Since the game is down and I bored right now been looking over the forum layouts and settings and what not and noticed quite a few things that need updated.

Instant Messaging:
  • AIM was shutdown in 2017
  • MSN Messenger really?
  • Yahoo! Messenger was shutdown in 2018.

You can leave Skype and ICQ as they still operational but please add discord.

Profile Server List:
This still has all the closed servers still listed and is missing the legendary servers.

Terms of Service:
You still have the old Turbine TOS listed here

VIP Perks:
This page needs some updates and love

Volunteer Moderators:
Have you all considered bringing on volunteer moderators pretty much all forums have them could really help you all out with keeping the forums clean and tidy.

This Site Can't Be Reached?
Might be happening do to server issues right now but when I log into forums and move between some pages I get the site cannot be reached page for a couple seconds then the page comes up.

I know you all got more important things to worry about but the website and forums need some improvements.