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    Logged in for the first time in about five years the other day. It's been so long I've forgotten some of the map in locations! It's also still crazy to get more Infamy for a "Poison the Hoardale" than we would get for an entire night of PVMP back when you were getting 2-3 per kill.

    Sorry I missed the tribute to Leekae. He taught me a lot out there even though we started as rivals. He's not the only one we've lost either... I hope everyone is made their progress through the grieving process.

    That said, if anyone has a regular time they are out and about in the moors let those of us with arthritic knees from all those years in the sofa pits know you'll be there... we can make a go of it! For Lee, Bud, and all the others we don't know about.
    Adarin Ouest of There and Back Again
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    Quote Originally Posted by jebus5434 View Post
    Most serious PvMPers transferred to Arkenstone over the last year. I've been there since October 2016 and am very happy with my decision. The PvMP zones are always active, even to the detriment(lag) of the game. Some weekends Creep side maxes out on the number of players over there.

    I still try to host an open raid 2-4 times a month.

    It was tough to leave Landroval after 9 years, but if you really want to play in a vibrant PvMP zone, then I recommend you transfer your characters to Arkenstone.

    I want to remind everyone that 5 years later this post this rings true.

    If you want to get some Moors action it’s still possible on this server.

    We have great action on Arkenstone. Last Saturday the Freeps defended waves of attacks on TR.

    However the game for many years can barely handle the large raid vs raid battles
    I still log in occasionally hoping to revive that feeling of rallying the troops and taking our relics back…
    But the game lags and skills won’t go off…it’s a pity they never put PvMP on its own server. Not burdened with all the PvErs

    I often get tells from people telling me their names from Landroval, some I remember, some I don’t.

    The impulse to log onto these forums and into this game is an old familiar one I haven’t given up yet.

    I hope you are all doing well, and will join the fighting on arkenstone!
    Foy Lee son of Budhorn- Rank 13.5 Guardian
    The Adventure PvMP Movie http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZPrYZ_ap_s


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