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    Post Defiler Class - Best Builds (U30.1)

    Hello all, in order to help and contribute with our fellow monsters, i will open a thread where all you can give advices about how to build our monsters, want to thank everyone contributing to this threads in advance.

    My defiler build: 3xCritical 3xPhysicalMit 3xTacticalMit 3xCriticalDef

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    Evanallmighty's Defiler Build

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    Date: November 1st, 2021
    Experience: 13 Years on LOTRO and Son of God
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    Healing Build:

    Corruptions: 6 Mastery Boost and 3/3 Physical/Tactical Mitigations (Quick Testing with Combat Analysis and Excel).

    Why: On average I noticed 6 Mastery Boosts were giving me better heals than 6 Critical Ratings or a combination of both. Mits for survival.

    Healing/Debuffing Build:

    Corruptions: 5 Mastery Boosts, 1 Finesse Boost and 3/3 Physical/Tactical Mitigations (Not tested with Combat Analysis this update).

    Why: Heals are still good, 1 finesse should be enough to land blight and other debuffs depending on if you're in a 24v24, 12v12 or 6v6 environment. Mits for survival.

    Roaming Solo Build

    Corruptions 3 Mastery Boosts, 2 Critical Ratings, 1 Finesse and 3/3 Physical/Tactical Mitigations (Not tested with Combat Analysis this update).

    Why: Combination of Mastery and Critical Rating give me a good DPS rate, 1 Finesse helps land my attacks. Mits for survival, if able tailor them for the damage type of the class you are fighting.

    ~Evanallmighty, SonofGod



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