Many of you may know me as that nasty little hobbit Nymp. What some may not be aware of is that I also play creepside. Yes even the freepiest of freeps can be swayed by the dark side. Why has this happened you may ask. Take a look around our moors and what do you see? Lots of new folks in our moors both freep and creep. Freepside theres always several folks who are quite capable of leading groups. Creepside doesn't have that same advantage. So I'm offering to help out on creepside. I only do this to help further encourage those that are new to our moors. Alls I ask is if you join us to please pay attention to me or whomever is leading. Just a few things everyone should be aware of.

1. Have your target assist up and follow the lead assist.

2. Buy pots and foods you need.

3. If your in a group stay with it and don't stray. What good is it to be in a group if you have your own agenda. Wargs may be an exception as they are usually tasked to scout.

4. Ask any questions you may have. The worst question is the one not asked.

5. If you have vent please join us as communication is vital. Port Number:33225, This is Redemption vent if you join please get into the proper freep or creep channel. If you don't have a mic that's fine so long as you can hear.

6. Don't be discouraged if you die. Its the moors its going to happen. Learn why you died and work at correcting it.

7. If your on creep the freeps are not your friends. You chose this side so you have no freep friends. Ask no quarter give none.

8. Maps, Get them as soon as you can. Nothing worse than mapping to a hot spot with half the group not being able because they have no maps.

9. As you rank get your skills,audacity and battle promotions.

10. Learn what the areas are GTA ,GTR,PI,AEOP if you don't know what they mean,Ask.

Anyway I hope this is helpful to those new folks venturing out to our Ettenmoors. I and my kinnies or tribemtes would be glad to help any that are interested in checking out our moors. Freepside seek out Redemption members Creepside look to the Maggots. Looking forward to seeing more out. Thanks folks for your time and interest in this matter.