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    Just tried to watch one of your newer videos. You don't welcome the audience in at the start of the video. I skipped around to about 20 different parts of the video and saw you eat a few times but never said a word out loud. Would make more sense to not even have the webcam on at that point. The little bit of interaction you do on the forums is self promotion without replying. So it looks like spam. Every question or bit of feedback people have had for you, you seemed to ignore and just keep posting videos without interacting with those who took the time to watch.
    Varkking - Dwarf Rune-Keeper - Syndicate - Anor Server
    Moderator of Lord of the Rings On Prime Subreddit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Varkking View Post
    Just tried to watch one of your newer videos. You don't welcome the audience in at the start of the video. I skipped around to about 20 different parts of the video and saw you eat a few times but never said a word out loud. Would make more sense to not even have the webcam on at that point. The little bit of interaction you do on the forums is self promotion without replying. So it looks like spam. Every question or bit of feedback people have had for you, you seemed to ignore and just keep posting videos without interacting with those who took the time to watch.
    Featured LOTRO streamer btw

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    Dwarrowdelf version. Incomparable skill. The Raven Black Goddess strikes back. The Giant is no more. Streamed live. None can stand against my Illustrious magnificence. These evil fiends have been vanquished.

    Also I must mention the brand new Outfit. You will be stunned for sure. Dear Orome for I was truly. Jaw was on the floor, I could not stop starring for minutes. Such beauty is unseen. What a day twas. My dear friend is coming back soon.

    I did level 115,50&60 version for now. As it stands for now nobody accumulated more solo kills nor cleared so many instances. Her kill count is in hundreds of thousands. A literal Army of One.

    Limbairedhiel Lairien High Queen of the Noldor. Youtube channel has over 1,020 videos.


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    The Return to Nurz Ghashu The complete solo clear until Thaurlach,Balrog of Morgoth. No essences,Lootbox gear,3rd Age belt,Incomplete build, lesser relics, No crafted armour,Common damage 1 handed weapon.

    Highlight: Narnulubat 19:08
    Highlight: Thrang ~ <font size="4">

    50:03 The start.

    The Helegrod Thorog ~ Tank Duo Legendary Warden&Guardian Ithil Level 60.

    1:21:26 {Success}

    After several gruelling attempts we finally managed to smite our foe after nearly 2 hours of Blood,sweat and hammering.

    Balrog Tank duo was done as well.The same setup as before. Guardian {Yellow} /Warden {Blue} Twas not recorded , I have but one screenshot left.

    Hints: 10 seconds Force taunt duration will aid one greatly. Ever-seer can be done alone. Warden took care of the adds, I have vanquished the Ever-seer. Aggro swamping , Store hope is of a great use. There cannot be room for mistakes. on first phase I stood in the circle Spamming Fray the Edge on Balrog, Warden helped with Conviction heal. One has to stay in the circle during lever phase. Warden pulled both levers. Patience is the key.

    Last phase: Remove debuffs,Watch for leap. Blow any CD's. Resist the darkness and terror.Correct positioning, Emerge triumphant.

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    Extra, Almost complete DN 6 Man Pug Legendary after the update and morale increase. {Ithil}

    Part I ~

    Part II ~ Bosses 2,3,4,5 and 6 Mistress below 500,000 Next attempt today.

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    Just wanted you to know.
    All of this videos are with the morale increase, as you can see yourself when you watch it.
    This is of course on the Legendary Server and No Healer in all fights.

    Blagh & Rung 4man:

    Zholuga Guardian Solo:

    Flagit 4man:

    Istum 4man:

    Blind One Challenge Mode 4man:

    Mistress 4man:

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    Elen sila lumenn omentielvo Mellyn

    Thaurlach Duo ~ Maoise/Limbairedhiel Rune-keeper.Princess and High Queen of the Noldor! Two Luminous Ladies stood firmly against Valaraukar The Ancient threat <3 Thank you my dear friend,twas a pleasure. You may also Watch Dragon Thorog duo which soon followed afterwards. I shalt place the 12th Enormous blade within her yard. Mayhap twill be wise to set a blade aside for a while.

    ~ The video starts at 23:00 Approximate Ending 42:36

    Regretably this is where I must leave you, I will return soon I hope. Look for my star in the North the brightest one. It shall guide thee on thy path,Randir.

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    Na vedui!

    Let us update the SOLO list ,Shall we Mellyn?

    Successfully finished the following instances/bosses;

    16th Hall Challenge ~ 16:31 ~ 1:16: 30 Approximately

    Ost Elendil Challenge ~

    Start: 33:20 Finish 57:38

    Haudh Valaindil Challenge ~

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    Fornost Tier II Fire Wing the Complete clear until the last Boss Brogadan ,Wraith of Fire.

