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    4-3-21 Warsteed race 20:30 cet

    On 4-3-21 it’s Go-time. Wisdom of the Valar is hosting an extended warsteed race on Evernight on the 4th of march 20:30 Cet. We’ll gather at a later specified startingpoint for a warsteed race. It wil be your objective to go from point A to point B and then get back to point A without treading the same path again (aka a roundtrip race). It’s M to M’s

    Prizepool will be 4321 gold and an assortment of items. Expected racing time is 1-2 hours so get your saddle padded.

    Rules are straightforward. First to get back is the winner.

    • Warsteeds, normal mounts and slow travels are allowed. Ports, swift travel, deaths or other retreat skills will disqualify you.
    • No backtracking on landscape (For example Shire to Bree would mean you’d have to ride through ND,Evendim back)

    However we’d like to keep a level playing field. Advantages not available to all arn’t not allowed. This includes mount speed-consumables, skills such as Safe fall, Desperate flight etc will be ground for disqualify.

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    N1! Will try to tag along! Forth Foglingas \o/
    Rucagorn, The White Guardian - Portugal

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    Details for the route start and checkpoints



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