. Question about epic battles and whether they will stay scale-locked at 95
      Rowan – He doesn’t have an answer for that yet. They have talked about it, but he hasn’t seen a final conclusion on that one.
      HoarseDev – Still working on it. Still sorting out the details.
    26. HoarseDev asks Rowan if he wants to talk about Osgiliath
      Rowan – Says it’s totally speculative, and Jinjaah isn’t next to HoarseDev to slap him.
      HoarseDev – Says they’re good at speculation.
      Rowan – (Laughs)
      HoarseDev – They definitely want to go to Osgiliath. He’s seen some posts here and there and they’ve teased that they may try to do something PvMP-related with it, but one thing that he’d like to make pretty darn clear because it immediately gets to some people – it’s a pretty important place for them to go. If, purely speculatively speaking, they did something PvMP there, that would not be the only thing there. They would handle it with instancing or other layers so that it would give a PvE experience, which would be much more conducive to the storytelling they like to do, but if they did get out in front and try to do something PvMP, that IN THEORY would be a fun place to do it.
      Rowan – Thinks part of the balance there is about quest flow and crossing over and so on. We know that when we go up the Anduin, basically we are going to have Minas Tirith staring us in the face, so a big part of prototyping is making sure that part of the experience is very cool and looks great, and then getting the feeling of it right. The armies of the orcs, things are kind of overrun. There’s a lot of danger out there.
    27. Any changes regarding loot, changing the setting in raids and skirmish raids to not use the RNG
      HoarseDev – They are messing around with how loot drops. They’ve implemented a new system that will help mitigate getting repeats of the same items. They can’t do it globally across the board because they would have to track every single item we’ve ever got, but in some instances coming very soon – they’re going to roll it out in 15 (he doesn’t have the exact list of where this is being done) – they’re trying out a bit of new technology to try to smooth things out in terms of the gear that drops for people. So if you’re a might-based class you’re not going to get 3 of the same will-based item. There will still be randomization in there but they are looking at ways to sort of smooth it out a bit.
    28. Sapience pops in to address a question about whether people will have to pay to unlock the Beorning class
      Sapience – Traditionally new classes, extra classes, tend to have a cost associated with them.
      Rowan – That is correct.
    29. Question about favourite places to quest
      Rowan – He really likes the new Moria. He thinks they did a great job of rebuilding that and smoothing some of that curve while keeping a lot of the feel of it together. So that’s one of his favourite places. His guardian is actually in Rohan right now.
      HoarseDev – Agrees that they have done a lot with Moria. He’s looking forward to seeing Sapience running around in there and falling off ledges.
    30. Question about what’s being done to big battles
      HoarseDev – They’re continuing to make refinements and crush bugs with it. It was such a big big leap for them, and lots of stuff comes out of the woodwork. They’ve done a lot with big battles but there is still stuff to be done. He sees bug queues flying by at a blistering pace, so they continue to squash bugs and will keep doing so.
    31. At the end of the year we tend to get end-game raids and epic battles – will there be anything like that this year
      HoarseDev – They’re going to a different model in terms of content this year. They’re trying to spread things out. Rather than having one big shebang at the end of the year they’re trying to give people more throughout the year. So in terms of telling the story, in terms of places to go and things to do, they’re not doing as big an end-of-year huzzah. More so they’re taking all that and spreading it out across the course of the year.
      Rowan – It actually came up in conversation in the Players Council recently, when basically he said, “Well, we just added some space to cap out Helm’s Deep of course, we’re going into West Gondor, coming basically this summer with U14, and then we’re going to East Gondor and filling out that southern area of Gondor coming towards the end of the year.” And it struck somebody there that these are landmasses in sequential updates, which LotRO really hasn’t done. Even in the “good old days” in the 2007, 2008 they’d do an update with landmass, an update without. Instead now they’re pushing toward more consistent content, opening up the world, building out the world and being true to the world growing. That’s very important to them. In terms of an epic battle at the end of the year, he really wants to do one but he’s not going to commit the team to doing one until he’s sure they can do it and do it well. And he has some pretty clear ideas about what “well” is. He wants to see the system improved overall and he thinks they can do it.
    32. What do you think of Hobnanigans, bugs aside
      HoarseDev – Hobnanigans has been in and out of development for a long time. It’s an interesting internal thing that started out as a pet project, got a bit of love, went back to being a pet project and so on. Personally he thinks it’s a hoot, it’s a cool short term festivally thing to do where you can meet up with a couple friends and have some fun. When they work on one thing, some other stuff kind of comes along for the ride, and getting Hobnanigans to where it had a lot of cool rewards meant solving for pets. Everyone is familiar with the little huorns, but the pet thing came out of conversations about what would be cool rewards for Hobnanigans. So, for him he thinks it’s great. Obviously still some tweaking to do but he thinks it’s a fun little ride.
    33. Can we expect to buy a house anywhere in Middle Earth, not just provided in the homesteads
      Rowan – *big sigh* He would deeply love to say yes to that, but he cannot. It’s going back to the whole housing discussion – they’re putting things on the plate one at a time, and that one’s just not come up to the top of the plate. They had to push it out.
    34. Question about kinship housing deeds
      HoarseDev – They’ve got a design floating around that’s probably going to plug into some of the slotted gear rewards, that hopefully at some point it will make sense for us to go into our kin and do some bigger deeds as a group. But that’s still on paper and under discussion. He’d love to see it come through, but at the phase it is at he has nothing tangible that he can push forward with now.
    35. Can we expect any big improvements to the summer festival
