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    May 2007

    There's a new Tyrant in town...and his name is Reggy Hammond...err.. Rigs!!!!

    Gratz Rigsy on making R15 and Tyrant !!!! new skin looks awesome sauce.

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    Jan 2010

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    Sep 2009
    Oh my! This is terrible! JUST TERRIBLE!
    How many years have we been going at it now? 5 or so? And now here you are all rank 15 and stuff and still, STILL, I have not ONCE killed you on purpose. Maybe I should have been spending more time on my LM instead of helping out on my creeps. Course the probable out come would have been you would have gotten to 15 faster. One day though, ONE DAY, I will defeat you! (Without Wisdom, WL or tar.) Okay, probably not, but still its been fun with you all these years.

    One of my favorite creeps to die to accidentally and blame Frizzle for. (We all know its Frizzles fault I die in the moors for not giving me those LM lessons I asked for all those years ago) And one of my favorite creepies to follow around all sneaky warg like.

    Congratulations Hun! Its been a pleasure to contribute to your rank.
    (I'm actually gonna take credit for your at least 5 or 6 of those ranks being my death from you charging out from behind that tree!)
    Kate loves you!

    Katelia Rk 11 Lm, Katetastrophe Rk 13 Warg, Kateaclysm Rk 15 defiler

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    Jul 2011
    Gratz RIgs, nice to see you made it to r15.

    But that doesnt mean we are going to stop blaming you for everything
    Retired from lotro since june '14. Currently kicking other noobs on gw2.

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    Jul 2011

    *waiting for obligatory wartab*
    Vilya: Healadder (defiler, R10), Kommisar (stalker, R7).
    Snowbourn: Superserial (warleader, R8), Steelstack (reaver, R6).
    Brandywine: Manvet (champion, R10 - Retired); Stargash-1 (reaver, R12)

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    Jul 2010
    Gratz Rigs!!!

    "You play the most OP class in the moors right now."~Hustypoo

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    Mar 2011
    Congratulations! Even though you've sliced and diced all of my Cherries multiple times; I still wish you lots of laughs and giggles!!!

    Oh and HAI KATE :3

    Congrats again...


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    Jul 2011

    Red face :O

    Congrats Rigs. Overload was the best title but you can be tyrant!
    Dushuak Rank: 12 Galathia Rank: 6 Salloe Rank: 7 Ramaros Rank: 6 Amoris: Rank 6 (Haven't pvp in years)
    Evil People Lead To Evil Intentions

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    Nice job Rigs. I was there when it happened, just like I was there when Smegg made his r15 off of my kb on Askir.
    Well deserved...and sorry this is late :/

    ...and apparently my sig thingy no longer works. I guess a 2 year break changes things :/



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