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    Smile SLOTRO Kin Recruiting - The Way of the Tortoise

    (Apologies for any duplicate threads. The officer that posted the previous thread has not been very active lately due to RL taking over. So I am starting a fresh thread that I can monitor and edit as needed)

    (Established 16 Nov ‘18)

    Looking for a relaxed and laid back Kin environment? We are a friendly, helpful, social, and growing SLOTRO Progression Kin. We do consider ourselves a family. New players and seasoned vets welcome. Current max level is 65. [Stone of the Tortoise] used kin wide.

    Tortoises like to take things slow. By doing so, we can complete more content at the appropriate level. We have members who are altaholics, completionists, and/or have limited play time. Our level cap allows all these playstyles to go together, reducing the fear of “being left behind”. We have MANY alts spanning all levels, so there would always be similar leveled characters to adventure with and do content. We have quite a few Torts that will be keeping characters at level 50 to group for SoA "end game" content.

    The [Stone of the Tortoise] is used to disable experience gain, and can be purchased from the LotRO Store for 100 LP.
    We have our Tort Fort on the island of Tol Lochul, in Rhunemir, Belfalas, with all crafting stations and crates, open for anyone to use.

    Our rules (thus far) are simple
    (1.) "Lore Appropriate Names" only. (Some have been grandfathered in, but nothing crude about the names)
    (2.) Equip your Stone prior to going over max level
    (3.) Be nice.
    (4.) Have fun.
    (5.) Keep Kinchat Family Friendly.
    (6.) Please edit your kin note with the name of your Main Tortoise on alts.
    (7.) New recruits will be promoted to full membership after a "get to know you" period, usually about two weeks if you’re active.
    (8.) Inactive characters will be removed from kin after 90 days. Welcomed back once active again.

    Currently we have about 150+ members covering 500+ characters. US/EU/Oceanic.


    and History of the Tortoises
    Founded - 16 November 2018 - by Mordrig the Dwarf Guardian

    1-19 - 10 Days - 16Nov18 - 25Nov18 (We were still hashing out the leveling schedule and ideas at this time)
    20 - 4 weeks - 26Nov18 - 23Dec18 (Great Barrows)
    23 - 2 weeks - 24Dec18 - 6Jan19
    25 - 4 weeks - 7Jan19 - 2Feb19 (Fornost)
    28 - 2 weeks - 4Feb19 - 17Feb19
    30 - 2 weeks - 18Feb19 - 3Mar19
    32 - 4 weeks - 4Mar19 - 28Mar19 (GA)
    34 - 2 weeks - 29Mar19 - 11Apr19
    36 - 2 weeks - 12Apr19 - 25Apr19
    38 - 2 weeks - 26Apr19 - 9May19
    40 - 4 weeks - 10May19 - 6Jun19 (Annuminas)(Halls of Night)
    42 - 2 weeks - 7Jun19 - 20Jun19
    44 - 2 weeks - 21Jun19 - 4Jul19
    46 - 2 weeks - 5Jul19 - 18Jul19 (Goblin Town Throne Room (45))
    48 - 2 weeks - 19Jul19 - 1Aug19
    50 - 12 weeks - 2Aug19 - 16Nov19 (Angmar - Urugarth, Cam Dum, Barad Gularan - RIFT RAID - HELEGROD)
    54 - 4 weeks - 16Nov19 (AFTER Tortiversary Run) - 12Dec19
    56 - 4 weeks - 13Dec19 - 9Jan20
    60 - 12 weeks - 10Jan20 - 30Apr20
    65 - ~12 weeks - 1May20 - 23Jul20 (Bump day subject to change via Kin Vote)

    I will do my best to check this thread as often as I remember, but the best way to get more info is to contact in game via PM or in game mail.
    Please contact Mordroar / Mordrig / Mordify / Mordbhare or any officer in game via PM or Mail.

    Last edited by KaosReigns; May 07 2020 at 12:50 PM. Reason: Update level cap

    Mordrigar (CAP) / Mordroar (BEO)
    Kinleader and Founder - Way of the Tortoise - Anor

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    Hello, I would very much like to join you all.... things to know
    1. I have about 5 hours LOTRO playtime, on a different server, from yesterday (newb)
    2. I have played a lot of wow, starwars, and rifts.
    3. I seem to wander off and explore "neat looking" areas, and am a completionist.
    4. not interested in racing to the end
    5. Have odd days/time off when I can play

    So if your still reading and think I might fit in with you all... Please send a msg in game to KENDARRUS

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    Tort Bump to L65 - May 1st


    On Friday, May 1st, the Torts will be bumping to 65 and entering Mirkwood. We will be capped at level 65 for three months initially with a possible extension voted on by the kin around the 8 week mark.

    Mordrigar (CAP) / Mordroar (BEO)
    Kinleader and Founder - Way of the Tortoise - Anor

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    Point of notice to any future Tort Seekers.

    Seeing that the merge will happen and that the dwindling population will continue to dwindle, the Torts have decided to make the move to Anor. We will be moving over on Saturday June 6th.

    So, if you are interested in joining the Torts, look for us over on Anor starting this weekend.

    Thank you Ithil for being a shining star in the already outstanding LOTRO community. We hope to see you all on the fields of battle again.

    Mordrigar (CAP) / Mordroar (BEO)
    Kinleader and Founder - Way of the Tortoise - Anor



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