      HoarseDev – He wishes he could turn to his left and talk to Egg about that, but she’s out of the office. He can’t answer that one right now, he doesn’t know the status of the summer festival. He knows there are some new rewards coming for it, but no promises, as he doesn’t have the dev at his beck and call.
    36. Questions about maintenance and server downtimes
      Rowan – The last couple weeks were not typical for them, and they’re working hard to reduce those maintenance downtimes.
    37. Does the new item system include changes to the LI system
      HoarseDev – He would love to see the LI system get a bit simpler. A little less grindy. Part of what they’re doing with this new system is experimenting with something that has player progression in it and has customizability, but takes a different approach. He likes to try one thing out and then if it works out, potentially apply it to something else. They do discuss LI very very regularly. They’re going to see how this new system does, how it performs and what people think about it and, very truthfully, in comparison to LI. And then they’ll see what conversations come up after that. They’re making some arguments as to what an item system can be with this new thing, and they’ll see if they hold any water.
    38. Will we be getting ferrets
      Rowan – Unfortunately ferrets wouldn’t survive at home very long with his dogs.
    39. Will there be any armour recipes from level 50 up that will be tailored to buff the Beorning class
      HoarseDev – Yeah, little by little they are going to squeak in things tailored to the Beorning. Even things like quest rewards that are split off based on class. They have a lot of backfilling to do. But their first line of attack is really nailing what the Beorning is, which they are in right now and it will take a bit longer for them to find the heart and soul of how this class plays. But they have a lot of work ahead of them in terms of crafting, quest rewards, in terms of how the new class fits into the world. They have to be a bit careful. If you look at the warden – he loves the warden – but just adding stuff like class shields incurs a crazy extra cost because now you have to build those out all over the world where they previously weren’t. Thankfully the Beorning are simple folk, but they’re definitely going to have a lot of gear to make for this class, and they look forward to it.
      Rowan – There you have it, warden vs guardian right here on this stream (they laugh).
    40. Are you firm on never having cosmetic people or basic animal pets like LMs have
      HoarseDev – They are most likely never going to have crossover between LM and captain and cosmetic pets. In terms of themes, they’d like to keep them separate. It’s a big part of those classes, and frankly there’s a lot of animals out there to be had and a lot of little fun things that they can use for cosmetic pets. But wherever possible they want to keep those things separate, because it’s part of being a lore-master, or being a captain is having your own pets.
    41. Has Turbine ever thought of server merging to cut down on the amount of servers
      HoarseDev – They monitor this kind of stuff pretty regularly, and it’s something they consider. But as a dev, he more thinks about how much might someone has, or how much morale someone has. That goes up to a much higher level in terms of people making decisions in terms of servers and stuff like that. He’s very thankful because he prefers thinking about things like morale and might.
      Rowan – From his perspective as EP. They launched the game in 2007, and technology has come a heck of a long way. They did a major technology upgrade around 2012 when they went to F2P, and powered up a lot of their server infrastructure, but things keep increasing, and increasing dramatically. So he thinks something like that could potentially leverage change for them, potentially help make that an even better experience, and help get more people playing together.
      HoarseDev – Thinks of course Rowan will order a lot more hardware for their personal computers at home, right?
      Rowan – (Laughs), Absolutely. HoarseDev needs to be able to test things first!
      HoarseDev – (Laughs) Thankfully his computer at home is pretty sweet.
    42. How about letting pets do flips when we do and such
      HoarseDev – They are working on hopefully getting some pet tricks in and such. It may not flip when we flip, but if it knows how to flip it will be able to flip. One of the most fun things is being able to have a funny little sidekick that can do humorous stuff, so it’s presently being worked on. He doesn’t think it’s for U14, but it might slide in. He doesn’t have the actual schedule in front of him, but people are working on it.
    43. F2P gets us to level 30 before we begin to notice paywalls – since cap is going to be over 100 by year’s end, any chance of making the Trollshaws and North Downs F2P areas, and moving the paywalls to around 40 instead
      HoarseDev – They do think about stuff like this, and they do offer a tremendously large amount of play for free, which they are very happy to do, and one of the things he looks back on a lot is just how many Turbine points they give away for free over the course of play for visiting this place and completing this deed, for killing x amount of this or that baddie. He can’t speak directly to whether they would consider moving that “paywall” to level 40. It’s a pretty soft wall.
    44. Sapience points out that a lot of people play to 95 without spending a dollar in the game.
      HoarseDev – Yes, there are a lot of people who play to 95 and haven’t had to spend a dime. They go around, they complete their deeds, and they have a blast doing it.
    45. Question about getting bonuses in combat via cosmetic pets
      HoarseDev – Cosmetic pets are most likely going to remain purely cosmetic. If they do anything like procs or bonuses, it will be the kind of thing that will be for flavour, and not really game mechanics. Stresses the same point as before about LMs and captains, and he finds it funny that people don’t consider rocks as pets – RKs have pets too, but they want to keep those really unique to those classes. If they do anything it will probably be humorous rather than have any game effects.
    46. Comment that HoarseDev could use a hazmat suit
      HoarseDev – (Laughs) Agrees. He doesn’t know what it is. Food poisoning, broken rib and then the flu. It’s been an interesting few months.
    47. Question about whether the new item system will end up adding a lot of inventory fodder
