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Thread: Freeps

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    Are you looking for a kin on Dwarrowdelf that’s PvMP focussed?


    ‘Freeps’ is a small, hassle free kinship for people that want a kin where there is no raid timetable and it’s members basically live in the Ettenmoors unless there's something better to do.

    You can be a pro payer, or just a Froob that’s finding your feet. All players are welcome.

    ‘Freeps’ Kinship Rules

    1. Kill Creeps.
    2. Play when you want. Log off when you want. Play with who you want.
    3. Treat people with respect. If you haven’t got something nice to say, don’t say anything. Say what you want to Creeps.
    4. No elitism. No need for it. You kill creeps, and creeps kill you. Nuff said.
    5. Kill Creeps.
    6. Kinship house chest is open to all Kinsmen and Officers and is used for excess Trackers Badges and Barrels of Oil ;p There are no restrictions on access so if you put things in there and they go, and you get upset, then you don’t understand what ‘no restrictions’ means.
    7. Real life always comes first. The game will be waiting for you if you need to take off for a while.
    8. Kill Creeps.
    9. Leader of the kin is the one with the little star on their portrait, i.e. leader of the felowship/raid. Crowns and titles are just stuff they put there.
    10. PvE is to gear up for PvP, and to piss off Creeps by taking their keeps, outposts, relics, and Delving buffs.
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    I've made a creep tribe to make it easier for creepside to group and get to know each other, I'd rather have everyone join that one as it has half decent amount of people in it. The tribe is focused more on getting everyone to help each other and pick up server activity.



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