I'm studying and working on the Songbook plugin.

I'm trying to find a solution to long named song and track names.

* We are in the case of - party - multi-players, in felowship, to play sync.

- Songbook plugin is using the chat handler to know which track a player is ready to play. It's very useful to have each player's songbook updated with the current track each player is sync to.

* The shorcut button to click and send to the chat by the player is : /play /"[songname]" x[:number of the track] sync
* In the chat window, the x[:number of the track] is translated as its real name.

- Problem :

Even if the chat message should be : [PlayerName] is ready to play "WESTERNHAGEN - WEIL ICH DICH LIEBE (MA)(1) (4:38) - Lonely Mountain Bassoon",

the client chat message is : [PlayerName] is ready to play "WESTERNHAGEN - WEIL ICH DICH LIEBE (MA)(1) (4:38) - Lonely Moun."

That because, chat message, for track to play, seems to be limited to 63 characters/letters.

- Keep in minds that, problem is not for the local player, but to have a kind of x-crossing communication between each players Songbook plugins, with all the LOTRO Lua limitations (like automated bots) :

- Do you know any ways to have the full long named track in the chat ?

- Or any ways to have the x:number instead of its "translated" name ?

- Or any other mechanism which I did not think ?

To your shruwdness ./toasts