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    [Plugin] Reminders

    I just uploaded the initial version of a new plugin over at lotrointerface. It's based on an idea proposed by Gloradan.

    This plugin helps you keep track of all those recurring tasks you need to juggle when managing several characters. It maintains a table of reminders for "to do" items, each of which has a countdown timer and an optional color-coded category. You can organize the reminders into tabs however you prefer, such as a tab for each character, or a tab for each category of task.

    The main window is a table of reminders, with multiple tabs, which looks like this (although it's highly customizable):

    More detailed information is available at lotrointerface.
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    Oh that's nice for Raid reminders and doubling up Mordor dailies.

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    Looks very nice, thank you!

    Permanently retired. Was Kibilturg, Guardian of Imladris (then Landroval & Crickhollow) and ~40 alts.

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    Version 1.05 of Reminders is now available at lotrointerface.

    Versions 1.00 - 1.05 release notes:

    Bug fixes:

    • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented an existing reminder from being edited.

    New features:

    • When you hover the mouse over the icon, it now shows a list of expired reminders in the tooltip.
    • You can now use the Enter and Escape keys in some places where you would expect them to accept a change or close a window.
    • Added French translations and a beautiful icon that is displayed when the window is minimized. Both thanks to Gloradan.

    Other changes:

    • To avoid accidents, you now need to delete all the reminders under a tab before you can delete the tab.
    • The icon will now stay visible even when the main window is open.
    • The number displayed in the icon now represents the total number of expired reminders -- not the number that have expired since the last time you opened the window (as in the previous version).
    • Numerous minor UI improvements.

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    Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute :-)))
    Gloradan - www.guillian.fr

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    There was some problem with the site that was preventing the latest version from being downloaded. I think it's fixed now.



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