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    Imladris Transfer concerning EUraid/pugfriends/Intensitards and other friends

    Hey everyone,
    Next week the time for us is finally come. If the server hamsters wont collapse before, we'll be able to transfer off on Tuesday. Since i'm quite busy inRL atm i cant guarantee to transfer on Tuesday right away. Still, the destination im going to for now is Landroval. At this point i will transfer all my toons there and then wait how it turns out.

    I welcome everyone who played with Gunn and me during the last years to follow. Ofc i dont want to force anyone and im also not trying to split up players from their original kins. I'd just be happy to see a lot familiar faces. I can provide a kin on Landroval as soon as im there, be it Intensity or my storage kin, just for the purpose of keeping in contact though. Dont expect me to lead it at this point.

    To keep in contact and to have an overview of who is going where and for whom to look out on Landy i ask all the familiar people from EUraid/pugfriends to pls post here or send me a message ingame. Ill try to be in Gunn's TS on Tuesday and will let him know if i cant make it.

    If we wont see each other again i wish you guys all the best. It was always a pleasure and great fun and i hope Gunn and me showed you over the years that Germans are more than people speaking an angry harsh language, while drinking beer in Leather pants

    Best wishes,

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    We're transferring kin-wide (Watchers of Elendil) to Landy. Looking forward to playing with you and the rest of the EURaid folks over there. As a side note, you will be more than welcome, should you consider joining us. Galadhloth/Glirithil and I will keep leading it as best we can

    ~ Kibi

    (Posted 10 November, 17:34 GMT)

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    My kin, Watchers of Elendil are going to Landroval too. Kibilturg is our kin leader and he can't post on the forums right now because of the signature/moderation bug - but both he and I would be glad to run with you anytime and will be happy to see you there. (I'm Glirithil the mini, have run with you several times) See you on Landy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kanoraukar View Post
    ...Germans are more than people speaking an angry harsh language, while drinking beer in Leather pants
    I was all for moving to Landy, but now you've lost me. I feel....cheated. Lied to. What is real, what's not? Was it always a lie?!

    *rage quit*

    Also yeah I'm moving my mini.

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    well, hopefully once you go to landy and try it, change your mind and we can transfer to Crick or Arkenstone :3

    We can still play for a bit while I stay at landy waiting for the transfers to open :3

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    i will most likely get Hipsy and my reaver to landro. Speaking of freeps, i have no choice and will follow my chocobunny to crick, however i dont plan to move all of my freeps there yet. instead i will move 2 or 3 and decide later on if its crick for all of my toons or another server.

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    Looking forward to you little latino! I've heard some ok things about Arkenstone so far, concerning action there. On the other hand, Crickhollow seems to be dead when it comes to PVP, might change when finally all transfers took place, which is why i wait for the final decision till then, but for now, Landy it will be

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    Thraorin here, I'll be moving to Landroval with all of my chars as well.

    Edit: even my RK Elaniel got to keep the name, apparently the other Landroval char with that name hadn't been used in a long time.
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