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    A Season of Hunger [Laurelin & Landroval]

    A Season of Hunger is a month-long environmental backdrop in Bree-land illustrating the impact of severe drought leading into famine. This is a benefit fundraiser for Action Against Hunger, a four-star international nonprofit organisation focusing on famine relief and prevention.

    The campaign will largely consist of daily narrated updates regarding the worsening conditions in Bree-land. This event is a community-wide seasonal fundraising campaign. It is open to everyone. It takes place simultaneously on both Laurelin and Landroval, but requires participation only on one server. All players decide their own level of involvement and regular, daily participation is not required. There is no central point of action or set schedule. (Note - News updates will sometimes indicate daily area focus prompts to improve the chances of player encounters.)

    Donations are highly encouraged, but not required to participate. Participation helps raise awareness.

    Timeline – The time-frame is intentionally left undefined so that players may freely adapt their ongoing RP to reflect the greater environmental conditions as they occur.

    Location – The drought will hit Bree hardest of all, but other lower-level areas may become involved in relief efforts as conditions worsen.

    Duration – A Season of Hunger is intended to run from the end of Midsummer to the beginning of Farmers Fair.

    Feel free to visit our Discord channel for more information.


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    Just as donations are not required to participate in A Season of Hunger, participation is not required in order to donate to Action against Hunger!

    If you would like to support this campaign but are unable to attend, you can still make a donation to Action Against Hunger through our dedicated donation program:

    Simply visit www.actionagainsthunger.org where you may make a donation of any amount.

    When you are ready to pledge, please use the Customize Your Donation option.

    From the Customize Your Donation options, select Dedicate This Donation

    At the dedication option, please choose Inspired By and enter the following before continuing:

    Name: LOTRO - A Season of Hunger
    Dedication email: lotro.roleplayers(at)gmail.com

    This way, we can keep track of how much has been donated through dedicated donations!

    Be sure to add your character name and home server name so that we may thank you personally!




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