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    Sep 2010

    Top Player Imladris 2015

    Imladris is a wonderful server, with many terrific players - far too many great friends to name. Almost everyone I know on Imla is a "Top Player" in the sense that they are fun, and make time spent on Imla a joy.

    There is one person that stands out, and I think most everyone will agree that this player really embodies the spirit of a top player, because she is always nice, kind, fun, funny, witty, entertaining, and just a joy to have around. She never creates or meddles in drama, nor puts anyone down needlessly. Her boundless enthusiasm and love for Imla is an inspiration for us all.

    I am speaking, of course, of Giftel.

    Thank you for helping to make Imladris such a fun, happy home, Giftynoodle.


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    Yay Giftel! Yay Imladris!!
    Tarciryan Knights ~ Crickhollow ~ | ~ Landroval ~ Watchers of Elendil
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    well stated Ning, I agree. She is one of the few players that I can bump into while questing that always gives a wave and a friendly word or two.

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    Here, here. Giftel was a blessing whenever she popped in to world chat.


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    Kudos to Giftel, Ning, and all the wonderful friends, past and current, that we have made in the wonderful community of the Imladristrim through years. May our spirit carry on to wherever we move.


    Permanently retired. Was Kibilturg, Guardian of Imladris (then Landroval & Crickhollow) and ~40 alts.

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    Aw, you all are too nice. Afraid I resemble a Top Slacker Player more than anything. Ning would definitely be voted most likely to entertain on world chat.

    There are so many amazing people in the Imladris community; kind, fun and ready to help others. Here's hoping we can all stay in touch after our forced transfer. Oh and don't forget: CYT!


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