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    Not the usual Creeps in the usual place

    So you folks camping Grams just cant keep them pinned down ? 3 to 4 or more groups of freeps with maybe 3 to 6 in a group cant keep them at Grams . I reckon the Creeps have learned to count . So instead of fighting those numbers they just map out . Now why would the do that when there's a perfectly good freep zerg waiting there for them ? Well damn I guess I answered my own question . My guess is yer going to have to fan out and find them . Because they're not coming back anytime soon . Prolly killing hobbits no no lets check OR , Why wont they come back and face our awesome numbers so we can face roll them ? Gee another question answered by the question itself .
    Skulkins Lumpytoad Dirkens


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    Dec 2007
    come on son! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X6XvmxkKDDY

    Nobody gives a #### but you kid! Come on son!! lotro is dead its over...Come on son!

    Lugpoop, best ba ever

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    I only wish I was a kid . Its not dead you just have to know where to look SON !

    BTW the best BA ever was Moorcowbell ,JS
    Skulkins Lumpytoad Dirkens




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