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    Black book 6.6 Gandalfs phasing issue?

    Doing my quarterly frame hunt i've arrived at Black book 6.6 where you speak to gandalf etc at the throne of Erebor. His quest ring does show up, but gandalf doesn't. To be fair i've skipping nearly all normal quests at the first go in Northern Mirkwood. So it might be a phasing issue, but so far i've done Erys lasgalen and Erebor quest chains and he hasn't shown himself yet. And i dont remember any quests in Legoland, laketown or Dale where he shows up.

    Any other people have this issue or know a workaround?

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    I'm a bit out of Sequence as well (Level 112) but.....also Gandalf doesn't show up for 6.6 and going to Ravenhill (the next place) also doesnt advance the quest-
    Turned in A bug report.
    On the UP side....got my Goat of Erebor Royal Guard (68%) doing the Secret Stone quest chain ;O) Quest:The Secret Stone - Lotro-Wiki.com ---The Secret Stone Quests


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    A lot of people are having this issue. I had it myself, but he showed up briefly this morning after reset and I rushed over to finish my quest. He disappeared again a few minutes later.

    It wouldn't be Anor if *something* crucial to an expansion weren't broken for at least a little while.
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    Same, i've been able to complete the quest now. Things i remember that i did since the last time i couldn't Path of the company deed and server reset

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