Want to start to pay attention to the present condition of the two servers, and the greater will be the number of people.

* Given the choice of two servers: Anor or Ithil. Many could discern that people playing on these servers very little, and on Ithil their virtually and there is no. My alternative solution is simple-it's combining two servers.

PvMP component.

* You certain do not get any about the work. A large number of players waiting for information specifically this part of the game.

Following update.

* Specifically, let's talk about debate "Story Pace". East Rohan is famous for its linearity in the passage, in contrast to the various options for leveling locations in Angmar. Therefore, the number of jobs is limited, and level 85 will have to take a rather uninteresting method of fighting / instances Dol Guldur. I mean, we're already going "Story Pace." My alternative solution is to just delete this debuff "Story Page".

Work on the content itself for Legendary servers.

* Seemed would a simple task on 50 level "the Legendary Angmar" or on 60 level "the Legendary Moria" but me was interestingly pass all these instansy again and obtain in really late interesting nickname, frame, cosmetic objects for individual and objects for homes. It was the right decision on the part of the developers, I thought You will continue to develop this theme, but unfortunately not. With each subsequent opening of updates, you stop working on this idea. Very badly.

The end of my post:

Very, it is a pity when have players have lit up eyes on a new to game and are full hope, are prepared support game materially and support. And in response, we want to work on what you started a year ago.