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    Ozraid Announcement... Our New Home!

    Ozraid is a Lord of the Rings Online raid group located on Turbine's Elendilmir and Nimrodel servers.

    Turbine has decided to consolidate its existing US and EU servers for The Lord of the Rings Online. This has seen the two servers Ozraid runs events on scheduled to close in 2016.

    It is our pleasure to announce where we've chosen to make our new home... We hope the community on our new server welcomes us, and to be able to share epic levels of enjoyment, excitement, and fun with them!

    ARKENSTONE... YOU will be our new home! Huzzah!

    A number of kinships and players from Elendilmir and Nimrodel - varying in timezones from the American, to European, and Oceanic - will be making the move with us.

    If you have any questions feel free to post below, send myself (Sethco) a forum message, email ozraid@ozraid.org, or in-game mail on Arkenstone, Elendilmir, and Nimrodel.

    Let the excitement continue!!!
    Characters : Sethco (Minstrel), Rothco (Minstrel), Volco (Burglar), Api (Lore-master), Mythco (Guardian).

    www.ozraid.com - or - www.ozraid.org

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    That's great news!

    Our kin is also moving there, so it will be nice to have some fellow Nimrods around Hope all your moves go smoothly when the time comes!
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    Good for you Sethco.

    Best of luck in your future endeavours
    Volodic- Rank 14 Minstrel- The first and the last Warlord of Nimrodel
    Volobash- Rank 11 Blackarrow- Arkenstone, Nikitah's Bane
    Volosavenger- Rank 9 Stalker- Landroval, The white warg

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    Most of my kin mates are no longer with me unfortunately but I will follow you sethco. I have several toons all over servers.
    “A single dream is more powerful than a thousand realities.” -???

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    Cool Scorp

    So Scorp Arkenstone it is than? lol




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