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    Guide to the Eyes & Guard Tavern

    NOTE: On occasion we may need a particular system to be tested, and the use of a Level-up service may be detrimental to those needs. In situations such as these, an NPC may not be available for use. Please refer to the current Patch Notes and Server Update announcements whenever an NPC is not available.

    Accessing The Tavern

    Race of Man
    , hobbit, Elf and dwarf
    These races have access to the tavern as soon as the short tutorial quest specific to their race is completed. If you Skip Tutorial at character creation the doors are available immediately. The door is much easier to locate if you have your floaty names for 'Items' on.
    • In Archet (for hobbits and Race of Man) the tavern door is located across the courtyard from Amdir (Jon Brackenbrook in burned down Archet)
    • In Thorin's Gate (for Elves and dwarves) the tavern door is located around the corner to the west from Frerin's Court, near the Stable-master

    Beorning, High Elf and Stout-axe
    These races have access immediately upon character creation.
    • In Meadhollow (for Beornings) the tavern door is located east of Sterkist, in a hut by the pond
      • This door is currently not working properly. To get to the Tavern either have someone mail you a Map, or complete the Intro quest and travel to Thorin's Gate or Archet

    • In Dagorlad (for High Elves) Kehleyr is located northeast of Harthalín. She will bestow and complete the same Tavern Introduction quest given at the Tavern itself
    • For Stout-axes, once the short intro quest is completed, Núluzagar can bestow and complete the same Tavern Introduction quest given at the Tavern itself by Kehleyr.
      • NOTE: Núluzagar's other quest, "Toil in the Dark Tower" will also be offered. This quest cannot be cancelled. Players should not accept TitDT if they intend to Skip Intro

    Before the Shadow: Mossward (All Races)
    • The door to the Tavern is just up the road from Meneldir, near Eleri.

    Main Tavern

    Kehleyr: E&G Tavern Introduction bestower
    NOTE: You cannot have completed the Introduction (and therefore have the Novice Characteristic) if you wish to complete this quest.
    If you have completed the Introduction (by running the quests or using a Skip Intro item) this quest will not appear for you.
    This quest will not appear to High Elves and Beornings that have completed their Introduction instances.

    • This quest will grant the following:
      • Steed of the Eastemnet
      • Dusky Nimblefoot Goat
      • War-steed
      • Milestone Skill
      • Eyes and Guard Tavern Map
      • Riding (characteristic)
      • War-steed Riding (characteristic)
      • Seeker of Deep Places (characteristic)
      • Novice (characteristic)
      • Trusted in Caras Galadhon (characteristic)
      • You will be ported to Ered Luin upon completing this quest. Use the Eyes & Guard Map in your inventory to return to the Tavern, or the Stable Masters Collection Panel to travel to Archet or Thorin's Gate.

    Level-up Bestowers

    • Maid of Lions: (1-50) - offers level advancement to level 10 through level 50
    • Pinion: (51-85)
    • Sarumango: (86-130)
    • Avon: Mounted Combat
      • Grants points to assist in leveling up your War-steed
      • Must be minimum level 75 and have completed The North Wold quest 'Devastation in the North'
      • This NPC will not show a ring

    • Bobo: Class Trait Points
      • Completes all Class Quests and Deeds that grant a Trait Point
        • The Class Specific quest and the Much Various quest should grant 95 points for new characters
        • For copied characters the Additional 10 and 20 point quests should get you any points you may be missing

      • Only grants the 15 Trait points rewarded for these quests and deeds. Points granted through levels and region quests/deeds are not offered.

    • Ransroth: Reputation
      • Most Reputation Factions have a Quest Series related to them.
      • You must complete each quest in a series in order (I, then II, etc) to max out the Faction
      • Faction quests that do not have a series are repeatable until the maximum standing is reached
      • Only Regional Reputation is offered. Special factions such as the Eldgang or the Inn League are not offered.

    Vendors, Game Services, and Bestowers
    • Vastin: Mordor Test Gear Vendor
    • Trotter: Decoration Vendor - 'Learn some treasure hunting emotes' bestower
    • Jinjaah: Outfit and Weapon Aura Vendor
    • Wilson: Cosmetic Pet Vendor
    • Composer: Instrument Vendor
    • Iceman: Map-maker (sells single use travel maps to several locations, and an Eyes and Guard Tavern Map).

