Hello BR forum, players and devs alike, I've decided to make three posts concerning Hunter and Burglar on the latest build on Bullroarer.
This post focuses on the Burglar damage output on the 4th BR build

Quick Burglar remarks

Burglar damage has seen a really small increase of about 70k, from 190k-220k to 260k-310k from live LIs to BR B4 LIs thanks mostly due to the Critical Chain Skill Critical Multiplier legacy of almost 90% doing down to 30 something %.
Difference between 54 Flashing Blade casts from live to BR is about only 2-4 Million total damage done to dummy in redline.
This damage loss is seen in all three burglar lines, cause a really high portion of your damage as a Burglar comes only from critting Flashing Blades and Double Edged Strike, in this order.

Also Aim has not worked correctly on the previous BR patches, not giving 100% crit chance to the next skill used.
Also if possible, fix the ability to have Aim affect immediates that are used right after another skill when you turn off auto attacks eg. Aim -> Flashing Blade -> Double Edged Strike
One option would be to remove Double Edged Strike from being an Immediate Skill and making it a Fast Skill.

The fix on Surprise Strike Stealth tracery to work with Feint Attack and Improved Feint Attck
is a really welcome one and deepens the red line burglar rotation to a degree. Great work on that!

Main issue is Aim not working properly on the last BR builds, if we get that fixed then parsing with Burglar would yield more accurate results.

That is all for Burglar I have for now.

Thank you for reading and check out my other posts about Hunter traceries and damage output on the 4th BR build!