      HoarseDev – Yes, the new essences and things will probably end up being inventory fodder, but that is both a good and a bad thing. One they will take up space, but two, while they’re inventory items we can auction them, we can trade them about easily. Once something goes into a wallet it is very hard to get out. He is planning on both the gear and the essences be bind on equip not bind on acquire, so we’ll probably see a happy little economy build up around these things. They don’t want this to be a huge grind. If we go out and find an essence with a certain stat and a kin member wants it, and they have one with a stat we want, he doesn’t see any reason why they wouldn’t want people to just be able to trade these, auction them, mail them to each other. At first glance having them be inventory items it’s like “Ugh, it’s going to take up space.” But it does allow us to move these things around. So right now, probably going to be inventory items. They have ways that they can sort of get around that a little bit down the road, but he’d like to see sort of free trade happen and people have fun with them. So right now inventory items, but that gets us trading. So that’s the cost.
    48. Mention from someone that they hope he stayed out of the office when he was sick
      HoarseDev – Yes, he did stay out of the office, he did not share.
    49. Request that wardens get some love
      HoarseDev – He will make sure the wardens get some love. He can’t go into any further detail than that.
    50. Question about ability to merge IXP runes to help them take up less inventory space
      HoarseDev – He’ll see about that. There may be a way to make quick recipes to allow us to merge a bunch together, but it’s a bit more complicated than it sounds. He’ll write it on his whiteboard.
      Rowan – One thing that he’s seen completed and approved are the concepts for the new armour coming in Dol Amroth as part of the quest collections and the options that we can do in service to the city of Dol Amroth, and basically working with the Swan Knights. The heavy especially is very shiny. Very shiny and very bird-themed. So it’s a pretty cool piece there. But all of them really evoke a sense of Gondor and a sense of place.
    51. Does the game need more money sinks
      HoarseDev – Yeah, it sure does. It sure does. He would also argue that they need to sink some marks. They are looking at ways to do that that actually make a lot of sense (points out the terrible pun). It’s something they have to be very delicate with. They do know how much money everyone has, and there are some people rolling around with a ton, and some rolling around with not too much, so they are looking at some additional sinks, but probably U15 for that as opposed to U14. For the time being, he spends a lot of time thinking about the game economy and they’re hoping to breathe a little bit of life into crafting with the new item type, and that in and of itself naturally sinks money with things being auctioned and moved around. But they might be looking at a few more concrete things for 15.
    52. Could we get more space please, if socket gear is going to take up more inventory space
      HoarseDev – That’s part of the updates that they did to the inventory system that they did – to sort of ease their ability to add more space as it makes sense. More space on each character does mean something for the server, so as they have the green light to do that, they add more space. He’s pretty sure there’s more planned for this year so they’ll see how that goes.
      Rowan thanks HoarseDev for hosting that Q&A. HoarseDev says it takes him back to his broadcasting days. Sapience says it’s kind of scary how many people in the building have broadcasting backgrounds, but it works for things like these.
      Sapience thanks Rowan and HoarseDev. They leave the chat.
    53. Sapience logs Hadacar out and logs into a Dwarf character. Last run there were some questions about how the Gift of the Valar works, and he promised to show people how it works today.The item is on sale in the store right now for 25% off. Moria is 20% off.
      Sapience walks everyone through how it works. You have to be out of the intro because you need your novice trait to use it. When you buy it you get a package that can be mailed to someone else or used on your own character. When you open the package, you get a bunch of packages that contain various upgrades, items and buffs. The first item is the actual level up. When you use that item you are automagically leveled to 50 and your character is ported to Echad Dunnan to begin the LI and Moria quests. The other packages contain weapons, armour, jewelry and virtues (all virtues upgraded to level 4). The last package includes a Dusky Nimblefoot goat for Moria (62% run speed, 60 morale), 5 tomes of extraordinary XP, some rejuvenation potions and dale-men’s crams, the riding skill and a map to Rivendell. There is also a rune included that will advance your first LI to level 10 so you can go through the intro stuff for LIs.
    54. Do you get tomes of might and other stats
      No, you don’t. You basically get where you need to be to get yourself to the next level. None of the stuff is really amazing – by the time you get to level 55 you will probably be looking for better stuff – but it gets you started on your way.
    55. When is your Lego collection livestream starting for charity
      Thinks that’s a great idea for an Extra Life event. He has a ton of Lego Lord of the Rings sets that he hasn’t built, that would probably take up a good chunk of time.
      Sapience reminds everyone that the Dwarf runs will be starting in a couple of weeks. All servers will be doing the runs, just like with the Hobbits to Isengard runs. He will set up a post and let people know the schedule. All the Dwarves are called Tosmii.
      Sapience enjoys some music and dancing at the Bree stage, as a band plays Year of the Cat, a song he really loves. A few dozen people are dancing and enjoying the show.
    56. Question about creep mail
      It’s not as easy as we think, for a whole host of reasons. A lot of it having to do with the way creeps are built, and don’t exist in a real sense.
    57. Any advice for leveling to 50 without the Gift of the Valar
      Use every possible XP boost you can get your hands on. If you are VIP you get the daily XP boost, so login and use that every day. If you can swing some TP for 100% XP tomes, get a bunch of those. They work on all XP, including quest turn-ins. Wear pocket items that offer boosts if you have them. MMO Reporter posts a link to a great power-leveling guide.
    58. Does the horseshoe help with speed-leveling
      No, it does not.
    59. Suggestion that skirmishes will also help immensely with leveling
      Sapience agrees with that.
      Sapience gives a shout out to Galuhad, who has joined Team Turbine and is going to try to go from 1 to level 95 in 100 hours (not consecutive hours). Sapience thinks that’s a great idea and a great way to raise money to help kids.

