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Thanks for reporting this. I will add warning messages into the plugin itself:

Can you please verify the translation?
The translations are correct.
Your solution is the most user-friendly :-)

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This specifies the value for the "Time" field when you manually create a new reminder by clicking the big (+) button in the main window:
Ah! Thanks for the clarification!

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This is probably the subtlest aspect of the plugin. To avoid confusion, it is important to recognize the distinction between editing an existing reminder, and editing the settings for automatically creating/updating a reminder.

The window on the left (let's call it Window 1) contains the settings that tell the plugin how to handle automatically creating/updating reminders for the quest "Erkunder-Opal (Stufe 10)". (You opened this window by clicking the quest's name in the "Known Repeatable Quests" section of the "Character" tab of the Settings window. Or, it is also shown automatically when the plugin detects a new repeatable quest.)
Well, actually the window is coming too if one clicks on the "Options"-Icon in the Description field of a reminder. (That's how I opened it)

What will do the plugin with the reminder (how will the plugin behave), when one does the quest again and the options are like in the picture?
Will it simply change the "Next Reset" field for of the reminder to the next defined time?
Say: I do the quest on Sunday at 8:30pm. Will the plugin change the time in the "Next Reset" field to "6h 30m"?
And when I do the quest again on Monday. Will the plugin change the time in the "Next Reset" field to "3 days"?

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The window on the right (let's call it Window 2) contains the reset times for an already-existing reminder. (You opened this window by clicking the "Next reset" field of a reminder in the table.)

There is a global option: "Automatic reminders should replace existing reminders (auto refresh)" / "Automatische Erinnerungen sollen bereits bestehende ersetzen (automatische Erneuerung)" If this is disabled, then when the plugin detects quest completion, it will create a new reminder for the quest -- using the reset times and other data specified in Window 1 -- even if a reminder for the quest already exists. Then you will have two reminders; one will be expired, and the other will tell you the time remaining until the next reset.

Normally, people don't want multiple reminders for the same quest. They want the new reminder to replace the expired one. In that case, the "auto refresh" option should be enabled, and all of the information in Window 1 will replace the corresponding fields in the old reminder.

In general, the only time you would need to use Window 2 is for manually-created reminders (created with the "(+)" button). For automatically-updated reminders, it is useful as a quick reference, but there is little reason to change it, because it will be overwritten the next time the quest completes.

There is also a "reset" button () for each reminder, which may depend on the reset times defined in Window 2:

If you right-click this button, you can change its behavior:

This window defines what will happen when you click the reminder's "reset" button. If you choose "Defer it until the next scheduled reset time" (Auf die nächste geplante Rücksetzzeit verschieben), then when the "reset" button is clicked, it will get the next reset time from Window 2 and set the current Time for the reminder accordingly.
Thank you for the explanations! Is very helpful.