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Thread: It is time..

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    It is time..

    Listen up creeps and freeps alike.

    The days of elite attitudes have gone and past. In these days, everyone must group together, just to fill the void.
    I know how hard it can be , trust me.. I used to sit poised on stab, with my 3rd age halberd and my elite crafted gear, staring out among -st the lower ranked players, watching them beg to get into a raid, and I loved every minute of it.
    But alas, these days are gone. Now everyone has a maxed 3rd age, and the best gear in the game thanks to hobbit presents. We must face the facts. We are all elite now.
    Just yesterday, some guy named "saltytroll", out kited me using his arrow keys in a manner that was much better than I have trained for for several years. Everytime I would try to hit him with my maxed 3rd age, he would back up somehow??
    And when I switched to creep to commend him, rhogue found me, and I panicked, and suddenly my camera took over, and I was spinning in circles?

    Long story short.. even us elite players that have the best of everything, must group with players that are not as skilled. I for one plan on helping other freeps/creeps by showing them how to charge right through enemy lines, and spamming auto attack to kill the minnie faster.
    Let's all do our part, and help out the newer players.
    Easymoney.. Ishhur

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    Very nicely put about helping eachother out easy. im not a founder ive been on for 4 years but i agree and i help out any creep that comes my way. I actually find it rewarding to help new players out. If it werent for ratnor and buttugly teaching me the ropes from day 1, who knows if id be this far along or have quit years ago. Knowledge is big and you guys from the get go have a lot of it to spread. I now watch pvp on youtube to check out reaver 1v1s to better myself. I did that bc spilo mentioned it on some other thread hahah. tips and tricks spread and i thank everyone whos helped me throughout the years. Saltytroll



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