    Quote Originally Posted by frickinmuck View Post
    Q&A Hobbits to Isengard - Nimrodel

    Please note: I am paraphrasing here. Anything said here is coming through my interpretation of what was said, and is subject to being corrected, so don't take all this as the final word.

    If anyone who was present has any additions or corrections, feel free to post.

    Q&A Hobbits to Isengard - Nimrodel

    Video available here.

    1. Sapience is wearing a woollen dwarf hat/beard, and turns the camera to show Jacob the “marketing weenie” who sits next to him, and who is wearing a dwarf hat and beard as well, in solidarity.
      Sapience says they’ve decided on a prize for first place. The winner will get to pick a festival to have turned on for a week. He will post a poll in the winning server’s forums and they will be able to vote on which one they’d like to have.
      At the end of this run, the top 5 finishers will go into a hat, and he will draw them out one by one, and the order he draws them out will be the order of the first 5 servers to do the Moria dwarf runs. He’s doing this so that people will have some time to prepare before the runs start in a week or two.
    2. Question about what the next event will be
      He’s going to recreate the concept of “Take the Hobbit to Isengard” with a “Take the Dwarf Through Moria” theme. It will start just inside the gates of Moria and finish at the gates to Caras Galadhon. Fastest time “wins.”
    3. What is the name of the dwarf
    4. Question about the content of the festival for the winning server
      When the festival is turned on, it will have the same prizes, the same steeds, the same content as it did when it was last run.
      Sapience reminds everyone that Weatherstock is coming up. It’s a large annual music festival organized by the Lonely Mountain Band kinship, featuring tons of in-game bands. The concert is held at the summit of Weathertop in the Lone Lands. There is a concert series that leads up to the festival as well, and happens mainly on the weekends. More info here. Full calendar of events here.
    5. Question about PvMP
      Anything PvMP-related is going to have to wait until Jinjaah returns. He’s been on vacation all week. He took a well-deserved week off.
    6. Question about whether there will be any fixes or changes when Hobnanigans runs next week
      There have been no updates or patches to the game since it last ran, so there won’t be any changes.
    7. How is Beorning development coming along
    8. Question about the beard/hat he is wearing
      The beard was donated by ThinkGeek last year for Extra Life. He had a part of his event last year where if he got to a certain donation level he promised to have his picture taken wearing a Dwarf beard and they were kind enough to donate it to him in support of Extra Life.
    9. Comment about a Bullroarer Dwarves Through Moria run
      Sapience thinks that’s terrifying. Raina brutalized us in the open last time, he’d hate to think what she would be capable of in a confined space.
    10. Question about gifting TP or expansions to friends via the LotRO store
      You can do that through the Turbine web store. There are a variety of reasons why that can’t be done using Turbine points in the in-game LotRO store.
    11. What are your PC specs
      A PC made by Origin PC, with an Asus mother board, a pair of 240GB SSDs, 16GB RAM, Intel Core i7 4770k processor, and and Nvidia GTX650 with 2GB RAM.
    12. Are you talking about landscape group content in Belfalas
      Yes, although he’s not going to go into any detail on that until they get closer to release on that content.
    13. Any plans to do more 20 questions threads
      These livestreams have kind of replaced that. If they’re going to sit devs down and take time out of their workday to answer questions, he thinks it’s better if they sit them down in front of a camera in a roundtable setting and let them answer questions that way. The more he’s thought about it, players get a lot more information out of these livestreams than they did with the 20 questions. They used to do the 20 questions once a month. With these runs people are getting 20-60 questions twice a week. In the span of a 5 months they’ve answered thousands of questions vs maybe 100 in the old scheme.
    14. Question about moving the ‘paywall’ to a higher level
      They’ve thought about that and talked about it a bit, but in line with HoarseDev’s point in the last stream, the so-called paywall is quasi-mythical. They have a lot of players who get to level 95 without having to pay anything at all. And they don’t just get to 95, they go and grind out TP and basically the game at that point is paying you to play, and you can grind out enough points to buy stuff in the store without ever spending any real money. So there is a point at which it’s just “I don’t want to go about it that way, just give me more stuff for free” when really you can get it for free, and a lot of people have.
    15. Will there be any special events for the release of the Beorning, like a bear screenshot contest or something like that
      It’s actually something he was thinking about the other day. Maybe when it gets up on Bullroarer he’ll have people post a shot of their Beorning in their favourite location or something like that.
    16. Question about posting a suggestion for bear polo
      You can put forth the suggestion, but he would not expect to ever see it happen.
    17. Will the LotRO staff form a band and compete in next year’s Weatherstock
      Probably not, although it would be kind of cool.
    18. Someone who Sapience met at a meet and greet says hi
      “Hi Cassie, it was nice meeting you too!” He talks about the recent meet and greets and reminds everyone that there is a meet and greet coming up in Niagara Falls on the Canadian side, at Boston Pizza on Friday June 20th.
    19. Any discussion about fixing the Hytbold housing items
      He’s going to assume that it’s already been /bugged, so if it’s been /bugged they are probably looking at it.
    20. What movie are you most looking forward to this summer?
      There’s a list. He’s been looking forward to Xmen, Maleficent looks great, Guardians of the Galaxy is a guilty pleasure too.
    21. Don’t forget to watch Canadian Bacon as research into the culture
      He’s already seen it several times, and he still has his Bob and Doug McKenzie album on vinyl.
    22. Are you looking forward to Game of Thrones season 4 episode 8
      Yes, not having an episode last week really messed up his whole weekend plan.
    23. Any plans of posting the players who did the top runs
      No plans of doing that, it would just lead potentially to arguments about who did what “right” or “wrong.”
    24. Do you have secret characters that you play with that nobody knows about, and have you played with players that don’t know
      Yes. All of the above. He’s played with some players that do know, too.
    25. Will there be any community updates soon
