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    Lightbulb New Idea for Flash of Light (2021)

    How about instead of making it a set damage amount, you make it do a percentage of any given skill (including crits)? For example, 35% dmg of the skill used: Let's say you use Force Opening that does 8000 dmg at Lvl 70, Flash of Light will do 2800 dmg...then if you use Sting that does 5000 dmg, FoL will do 1750 dmg. Much better scaling that way and actually makes it useful (and not overblown at early game).

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    I like it, makes a lot of sense. But SSG don't care.

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    Good to see others like yellow line guards too. I had a producer respond to my thread on this (yellow line guard) very thing. I think SSG is moving towards making most skills percentage based dmg. Which makes sense. So Flash of light being percentage based, and having the mark armor debuff being % based makes a lot of sense. Not having a light based legacy (I'd just add light dmg to war chant) really hurts war chant dmg and cataclysmic shout. But other than those two skills, I think as a Guard I am hitting twice as hard. But anyway, they said they are going to try to look at all non viable trait lines so perhaps this will be addressed. At least with the huge buff we have to dmg, you could still run yellow line if you wanted to even though the dmg output would be way less than red line.



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