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    Zones and Cosmetics

    Is there a plugin that could load a cosmetic outfit automatically depending on the zone you're in? I'd like to automatically wear my Watcher outfit when in Moria, or my Ranger garb in Gondor, etc. Would be cool if it would possible to match horses to outfits and zones too.

    Or is there a plugin that does this? Couldn't find one.
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    Unfortunately, there are two Lua implementation limitations that prevent this. First, plugins can not automatically change any equipment, at best they can set up a quickslot with a series of items for the user to click on in rapid succession (see SequenceBars). Second, plugins can not programmatically determine what zone you are in - they can attempt to detect the change in zones based on chat messages but that has a number of inconsistencies, or they can attempt to determine the zone the way MoorMap does by using the ;loc chat command results (still not always accurate but fairly consistent). Basically, this would be a huge undertaking with very limited use. You are far better off using something like SequenceBars to set up a pair of sequences for rapidly changing your outfits with multiple clicks.



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