      Probably Tuesday of next week.
    26. What is your favourite Game of Thrones character
      Probably everyone answers the same way – Tyrion. But he’s read all the books and he’s a really big Jamie fan. If you’ve read all the books you might know why.
    27. What is your favourite movie of all time
      It’s going to come out of left field, but he’s a really big Captain Blood fan.
    28. Does everyone that works on LotRO get the same PC as you
      He thinks they’re rolling them out for people right now.
    29. Will creeps ever get trait trees
      Questions that ask about “ever” are unanswerable because it’s impossible to say what might happen years from now. But as for now, it’s probably not high on the list.
    30. Will the Rift ever be scaled
      No. If they did scale it, it would no longer be the raid you love and you’d just be mad.
    31. Question about instruments
      No new instruments or changes to the music system are planned at this point.
    32. What is your favourite pie
    33. When is U14 going live on Bullroarer
      Not telling. You don’t have too too long to wait.
    34. Question about Beorning bear pelt colours
      Feel free to make any suggestions like that in the suggestions forum.
    35. Question about new starter zone for Beornings
      They will be starting at level 50, so no new starter zone.
    36. Will we ever get new hobbies
      Currently no plans.
    37. Would you consider opening the world on Bullroarer for monster players
      Probably not.
    38. Would you ever do a photo contest instead of a screenshot contest
      They’ve done them in the past and they don’t get much of a response. Maybe a few handfuls of people. Whereas pretty much everybody feels like they can enter a screenshot contest.
    39. What do players send Turbine besides food
      Mugs. Lots of food. Really cool art that people make (shows a poster Druidsfire made for him). But mostly stuff along those lines.
    40. What is the most interesting thing to have happened in the LotRO office
      Not anything that you’d think in terms of being out of the ordinary. Halloweens they have kids come through trick or treating, and they do costume contests for the adults as well. They’ve had some awesome costumes.
    41. Do you ever worry that the things you’re sent are drugged
      Sure there’s a certain consideration. But the overwhelming majority of what is sent is packaged food that has never been opened. It wasn’t so long ago that someone brought in for the team a huge case full of Costco sized chips, power bars, goldfish crackers, Coke, etc. Someone once sent him HP sauce from the UK, which he thought was good.
    42. Any plans on coming to Vegas
      He’s been invited many times, but he’s only ever been there once. His wife wants to go back so that’s a giant step in the right direction. But there’s no immediate plans.
    43. Do you play other games than LotRO
      He’s played MMOs for probably about 16 years. Everquest was his first MMO. When he was 10 he bought an Atari 2600 with paper route money he saved, and he’s been gaming ever since. He has owned every console except Vectrex.
    44. What is your favourite LotRO pet
      His LMs cosmetic turtle.
    45. Sapience mentions that he promised to tweet out a picture of LotRO running on the projector that he sometimes games with, which projects at about 300 inches. He says he’ll try and do that tomorrow.
    46. Sapience draws the order of the first 5 servers that will be starting the Dwarves Through Moria runs, and reminds everyone that the Gift of the Valar is on sale this week in the LotRO store for 25% off, and Moria is on sale for 20% off.
    47. Reminds everyone about the meet and greet happening in Niagara Falls on June 20th at Boston Pizza on the Canadian side.
    48. Reminder to those on Eldar that he will be making a poll post in the forums to give them a chance to vote for the festival they want turned on.
    49. Sapience wonders if Holly AKA VeryBeary has ever made it all the way to Isengard in these runs. [ She is a steadfast member of the Dead Hobbits Society – Frick ]
    50. Sapience gives a shout out to Galuhad for his Extra Life efforts. He’s leveling from 1 to 95 in 100 (non-consecutive) hours to raise money for Extra Life.
    51. Sapience also reminds everyone about his own Extra Life efforts. This year if his big goal is met he will be getting the Extra Life logo tattooed. He was convinced to do so at an “unfortunate dinner” at PAX, with Jeremy Adams, the founder of Extra Life, some people from Boston Children’s Hospital, Mike from Extra Life and some other community managers. A challenge was issued and it had been a long day. There may or may not have been rum involved, but he swore that if we raised over $100,000 he would get the Extra Life logo tattooed.
    52. For everyone who has been waiting for the Cremello steed keys that some people were missing. He will be getting those out sometime next week. He’s going to be re-sending all the Cremello steed keys, so those who already got a working key will be getting another one. He also has more than enough for this year so this shouldn’t happen again.
    53. He explains how his Extra Life incentives work. Basically if you donate at least $5 you will get most things, which include the Perlino steed, the Cremello steed, the title “The Sociable,” the title “The Celebratory,” the title “Hero of the Small Folk.” There are also draws for Turbine point codes. There are some other things as well on his fundraising page.
    54. Reminds everyone that he always has the codes for the title “The Well Met,” (which is given to players who meet someone from the Turbine staff) with him, so if you ever run into him be sure to ask him for one. There are some guys at his local Lowes who play LotRO, some guys at his local BestBuy who play, there’s a guy at his local supermarket who plays as well. So if you ever run into him say hi and he will give you a code for the title.
    55. Are you planning in the future to make monster-side levels more like a faction
      No, monster play is its own thing that works in its own way, so that will probably not happen.
    56. Is it possible for people who met Turbine staff before the “Well Met” title existed to get a code
      Send him a PM on the forums and tell him who you met, where you met and when, and if he can verify it he will send a code.
    57. What is your favourite title in-game
      “Hero of the Small Folk” because the only way to get that title is to donate to Extra Life, and he thinks that says something special about the person who has the title. When you unlock the title on your account you can also use it in the forums.
    58. Sapience needs to come to the west coast
      He’s been to Seattle, he’s been to LA a few times, he’s been to Oakland.
      Says he has a livestream planned for middle or end of the week next week.
      He didn’t do his hobbit gifts on the final run!! SCANDAL!!

