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    Please......... Arkenstone need Pvmp players

    Hello creeps and freeps. I am writing to appeal to players to come (or comeback) to Arkenstone.
    Due to the recent changes and turbines lack of interest in enhancing the Ettenmoors a lot of ranked
    players on both sides have left. Gone to other servers in search of more action or have left for new mmo games.

    It seems that if Turbine would add and fix needed mechanics the PvmP experience would and can improve.
    We all know what the issues are and the only way to fix it is probably to constantly contact tubine and offer suggestions as it seems they
    may not be paying attention to the forums.

    But on my server Arkenstone..... in the past years and just 8 months ago........ we would have 24 man raids with smaller fraids to coordinate with
    and a TON of creeps that were itching for a fight. There were 2 very organized and highly respected Tribes which would compete with each other
    but yet, would work well together too. We also know that one tribe sadly disbanded for RL issues. The other is now frustrated and rolling toons on
    another server or worse leaving Arkenstone.
    But when Turbine made changes to the freeps/creeps.... players (freeps) got frustrated with the
    unfairness and the constant dying not being able to get geared up let alone survive an attack. Therefore, high ranked freeps left or have stopped pvp altogether.
    This is a constant variable when there are new changes that are not advantageous to both sides. But I believe to make the best of it and try to show up for the fight.

    Sooo my server is in desperate need of HELP. Both sides are in need freeps/creeps.
    I know you may be thinking "move your toons" but I have a strong loyalty to stay.

    I know that EC and OC are a waste of graphics and are deathtraps and I am sure in this forum
    more complaints can be added i.e. gear/accessories/environment/spy tactics/ etc................ but it is a WARZONE and we need to play with the tools given to us at this moment in time.

    But my time here is to ask for help. Ark needs another tribe started.. and good leaders to lead freeps as well.

    I fully expect to get picked on negatively by some for posting this and I apologize in advance if I am irratating in anyway.
    This is just a plea for help I miss the moors.

    Drendolith wants YOU!!! Join Arkenstone!!!!

    Thank you for your time maybe Turbine will listen to all of us on the various servers
    I would like to see a green ball in the mini map, not a star constellation ....... Please

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    Understand your concern, Drendolith, but Ridder is on the same boat as yours.
    Haffleheim - R12 Captain (105), Landroval



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