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    I'd like to RP, but how?

    I'm brand new to the RP things with other people. Singe player games or even MMO's I get attached to my toon and just, roleplay by myself. I'd like to find someone (or a group) to teach me how.

    Also do we have to RP about anything in specific?

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    Quote Originally Posted by layde View Post
    I'm brand new to the RP things with other people. Singe player games or even MMO's I get attached to my toon and just, roleplay by myself. I'd like to find someone (or a group) to teach me how.

    Also do we have to RP about anything in specific?
    You first have to know about the Lore of the world your are playing in to engage with others, at least a little bit, you don't have to RP anything specific, just know where you are in the world and what you can come up with to talk about, also if your new to Role playing in MMOs you can learn a ton here, this is a 3 part guide to Role playing in MMOs, with a 4 video on introduction and it is very good listen, but i'm sure other lotro players here can tell you more stuff as well.

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    One other piece of advice (that my be in the video posted) is you need to separate what your character knows from what you know. I role-play many of my characters according to the knowledge received in actually playing the game, plus things learned in their backstory. Many others RP a character completely distinct from game activities. For example, I have seen some characters being RP'd as waitresses at the Prancing Pony rather than the epic adventurers they all become.

    It comes down to deciding what the RP character is and play that. As was pointed out you should pay some respect to the lore but the truth is, our characters are already lore-stretching so I am comfortable with taking some liberties while trying to respect the heart of the lore.

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    Baby steps for RP

    To begin with get yourself along to a public RP event like a market. Use the say channel to ask a vendor what wares they have, then banter back & forward. Don't bother with the RP channel as that's region broadcast. Most RPers use the say or emote channel. say is useful if you have chat bubbles toggled, emote is useful if your using alias & emotes...eg the emote fidgets nervously accompanied by the text line "looks at the wares on display & counts out the few coins in the purse hopping the vendor hasn't noticed the limited means & raises the price". Once you've mastered interaction with other players find a suitable story/event to join in. My Hobbit had great fun at the great cheese rolling & Lobelia bashing event last month on Laurelin, winner slapped Lobelia around the head with a wet fish (emote) before throwing up on her (another emote) before continuing on the race, I mere;y managed a name call & rude gesture ?:-) When you get really serious about RP then go to the private channels to interact with the other players, I often come upon alts standing doing nothing as their owners exchange RP text lines. Just remember to keep your alts knowledge in check, a Hobbit wouldn't know much about things beyond the shire & if they did it would be a very odd version off the truth. Look at the versions off what happened to BIlbo from his birthday event, went back to Erebor so the mountain wouldn't be lonely, living the high life in the trees of Lothlorien, abducted by dwarves who think he's an expert treasure hunter etc. Remember you probably wouldn't know either the name or back story off a players alt, unless you ask.Having a backstory bio helps you define how your alt might respond.

    My alts reads like

    Bree, that's where people think I'm from. The truth is I was born far from here. My father was always skilled with his hands when wood was involved & had moved to Dale as a young man. There he made toys & trinkets, Carving love spoons were something he gained a name for. Anyway he ended up marrying my mother Eleana & along came me. Alas at the same time, along came some dwarves, one of whom was clean shaven & very slight that they called a halfling. This bunch of ne'erdo wells also brought with them a fire breathing dragon which resulted in mayhem & war. During which my beautiful mother (not that I can remember more than a soft voice, soft breast & total contentment) was slain.

    Dad brought me back to Bree, a broken man. In the alleys of the city I found that my fingers could be as dextrous as my father's. except mine tried to balance out the have & have nots!

    I've a scholarly cousin from Dale staying with me. He regale's me with epic stories of heroes (a total romantic), wears an eye patch and talks pirate, but he'a good sort, who'd help me bury a body if needed. There's also a couple of his friend's who stay at my place on occaison, one's a dwarf which initially caused some friction as I blame Dwarves for mum's death. I've met a few halflings or "Hobbits" as they like to call themselves, they hail from a place called the "Shire" to the West of Bree. There's the cutest Halfling Brewster staying with us who's a gourmet chef & also couple of Elves. Who'd've thought it Elves & Dwarves under the same roof.

    Not at home a lot nowadays, with this enforced air of respectabillity I've found it neccessary to forgo my usual trade within the walls of Bree. Trestlebridge however is a place I'm not known, Might even try my hand in the East (I'm sure I can relieve the denizons of Rivendell of some treasures before prudence suggest I move on again).
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    If you know how to RP by yourself, then it's only slightly different in mmos. Have you ever played tabletop RPGs where you actually rp and not just roll dice for stuff? It's like that.

    Basically you just emote stuff you are doing, and respond to people who are talkling to you in RP. Tavern rp is usually a good starter, though that can be boring after a while.
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