    Quote Originally Posted by frickinmuck View Post
    Well, the final transcript is up, and thus ends the Hobbits to Isengard Q&A. It's been awesome guys. But it's not over - there will be more to come with the Dwarves Through Moria runs starting in the next week or two.

    Just a reminder that for the Dwarf runs, thanks to some kind players, I will not be doing the transcripts single-handedly. Me and other volunteers will be sharing the task. If you would like to volunteer to help out, let me know. Once the schedule for the Dwarf runs is finalized I will be posting the full schedule and people will have the opportunity to say which run(s) they would like to do transcripts for. I will then post those players names next to the run in the schedule so it will be easy to keep track of whose turn it is. Players are welcome to sign up to do just one, or to do more transcripts if they wish.

    I just want to thank everyone for making this such a worthwhile task, and for all your kind words along the way. It's truly been a great experience!

    Special thanks to Sapience and Turbine for hosting these events, which I think have enriched the LotRO community immeasurably over the past several months.

    Fun Facts

    28 servers*
    82,914 words**
    1,463 questions

    Most questions: Morthond - 76
    Fewest questions: Elendilmir - 13
    Chattiest run: Bullroarer - 6,734 words
    Quietest run: Elendilmir - 646 words
    Most difficult run: Riddermark

    *I didn't start this until the third, and Bullroarer was added to the list
    **Not including the non-hobbit run livestream transcripts

    Once again, congrats to Eldar for their winning run!!

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    Jun 2011


    TTHTI FINAL Standings

    1. Eldar 46m 06s 0 Deaths
    2. Anduin 47m 15s 0 Deaths
    3. Dwarrowdelf 47m 31s 0 Deaths
    4. Vilya 47m 32s 0 Deaths.
    5. Windfola 47m 48s 0 Deaths
    6. Riddermark 48m 30s 0 Deaths
    7. Estel 49m 45s 0 Deaths
    8. Sirannon 51m 55s 0 Deaths.
    9. Imladris 51m 58s 0 Deaths.
    10. Silverlode 52m 47s 0 Deaths.
    11. Vanyar 53m 51s 0 Deaths
    12. Belegaer 57m 4s 0 Deaths.
    13. Arkenstone 59m 6s 0 Deaths.
    14. Nimrodel 59m 47s 0 Deaths.
    15. Gwaihir 59m 59s 0 Deaths.
    16. Maiar 1h 0m 11s 0 Deaths.
    17. Landroval 1h 2m 7s 0 Deaths
    18. Crickhollow 1h 2m 31s 0 Deaths
    19. Meneldor 1h 4m 42s 0 Deaths
    20. Gladden 1h 5m 39s 0 Deaths
    21. Snowbourn 1h 5m 46s 0 Deaths
    22. Morthond 1h 7m 55s 0 Deaths
    23. Elendilmir 1h 10m 6s 0 Deaths
    24. Gilrain 1h 22m 55s 0 Deaths
    25. Laurelin 1h 43m 40s 0 Deaths
    26. Firefoot 1h 51m 37s 1 Death
    27. Evernight 2h 1m 39s 1 Death
    28. Withywindle 2h 3m 33s 0 Deaths 1 Reset
    29. Brandywine 2h 5m 12s 1 Death
    30. Bullroarer DNF Due to Massive Balrog outbreak.

