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    Roving Threats Ghamgur and Kethat-Sai

    Tonight at 21.45 so 8.5 hours from making this post i'll be making a full raid size group to tackle 2 specific roving threats.

    1st: Ghamgur in Mirkwood supposed to be a 6man Roving Threat.

    2nd: Kethat-Sai in South-Ithilien supposed to be a full raid size group Roving Threat.

    We will also be doing the other Roving Threats in that area so everyone has their achievements.

    We need a good mix of ranged, heals, tanks and melee (although melee not really recommended for Ghamgur but we can always shoot our bows )

    People can always join in on raidcall of 'The Family' which is 7564325 or we'll talk trough ingame voice chat.

    This is a good opportunity for those hunting down Roving Threats to tackle what i think are the 2 most difficult roving threats in the game. This is also a good opportunity for the server to have a last massive event before all the merges are happening.

    You can sign up here or watch World Chat very closely for an invite if you wanna tackle these 2 Roving Threats tonight.

    Best Regards

    Sitaprutske, proud officer of 'The Family' kinship
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    The Supreme Art Of War Is To Subdue The Enemy Without Fighting.

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    Tonight's Roving Threat was a huge success. We tackled RT's in Mirkwood and South-Ithilien.

    Thanks everyone for the great upcome and we continue our Roving Threats in Central-Gondor and West-Gondor on friday evening same time.

    Also want to thank everyone that came and participated in this huge raid scale Roving Threat hunt.


    Sitaprutske, Proud Officer of 'The Family'

    The Supreme Art Of War Is To Subdue The Enemy Without Fighting.



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