    Part I ~ Riamul

    Part II General until the end


    Helegrod Spider Wing Nearly full clear until Zaudru ~

    Highlight ~ Breosal boss

    37:33 ~ 47:25

    Streamed Live on Twitch ~ https://www.twitch.tv/spiritofire90 Exported to You-Tube. Observe below for additional information.

    Until we meet again!

    Limbaireidhiel High Queen of the Noldor the Flame Imperishable

    ( :

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    The Nightmare Edition Tier II Legendary

    Halls of Night Tier II Panic Solo ~

    Halls of Night Tier II Terror Down

    Halls of Night Tier II Nightmare's End

    <em style="color: rgb(255, 0, 0);">

    Inn of the Forsaken: Riddles in the Dark (Tier 2) Solo

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    Gi Sullion!

    Legendary Noldo Fornost Shadow Wing Tier II A Light within the Shadow. Until the bittersweet end.

    Krankluk The Warg boss duel ~ 1:12:31

    Fornost Water Wing Tier II Boss I Zhurmat and the adds.

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    Prepare thyself ,Randir for the invasion. We shall aid the Star folk in their struggle with the forces of Dol Guldur and Evil Necromancer.

    The Siege of Mirkwood "Re-Add on" Arrives next week. The exact date yet unknown.

    Final Mines of Moria {60} video before the next chapter in our Legendary Noldo Saga.

    Rift Tier II Solo run.


    Barz,Zurm,Frutz,Zogtark and she was stopped at Narnulubat. For raid it not so much, but for solo game-play foes essentially deal double damage and have Triple enhanced morale with additional buffs as well.

    Keep in mind Tier II makes the Raid triple more difficult and you will be surprised on difficulty increase which is substantial. I could have killed Shadow Eater as well, but Narnulubat and Thrang Tier II did not worked for me, yet.

    5 hours + of Fire,sweat and Blood. Her spirit burns as flame. She will return to Rift once more to finish her task.

    I cannot wait for Mirkwood for there are many great instances such are: Sammanth Gul,The Lost Temple,Dungeons of Dol Guldur and so on...

    Until we meet again,

    Best Regards,
    Limbariedihel ,High Queen of the Noldor

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    The High Queen of the Noldor is one above of them all!. Our Ancient foes Demons the Balrogs are no match. Dragons have been annihilated , their bones gleaming on the sun , Countless orcs perished like straw in a great fire. None can stand against Raven black Goddess. Dear Orome! None! The Ringwraiths flee in terror in her Luminous Presence! She is the inspiration for men, hope for the Halfings and every single dwarf is flirting with her for they cannot withstand her Alluring aura!

    I shall destory thee Bauglir, The end is nigh! Valainantiel will pierce his black heart and end the great evil for eternity! Tis foretold!

    Enyalien Veleriande!

    I shall see thee with the Siege of Mirkwood re-release , Randir.

    Until then may thy Radiance never cease to shine!

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    The invasion has started. The board is set. Pieces are moving. I must assist my beloved Star folk in their struggle with the forces of Dol Guldur and purify these lands of foul creatures! I have Liberated my kindred from merciless dungeons and assaulted the mighty fortress which is enormous and nigh impenetrable but her valour and steadfastness is stronger than foundations of very stars! One Radiant lady have broken the sorcery and shall utterly diminish it furthermore! Ringwraiths have no power of High elves for we are empowered by light of the Two trees and we shall eradicate their kind! Enyalien Veleriande!

    I have recorded my entire journey as usual from level 60 until the moment of hitting level 65.

    Due to the beginning and testing the first phases plus the obvious time to obtain proper weapon and greater gear in general I have done the following instances so far:

    ~ Warg Pens
    ~ Dungeons of Dol Guldur
    ~ Sword Halls
    ~ Northcotton farm until the last boss. I have not had enough DPS to finish of the cauldron and I have managed to bring 2 Nemesis adds in Barad Guldur to 50% health, the same strategic approach I have used last summer on my 115 Guardian

    I still have the exact setup I used at level 60 including now out dated First age level 60 weapon as well.

    The videos below ~

    Sword Halls , beginning of the video , Northcotton farm around 2:02:30

    Dungeons of Dol Guldur /Warg Pens,Barad Guldur attempt

    Also you will not find the complete Legendary journey from anyone else. I have hundreds of videos and the most comprehensive video data base ever fashioned by a single individual combining the Twitch and You Tube , tis umatched. I have slew more foes in a single combat greater than entire numbers of Nirnaeth Arnoedied and soon the War of Wrath. My passion is overwhelming for mortals!

    Also I will give you the tactical video on how I managed to defeat the Barad Guldur armoured gauntlets last summer ~

    Original video from 2018 ~

    You may watch the full journey of levelling here~
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7vaWalKt5oc Part I
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u5On_9yf1Ho&t=8928s Part II and Part III is hitting 65 short in another video already posted above.

