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    Returning Minstrel Questions

    Hello all! I have returned after a year and I have a few questions on getting high end raid ready.

    1) If I haven't been on the hardest raids yet, what should I shoot for in % terms for stats in Outgoing Healing, Critical rating, Tac Mastery and Mits? What about Morale?
    2) Does everyone have 2 sets of armor? I can do the landscape quests reasonably well with an Outgoing healing set, can't I? I was thinking I'd build an Outgoing Healing set first.

    Thank you!

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    https://lotrohq.com/blue-minstrel-2/#LIs mentions a "Word of Mastery" that is "Anthem of Composure Resistance & Tactical Mitigation" but when I go to the tracery room I don't see that as an available tracery, if I'm using "tracery" correctly.
    As a level 1 burglar, Bilbo got a pony when he joined the Smaug The Dragon raid. Then he asked for leadership, looted the chest, assigned himself the 1st age Arkenstone and mailed it to an alt (Bilbo's a VIP so can mail from anywhere). They did some PvMP and an Epic Battle, then he apologized and gave the Arkenstone back because it wasn't BoA. He kept the pony.



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