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    Darkest hour rebuilding

    Darkest Hour is Recruiting.

    Darkest Hour is a rapidly growing progression raiding kin. We have an active player base of experienced raiders however a Large majority of us had left for other games and we are now beginning to rebuild. While end-game content is our primary focus, we also strive to maintain a fun and positive experience for our members. Contrary to belief, we are not a Moors/Pvmp kinship however a lot of our members do frequent the moors.

    Our current raid nights are Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 8:30pm Eastern however we do run impromptu raids throughout the week as well as constant 3-6 man instances. We have a large number of Pvmp'ers in Kin. You may know most of them if you visit the moors often.

    We are currently looking for capable players of the following classes:
    - Minstrel
    - Runekeeper (healer)
    - Guardian
    - Hunter
    - Warden
    However don't be discouraged on applying if you are not one of the above classes.

    What are we looking for?
    - Raid experience is not vital but advantageous.
    - We are looking for players that know how to play their class well, preferably raid ready but not a necessity.
    - Dedicated players willing to both improve and help others improve.
    - A desire to raid and perform to the best of your own and your classes ability.
    - Ventrilo with microphone is a must, you will not raid without these.

    If you are interested in Applying, You can contact one of our officers in game or visit our webpage and fill in an application form.
    Officers: Chickenndumplinz, Autali, Grimborn, Rhogue, Deorwyn and Kanom.
    Leader: Redcoat
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    here is my application.
    Captain- Ishhur. and man I love to use arrow keys to kite mobs etc.
    I have my buff bars ready to roll, but they have lvl 65 pots for some reason?
    I have a full essence set, and lvl 75 moors gear. Both sets seem to suck. (that or rhogue is just that op)
    Due to heavy lag, I seem to charge right past freeps on my reaver, and end up at -50% run speed when I encounter a certain rk in the moors.
    I have to switch to my defieler just to fight him and last over 10 mins, for which I have video proof. sadly, I did not win, as he seems to be as good with fire as lightning.

    During raids I have a tendency to leroy every time? I learned this from the likes of suewulf, and shock tank. However, due to skills that I do not share, I always was the last to drop after the Leroy progressed.
    Also, I should point out, that in 2010 I learned what an aoe was. This was important because a certain raid in Moria requires one NOT to kill the little bugs that spawn. I killed them every time, and blamed brusef. Some idiot had a combat log the last fight and turned me in. It made me sad, and hurt my feelings.

    What can I bring to your kin?
    Lots. I have a ton of lvl 80 essences that I am willing to part with, to buff everyone beyond belief.
    I like to drop "F" bombs when things don't go my way, and blame others for pulling leroy's on raid night.
    Also, I can make loth bread for raids etc, and I have a horn that gives me plus 1 hope.
    If you choose to pick me for your kin, I will come to the moors and spam heals all night long, and run as soon as it looks like a wipe. ( I have my speed boost maxed) < no kidding !

    Crum and company. don't pass up this offer. If you ask around, you will see that I am a very sought after commodity. Give me a chance to show you all how to leroy the "right" way.

    Ishhur. Easymoney.

    I can also do this to any freep.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8w7zFfMr_Dc
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    kinship moving to arkenstone come server mergers. Last round of recruiting soon
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    DH are recruiting guardians, minstrels and wardens for t2c content, message an officer in game, a list of all officers can be found on our website below.
    We are also expanding our tribe 'Darkest Hoarde', please contact Redcoat or Chickenndumplinz on freep side, Forefront or Tirkorinfamy creep side.

    Visit Www.darkesthourlotro.shivtr.com to apply.

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