    The longest and greatest Legendary Noldo thread has been expanded and she has the only right to claim the throne and lead the Elves of light to victory. She has stood firm in evil and slew
    innumerable amount of Yrch,Gaunt lords,Regyml,Demons and Dragons, Lesser Ancient evil and ferocious Drakes of the North,Mighty Uruks and vile Goblins,Beasts,great or small,High captains,generals,overlords or tyrants, She has sundered entire armies and scourged the lands in her great madness,wrath and rage! Come out Morgoth! I dare thee Its you or me! I will be the one who shall pierce his black heart and end the evil for eternity! Morgoth Bauglir! Ha! Step out from the Void, Lord of Slaves! I dare thee, come out and face my Luminous Lady. My High Lord Fingolfin has wounded thee seven items while I shall permanently remove your foul existence! Ma
    y thy radiance never cease to shine! Vanquish the evil Gaunt lords and embark upon the quest to spoil the plans of Sauron!

    For Limbaireidhiel{Valianantiel} was made the mightiest in all parts of body and mind: in valour, in endurance, in beauty, in understanding, in skill, in strength and subtlety alike: of all the Children of Ilúvatar, and a bright flame was in her

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    "There within the lair if the Fire giants, Limbairedhiel was surrounded with none by her side. Long she fought on, and undismayed, though she was wrapped in fire and wounded with many wounds, but at the last he dispatched her terrible foe and emerged triumphant. Enyalien Veleriande! Victory for the Eldar! For Gondolin!

    Do not get confused by level 50, its more difficult than it appears. 60 and 65 version are impossible regardless of your build or class and the amount of buffs you will use.

    5:43+ The start ~

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    The Dungeons of Dol Guldur

    The Liberation from the Merciless Dungeons. Rescuing all seven prisoners at once, Lady of all Noldor! She rescued them all! The terror is no more! Now you are free!

    The Warden and his minions were vanquished ~

    Completed: Leave none behind ~

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    The Sammanth Gul Attempt got the Urchir {1st boss} to 76,000 Morale. I am going to attempt again in following weeks.

    Queen of the Mountain Edition
    , after the end you may watch Tier II Warg pens challenge run if you want.

    Sari Surma Until the last boss Coldbear/Osan

    Sari Surma The start - 1:05: 46

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    Now tis safe to say my Ladies {In particular Valainantiel&Limbairedhiel} are greatest of all time, the most gorgeous ,wisest and the most talented. Their valour,beauty,bravery and strength has not been seen since the Elder days, A modest statement. When you accomplish countless of mighty legendary deeds thou can brag about them and they surely deserve the monument thrice greater than Argonath and bards shall sing the songs of their Triumph for eternity. Tis the minimum allowed.

    Patience was never one of my virtues so I had to act alone once more.

    The Breaker of Sorcery ~ Barad Guldur Tier I clearing the way alone for the Forces of Light Legendary Noldo ~ From the very gates until the entrance of Durchest,First boss. No store buffs, Incomplete one handed weapon. I was not fully prepared at all.

    Some beings said to me, Impossible it is,Give up. Thou cans't do it. Not for my Raven Black goddess with mightiest inherent Fea{Spirit}


    The video starts from 1:39:07. Ignore the rest, Irrelevant it is.

    The Return to Iron-Home {Angmar} Urugarth,Carn Dum/Barad Gularan Compilation. Pulling as many foes I can Elvishly possible. Note if you overdo you skill delay and FPS will drop to such an abysmal level to the point you might not even move. Depends on the amount of foes. Be wary.

    Highlight ~ 29:22 Durability level Silmaril.

    The most intense period was from 29:00 onwards

    There is also Barad Gularan video, a short one. Check the YT channel to watch.

    I have to comment cosmetic Reforged Rift Defender set heavy version, it fits perfectly with her Massive shield as well.

    P.S. If thou art a High Elf, there is no greater nor more inspiring soundtrack than Blind Guardian: Nightfall in Middle-Earth. Flawless,Incomparable and unbelievably motivating.

    Limbairedhiel High Queen of the Noldor,Thou art my true Silmaril! Thy figure shaped like a flawless diamond! Unparalleled skill , the Ultimate female badass of Arda. She even dared to challenge the Darkness itself, Prime Dark Lord Morgoth Bauglir to step out from the Void! Come our you coward! Now its me or you!

    P.S.S Please fix the Crossbow bug. I do not want to see my Luminous Lady hitting with a ranged weapon in melee. Ruined the Aesthetics and thrill of battle. One must constantly change/switch the weapon.

    May Tulkas grant thee strength for the upcoming battle.

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