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Thread: Erebor Arms

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    Erebor Arms

    Does anyone know why the Erebor armor set is lower than the Hytbold set, wasn't it so that the hytbold set was used to enter the Erebor raids? I just wanted to ask if it is planned that these sets make sense. Currently the Hytbold sets are better, and our clan does not manage the raids on T2.I would be pleased about an Answer from the manufacturers Kind regards

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    I know this one! I know!

    We, the LS community, relentlessly pushed for the Devs to upgrade the item level gear for lvl 85 cap because we knew in advance it was lagging behind (and old system clashing with a new system - as per Cordovan's own words)... we didn't manage to make them pay attention before RoR released.
    After release, we kept insisting. And they changed the Hytbold gear to be on par with the item level from the scaling loot (and the lootboxes). BUUUUT, we had an issue, the Devs didn't think we should be allowed to barter for the Erebor sets. They consider only Hytbold to be endgame stuff. Not even the Horse-lords and the Rohan/Wildermore Ring/Pocket were considered to get scaled.

    So, everything is useless except Hytbold, scaling loot and lootboxes mote gear.
    Will they reconsider? I certainly want them to. Do I hope for them to deliver a proper fix soon? No.

    Btw: FIX OUR CLASS LEGENDARY ITEMS. Stop asking us what's wrong with them: we've sent enough bug reports!!!



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