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    Late Fellows - Slow leveling Kinship


    Late Fellows is a newly formed Kinship dedicated to slowly going through the world of Middle earth together making stopping points at most instance cluster points. We are a fairly loose put together Kinship, that hopes to fix that in the travels together to become a tight knit fellowship on the road to Mordor and possibly beyond. We currently have a small few, but the small few has provided their input more than I would have expected since I created the discord on 1/21/2021. Since then, I decided this would be an anchor point for us, and would like to extend the invitation for those out there looking for something similar to this who are just starting.

    For time zone purposes, we are NA based and thus our peak times will be in the NA evenings.

    Here is the current schedule until we finish the Rise of Isengard content. When we approach closer to that we will begin discussing how we want to handle instances that scale that were released after that. This is based off NA EST time zone. This schedule is set to possibly change If you would like a more up to date schedule, please join our discord by adding and messaging me on discord and check the #information channel. We always move the level up forward after our instance run on Thursdays. Please keep that in mind.

    Jan 22nd-Feb 4th - Great Barrows+Inn of the Forsaken - Level cap 25
    Feb 4th-Feb 18th - Fornost+Garth Agarwen - Level cap 32
    Feb 18th-March 4th - Halls of Night/Evendim- Level cap 41
    March 4th-March 25th - Shadows of Angmar cap - Level cap 50
    March 25th-April 22nd - Moria+Khazad'dum - Level cap 60
    April 22nd-May 13th - Mirkwood+In their absence - Level cap 65
    May 13th-June 10th - Rise of Isengard - Level cap 75

    If you are interested in joining, please add me on discord Vynlann#3711 or shoot me a message if we are in a mutual server (I am in the unofficial Lotro discord). I will do my best to respond as quickly as possible, you can also reach out to someone within the Kinship if they are online and they may be able to extend an invite to the discord.

    Please keep in mind we are still growing and laying our roots down. This means, some information isn't available yet or is being decided.

    Thank you
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    Just want to give a small update, our schedule has changed a bit, but the original post above should reflect it currently. If you have any questions please feel free to add me on discord Vynlann#3711. We are planning to move onto our level 41 cap today after the instance run. Our group is looking nice and the only class I could see us needing currently is a loremaster or burglar. We have others, but feel free to play whatever your heart desires.



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