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    Outgoing Healing at our lvl cap in LS (75)

    I'd like to address to Vastin or whoever is in charge of stats/gear.

    First off, I am in favor of OHR being the main attribute for our heals. But these changes you've implemented since U25 have been made, as always, looking as the higher segment of item levels. And they have hurt all the healing classes in the LS.

    I main a Mini. Before the U25, I had ToO gear, Draig's cloak, combined with rep&crafted teal pieces. On Blue line, my OHR was capped, my crit was capped, both my mits were capped and I was at 22k morale.

    I logged yesterday for our weekly ToO t2 run and what do I see? My OHR was down to 55% (WITH THE +10% from Resonance!!). Ofc nothing else was capped except my mits (those remained ok).

    So, I go over my available gear to try to make some changes & recover my OHR... only to find that there aren't many pieces with OHR as a stat. I had a teal mathom gear box laying around in my vault, only the helm there offered OHR. I took it anyway. Had to downgrade my jewellery to some old Mirk pieces and I remember replacing my CR shoulderguards with the Draigoch ones (that happened to have OHR too).

    I still didn't manage to go back to 80% (again, with the buff from Resonance I remained at 70%)... having sacrificed my crit cap and shy of 3k morale to get it.

    So, if you're gonna make these stat changes on our character builds, why are you doing it without revamping our gear? It's so, so very discouraging.

    And I know Beorns and Cappies have suffered even more from this. I'm just detailing my own case here. No one in our kin was very happy.

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    I'm also aware dps suffered a bit, but it would be great if OHR would be implemented in main stats for healer class (A 1:2 on will for minnies as an example) to counteract the lost in tact mast rating

    I am aware you incentivize primary stats over pure stats, but it would be nice if you could look into gear for LS as well to make it more enjoyable for everyone!

    Like Laurel said, this made ToO T2 that was already a very hard challenging, even harder. Challenges are nice, but tedious challenge arent really engaging when most peeps need to get lowered lvl jewelry to keep up with stat changes

    Eliana - 75 Burg - Ithil - Extraordinarily Adequate Officer

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    What gear are you guys/your kin using, if you don't mind sharing? I know that all the healers in my kin had 30-35k morale with capped outgoing healing, crit, and mits last update. They also did some testing on that outgoing healing and found that losing the 20-30% only affected their heals by 200-300, so they decided to just stick with their same build. It was also the same situation with our dps. For me personally, I was overcap on mastery before the patch, due to it being so plentiful on most gear that also had crit. After the update all i had to do was switch offhands, which brought my crit from 31.5k to 31k unbuffed(28k in full survivability gear). My kin is basically all max geared, but taking these numbers into account, it didnt really make Orthanc any different imo. (If you guys have any questions about gear or are just curious what we use, my discord tag is Ceolran#6366)

    Semi-related for the Devs, crit does not cap at 75% for lower levels. The stat curve did change for level 120+, but my level 75 is still in the high 90's in terms of crit mag %. Not sure if this was how you meant it to be, but I thought I would bring it up.

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    oh pre-nerf: 80%
    average hps: 6.6k

    oh post-nerf: 49%
    average hps: 6.5k

    slot vita

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    Too few players for them to bother with it(understandable).. they cant cater to 1 or 2 kinships on those barren servers..



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