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    Looking for RP Partners (Landroval)

    I post here every so often trying to find folk to RP with and it's been awhile, so I figured I'd throw the word out again in search of an RP partner or two.

    Server: Landroval
    Timezone: PST (west coast). Most likely active in the evenings from 6:30-11. Best days currently: Wednesday and Thursday.

    RP/Lore Considerations: I am fairly flexible, I think. I am OK with using swift travel and whatever game mechanics. My main, maybe nitpicky thing is that I don't like to be in a group with a hodgepodge of different in-game races. The Fellowship was unique in that all these different races were working together, but it was atypical. Elves did not regularly fight alongside Dwarves or even Men at this point in Middle-earth. And Hobbits outside of the Shire/Bree was not a common thing at all. I have a number of characters so I can adapt to most regions and ideas-- and I am not opposed to, say, an Elf and Dwarf journeying together-- just not a whole group of mixing and matching. And if there is an Elf and Dwarf traveling together, there needs to be a compelling reason behind it and probably a good bit of tension and drama to follow.

    I prefer RP set alongside the events of LOTR and am much less interested in post-Destruction of the Ring stuff-- but not entirely opposed if you've got an interesting idea. More likely to want to RP on my Men for any plots set in this time though.

    Elves/First Age: I have several characters, including a number of Elves and have been running (albeit inconsistently) an RP of events of the First Age. If anyone is potentially interested in joining that, it has mostly been on Friday evenings, starting around 7:30 (10:30 server). More details can be found at the enjin site for LandyRP under this thread: https://landyrp.enjin.com/forum/m/10...-age-rp-series When it comes to Elves, I'm mostly interested in the FA stuff, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't be up for RP set in more current times. Just let me know what you've got in mind!

    Outside of Elves, I am most interested in Rohan-based plots. I would love to RP events in Rohan prior to and culminating in Helm's Deep. I have a Man of Gondor, a hobbit, and a beorning as well (the beornin is RP'd as just a Man though). I've got some criminally-oriented characters as well.

    Some other ideas I was toying with:

    Volume I Epic:
    I was considering replaying the Volume 1 epic on a character, only with the difference of RPing along with it if I could find someone who was interested in that. Basically, the game provides our basic plot-- with some alterations, of course. I think this would be most fun with a trio of players-- assuming we were all on consistently at the same time and able to slowly level and move through the game together, all IC. I think this concept fits particularly well with Elves and Dwarves, given the sort of OP nature of everything the player character does over the course of the epic. Since it's RP-focused, level doesn't matter. If you want to play it on-level or with an out-leveled character that just hasn't done much of it, either way works.

    Bingo Boffin:
    Considering the Volume 1 epic is quite long, another, similar approach to this that I thought would be fun would be RPing along with Bingo Boffin's quest. My thought here was that we'd start in Bree-- meeting drunk Bingo and deciding to accompany him because he seems foolish and likely to get himself killed on his own. And we think he'll turn back soon enough anyway. (If, of course, you are a hobbit, perhaps you've been accompanying him since the Shire, but for my part, none of my characters save my hobbit would be in the Shire, so they won't be running into him before Bree). I have a couple toons that would work for this-- a particularly snotty Elf who would be set to this task by his own commander as a sort of sensitivity training, a Captain of Gondor and a thief out of Rohan, both exiles of their homelands who might find themselves returning at last due to this Bingo endeavor. Obviously, there are solo instances and things to adapt some and maybe leaving off from Bingo at some point if our own plotting so requires, but Bingo provides a simple motive for our travels and stands to have the potential for some humorous RP, I think. This is also one of the only scenarios that I can see myself RPing with hobbits outside of the Shire/Bree too, so if you've got a hobbit itching to get out of the Shire, this could be just the plot for you...

