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    Hi All,

    I'm a kin leader on Arkenstone. We had a meeting of many of the kins on Arkenstone the other night and have agreed to work together to make a new home for anyone transferring to the server. Losing a server is painful, been there done that in other MMO's. All you can do is look to the future and take a chance.

    Currently, our population isn't as high as the other servers, but that should change. Our PVP is creep heavy so we need more freeps

    Raiding happens, and we hope to increase that a lot.

    As with all servers, we have our trolls, but they stay under the bridge for the most part. World chat is mostly fantastic, and there are helpful people there.

    Please create a toon and check it out, we'd be happy to have you here.

    Leader, Eternal Destiny

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    Since shuffle of 5na and 5 euro servers happens 1st, several of new names I picked on Crickhollow, I may move them to Ark in hopes to have place holders.

    I figure if that plan works, I'll be joining Arkenstone with rest of chunk of E, Thou I wont be Makie...

    Right now 50/50 spilt to Ark or Crick. Give or take where the server shuffle goes.

    I have about 30 hours on crick, not minding it. Each server has shown a nice community, sadly none like E, and several of choices are... Holy ****, where hell are Mods.

    I'm surprised at stuff people get away with on few of servers. So much of that stuff would not Fly on E.

    I REALLY hope, E community is able to continue its efforts as its community. Cause I say 50/50 to crick/ark.. but I have half a mind to just stay on E, and live out its last days there, and end my journey when Servers go down.
    No idea why Turbine went with 5 popular servers via population, after tell us there looking into other options as well, and clearly make it seem they got lazy and picked highest 5.

    I will admit, I lost alot of respect for Turbine with Closing E's Community. Hopfully smaller chunks we become still can hang in there with larger populations. =/
    Capcom Stalker...
    English is not my 1st Language... So shhhh!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Calta View Post
    Actually Landroval has a very active Oceanic community with a recent but very rapidly growing kinship and with formal community alliances: "The Oceanic Warriors" does kin runs several times a week, has an active nostalgia, slowish levelling group, and open public raids and BBs at least twice a week. Suggest you check out their kinsite. They also host an open to the community team speak.
    see this http://www.oceanic-warriors.com/
    I am an emissary not a kin member so I am not touting for business

    GLFF and world may seem inactive for getting groups but that is because there is a community created channel for that for raiders and capped players. And there is a low level grouping channel. And a RP specific channel. And a russian channel. And possibly others I am unaware of.

    As for PVP, yeah I hear it's bad if you don't like larger groups but it is active and nowhere near as toxic as on other smaller servers where PvP incidents/alliances/hissyfits can break up established kins and drive people away from the server completely, due to small town syndrome. A lot of active PvPers have transferred in the last year from dramalode, crick, and ridder so it maybe different from what you experienced in the past.

    BTW most Landroval players I know do not formally RP but do enjoy the events and concerts run and sustained by the RP community. Music is very noticable part of ME on Landy. As is the use of cosmetics -it's cool to be a raider/PvPer and obsessed with your wardrobe or pet collection. This is a big plus for me. But apart from the public concerts, as long as you stay out of the Pony, you won't even know it's a RP server most of the time. Just don't call yourself something clearly in breach of CoC and/or offensive, don't grief RPers and concerts, and you'll be right, mate.

    Of the three servers I have been active on, Landroval world is generous, funny, helpful and it is quite multicultural-although not as much so as Laurelin. Peeps are NEVER reported for speaking spanish or russian in chat. On Landy someone usually uses google translate to point people in the direction of non english speaking kins and channels. It's very different from Brandy. Even the ./world trolls are generally coralled by the community before things get to the reporting stage. I actually tried a few alts on E before I transferred to Landroval but I found more action and more welcome to a new resident at my play times (Aussie peak) than I did on E.

    cheers, Pera
    (I am an Aussie btw, so I'd love to see more of us on my server.)
    The new Unofficial Oceanic server had been decided upon and it will be Arkenstone.


    Kinships like the one you mentioned, "The Oceanic Warriors" should seriously consider moving across with the free transfers allowed between servers. There will be a much larger population of Oceanic players on Arkenstone.

    The server mergers are an opportunity to really consolidate the Oceanic players across all servers.

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    I will share in extending a warm welcome to those who have rolled new toons or are choosing Landroval as their new home in LOTRO. The already strong and growing Oceanic community here isn't part of the migration project among the closing servers and is remaining intact. I actually would encorage those going to Ark with one of the groups voting to also send an alt or too to join Landroval. With only five servers there is time and the rare chance to actually enjoy more than one server.

    Best of luck to all in any case!

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    Movement of several Kinships to Gladden

    For members of our kinships that have not logged into the game in many months and may not know about the server consolidations and such, the following kinships are moving to Gladden.

    Weapon of Choice
    Lost Legion of Dunharrow

    We hope to see all of you in game at our new home soon

    RIP Big E

    Staerek - Founder and Leader of Rimsilval
    Staerek - Officer - Rimsilval Kinship - Elendilmir


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