      • Also sells a Travel Traits item which grants several Travel Restricting Traits, including Seeker of Deep Places which is needed for Legendary Item use.

    • Dust: Mote, Ember and Figment Bestower.
      • Can also purchase Adventurer's and Traveller's Lootboxes and the Flame of Ancalamir.
      • Carry-alls (Crafting, Task, Junk, Housing, IA Runes, Instruments) can be bartered for Mithril Coin
      • Tavern Chest of Embers (10k): packages that grant up to 10k Embers (Embers over cap will be lost)

    • Snowlight: Racial Trait Bestower
    • Moose: Dwarf-holds Instance Gear
    • Lansu: Agarnaith Skip Quest Bestower
    • Aubergine: LP & Mithril
      • Repeatable quests that grant LOTRO Points and Mithril Coin

    • Egg: Class Weapons & Jewellery Vendor
    • Eldorudo: Armour Vendor
    • Scarycrow: Relic & Forge-master (Requires 'Seeker of Deep Places'*)
    • Fantus: Money
      • Repeatable quest that rewards 250 gold

    • Edgecase: Minas Morgul & U30 Gear Vendor
    • Arbor: Essence Vendor
    • Charvey: Auctioneer
    • Dimentoad: Potion-maker (also sells foods)
    • Squidtank: Various Class Items
    • Javatar: Instance Discovery Deed Bestower
    • Temerity: Virtues
      • There are 3 Ranks of Virtues available by level
        • Quest: Virtue Rank-up (Small): [Level 10+]
        • Quest: Virtue Rank-up (Medium): [Level 20+]
        • Quest: Virtue Rank-up (Large): [Level 30+]

      • All these quests will provide items and Virtue XP to rank up your Virtue traits
      • All these quests are repeatable so you can max out your Virtue XP

    • Amlug: Vault-keeper
    • Svenson: Adventurer's & Traveller's Quartermaster
    • Penfold: Bloody Threshold Gear Vendor
      • Also offers quests for the Completion Deeds for the following Raids/Instances
        • Bloody Threshold
        • Shakalush, the Stair Battle
        • The Fall of Khazad-dûm

    • Drachyn: Gundabad Instance Gear Vendor
    • SomeEngineer: Anvil of Winterstith Gear Vendor
    • Karst: Throne of Dread Terror Item Vendor
    • Budgeford: Legendary Item Store
      • Sells a variety of Legacy Legendary Item components that can be deconstructed for Enhancement Runes and Ancient Script
      • Sells the Peerless Heritage Rune of Legend which can be consumed for experience toward the Legendary Item Reward Track

    Basement Level
    • Garthi Lockwarden: Erebor Housing Broker
      • Real Estate Ledger: teleport to the Abodes of Erebor

    • Burginda & Seleflad: Rohan Housing Brokers
    • Tybur: LI Weapons and Class Items
      • Legacy LIs that can be used for cosmetic purposes
      • Valar 120 Legendary Item Box: Characters of a minimum level of 120 can use this box to obtain a Legendary Item and a full suite of Traceries to enhance it.

    • Test Durin: Portal NPC to the Elderslade Mission Command Center
    • Doc Octoport: Portal NPC currently set for the Hall of Vernozal in Gundabad

    • Tens: Volume I Epic Book bestower. All 15 Volume I Epic Books
    • Stumpy: Volume II Epic Book bestower. All 9 Volume II Epic Books
    • Mithlin: Volume III Epic Book bestower. All 14 Volume III Epic Books
    • Istien: Volume IV Epic Book bestower. All 9 Volume IV Epic Books
    • MadeOfLions: Black Book of Mordor bestower.
    • Please note: Several of the Epic Books' quests will port you to various places around Middle-earth when you complete them. There is no way around this. Assure you have an E&G Map handy, or use the Stable Masters Collection Panel to return you to one of the Tavern access doors

    • Orion: Monster Play Level-up Bestower
      • (E&G Tavern/Glan Vraig) for Freeps (note: You must be at least level 40)
      • (Gramsfoot) for Creeps
      • These NPCs will grant quests in increments
        • Monster Play - Rank Up! (3)
        • Monster Play - Rank Up (5)!
        • Monster Play - Rank Up (7)!
        • Monster Play - Rank Up (9)!
        • Monster Play - Rank Up (12)!
        • Monster Play - Rank Up (15)!