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    Danke für die Übertragung der letzten Rennen, war die letzte Woche nicht da, und auch davor nur wenig Zeit. Wie es mit den Übersetzungen aussieht, muss ich mal sehen. Bin ab Montag/morgen wieder unterwegs. ^^
    Vllt. schaffe ich morgen ein wenig während der Greyhound-Fahrt oder während der 24 h Rückfahrt von Nebraska... da werde ich zumindest ne Menge Zeit haben lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orodbril View Post
    Danke für die Übertragung der letzten Rennen, war die letzte Woche nicht da, und auch davor nur wenig Zeit. Wie es mit den Übersetzungen aussieht, muss ich mal sehen. Bin ab Montag/morgen wieder unterwegs. ^^
    Vllt. schaffe ich morgen ein wenig während der Greyhound-Fahrt oder während der 24 h Rückfahrt von Nebraska... da werde ich zumindest ne Menge Zeit haben lol
    Dann streng dich mal an

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bedalin View Post
    Dann streng dich mal an
    Hab grad alles in verschiedene Word-Dokumente (nach Server sortiert) kopiert und mal nachgezählt. Noch 19500 Wörter bzw 35 A4-Seiten sind noch übrig. Also ja, ich werd mich anstrengen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orodbril View Post
    Hab grad alles in verschiedene Word-Dokumente (nach Server sortiert) kopiert und mal nachgezählt. Noch 19500 Wörter bzw 35 A4-Seiten sind noch übrig. Also ja, ich werd mich anstrengen.
    *Tätschelt Orodbril den Kopf* Brav!

  9. Jun 09 2014, 01:13 PM

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bedalin View Post
    *Tätschelt Orodbril den Kopf* Brav!

    (10 Zeichen)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orodbril View Post

    (10 Zeichen)
    Na irgendwer muss dich ja dazu motivieren . Ne mal Spaß beiseite,finde ich Klasse,dass du dir diese Arbeit machst!

    Gruß Beda

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    Hut ab. Ist schon ein Riesen Stück Arbeit.

    Die Fragen sind großteils ja wirklich nicht uninteressant, die Antworten lassen mMn aber schon sehr zu wünschen übrig.

    Die "No", "Sorry" und "No plans" möcht ich gar nicht zählen. Und genau so wurden von Sapience leider viel zu viele der wirklich knackigen Fragen beantwortet. Das Blabla zu anderen Dingen in Ehren, aber mal ehrlich..... teilw. schon sehr belangloses Zeug.

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    Da es noch kein (englisches) Transcript vom Entwicklerchat vom 12.6 gibt, hier die (englische) "Radioübertragung":

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    Hat sich das mal jemand angehört?

    1,5 Jahre für einen Char um auf Maxlevel zu kommen? Was für Zeug rauchen die, um auf so einen Unsinn zu kommen? Nur weil ihre Statistik vielleicht so etwas ausweist und da auch der dröfelte Bankchar mit drin ist, ist das von der Realität doch sehr weit entfernt. Und eh jetzt irgendwelche Hardcore-Baumansinger kommen, für die das vielleicht sogar stimmt, lasst Euch gesagt sein, es geht selbst im gemütlichen Tempo wesentlich schneller.

    Die schon bekannte Aussage, dass es keine neuen Raidcluster geben wird, wurde erweitert darauf, dass es auch keine neuen skalierten Instanzen geben wird.

    Wofür dann 5 neue Level? Wofür der neue Grind mit den Essenzen? Wofür neue Firstages?

    Etten werden weiterhin der einzige Endcontent sein und da wird man das Essenzen-Zeug vermutlich nicht mal brauchen.

    Bring me my bow of burning gold:Bring me my arrows of desire:Bring me my spear:O clouds unfold!Bring me my chariot of fire.
    R15: HNT - R11: BLA, STK - R10: CPT, DEF - R9: MNS - R8: BUR, LRM

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arathilion View Post
    Die schon bekannte Aussage, dass es keine neuen Raidcluster geben wird, wurde erweitert darauf, dass es auch keine neuen skalierten Instanzen geben wird.

    Wofür dann 5 neue Level? Wofür der neue Grind mit den Essenzen? Wofür neue Firstages?
    Wofür dann überhaupt noch Lotro?

