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Thread: The Last Day

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    The Last Day

    Not that I expect many still to be around, but I was wondering whether anyone apart from me (Gaelle) is planning to be nostalgic on Dec 31st the last day of 8+ fantastic years of Eldar.

    I have left a level 100 character there (Gordien) and plan to wander or do any other things if people are about.
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    Just checked Gaelle, but all I have left on Eldar are some forgotten low-rank creeps (mostly storage toons) and 1 lvl 60-ish RK.
    The end is here, the ring is gone. I could not help it . . .

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    Just wanted to let you know that in this thread, Vyvyanne says that closing worlds won't be shut off until April 4th (in the most recent post). Though, like you, I do plan to leave a toon (on my home of Meneldor) until the lights go out.

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    So long Eldar - thanks for nearly 9 years of excellent happy memories and for the players that came and left - in NOES, Serenity, Nost Mellon, Claymore Nation, Risen and Lord of the Drink

    Eliendil, Ryuku, Seth, Spanner, Amandur long gone but set the stage for fun nights in the Rift and Moria, and even Ardalan for making trolling so much fun.

    As for the rest of you I hope to see you at the Gates of Mordor.

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    Goodbye Eldar. You were the only LOTRO world where I felt at home in the past five years.



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