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I have set up a discord server to provide a network mainly catered for casual players and RPers looking to run group content at any level. To provide a place for Laurelin players to run instances and raids with like-minded individuals and have some fun doing so!

A lot of players on the casual side of things are turned off by running instances because the high tier stuff is usually front and center of attention, even on Laurelin. This can be daunting as you might be new to group play or just curious and want a way to get your foot in through the door. I hope for this server to give opportunities for people to run group content throughout the rest of the game also as some of the best content in my opinion is found way below level cap.

This network aims for a good mix of fair and engaging, ultimately fun runs with a relaxed atmosphere. And from experience, I'd also say that the more casual side of the server are also the most friendly and relaxing to run with with a positive attitude and a nurturing spirit. This might be ideal for you too!

I hope to encourage players to branch out into instances and group quests and help get them accustomed to playing in a group. It will also serve as a means for players to recruit for their own runs and make some friends along the way!


Other details...

Server: Laurelin

My main: Askelin (if you like the old fashioned way of communicating through in game mail, send to this character!)

Discord: Alistair#7846 (If you have any questions or can't access the server for whatever reason, feel free to write to me here!)

Thanks for reading! And I look forward to running with you all soon!