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    Looking for fellow RPers


    I play on Landroval and Laurelin, and I'm one of those annoying RPers who is almost always IC. I just recently joined the Laurelin Discord. Was looking for more RP opportunity with other players on either server. I'm mainly focused on Laurelin, at the moment. I'm hoping there's more RP there, but I could always return to Landy.

    Unless folks here think Landroval is the more popular RP server at the time -

    I'm on the lookout for walk-up or random RP encounters, aside from Bree are there any good places for that?

    Also, I would love to be involved in more RP Heavy kinships, or story-lines/campaigns/themes. If anyone is doing anything like that, and looking for new RPers to participate?

    On Laurelin, my current line-up focuses on:

    --Holfstan, a Tookland Hobbit farmer who usually spends most of his time working the cabbage fields, but has a well-versed interest in Shire history. Also works as a part-time town crier, a part-time bartender, and a substitute teacher. Mostly friendly, and affable, he does have a bad case of Hobbit anxiety and suffers frequent Hobbit panic attacks, which he subdues by smoking pipe-weed in the evening.

    --Faldrid, a mysterious traveller from the southern kingdoms of Men, he claims to be a messenger for an important noble family - though with his horse recently deceased he is not travelling far from Breeland these days.

    -- Ivrodi, a Dwarf of the Ered Luin clans, a well-known foreman and miner near Thorin's Gate, he's since taken up military service for the Dwarves-at-arms, working the forges with his two brothers, Steingard, and Gorgot. He spends most days there making spear heads and axe blades, though he's been known to go on Dwarf-led expeditions outside Ered Luin in his younger days. He's not very smart, often speaking in senseless non-sequitor comments, but he has a love for Dwarven merriment, especially with drink and music. Like most all Dwarves, he's skeptical of anything that's not a Dwarf.

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    Hello! We'd love to have you join the Laurelin RP Group on Discord! It's a wonderful community for RPers to connect and get to know each other.


    If you need a fresh invite link, just let me know!
    Owner - Laurelin RP Group Discord server - https://discord.me/laurelinrp

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    Your Dwarf might find a home with the Durin's Folk Kinship.
    Bjarrald Stonehewn, The Wandering Bassoonist.
    Oddha Stonehewn, hunter extrodinaire.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Illfrid View Post

    I play on Landroval and Laurelin,
    --Holfstan, a Tookland Hobbit farmer who usually spends most of his time working the cabbage fields,
    I'd love for there to be more shire-hobbit roleplayers! I pretty much gave up since I never saw anyone actually roleplaying.

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    RP sources for Laurelin

    the Laurelinarchives.com lists player events such as Pickdean Summer Tourney & Music Festival (from the 25th to the 1st) & outlines RP plans by individuals (URGENT SUMMONS! Mercenaries needed as guards for passage to Gondor). Company of the East road is one kin I know routinely have an RP storyline on the go, normally with associated kins joining in.

    Regular evening events, normally staring uk20:00, are a Hobbit market on Mondays in the Shire, Elven gathering on Wednesdays in Imladris, Dwarven market every 2nd Thursday in Fremlins court, Dwarven ales & tales Wednesdays in Thorin's hall, Hobbit gathering on Friday at the green dragon Bywater & Mead night on Friday in Edoras.

    Another source of RP eventing for hobbits, is the brambleburygazette.com, this has come back into publication after a hiatus caused by an injury to the publishers hand
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