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What QOL changes? Do you mean a more dumbed-down version of the original game?

Turning these MMO's into a browser game is the most stupid thing Blizzard and SSG could have done.

I'm sure classic will be the new Old school Runescape, with 2x more players than the newer versions.
I was looking at the wow Classic servers in comparison it seems now the fad has downed itself a bit. more mid to low population in classic and more high to mid on the retail servers last I checked. so yeah it was fun for a lot of people but truthfully playing since then and now Vanilla WoW was utter garbage when it launched I played on it for two years from its launch coming from a 5 day a week 8+ hour day mandatory guild I raided in EQ with for 5 years, and world of Warcraft ###### dell servers sucked balls. So go on with your elitist attitude of how it was so grand, it wasn't. I really love games these days, you can enjoy them and not be strapped to the chair for over 8 hours raiding. unless that is your thing. anyhow enjoy your miserable attitude on life and gaming. Live long and prosper \V/