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    Share Your UI Here! (Plugins & Skins are OK but vanilla is encouraged.)

    The User Interface elements can nearly all be moved to wherever we like and sometimes just doing that can make a large difference in visual appeal as well as usability. Certainly there are plugins and skins which add even more appeal and functionality but just using the unmodified in-game tools provides a lot of power for most players.

    If you have created what you think is a good UI layout, please show us in a message within this thread what it looks like and give us a link to the .layout file as well. In the next message, I'm going to share my current UI setup.

    edit- Here's something a few folks might find useful: A default .layout file.
    This is the layout you get when you create a new character, before making any changes. It might be useful if you want an easy way to get back to basics if you feel your experimentation with moving the UI around didn't work out well. It can also sometimes repair issues caused by some minor corruption in the server-side UI layout save.
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    Tralfazz's UI Layout

    I play at 2048x1152 on my 2019 21.5" iMac. I use the same UI layout for each of my characters. This layout shows how it looks for the character with the same name as my forum handle, a Stout-Axe Rune-keeper on Landroval. Here is the .layout file if you'd like to try this layout for yourself:

    Without plugins:

    There are only 2 plugins I use with this character that affect the UI appearance: BuffBars and TravelWindowII, and TravelWindowII is invisible except when I'm using it. With plugins and showing my inventory bag:

    And here's the same layout but with a pet class character, my Landroval Lore-master:

    As you can see, I have moved the player frame and the target frame down to near the center where I can keep an eye on my health and power as well as that of my target without moving my eyes away from where the main action is taking place. I keep a pair of action bars along the right side of the screen where I place a variety of noncombat skills and various limited consumable items. Although not visible in these shots because they aren't currently active, many other frames have been arranged to be lower and out of each other's way, allowing me to more easily scan everything trying to get my attention on the screen and keeping most of the upper half of the screen clear so I can enjoy the view. The bars for the BuffBars plugin "grow upward" from just above the Chat frame. When I'm in a Fellowship or Raid, those frames appear in the upper-left. I once had the radar frame down in the lower-right but found that I needed that space for things like LI experience displays and the target-of-target frame so I put the radar frame back in its default location in the upper-right.

    After roughing out what I wanted, I saved the .layout file and then edited it so that everything was lined up properly (by adjust the X and Y values of the UI frames), then loaded the edited .layout file to make the changes active.

    The most significant change to my UI is my own tiny little skin which changes the main map so that it doesn't occupy the entire screen and displays with the correct aspect ratio. If you're interested in that, you can see it here:
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    Hers is my UI, just a real basic Loremaster setup. TitanBar, BuffBars, DebuffVitals, JRR C (or whatever the small one is) skin. CombatAnalysis and AltInventory are shut off.

    obviously I have no clue how to link to dropbox
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    Quote Originally Posted by StinkyGreene View Post
    Hers is my UI, just a real basic Loremaster setup. TitanBar, BuffBars, DebuffVitals, JRR C (or whatever the small one is) skin. CombatAnalysis and AltInventory are shut off.

    obviously I have no clue how to link to dropbox
    Thanks for sharing that, Stinky! What resolution do you use?

    If you know how to get a link from Dropbox for your image, you can get one for your .layout file.

    First, log in the character and type this into the chat field:
    /ui layout save PickAnyFileNameYouWant

    Second, go to your ~Documents/The Lord of the Rings Online/ui/layouts folder and make a copy of your PickAnyFileNameYouWant.layout file that you just created.

    Third, move the copy of the file into your Dropbox folder.

    Fourth, get the link to the .layout file you just dropped into your Dropbox folder the same way you got the link to the image file you posted. And finally, edit your previous message to give us the download link to the file!

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    Tried to find a screenshot with as much vanilla ui elements as possible.

    Some minor adjustments were made to my layout since taking that screenshot, particularly, skill queue indicator was moved slightly lower not to get covered by group/raid panels, escort vitals moved higher and to the right for the same reason, and autobestowal quest popup element was moved slightly lower not to cover or get covered by quest tracker. Current version:
    google drive link
    Note that this is specifically adjusted to 1600x900 resolution i use, might not be handy for higher res.

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    Post Vanilla Custom UI

    Just for kicks & cause i was also thinking on customizing my UI again, i tested Elven Adventuress UI, not the newest one but still work well. I love how the happy colors, & nature theme match with my custom flower, leafs & butterflies cursors theme that i use on my PC & works neatly with windowed screen as well as full screen. I don't take credit for that UI skin creation. I am just a user, happy with that author neat job & i hope that UI skin updates don't get abandon or that some other new author take over the job but without remove any the flowers, shelfs & birds details.

    Here is a preview that i took, about how it looks in some panels now days:

    Now i just need to be able to customize the mouse icons in game to match that UI & i will be immensely happy.



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