    Bye bye Lotro.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thodorin View Post
    Da es noch kein (englisches) Transcript vom Entwicklerchat vom 12.6 gibt, hier die (englische) "Radioübertragung":
    Ein kleines Transcript habe ich gefunden: http://lotroplayers.mymiddleearth.co...ve-chat-notes/
    Freiheit ist nicht nur ein Recht. Freiheit ist eine permanente Aufgabe, ein dauerhafter Prozeß.
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    Also aussage aus Dev-Chat, es wird kein Raidcluster mehr geben Oo, die haben doch echt einen an der klatsche , auch keinen gruppencontent mit normalen ini´s Oo
    tja das wird wohl der todesstoß für lotro sein danke großes T bzw W

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arathilion View Post
    Hat sich das mal jemand angehört?

    1,5 Jahre für einen Char um auf Maxlevel zu kommen? Was für Zeug rauchen die, um auf so einen Unsinn zu kommen? Nur weil ihre Statistik vielleicht so etwas ausweist und da auch der dröfelte Bankchar mit drin ist, ist das von der Realität doch sehr weit entfernt. Und eh jetzt irgendwelche Hardcore-Baumansinger kommen, für die das vielleicht sogar stimmt, lasst Euch gesagt sein, es geht selbst im gemütlichen Tempo wesentlich schneller.

    Die schon bekannte Aussage, dass es keine neuen Raidcluster geben wird, wurde erweitert darauf, dass es auch keine neuen skalierten Instanzen geben wird.

    Wofür dann 5 neue Level? Wofür der neue Grind mit den Essenzen? Wofür neue Firstages?

    Etten werden weiterhin der einzige Endcontent sein und da wird man das Essenzen-Zeug vermutlich nicht mal brauchen.
    Ich vermute mal, dass Gebietserweiterungen eher gespielt werden, wenn man dabei auch hochleveln kann. (ging mit zb bei Wildermark so - hab ich auch nur mit einem Char durchgespielt, Waffenleveln und Taten erledigen war mir zu fad)

    Und warum es neuen Grind gibt ist doch klar: Es scheint offensichtlich genug Spieler zu geben, die jeden Grind sofort annehmen. Ich bin ja bei dem Fangorn Kram diesmal ausgestiegen, aber es gibt genug die so ein Modell wohl motivierend finden.

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    Last edited by Thodorin; Jun 24 2014 at 03:04 PM.

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    Im Prinzip ist da nichts neues dabei. Zusammenfassend vielleicht mal Dinge zu U14 (eigentlich aber schon bekannt)

    U14 wird 3 Gebiete bringen, eine 5 Level Erweiterungen und die neue Rüstungsverbesserung über Essenzen, die Erweiterung ist kostenlos für VIPs, Preis für F2P noch nicht bekannt - die neue Klasse ist NICHT Bestandteil von U14.

    Release: wird noch mehrere Wochen dauern (mein Tipp ca mitte August)

    Der Rest ist eher Trivial.

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    So, leider werde ich die Übersetzungen der Hobbitrennen wohl nicht mehr zu Ende übersetzen, es wird einfach zu viel bzw. sind viele der Infos auch schon nicht mehr aktuell bzw. von Belang. Deswegen werde ich für die SHIELD/Moria-Rennen einen neuen Thread aufmachen, um dort neu und ohne unübersetzte Läufe anzufangen. Der TO-Beitrag wird eine Übersicht mit Links zu allen Rennen sein wie im Originalthread. Das mit dem Bullroarer-Testlauf habe ich irgendwie gar nicht mitbekommen.

    Werde also in der nächsten Zeit die folgenden Bullroarer-Builds und die Shield-Rennen übersetzen und mehr nicht.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Orodbril View Post
    ....Das mit dem Bullroarer-Testlauf habe ich irgendwie gar nicht mitbekommen.....
    Es gibt (im Gegensatz zum EN-Forum) bisher keine offizielle dt. oder französische Ankündigung. Auch beim dt. FB nicht. Mal sehen ob da noch was offizielles kommt. Meine Wette, daß wir keine offiziellen Infos/Regelübersetzungen vor dem Start des Events bekommen habe ich jedenfalls gewonnen .

    PS: Eldar hat vorhin mit 22:17 Min. abgeschlossen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thodorin View Post
    Es gibt (im Gegensatz zum EN-Forum) bisher keine offizielle dt. oder französische Ankündigung. Auch beim dt. FB nicht. Mal sehen ob da noch was offizielles kommt. Meine Wette, daß wir keine offiziellen Infos/Regelübersetzungen vor dem Start des Events bekommen habe ich jedenfalls gewonnen .

    PS: Eldar hat vorhin mit 22:17 Min. abgeschlossen.
    Mit der offiziellen Regelübersetzung haben sie bis kurz vorm 3. Juli Zeit. ^^

    Dann ist Anduin als erster deutscher Server dran.

    Ich glaube allerdings, dass Thaliruth auf seiner Seite eine Übersetzung/Zusammenfassung der Infos/Regeln erstellt hat.

    Jop, habs bei Twitter und FB gelesen. Diesmal dürften die Zeiten sehr viel näher aneinander liegen. ^^


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