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    Jun 2013

    Looking for an older player's kin.

    When i say older i mean 40 and up. I just came back to the game and my old kin is no longer here. And the server seems really quiet. Is the game still full of player's from the U.S. EST? The only place where i seem to see player's is Bree.

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    The server isn't what it used to be, but yes it's still active. Just post in world chat if you're looking for a kin.

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    Oct 2013
    There are older men and women in my kin, but there are also younger members.
    Send me a /tell ingame to Bruceon, Brucevor, or any of my other toons, if you're at all interested.
    Heya! My name is Bruce; I've been playing since right before Helm's Deep came out. Hope to keep playing for many ages to come!

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    A lot of players are in East Gondor this week with the new update. You're right that Bree will have many more players in it than the rest of the world, though.

    There are quite a few kins with older players or a mix of older and younger. I'm with the Rangers of the Black Watch and we are all-ages friendly. As others have said, feel free to poke around /World chat and see which kin you like best. Good luck!
    Neddor, Untrustworthy Guardian of Arkenstone
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