      • Each quest will grant the necessary amount of glory/infamy to bring you to the indicated rank, and bestow items that you can barter in Glan Vraig/Gramsfoot

    • ?Coldfells Quartermasters
    • JWBarry: Orthanc & Erebor Raid Deed Bestower, Epic Battle Promotion points
    • Trennor: Skirmish Trainer & Bypass Skirmish Tutorial Bestower
      • Please note: If you use this NPC's Skip Skirmish Tutorial quest the regular Tutorial offered by Skirmish Captains will not work. They will bestow, they just won't function correctly. There shouldn't be any reason to attempt these quests - you should be able to run skirmishes and trait your soldiers by just doing Trennor's Skip quest

    • The Fellowship et al.: Standard Skirmish Camp NPC services
    • Rock: Skirmish & Barter Currencies
    • Doors, Doors, and MorDoors - teleports to most major regions of the game
      • Housing Test Space: Test estate for housing and decorations

    Tavern Crafting Hall
    • Ayvan: Crafting Bestower
      • Shards
      • Rimes of the Anvil
      • Artifacts of the Vale
      • A one-time quest for Craft Carry-all bags

    • Rhidden: Master of Apprentices
      • Train any one of the 7 Crafting Vocations, and then auto-level the 3 Professions within that Vocation via quests
      • Note: You should not use this NPC with copied characters that already have Crafting Experience unless you wish to completely wipe out the current Vocation and start a new one
      • You will be granted Ironfold (T12) Master Proficiency in the Professions for which you choose to do the quests
      • You will have completed the Superior Facility quest.
      • You will be given Inferior Trade tools for your Professions.

    • Mister Alexander: Crafting Guild Trainer and Guild Reputation Bestower
      • You will be granted enough reputation to reach Westemnet Master of the Guild when completing this quest.
      • This quest will bypass the Guild Cap restriction for Premium Characters.
      • Please note: Guild recipes are not sold in the E&G Craft Hall. You will need to go to Galtrev or other town that has a Guild Hall for your Profession to obtain Recipes for your Crafting Guild.

    • Legendary Item Archive
      • LI2 Test Currency: Sells Ancient Script and Cracked/Shattered Traceries for coin
      • Legendary Weapons/Class Items
        • Legendary Weapons and Items for all classes
        • Reforge services (Requires 'Seeker of Deep Places'*)

      • [Class] Traceries Bookshelves
        • All class specific Traceries up to 131 Legendary

      • Word of Power, Word of Craft, Heraldric Tracery Bookshelves
        • All WoP, WoC and Heraldric Traceries up to 131 Legendary

    • Spaki: Forge-master (Requires 'Seeker of Deep Places'*)
    • Saxolf: Relic-master (Requires 'Seeker of Deep Places'*)
    • Facilities for all Crafting Professions including Farming
    • Istien: Vault-keeper
    • Destructhor: Auctioneer
    • Training Dummy Stand: Click on one of these stands to spawn a DPS Training dummy

    • Well-meaning Crate Stacks: Crafting Supply Vendors, including raw materials for Foresting, Prospecting and Scholars as well as Special Goods (Symbols and Reputation items)
    • Friendly Bookshelves: Recipe Vendors (all non-Guild Vendor and World Drop recipes, including Reputation recipes)
    • Kelt & Major Malphuntion: Suppliers
    • Matthieu Jackedarmes: Fishing Supplier
    • Scarecrow: Expert Scholar
    • Brainasium: Expert Cook
    • Trout: Expert Farmhand
    • Chronos: Expert Weaponcrafter
    • LinkFrost: Expert Metalsmith
    • Miradan: Expert Jeweller
    • Ayngst: Expert Tailor
    • Nekros: Expert Woodworker

    *Speak to Tens the cat to Skip Moria, Stumpy the Balrog and finish V2B1 or purchase the Travel Traits item from Iceman to gain Seeker of Deep Places to use these NPC's
    All other NPCs in the Tavern are color and do not serve any level-up or vendor function.
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