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    Aug 2009

    Congratz on FIFTEEN Grog

    I know you're on Ark now, but come on, Gladden is your home.

    Congratulations to one of my best friends, I know you're relieved it's over, haha. I'll be there for the BA.

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    Indeed Grats to you Sir and it does belong on the Gladden forum not Ark. I do hope we can come home one day if you decide to continue on the pointless quest of hoping PVP might be balance again. You are one of the few people I have played with where in RL i know you would be a blast to be around. Again grats and if you never log back in again that would be good with me

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    Congrats Grog! I miss all the fun raids we did on Gladden the past two years or so. Maybe Turbine will come to their senses and lower transfer costs sometime. You have always been a willing leader, something that us creeps needed to get the ball rolling on a moors night. Even if you didn't share my enthusiasm for wargs, you allowed me to join in on most of your groups, which I appreciate. In any case, it was fun to be a part of it, and I wish you the best in your future PvP endeavours!

    P.S. Gladden misses you - come back sometime

    Servers: Bullroarer, Gladden, Landroval (new primary), Arkenstone (Grimmtail)
    Long live Dwarrowdelf server! You shall be missed!

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    Congratulations Grog on hitting 15, I'm not sure there has ever been a player more deserving of this milestone in the game. It's been a pleasure to not only fight with you, but also to have those laid back nights bs'ing in group/tribe chat and generally having fun. With your leadership over the years you have brought a unity to creepside on both gladden and now arkenstone, and shown the freeps that even while we've been on the low end of the power spectrum that creeps can always find a way to win if we work together and coordinate. Thank you for all that you've done for us, and I am glad to be able to call you a friend.


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    Congratulations Grog!
    Wolfgash - Rank 14 Warg, Gladden

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    Congrats Grog,

    One of the most deserving creeps ever to hit r15, You have been Gladdens main raid leader for so many years, so many memories. I know you and me have not always been the nicest people to each other, but i appreciate all that you have done for creep side throughout the years. Also anyone who can put up with my random wandering around for nearly 3 straight weeks and not once kick me outta group deserves some props Also, does this mean i can play my Defiller now since you will be playing Ba? xD
    A life saved is a kill earned-Trollunderbridge

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    Gratz Grog. Quit the game now, wasted enough time.


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    OMG congrats! It was a long road of healtagging, but you did it.
    Tyrant Vargburz, The Most Hated



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