    Later portions of the epic or even regional quest threads could all be used as a backbone as well. My main thing, honestly, it that I like to be on the move, not just RPing in a tavern or around a campfire all the time (occasionally, sure). I like to interact with the game world-- and RP in the wider world, not just lower level areas. I think it could be very plausible to work exploration deeds into RP as well. These sorts of things are not required, of course, but I feel like they provide a simple backdrop and if we go off on some other plot that develops out of RP, that's great, if we don't and just move around finding different ruins for some RP reason, that's great too.

    The idea with all of these would be probably a once a week thing, slowly working our way along. Maybe occasionally more than once weekly, depending on availability and mood, etc.

    If you are active when I am and maybe interested, hit me up in-game on Andithael via in-game mail or a tell. You can reply or DM here as well, but I might be a little slower to get the response. I have multiple toons, but Andi is my main and the only most likely to be checked the most often. You can also find me @Andithael on Discord.

    Here are all my (current) toons available for RP as well:

    Andithael (a scholar, born in Doriath in the first years of the Sun)
    Ravandion (a hunter who crossed the Grinding Ice and has spent his more recent years patrolling Trollshaws)
    Lindalion (a musician, raised in Nargothrond, currently residing in Lorien)
    Nolandil (husband of Andithael; crossed the Ice with Ravandion as well, currently a scholar and working in the Havens building ships under Cirdan)
    Ristedir (a bitter Marchwarden of Doriath who is still full of contempt for the Noldor, as well as every other race in ME- the Dwarves worst of all)
    Rilyamacil (a former Feanorean)

    Bendry (a former Captain of the Rangers of Ithilien who fled years ago in disgrace and has been living in Bree working as a blacksmith and being drunk most of the time since)
    Fynndryn (a Rider of Rohan)
    Caedred (Fynn's younger brother and a thief who was exiled years ago, currently runs The Lowbanks Crew in Bree)
    Jornef (a thug for The Lowbanks Crew)

    Thoddo North-Took (an unadventurous curmudgeon who lives in Michel Delving and works as a cook and brewer- not likely to be on him as much, but if you want to arrange some hobbit shenanigans in the Shire, he could certainly be involved)
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    Still looking for an RP partner?

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    Yes! Sorry, haven't been by this thread in awhile. Been trying to pitch the Bingo Boffin idea around again lately. I think it would be some fun, amusing RP. Less of the dire straits stuff that so much of the RP world seems to be (not that I don't love that, because I do).

    I've got a new toon, Leofdag, who is another Rohirrim. Valiant and true, but kind of a dumb ###. He's got Bingo up through Bree, so that is the IC meeting place for him. Drunk Bingo is off to the Lone-Lands and Leof has appointed himself a guardian. Could use someone with brains to come along as well. Keep Bingo and Leof from getting themselves killed. Leof is level 24, so it'd be something of a slow leveling questing play too.

    Currently, it seems Wednesday or Thursday nights, 9pm EST would work best on my end.


    I'll try to be good about checking back here a bit more regularly. But sending tells and/or mail in game will be the fastest way to get in touch with me. Andithael, Leofdag, Ravandion, and Nolandil are who I am on most freqently lately.
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    Can I ask your style of writing? I am a para poster. I usually will type two a post. I am not opposed to typing outside of simple conversation. I like to write like a story and help my partner see things that if they were real and in front of me would give them more context instead of just . "she smiled" Kamlio is my most played but I have all elves with backstorys.
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    Is anyone doing this much on Landy? I woudl like to find you, but won't be in RP mode all the time, so can't just have the title on all the time. Thanks. p.s. not done any RP b4.
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    re dkapow:
    I tend to write small paragraphs mostly. I prefer to use /e rather than /say for this reason, so I like to paint a bit more of a scene as well, usually. Not saying I never have short replies, sometimes I do. But generally, I try to post a few sentences at a time, I think.

    re femgeek900:
    RP still exists on Landy, but it can be tricky to find and coordinate. Don't hesitate to send me a tell in game or mail if I'm not on. I've been MIA a bit lately, but am starting to play again and will be looking for some new RP opportunities. Andithael is my main and so she's the best point of contact.

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